A song that Polly Esther Cerviche (World T) sings a lullaby for her newborn son in Fan Movie 12.

Track Lyrics

(Polly) When the moon comes to shine bright.

When the star shine the light.

The warrior is born and is about to train hard.

To become the strong and save the world.

It is time for the warrior when the night came.

Like the wind is the same.

The heart must be strong.

Now the Warrior must fly saving the innocent lives out there.

Until the father passed away from here.

It is now time to spread his wings.

Like an angel of sky.

Your adventure will begin.

When all hope is lost the light shines.

And the hero will bring in the light to make it bright.

The hero must make the way to heaven.

The moon comes in to make the night.

The warrior fights for right.

And now it is time for the warrior to stand strong.

To fight evil who will rule the world.

But the warrior must slay evil.

And bring peace!!