Pizza Cats Team E. The three are siblings.

Kyo Arashi is the leader of the group, he's the same size as Speedy. He has two swords. He can be able to self-duplication.

Yugi Arashi is a male cat with yellow armor warrior with a sword and a dagger. He can make himself invisible.

Kiku Arashi is a female cat with orange armor warrior with a sword and spear. She has superhuman strength.


Team E save the Pizza Cats from being kill in battle. This group disrespect the Pizza Cats and their allies. Team E uses inhumane tactics to battle their foes even if it means killing innocent. After being humiliated by the Big Cheese and his gang, Team E started going on a rampage throughout the city. The heroes discovers that they were using drugs to increase their strength and skills. Later, the heroes also discovers that the drugs cause them to be insane. The heroes battle Team E and defeated them. Team E died from the overdose drugs.


Team E are like the 3 Extended pilots in Gundam SEED Destiny. Both "teams" are consisted of 2 male and 1 female enhanced human (Extended in SEED-D's case, semi-innovator in Team Trinity's case). They almost behave just like Team Trinity from Mobile Suit Gundam 00.