Jet Cat is the son of Bat Cat and Princess Vi. He is a cat. He had four siblings until later two of his siblings' DNA are erase and their no longer related in blood. Later his third sibling's DNA is erase and rewritten too. Jet Cat resembles his father. Jet Cat has a sister named Fredia Tokugawa. In the future the stories, when Jet Cat gets older he wants to be a hero just like his father, but his mother Princess Vi, grandmother Empress Fredia, and Al Dente want him to the prince of Little Tokyo since he's part of the royal family. Jet Cat will find solution to his problem.

He got a new weapon called the Sky Gun, learned a new move called Smoke Ball of Confusion and a new finisher move called SKY BALL STORM!

Jet Cat get the Egyptian Khopesh

Jet Cat's Space Spear is called Cosmic Wind Spear. Finisher move: Uranus Flying Spear Attack!

Jet Cat's Egyptian name is Prince Tut Cat.


Bat Cat (father) (Deceased)

Princess Vi (mother) (Deceased)

Fredia Tokugawa (sister)

Emperor Fred (grandfather) (Deceased)

Empress Fredia (grandmother) (Deceased)

Otama (wife)

Rotor Cat (son)

Mezasu Cat (daughter)