Jackenkhamen (Egyptian version of Jacky) is a male deer and Deerhotep's cousin. He appears in Fan Movie 19. He wears an Egyptian archer's clothing, an Egyptian archer's hat, and a dark green Egyptian sandals and his weapon is the Anubis Bow and arrow which uses mummy wrappings to wrap enemies up as mummies.

Jackenkhamen's finisher move is the Arrow Trap. Jackenkhamen's Spiritual Hyper Mode color is pure dark green and gold and Spiritual Mega Hyper Mode color is shiny pure dark green and gold.

Jackenkhamen's intro is he appears with his arms crossed and did his Egyptian dance and raises his bow.

Jackenkhamen's victory pose is that he crosses his arms which holds the Anubis Bow on his left hand and arrow on his right hand.

He got a new move called Anubis Mummy Wrap and a new finisher move called ANUBIS ARROW STRIKE!

Jackenkhamen's Space Khopesh is called Cosmic Anubis Khopesh. Finisher move: Ram Galactic Anubis Strike!


Fawnintiti (Wife)

Jackenkhamen Jr. (Son)

Similarities and ContrastsEdit

Jacky and Jackenkhamen are deers.

They have cousins.

They wear glasses.

Jacky works at the Pizza Cats Resteraunt and the owner of Jacky's Comic Book, Video Games and Collectibles.

Jackenkhamen works at the Egyptian Cats Resteraunt and patrols Egypt.

Jacky uses the sword in battle.

Jackenkhamen uses a bow and arrow in battle.

Jacky wears the Samurai armor.

Jackenkhamen wears an Egyptian armor.