Quadruplet brothers are Good Bird's and Bad Bird 2's half brothers. Their crows and their the Rude Noise's rivals. The Rude Noise tries to kill them, but they always failed to do so. The Quadruplet brothers really care about each other. All of the Quadruplet Brothers were killed during the battle with the Pizza Cats and Good Bird.

Brother One is the leader and he uses the Katana sword. He was defeated by Speedy. Brother One was killed by Good Bird when Brother One tried to kill Speedy (When Speedy was exhausted during his final battle with him).

Brother Two uses the baton and he has a wife (his wife's name is Lily) and daughter (his daughter's name is Asami). He was killed by Good Bird.

Brother Three uses the sai. He perform the seppuku after he was defeated by Polly.

Brother Four uses the bow and arrows. He was killed by Guido.