She marries Speedy. She has a few children. She teaches Carla, Francine, and Lucille to be samurai warriors like her.

Polly's Egyptian moves: "Cleopatra Flute Music of Love" and "Bastet Love Spell"

Polly's Egyptian finisher move: "EGYPTIAN CLEOPATRA LOVE OF WRATH!"

Polly's new weapon Magic Love Lightning. Polly new finisher move is "ULTIMATE HARP FIRE BLAST!"

Polly's Space Spear is called Kontamo Spear X. Finisher move: Power Love Cosmic Strike!

Polly can change her hair to Lucille's hair style and she can launch missiles out of hair just like Lucille.

Pharaoh Speedy gives Polly an Egyptian name. Her Egyptain name is Queen Pollypatra.

(Picture of Polly in a school girl uniform)

(Picture of Polly and Lucille as the Pointless Sisters and Panty Shots)


Speedy Cerviche (husband)

Aiko Esther Cerviche (daughter)

Guido Sukashii Cerviche (sons)

Ty Cerviche and Speedy Cerviche Jr. (twin sons)

Kanzu Cerviche (adopted daughter)