Speedy's and Good Bird's partnership will grown and they develop new technique that will take the both of them to pull it off. He would later marry Polly. They would have a children. He becomes Kazuma's teacher. Speedy will teach Kazuma the way of the samurai.

Speedy's Egyptian moves: "Sphinx Shuriken Strike" and "Osiris Mummy Wrap"

Speedy's Egyptian finisher move: "SPHINX EYE SLASH! HYAH!"

Later, the Great Warrior gives Speedy Cerviche a new weapon called the Ginzu Shield, learned a new move called Ginzu Shield Slash and a new finisher move called CAT'S SHIELD BLAST! HYAH! He also has a special move called Super Ginzu Slash X.

Speedy's Space Sword is Ginzu Space Sword. Finisher move: Universe Cat Eye Slash! HYAH!

Pharaoh Speedy gives Speedy an Egyptian name. His Egyptain name is Pharaoh Speedykhamen.

(Speedy and Good Bird are playing a game)

(Speedy is at the beach with Good Bird, Carla, Lucille, and Franicne)


Bad Bird swordsman

Guido fighting over Lucille

The Sundance Kid


Polly Esther, the two work together at the Pizza Cat Restaurant and fighting evil. Polly gets irradiated with his incompetents are the restaurant. She screams at him and even hits him a few times. Later, Speedy begins to fall in love with Polly. Later, Speedy admitted his feelings and the two are together. In the last episode, Polly cried when she thought Speedy died from the comet. Speedy survive (along with Bad Bird) and Polly hugs Speedy. Later in the fan series. Speedy lends Good Bird his Ginzu swords when Good Bird was challenge to a one on one fight. When they got married he had moved into Polly's quarters in the Pizza parlor because she had wanted to keep her wallpaper.

Guido, the two are friends, but they often fight each other. Speedy often sees Guido as a goof-off feline who attempts to charm women and is often annoyed when he attempts to charm Lucille.



Bad Bird,

Al Dente,

Princess Vi, Princess Vi wanted a playmate and Speedy became her playmate

Emperor Fred,

Empress Fredia,

The Big Cheese,

The Rescue Team,

The Great Warrior, he taught Speedy that teamwork will help him success. He even showed up in the last episode and he taught Speedy and Bad Bird to fight as one.


Lightning Cerviche (grandfather)

Emona Cerviche (grandmother)

Flash Cerviche (father)

Polly Esther (wife)

Aiko Esther Cerviche (daughter)

Guido Sukashii Cerviche (son)

Ty Cerviche and Speedy Cerviche Jr. (twin sons)

Kanzu Cerviche (adopted daughter)

Joey Cerviche (brother)

Bad Bird (later Good Bird) (honorary brother)

Carla (honorary sister in law)

Kazuma (honorary nephew)

Lokontey Cerviche (cousin)