He's one of the main antagonist in Fan Movie 4, (Crow's Legacy). He is World G counterpart of Jerry Atric. Jerry tries to get Kazuma on his side. He over heard about Good Bird that he's having a son and he decided to find him. He becomes a surrogate father (or a father figure) to Kazuma. Kazuma was hostile towards Jerry Atric at first, because Jerry Atric and the Ninja Crows kidnapped him. Jerry suspected that Kazuma is Bad Bird's son. Jerry gives Kazuma ninja training uniform. Jerry has Kazuma's uniform a custom-made. Jerry deeply wants to turn him evil. Kazuma tells Jerry that he doesn't know if he wants to be with Jerry and the Ninja Crows. Jerry tells Kazuma that he has time to think about it and Jerry left. Jerry let's him go. Jerry did it because he doesn't want to force it on him or he'll never join, so he decided to let him be with the Pizza Cats for now until the time is right. Jerry stated that Kazuma has evil inside him and it needs training. However, Kazuma choose to be a hero just like his family causing Jerry to fail.

In the Alternate Ending "Evil Ending,' Jerry Atric succeed of having Kazuma join him and his group. Jerry adopts Kazuma as his grandson.