He's one of the main antagonist in Fan Movie 4, (Crow's Legacy).

Feather Cutter is Kazuma's rival. Feather wants to fight Kazuma. Kazuma isn't hostile towards him. He's Keiji's apprentice.

He first meant Kazuma at the museum. Later, he heard about Kazuma defeating the Rude Noise by himself. He thought Kazuma is nothing more but a baby until he saw Kazuma made it through 4 rounds of the tournament. He beings to see him more as a person. He gets a chance to talk to him. He saw Kazuma eats fish like a cat, while other crows find it weird, but Feather Cutter finds it cool. Later, he saw Kazuma dress up as a girl to win a round in the tournament, he finds it amusing. He says, "He's a better crossdresser than the Big Cheese and he makes one beautiful girl." When Kazuma was taking a nap, a few competitors wanted to attack Kazuma until Feather steps in and he protected Kazuma while he's sleeping.

When he found out that Kazuma is the son of Bad Bird and Carla, he wanted to fight him even more. He wanted to fight Kazuma. Kazuma accepted the challenge and Kazuma defeated him.

In the Fan Episode series, Feather still fights Kazuma. Even though their enemies, Feather admitted that he deeply respect Kazuma as a person and a warrior. Kazuma respects him as well.


Feather Cutter protected Kazuma from other competitors because, one he respects Kazuma, two he wants to fight him, and three Jerry Atric ordered him to protect Kazuma while he's napping.

Feather Cutter is by far the an honorable villain and a respectable villain. (Possibly a friend of the hero.)

Feather Cutter one time said to Kazuma that "He's like a kitten inside a crow's body."