Spiritual Hyper Mode first appeared in Fan Episodes page 13. It's a rare ability. It can make the person's body and turns pure color. He/She will move five times as fast, the strength increased rapidly, the five senses increased rapidly, the will power increased rapidly, and He/She will have spiritual awareness.

This ability will help the person battle 100 soldiers alone, the strenght will be unbelievable.

It can also see the future in their sleep, however, very few people can have that power. Guido Sukashii Cerviche and Birdy are the only ones that have that power so far. However, the two has yet to master this power and their still very young. Later, Aiko and Kazuma have it also.

Important note it takes awhile for it to recharge so it can be use again.

Daigo was working on a device for those who can't perform it or master the ability at will. He created medallions that can do it. He gives to those who can't perform it or master the ability at will. It also takes awhile for it to recharge so it can be use again.


Speedy Cerviche pure white

Polly Esther pure red

Guido Anchovy pure blue

Good Bird pure green

Francine pure emerald

Carla pure gold and pink

Aruno pure purple

Carter pure black

Jing Peng pure white

Daigo pure yellow, green, brown, and gray. (deceased)

Aiko Esther Cerviche


Phoenix pure orange flames.

Asanuma pure purple

Leo pure silver and white.

Chinese Masters

The Great Warrior (unknown)

Samurai Pizza Warriors

Ninja Master rumor pure black and white (deceased)

Spiritual Mega Hyper ModeEdit

Spiritual Mega Hyper Mode is a evolve form. New stage of this power. It will only awaken by intense training.

Speedy Cerviche shiny pure white

Polly Esther shiny pure red

Good Bird shiny pure green

Guido Anchovy shiny pure blue

Francine shiny pure emerald

Carla shiny pure gold and pink

Kazuma shiny pure green

Aiko Esther Cerviche shiny pure crimson red

Lucille shiny pure rose pink

Bucky shiny pure light blue

Jacky shiny pure dark green

Wally shiny pure sea blue

B.B. Gun Catton shiny pure red and purple

Kate T. Cat shiny pure yellow and green

Jet Cat shiny pure dark blue and red

Digger O' Tool shiny pure orange and yellow

Duckfire shiny pure black with red flames and blue flames

Extreme Spiritual Hyper Aura ModeEdit

Extreme Spiritual Hyper Aura Mode is a new stage by fully concentrating on unlocking the full power.



Ultimate Spiritual Hyper Aura Meteor ModeEdit

Ultimate Spiritual Hyper Aura Meteor Mode. It works when their powers reach into rage then they acquire the power of the meteor Aura which increased their strength 500x the power. However, the rage can cause the user to lose control causing the person to be out of control unless they learn how to control this power.

Aiko Esther Cerviche



Guido Sukashii Cerviche


Yattaro Anchovy

Pururun Anchovy








Dark Spiritual Aura Super ModeEdit

Dark Spiritual Aura Super Mode is an evil power and it has the same power as Ultimate Spiritual Hyper Aura Meteor Mode. The villains with pure evil hearts can use this power.


Fans think it's a combination of transformation of Trans-Am, Trans-Am Burst System, Super Saiyan, and Newtype but the user has different colors.