Jerry Atric has a grandson named Petey Atric. When the Big Cheese and him left Little Tokyo after the comet incident, Jerry orders the Ninja Crows to erase all records and evidence against the Big Cheese and his crimes. The Big Cheese and Jerry stumble an auction and brought a chest. When they open it, it contains rubys, jewels, and diamonds. They made 1 billion dollars. Jerry kept 30% of the money and use it to help the Ninja Crows, the clan, and himself. It took two years and they manage to get rid of the evidence against them and they were able to return to Little Tokyo it cause the Big Cheese to resume as prime minister. When he was young, he was a powerful ninja strong as Bad Bird (later Good Bird), but more dangerous and deadlier (It causes The Rude Noise are afraid of him.).

Jerry becomes young and he became a very powerful ninja. Jerry defeats Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird with ease.


Good Bird, When Jerry became young he later became Good Bird's dangerous rival.

Dirty Bird, it's a friendly rival. The two respect each other. Dirty Bird most of the time calls Jerry master.

Jerry's StudentsEdit

Dirty Bird

Bad Bird (later Good Bird)

The Ninja Crow Clan


The Big Cheese (son figure) or (love interest boyfriend)

Petey Atric (grandson)


The Big Cheese

Bad Bird, (former professional relationship) he is Jerry's right hand man, but Jerry's ideas are not always smart. Two years later (fan episodes), Jerry was shock when Bad Bird (later Good Bird) became a good guy. Sometimes Jerry comes up with plans to get rid of him. However, Jerry Atric deeply doesn't hate Good Bird for switching sides. Jerry (secertly blames) the Big Cheese for being an incompetent boss that cause Good Bird to leave. He also blames the Samurai Pizza Cats for taken his prize warrior away. Jerry deeply see Bad Bird as a warrior and his future successor. He also blames Carla for taking Bad Bird away. He even says, "(sigh) Bad Bird turn good magic of the female species."

Ninja Crows

The Rude Noise

Petey Atric, he is Jerry's grandson and the two get along just great.

Dr. Purple

Bad Bird 2,

The Samurai Pizza Cats, their his enemies.