Princess Vi appears in Fan Movie 4. She is World G counterpart of Princess Vi. She becomes a surrogate mother (or a mother figure) to Kazuma. Princess Vi develops a motherly relationship to Kazuma. Kazuma doesn't know about Princess Vi nor about her trying to marry his father by forced. Princess Vi become overzealous, thinking Bad Bird wants her to raise Kazuma. Princess Vi became very nice to him which shocked the council since she never treated anyone kindness before except the baby (from Son of Big Cheese). Princess Vi gives Kazuma a bath. Princess Vi wants Kazuma to look presentable, she gets him to wear a male kimono (green rope with voluminous sleeves, and soft slippers). She and Empress Fredia protect him from Ninja Crows. While, Kazuma was with Princess Vi, she taught Kazuma to say, "Send them to Prisoner Island!" which he later used to banish the bad guys. She officially made him an honorary member of the royal family. She states that if anything happens to her and her family or if she's unable to have children of her own, Kazuma will be the Prince of Little Tokyo. Unlike his father, Kazuma likes Princess Vi. Kazuma grew fond of her and he'll do anything to protect her.

In the Alternate Ending 'Neutral Ending,' Princess Vi and her family resuces Kazuma. Princess Vi adopts Kazuma and she grooms him to become a Prince. Princess Vi kisses Kazuma on the lips as the way of showing love to her adopted son and making him the Prince of Little Tokyo. Princess Vi raises and spoils Kazuma and he becomes almost like her. Princess Vi eventually becomes the Empress. However, Prince Kazuma protects the city. Prince Kazuma banishes anyone who displeases him and if anyone hurts his family and friends he banishes them to Prisoner Island. Empress Vi is very proud that Kazuma became a lot like her and she is proud that Kazuma became her son.