Guido Sukashii Cerviche is the son of Speedy and Polly. His parents call him Guido while his sister and his friends call him Sukashii. He is a member of the Lucky 7.

Later, he got a new weapon called the Cat X Shield, learned a new move called Shield Bash and a new finisher move called SUPER CAT EYE SHIELD SLASH! HYAH!

Guido Cerviche wears a royal Egyptian skirt with a red sash with a blue scarab, a royal white Egyptian sandals, a royal Egyptian headdress with a cat symbol on it and a royal Egyptian cape. Guido Cerviche will be named Prince Guidotut.

Guido Cerviche gets a new weapon called Osiris Ginzu Khopesh

Guido Sukashii Cerviche's Lightsaber is called Ginzu Lightsaber of the Cosmos. Finisher move: Lightsaber Cosmo Blade!

He married Valeria.

He can perform the Night Daze. Makinofox put her blood inside his body. He has Zoroian powers. His finisher move is Night Zoroian Slash! HYAH!


Speedy Cerviche (father)

Polly Esther Cerviche (mother)

Aiko Esther Cerviche (sister)

Ty Cerviche (brother)

Speedy Cerviche Jr. (brother)

Kanzu Cerviche (adopted sister)

Valeria (wife)

Mitch Cerviche (son)

Polly Cerviche (daughter)

Zach Cerviche (son)

Makinofox (alien blood mother)

Arifox (alien blood sister)

Foxrua (alien blood niece)