Fan Movie is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats Movie that should be on TV or on the Big Screen. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these films will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this films, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Movie. Samurai Pizza Cats Movie


Guido is washed ashore to an island after he and his friends were battling a monster. Guido is found by a wealthy man. The wealthy man is willing to help Guido out only if Guido does a traditional hunt in which Guido accepted. Later, Guido will realize that the wealthy man is hunting him. Can Guido find a way to escape from the island before the wealthy man put his head in a trophy room? Can Guido contact his friends before it's too late?

Samurai Pizza Cats (Hunting Cat)Edit

The Samurai Pizza Cats are working at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Guido is watching a hunting show. This hunter is able to catch animals by using non-lethal weapons. When he catches them, the hunter takes a picture and he lets them go. Guido is impressed. Guido says, "This guy is good. He hunts animals without killing them. He even caught the most dangerous animal and he let that creature go." Francine yells, "Get back to work you slacker!" Guido panics and he says, "Okay! I'll do what you say!" Guido gets back to work. Later, Al Dente calls the heroes and he tells them that a monster is attacking ships at the Pacific Ocean. These ships are from Little Tokyo's harbor. Al Dente wants the heroes to protect the ships and find the monster and stop it. Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird put on their fighting armors and head out. Francine fires the cannon to the ships. Speedy, Polly, and Guido are fired from the cannon while Good Bird flies. Francine says, "Uh-oh, another miscalculation. (Giggle)" Speedy, Polly, and Guido notice that they’re going to crash into the ship's smokestack. They all yell, "FRANCINE!!!" They crash into the ship's smokestack and they got burned.

Later, Speedy talks to the ship's captain and he tells him that they’re here to stop the monster. The captain tells Speedy that the monster attacked five ships less than a week. The ship begins to set sail.

Later, Speedy and the others sharpen their swords. Speedy calls Francine and Carla to see if their okay.

Later that night, the ship is being attack from underwater. The captain warns the crew. Speedy and the others get ready to confront the monster. The monster reveals to be a giant squid. Speedy and the others are surprised that their mouths drop to the floor. Speedy says, "It's huge." The others agree with him. Speedy attacks the giant squid from the left flank. Polly attacks it from the right flank. Good Bird attacks from above. Guido attacks at the center. The giant squid grabs Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird. Guido uses his Samurai Sunspot Umbrella to hypnotize the giant squid. The giant squid releases Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird. Speedy gets ready to finish the giant squid off until Guido knocks him out with his umbrella. Guido says, "The giant squid was hungry because of its size and we need to find it a better home." Polly yells, "Are you nuts! That thing attacked a few ships!" Guido says, "That hunter I saw on TV taught me that animals like this needs to eat so I got an idea." Later, the ship takes the giant squid to Samoa. The giant squid is happy. Speedy says, "I got to admit Guido that was a great idea." Good Bird says, "Same here." Polly says, "I would never think of something like that." Guido asked, "Who says that TV doesn't teach you anything?"

Later, the ships continue sailing until a terrible storm approaches. Speedy and the others help the crew.

Later during the storm, Guido sees one of the crew members in danger. Guido saves the crewman, but an intermodal container fell from the top of the stack. Guido saw the falling intermodal container and he accidentally fell off the ship. Speedy and the others didn't notice that Guido fell off the ship.

Meanwhile, Guido tries to swim until a tidal wave comes down on Guido.

The next day, Guido is washed ashore to an island. Guido wakes up and he looks around. Guido gets up and he starts walking. Guido yells, "HELLO!" No one answers. Guido yells again, "HELLO! SPEEDY! POLLY! GOOD BIRD!"

Meanwhile back at the ship, Speedy and the others notice that Guido is missing. They search the ship, but no sign of him. Speedy asked, "Did he fell off the ship?" The captain panics and yells, "Man Overboard! Man Overboard! Sound the alarm!" Polly slaps the captain and she yells, "Calm down! We'll find him."

Meanwhile back at the island, Guido continues his walk to the island until he saw a mansion. Guido asked, "Is this a mirage?" A voice says, "It is not." Guido asked, "Who say that?" A voice says, "I did." Guido turns around and he sees a wealthy man. The wealthy man is a grizzly bear. The wealthy man says, "I'm Ord." Guido says, "I'm Guido Anchovy." Ord asked, "Your Guido Anchovy of the Samurai Pizza Cats?" Guido shakes his head and says, "Yes." Ord asked, "What brings you here to my island?" Guido says, "I got separated from my teammates. I need to call them and tell them where I'm at." Ord says. "Come into my home. You must be hungry." Guido and Ord head inside the mansion.

Later, Ord takes Guido to the dining room. Ord says, "Stay here and I'll bring you something to eat." Ord leaves. Guido sees the dining room and its value. Guido sees a China Cabinet. Inside it are trophies hunting. Guido is impressed and says, "This guy is a hunter." Ord shows up with the food. Ord asked, "You like?" Guido says, "It's great. You’re a hunter?" Ord says, "yes, Guido." Guido says, "You hunted one of the most dangerous animals in the planet." Ord says, "I hunted every animal on the planet." Guido says, "You’re a great hunter." Ord says, "Thank you." Guido says, "But, there's this hunter on TV that hunts animals without killing them. When he catches them, he takes a picture and lets them go." Ord veins pop out and he squeezes a glass cup so hard, it causes the glass cup to break. Ord smiles and says, "I see you’re a fan of hunting." Guido says, "I'm not really a fan. The way I see hunting is like a stealth attack to take down enemies without them knowing." Ord asked, "Like a ninja?" Guido says, "yeah." Ord asked, "Are you in a mood for hunting?" Guido says, "I like to, but I need to get back to my friends." Ord says, "If you do this, I'll let you borrow my phone and you can call your friends." Guido immediately picks up a gun and asked, "When do we start?" Ord says, "Tomorrow morning. Get some rest you need it."

Meanwhile, Speedy and the others found an island and they begin to search for Guido. They split up.

Meanwhile, Ord takes Guido to the guest room. Ord says, "See you in the morning." Later that night, Guido wakes up and he says, "I need to go to the bathroom." Guido tries to open the door, but he notices the door is locked. Guido uses his sword to pick lock the door. The door is unlocked and Guido walks out. Guido searches for the bathroom. Guido opens five doors and their nothing but trophy rooms. Guido opens the next door and he sees stairs going down. Guido says, "This could be the basement. I think the bathroom is down there." Guido goes downstairs to the basement. Guido trips and he's falling down the stairs. Guido hits the floor and he says, "Ouch!" Guido gets up and he walks around to find the bathroom. Guido found a door. Guido says, "This could be the bathroom." Guido opens the door and the place is dark. Guido asked, "Where's the light switch?" Guido goes inside the dark room to find a light switch. Guido says, "There has to be a light switch somewhere." Guido feels a switch and he says, "This could be it." Guido turns on the light switch. The light switch reveals to be another trophy room, however, the trophy room reveals to have heads of people. Guido is shocked when he saw this room. The trophy room has heads of people from all over the world. Guido is more shocked when he saw the hunter, from the TV show, has his head on the trophy room. Guido says, "I got to get out of here!" Suddenly, Ord appears and he knocks Guido down unconscious.

Meanwhile, Speedy and the others made camp. Speedy calls Francine and he tells her that they’re going to working overtime. Polly calls Al Dente and she tells him that they’re going to continue looking for Guido. Good Bird calls Carla and tells her that he's not going to make it home tonight.

Meanwhile, Guido regains consciousness and he notices that he's in a cage. Ord says, "You shouldn't have looked at my room. Have you ever heard on invading someone's privacy?" Guido gets angry and he yells, "You kill people!" Ord says, "I don't kill people. I hunt them." Guido yells, "Hunt!? You’re a monster! You murdered one of the best hunters that never kill an animal! WHY?" Ord says, "Long ago, I was the best hunter in the world until another hunter upstaged me! I couldn't handle it. I decided to get rid of him. I try to kill him with a knife, but that hunter put up a fight. It took me three days to kill him. After I killed him, I felt so great and I found a challenge. Ever since then, I hunted people to challenge myself." Guido yells, "You’re just a jealous hunter turned homicidal maniac!" Ord says, "Here's how it's going to be. I'm going to hunt you. If you survive for the next 24 hours I'll let you live and you can use the phone to call your friends. If I catch you, your head we go to my trophy room." Ord takes out a tranquilizer dart and he uses it on Guido. After Guido got hit by the dart, he'll fell asleep. Ord says, "Sweet dreams Pizza Cat."

The next day, Guido wakes up and he see the cage open. Guido walks out the cage and he found his sword and Samurai Sunspot Umbrella. He picks up his weapons and he walks through the jungle. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others head to the next island to search for Guido. Speedy begins to get worry. Speedy says, "I feel something bad is happening to Guido."

Meanwhile, Guido sneezes. Guido hears something or someone coming. Guido ran into a cave to hide. Guido found a hole and hides inside it. Guido hears footsteps. Ord walks through the cave with his shotgun. Guido stays as quiet as possible. Ord drinks a cup of hot coffee and he dumps the rest in the hole. The hot coffee landed on Guido. Guido covers his mouth so he won't scream in pain. When Ord left, Guido sees a lake and he puts his head in the lake. Guido screams underwater and bubbles coming out the water. Guido asked, "Speedy, where are you?"

Meanwhile, Speedy sneezes. Speedy says, "Someone is talking about me."

Meanwhile, Guido leaves the cave and continues his journey through the jungle.

Later, Guido sets up traps for Ord.

Later, Guido does a big yell for Ord to hear. Ord hears the yell and he brings his hounds.

Meanwhile, Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird take out a map to see how many islands they need to check. Speedy says, "I'll take the north." Polly says, "I'll take the west." Good Bird says, "I'll take the south." Speedy says, "We'll all check the east later." Polly and Good Bird agree with Speedy.

Meanwhile, Ord's hounds pick up Guido's scent. Ord says, "Take me to him." The hounds lead Ord to the swamp. Ord says, "A swamp. (Being sarcastic) What a surprised." The hounds begin to track Guido down. One hound fell into a pit. Another hound steps on a foothold trap. Another hound steps on a glue trap. Another hound is trap inside a crate. Another hound steps into a bear trap. Another hound steps into a rope trap. The last hound steps into a catapult trap. All of the hounds are taken out. Ord says, "Those traps are meant for me. Clever Pizza Cat, too bad I didn't step into one trap. I'm glad that I brought my hounds." Ord steps on a wire. A heavy log swung into Ord and he's hit. Ord hits the floor and he screams in pain. Ord says, "I didn't see that one coming." Later, Guido saw Ord and he says, "He went through all my traps, he's good." Guido saw Ord injured. Guido says, "At least one of my traps injured him." Ord looks for footprints, but found nothing. Ord looks up the trees. Ord begins to look at the trees to see if Guido is up there. Ord asked, "Where is that Pizza Cat?" Guido continues to hide from Ord. Guido disguised himself as a tree. Ord begins to get frustrated and loses his temper. Guido says, "This guy is a sore loser." Ord takes out gasoline. Ord says, "I'll smoke him out!" Ord begins to pour gasoline at a few trees. Guido saw this and he asked, "Is he serious?" Ord takes out a match and lights it. Ord yells, "You’re not going to win Pizza Cat!" Ord throws the lighted match at the gasoline causing the tree to be on fire. The jungle begins to be on fire. Guido's tail is on fire and he screams. Ord found him and he fires his shotgun. Guido dodges it and he runs for his life. Ord chases Guido through the jungle fire. Ord keeps firing his shotgun at Guido. Guido dodges the bullets by using his umbrella. Guido ran to the edge of the cliff. Ord is behind him. Ord raises his shotgun. Ord says, "Looks like I won." Guido yells, "You cheated!" Ord yells, "This is my island and I can do whatever I want!" Guido says, "I can see why I never hear of you is because you’re not a hunter, you’re a murderer!" Ord gets really angry and he fires his shotgun at Guido. The blast causes Guido to fall off the edge of the cliff and into the ocean. Ord looks down at the cliff and he sees nothing. Ord says, "I got him! I won! I won! I won! I won! Too bad I couldn't get his head." Ord heads back to his mansion.

Meanwhile, Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird return to camp and they told each other that they didn't find a clue where Guido is at. Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird head east to search for Guido.

Later that night, Ord is wearing his sleeping robe. Ord is looking at the fireplace. Ord hears his door knocking. Ord answers it and he sees Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird. Speedy asked, "Have you seen a Samurai Pizza Cat named Guido Anchovy?" Ord asked, "What does he look like?" Polly says, "He wears a blue armor." Good Bird says, "He carries an umbrella." Speedy says, "He has a cool, womanizing attitude. Kind of a jerk, crazy, stupid, and..." Both Polly and Good Bird knock Speedy out and they yell, "Shut Up!" Ord find this weird and says, "Okay. I didn't see him." Polly says, "If you do see him tell him were looking for him." Good Bird says, "Don't tell him what Speedy said to him." Ord asked, "Says what?" Polly and Good Bird say, "Exactly." Polly and Good Bird leave the island and their dragging the unconscious Speedy with them.

The next day, Ord polishes his trophies. Ord says, "I need to find a new opponent for my hunting game. Maybe Speedy will be my new opponent." A phone rang and Ord answers the phone. Ord asked, "Hello?" Guido yells, "SURPRISE!" Ord is shocked that Guido is alive. Ord asked, "How did you..." Guido interrupts him and says, "Survive. When you got your hand on the trigger, I immediately jumped off the cliff moment before the shotgun went off. I landed on rocks thanks to you and I got a broken leg. But I didn't call you for that. I'm calling to settle the score with you. Meet me at the backyard of your mansion." Ord asked, "How did you get a phone?" Guido says, "I have time to fix my helmet. I just call my friends and they’re on their way here and I also spoke to Princess Vi about your hunting activities and she just sending her guards to arrest you an about an hour." Ord gets angry and he takes out his sword and his gun. Ord heads to the backyard and he see Guido sitting down drinking tea. Ord takes out his gun and he fires at the cup that Guido is drinking. Guido says, "You're so uncivilized." Ord yells, "Don't you dare lecture me! Fight me!" Guido says, "Then come get me." Ord fire his gun at Guido. Guido uses the ninja substitution technique. Ord see Guido running and he aims his gun at Guido. Ord fires his gun, but the gun is out of bullets. Ord get angry and he reloads his gun. Ord aims his gun at Guido, but Guido throws a ninja star at the barrel of the gun. The gun explodes; incapacitating Ord. Guido's sword is at Ord's throat. Guido says, "Looks like I win." Ord says, "Kill me, I lost the game." Guido says, "No, you’re going to pay for all the murders you committed over the years.

Later, Speedy and the others show up and found Guido.

Later, Princess Vi's guards show up to the island and arrest Ord. Speedy asked, "What happen?" Guido says, "I went hunting. I just want to go home."

Later, the heroes made it back to Little Tokyo. Polly says, "We were searching for you for a long time. What happen to you on that island?" Polly saw Guido asleep. Polly gets angry and she is about to hit him until Speedy stops her. Speedy says, "He had a long day, let him sleep." Polly punches Speedy to release all her anger. Speedy is in pain and he asked, "Are you feeling any better?" Polly says, "I'm fine." Speedy says, "Guido owes me for this."

The next day, Guido tells Speedy and the others about his adventure. Speedy and the others are amazed of Guido's story. Speedy asked, "Do you want to go hunting this weekend?" Guido punches Speedy and yells, "NOOO!!!" Guido wakes away. Speedy says, "I...was joking."

The End


I read the book "The Most Dangerous Game" and watch the movie. The story had many adaptations, movies, TV, books, and video games. The giant squid, I saw '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.' I felt that Guido needed to be the main protagonist in this story. I saw the other Fan Movies and Guido need to be the main hero. Ord is a psychotic hunter that can't deal with reality and he's deeply not a good sportsman. The Big Cheese and Jerry Atric are not the villains in this movie.


Based on the story The Most Dangerous Game.

Guido Anchovy the main protagonist.

Ord is the main antagonist.