If you are looking for the World G version of Kazuma, see Kazuma (World G).

Kazuma Karamaru Bird is the son of Good Bird (a.k.a. Bad Bird) and Carla Crow Bird. He has his father's black hair, beak, and face and he has his mother's eyes. He is named after Carla's father. Kazuma has a sword that closely similar to his father's sword. He is the leader of the Lucky 7.

Kazuma finisher move is "PHOENIX TALON SLASH! HYAH!"

Kazuma's Egyptian moves: "Ra Tornado" and "Horus Feather Wind"

Kazuma's Egyptian finisher move: "THOT TALON SLASH! HYAH!"

He got a new weapon called Super Dual Bladed Tonfas, learned a new move called Tonfas Strike and a new finisher move called TALON TONFAS SLASH ATTACK! HYAH!

He got a new weapon Chinese fan weapons White Crow Fans, a new move called "Fan Slice!", and a new finisher move called "WHITE FAN SLASH! HYAH!"

Kazuma's Space Mace is called Spiky Ball of Cosmic Crow. Finisher move: Cosmic Crow Mace Smash!

His other finisher move is Prison Crystalline Trap.

Kazuma get an Egyptian Bow and Arrow

Kazuma can perform Aura Sphere and other aura powers. Miyujackal put some of his blood inside Kazuma's body. He has Aurarian powers. His finisher move is Aura Sword Slash! HYAH!

His love interested is Ainajin Silver Crow.

His Egyptain name is Prince Tutankazuma.


GB is thrilled to be a father and when his son Kazuma was born Good Bird felt this is the best thing that has ever happen to him and his wife. As a baby crow, Kazuma went on a few adventures. One time, Guido was supposed to watch him, but Guido was flirting with some women causing him to lose Kazuma. Kazuma was found by Princess Vi and she took him back to the palace. Al Dente found Kazuma drawing on Emperor Fred's face. Al grabs Kazuma only that Kazuma wet his diaper. Al orders the servants to give him a bath. Later, Al calls Good Bird and the others about this. Later, Princess Vi's plan was to use Kazuma to lure Good Bird here so she can marry Good Bird and be Kazuma's new mother. Princess Vi tried so many times to have Kazuma call her mommy or momma, but Kazuma fell asleep after the servants feed him lunch. The Big Cheese saw the baby and overhears that Kazuma was going to be the Princess's adopted child so he decided to build a robot that looks like the Princess so he can replace her and raise the child himself. But the SPC and GB stop the Big Cheese's plan and the Princess's plan and they rescue Kazuma. Kazuma didn't know what happen due to the fact he was sleeping. Guido was punished for not watching the child and letting the Princess kidnapped Kazuma. Later, Kazuma plays with Aiko Esther Cerviche (daughter of Speedy and Polly). The two get along great. Later, Kazuma is four years old, Speedy Cerviche trains the boy. Kazuma likes his teacher Speedy. Kazuma and Aiko work together. Kazuma regards Aiko as a sister figure.


Bad Bird (later Good Bird) (father)

Carla Crow Bird (mother)

Birdy (brother)

Amy (sister)

Callie (sister)

Ainajin Silver Crow (wife)

Kazuyuki (son)

Miyujackal (alien blood father)

Tetsujackal (alien blood brother)

Lanjackal (alien blood nephew)


Kazuma teachers that taught him how to be a warrior.

Speedy (first teacher)

Good Bird




Princess Vi (later Empress Vi)

Empress Fredia



Jing Peng

Samurai Egyptian Cats

Master Com-Com

Princess KazumiEdit

Empress Vi gets Kazuma to take up the Princess Kazumi disguise. In the public, Princess Kazumi is Empress Vi's adopted child. She is popular with the boys. It causes girls to get jealous. Princess Kazumi is also a powerful warrior. He almost got kissed by her brothers a few times. He had a weird dream that she ends up marrying his brother and they have kids.

One day, Trutharak accidently uses his wings to make Aiko and Kazuma tell the truth that they were the princesses. His brother and the other boys wer heartbroken. The heroes promised Aiko and Kazuma that they'll keep this a secert.

Kazuma gets Ainajin to wear the Princess Kazumi disguise.

He dislikes being Princess Kazumi. He wears it for undercover missions; however, he gets Ainajin wears to it.


Good Bird, he is Kazuma's father.

Carla, she is Kazuma's mother.




Princess Vi, she found him and she was able to recognize him and she (somehow) figure out that this is Bad Bird's (later name Good Bird) son. Because of the resemblance. She took the child home and during the time. Princess Vi tries so many times to have Kazuma call her mommy and/or momma. Princess Vi lack the experience of being a mother since she doesn't know how. Like the Big Cheese, she doesn't know how to control Kazuma when he drew on Emperor Fred's face. Al grabs Kazuma, but Kazuma wet his diaper. Later, Al found out that Princess Vi was using Kazuma to lure Good Bird so she can marry him and be Kazuma's new mother. But the Big Cheese had other plans with the child. Later, the Pizza Cats and Good Bird rescue Kazuma. Princess Vi swore that she'll be Kazuma's mother. Later after Princess Vi got over with Good Bird, she gave up on Kazuma, however, Princess Vi sometimes see Kazuma and she calls him sweety. Princess Vi treats Kazuma nicely (despite that she kidnapped him). Kazuma is one of the few people that Princess Vi treats nicely. Years later, Kazuma regards her like a mother figure. Princess Vi deeply cares about him. Kazuma likes Princess Vi, however, Kazuma deeply loves his parents more than he likes Princess Vi. However, Kazuma will protect her and the people he cares about. Princess Vi trust him so much that she asked him and Aiko to look after her daughter, Fredia.

Speedy Cerviche, Speedy trains Kazuma to be a warrior.

Aiko Esther Cerviche, the two play together. Aiko regards Kazuma as a brother figure. Kazuma regards Aiko as a sister figure. He helps her out. Kazuma tries to not get into her bad side. He wouldn't dare get her angry because Aiko is Polly's daughter. Kazuma sometimes say no to her when she's in an understanding mood. Aiko sometimes get Kazuma to play dress up, tea party, and/or other things (or else she'll lose her temper).