Lucintiti (Egyptian version of Lucille) is a sheep and Guidokhamen's wife. When she gets emotional, she shoots arrows out of her hairdo. She appears in Fan Movie 19. Her finisher move is the Rapid Arrow Combination. Her Spiritual Hyper Mode color is pure white and gold and Spiritual Mega Hyper Mode color is shiny pure white and gold. Her intro is that she crossed her arms and walks down and uncrosses her arms. She yelled, "Give up or Be Buried!!" Her victory pose is she does her Egyptian dance and Egyptian pose.

Lucintiti's Japanese moves: "Rapid Fire Arrow" and "Japan Tranquilizing Arrow"

Lucintiti's Japanese finisher move: "ULTIMATE FIREWORK ARROW BLAST!"

She got a new move called Fire Arrow and a new finisher move called GREAT BASTET FIRE ARROW X!

Lucintiti's Space Scepter is called Cosmic Isis Love Scepter. Finisher move: Cosmic Ancient Love of Isis!



Sphinxion and Purupatra (son and daughter) (twins)



Guidokhamen Jr.

Similarities and ContrastsEdit

Lucille and Lucintiti are sheeps.

They have brothers.

They are married to their boyfriends.

Lucille is the owner of the Tea Shop.

Polly trains Lucille to be a Samurai Warrior.

Lucille fires missiles from her hairdo when she gets emotional.

Lucintiti trains to be an Egyptian Warrior.

Lucintiti fires arrows from her hairdo when she gets emotional.