Fan Movie is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats Movie that should be on TV or on the Big Screen. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these films will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this films, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Movie. Samurai Pizza Cats Movie. This takes place after Fan Episode 21 from Fan Episodes.


Bad Bird was a former villain now turned hero. He is now Good Bird. Good Bird joins the Samurai Pizza Cats and he's Speedy's partner. When a new villain attacks Little Tokyo, the new and improved Samurai Pizza Cats head out to deal with this new threat. Good Bird will discover that one of his new teammates don't trust him. With this villain attacking the city, can the Samurai Pizza Cats stop this threat? Can Good Bird let go of his past and fight alongside with the Samurai Pizza Cats? Will Good Bird be accepted as the hero he truly is?

Samurai Pizza Cats (He's a Crow and a Hero)Edit

In the afternoon of Little Tokyo, it's lunchtime and the Pizza Cat Restaurant is never been so busy. Francine and Carla are working at the cash registers. Guido is giving the customers their food. Speedy got back from delivery pizzas and he's exhausted. Speedy asks, "Can I take my break?" Polly yells, "No way, you got to deliver this pizza to this address!" Guido asks, "Where's GB?" Good Bird (referred to as GB) enters the restaurant and he's just as exhausted as Speedy because he delivered pizzas at the other side of town. GB yells, "Where's Speedy? I'm going to kick his ass because he tricked me of delivering pizzas to the other side of town!" Francine says, "You’re standing on him." GB looks down and he notices that he's stepping on Speedy's face and body. GB gets off of him. Speedy is in pain after GB stepped on him. Polly and Carla give pizzas to Speedy and GB and give them addresses to deliver them to. Speedy and Good Bird head out. Good Bird says, "Thanks for giving a long day of delivering pizzas." Speedy says, "Come on Birdie. You know I can't do this all by myself and besides are you supposed to be my partner?" Good Bird says, "Next time I like to stay informed Speedy." Speedy says, "Okay." Speedy and Good Bird split up to make deliveries. Speedy and Good Bird make their deliveries. Later that day, Speedy and Good Bird made it back to the restaurant. Later that night, the heroes closed the restaurant for the night. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric are looking someone to replace Bad Bird. The Big Cheese says, "Finding a replacement is harder that I thought. Remember when we were on the raft?" Jerry says, "Yeah, I remember."


The Big Cheese says, "Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for coming here! Everything's gonna be just fabulous! I only wish I hadn't left all my kimonos behind. But there's a world of them!" Jerry is on his knees and he's annoyed by Seymour and he says, "Quiet. I'm sipping tea." Big Cheese (referred to as BC) is surprised and he yells, "Oh! You fooled me! You said we were riding in a parade!" Jerry says, "I told you we would be riding on a float Cheesy." BC's eyes start to glow red. Jerry says, "I wouldn't blow up right now, Seymour. This raft is a bit unstable." Slowly, BC's eyes dull back to normal. BC is depressed and he says, "I can't believe it's come to this. Not only have I failed to take over the town, I couldn't even get rid of a few mangy house cats." Jerry says, "Now, now, Cheese. Don't take it so hard. You'll get the upper hand on those cats eventually." BC is fully distraught and he's crying. BC asked, "How? Look at us! We're floating on a raft out in the middle of the... the... I don't even know which ocean this is!" Jerry says, "Don't worry, Seymour. I'm here for you. I even have a plan that's sure to cheer you up!" BC is hopeful and he sniffling. BC asked, "You do?" Jerry says, "Of course. But I haven't thought of it yet." BC breaks down crying. The next day, BC is half asleep and he's talking in his sleep. BC says while he's sleeping, "Wha- No mom! Don't make me wear that suit! I like the kimonos..." BC wakes up and he found an island. BC wakes up Jerry. Jerry is half asleep and he's talking in his sleep. Jerry says while he's sleeping, "Seymour, I didn't know you cared." Jerry wakes up and he saw an island. Jerry says, "It's an island." BC says, "Let's go check it out." BC and Jerry stumble upon an auction house. The man takes out a box and he begins the bidding. No one bid except Seymour and Jerry. They bid one yen and they got the box. They open the box and it contains diamonds and jewelry and their worth one billion dollars. Seymour and Jerry smile.

(Flashback Ends)

BC says, "That was a long time ago." Jerry says, "I think I found someone to replace Bad Bird." BC asked, "Who?" A crow enters the room. His armor looks like Bad Bird's but the armor is light orange and his helmet has two sharp points. The crow calls himself Roland Crow. Roland Crow says, "I'm Roland Crow and I'm ready to serve you." BC says, "You must prove to me you’re worthy. Defeat the Samurai Pizza Cats."

The next day, Speedy and the others get ready to open the restaurant. Speedy gets ready to open the doors of the restaurant. Speedy gets nervous and he asks, "Why me?" Speedy opens the doors and tons of people charge in the restaurant while Speedy is getting trampled by the crowd. Later, the restaurant is never been so busy. Meanwhile, Roland Crow builds a robot that is a robot lizard that shoots fire. Roland Crow smiles and he says, "This plan will work." Roland smokes a cigarette. Meanwhile, GB is complaining. GB yells, "You and I always get the same jobs!" Francine says, "We're the best at what we do." Speedy shows up covered in bandages after the people trampled him. Speedy asked, "Can I take my break?" Francine yells, "NO!!" Speedy collapses to the floor. Francine gives GB three pizzas and three addresses to deliver them to. GB heads out to deliver the pizzas. Later, GB returns from his deliveries. GB comes back and he's complaining that Speedy didn't help him deliver the pizzas again. GB yells, "Cerviche! I got a bone to pick with..." Suddenly the energy leaves him and he collapses on the floor. He's exhausted and says, "You..." GB falls unconscious. Speedy and Guido carry GB up the counter and they take out Jolt Cola. They forced it down GB's mouth. GB's eyes are wide open and he spits out the soda. GB yells, "That stuff is horrible!" Speedy and Guido say, "Works every time." Later, Francine gives Speedy a pizza to deliver. Speedy heads out. Polly, Guido, and GB clean the tables and give the customers their food while Francine and Carla are working at the cash registers. Later that night, the heroes get ready to close up for the night. Speedy is exhausted and he says, "That's the last time I wait on the Royal Family." GB: says, "I don't think you have much of a choice. You know how particular Vi is about her waiter." Guido says, "And her deliveryman." Francine says, "And her bodyguard." Speedy is very annoyed and he yells, "I KNOW!" Speedy calms down and he says, "I just can't stand what a spoiled brat she is. Not to mention her crackpot mother. And don't get me started on the emperor." Both Speedy and GB imitate Emperor Fred, "FA-RED! FA-RED! FA-REDDDD!!!" Guido, Francine, and Carla are rolling on the ground laughing. Polly walks over to Speedy. She's trying to look sympathetic, but you can see she's holding in a giggle. Polly smiles and she says, "Cheer up, Tiger. I know how to make it up to you." Speedy looks up as Polly gives him a peck on the lips. His tongue hangs out of his mouth. Just then, GB walks up to the loving couple. GB says, "Hate to break you two lovebirds up, but it's about time for me and Carla to home. Speedy snaps out of Polly's charm and he says, "uh- ok, GB. We'll take it from here." GB says, "I'm sure you will." GB whispers to Speedy and he says, "You wild Tom cat, you." Speedy's opens his mouth and raises a finger in the air to protest, but GB is already gone. Meanwhile, Guido and Francine have just recovered from their laughing fit. Guido wipes away a tear of laughter and he says, "Oh my god, Speedy. You and GB do a great Emperor Fred!" Francine is still giggling a little bit and she says, "Maybe it's because they're all insane!" Speedy says, "Don't you two have dates, tonight?" Guido gasps and yells, "Oh! LUCILLE!" Francine gasps and yells, "Oh shoot, BUCKY!!" Francine and Guido panicked, gathering their stuff, and they dash out the door. Polly says, "Ah, alone at last." Polly and Speedy look at each other and they begin to kiss each other. Meanwhile, Roland Crow orders a group of Ninja Crows to get ready to attack the city tomorrow.

The next day, the heroes are working at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Meanwhile, Roland Crow, the Ninja Crows, and the robot lizard attack Little Tokyo. Later, Al Dente calls the heroes and tells them that Little Tokyo is under attack. Francine tells everyone that Al called and he said that the city is under attack. GB heads out first, while Speedy, Polly, and Guido put on their fighting armors. Francine prepares to fire the cats out of the cannon. Francine yells, "But for God's sake people, we don't have much time! Ka-Boom! Ka-Ping! Ka-Powie!" Francine fires the heroes out of the cannon. Guido feels uneasy. Guido talks to Speedy. Guido asked, "Speedy, are you sure you want GB on the field with us?" Speedy says, "Come on, Guido. You know how he fights. Why wouldn't we?" Guido asked, "What if he's still Bad Bird?" Speedy is confused and he asked, "What are you saying?" Guido answers, "Oh, come on Speedy! How many times have we fought Bad Bird? Are you saying you're willing to trust him that quickly? I think I have a right to be suspicious." Speedy says, "You weren't there when we destroyed the comet. He's changed. If you don't trust him, at least trust me." Guido still uneasy about this and he says, "Okay, I'll trust your decision." Meanwhile, Francine says, "Oh, no! I miscalculated again. Sorry." Meanwhile, Speedy, Polly, and Guido are going to crash into a wall. Speedy, Polly, and Guido yell, "FRANCINE!!!" Speedy, Polly, and Guido crash into the wall. Later, the Samurai Pizza Cats regain consciousness. GB says, "Finally, you guys are awake. Can you help me deal with the robot!?" The Samurai Pizza Cats got up. The heroes look at the robot lizard. Speedy uses his Ginzu sword attack and he yells, "Cats Eye Slash!" The robot dodges the attack. The attack hit a building causing the building to be demolished. GB says, "We need to disable it first and then you can use your Ginzu sword power again." Guido is frustrated and he asked, "How do we do that?" Roland appears and he yells, "Get them!" The Ninja Crows leap out of the shadows and surround the heroes. The heroes did their introduction. Spotlight on GB and he says, "Who better to fight Ninja Crows than another Ninja Crow." GB unsheathes sword and says, "It's the new and improved GB!" Spotlight is on Guido, who's holding the Sunspot Umbrella. Guido says, "Guido Anchovy with the Sunspot Umbrella." He moves the Umbrella away from his face and says, "Cause when it rains, it pours." Spotlight is on Polly, who is finishing playing her flute. Polly says, "The bold and beautiful Polly Esther here. My passion power will win the day!" She blows a kiss and says, "Love ya!" Spotlight on Speedy. Speedy says, "And in this corner is Speedy Cerviche! All together now…" Spotlight of all of the four heroes and they yell, "SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!" Roland says, "I'm Roland Crow, Bad Bird's replacement." A Ninja Crow interrupts him and says, "Sir, Seymour said if you defeat the Pizza Cats then you would be Bad Bird's replacement." Roland gets angry and yells, "Don't tell him that!" A Ninja Crow says, "Sorry." Roland looks at GB and says, "I heard you betrayed us. I never expect that you would be fighting against us." GB says, "My days working for that idiot fox are over." Roland asked, "Are you a ninja or a samurai?" GB didn't answer his question. Roland yells, "BIRDBRAIN BATTALION ATTACK!!" The Ninja Crows battle the four heroes. Speedy takes out a few crows with his Ginzu sword. Polly uses her beauty to hypnotize a few crows and she uses her scratch attack on them. Guido uses his Samurai Sunspot Umbrella to hit a few Ninja Crows and he uses the Sunspot Umbrella Fireball on them. GB swipes at his former comrades with his sword. The Ninja Crows don't seem to want to hurt him, mainly because he is a legend amongst them. Likewise, GB doesn't seem too thrilled about fighting his former teammates, although that doesn't keep him from fighting valiantly. As he bats another crow out of the way, he decides to try for the robot. Roland tries to stop GB, but Speedy stops him. Speedy knocks Roland out with his hilt of his sword. Polly and Guido finish off the remaining Ninja Crows. GB notices that the robot lizard is changing. GB warns his friends about this. The robot lizard transformed a robot frilled lizard. The robot frilled lizard is much more slim and agile. The robot spits out huge gouts of flame directly at the heroes. The heroes avoided the attack, however, Speedy got hit. The attack hit Speedy's back and his armor absorbs the brunt of the power but the searing flame is just too hot. Speedy screams in agony. Polly screams, "SPEEDY!!!" GB looks at Speedy and saw his pain. GB is concerned about Speedy's condition. GB turns his attention to the robot. GB distracts the robot. The robot attacks GB. GB dodges the robot's attack. GB notices something on the robot's head. GB got close to it and discovers the robot’s weakness. GB uses his finisher attack move. GB yells, "PHOENIX RISING- FIRE AWAY! HYAH!" GB attack causes the robot's circuitry to overload and completely disabling it. GB yells, "You can destroy it now!" Speedy gets up and he's still in pain. Speedy says, "I can't do it by myself. I'm gonna need your help." Guido and Polly yell, "You got it!" Speedy, Polly, and Guido use their finisher attack moves and destroy the robot. Speedy says, "Don't mess with the Samurai Pizza Cats!" Speedy does his victory pose. Polly and Guido do their victory poses, with GB flying right over them, flashing his swords. Immediately, Speedy collapses in pain. Polly yells, "SPEEDY!" GB says, "I'll fly him back to the restaurant. You can ride on my back Polly." Polly says, "Thank you." GB flies Speedy and Polly back to the restaurant leaving Guido behind. Guido yells, "Wait! What about..." GB is long gone. Guido continues his sentence, "" Later, Francine treats Speedy's wounds. GB asked, "Are you skilled in medicine?" Francine says, "No, I just ordered this medical scanner from Sharper Image." Guido shows up and he laughs. Guido says, "Francine and her gadgets." Francine asked, "Hey, how did you get back?" Guido says, "Public Transportation." Guido gets angry at GB. Guido says to GB, "Hey, by the way, thanks for the lift." Polly is kneeling besides Speedy. She says, "Speedy... “She kisses his forehead. She says, "Get well soon." GB says, "I'm sorry, but I can only fly two at most. Anyway, you got back fine." Guido still angry and he say, "Well on this team, you have to look out for everyone. That is, if you consider yourself part of this team." GB gets angry and he grabs Guido by the collar. GB yells, "What are you implying, Anchovy?!" Guido is angry and he yells, "I'm not implying anything. I'm saying outright that maybe you still think of yourself as a Ninja Crow! GB is screaming in rage. He yells, "You just can't accept that I've changed can you?!" Guido yells, "Have you? You didn't seem too thrilled when you attacked those Ninja Crows today." GB is enraged and yells, "Some of them were friends! Besides, even if I didn't want to fight them doesn't mean I didn't do my best. I hate what I was when I served Seymour! I want nothing to do with that, again." Guido is also enraged and yells, "Then why do you have me by the collar?" Polly screams, "STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU! WE HAVE AN INJURED TEAMMATE HERE, WHO'S TRYING TO REST!!" Francine tries calming everyone down only to get yelled at by Polly as well. GB is letting go of Guido and walking to the door. GB talks softly but angrily. He says, "Until you decide if I'm trustworthy enough, I'm going home." GB talks to Francine. He says, "Fran, I'm taking a few sick days, 'cause I'm sick of working with Anchovy." GB slams door behind him. GB walks home angry and he thinks about what Guido said to him. GB gets to his house, but he didn't go in. GB is still angry and he bangs at the wall. GB begins to think about his days as a villain and doing all the evil deeds he did long ago. GB asked, "Is Guido right about me?" Carla opens the door and she saw GB. Carla says, "Birdie, welcome home." GB looks at Carla and he says, "Hi Carla." Carla notices that GB is depressed. Carla asked, "Are you okay?" GB says, "I'm okay." Carla knows that GB isn't okay. Carla asked, "What's really going on?" GB asked, "Have I really changed?" Carla asked, "What do you mean?" GB explains to Carla that all his life he made one bad decision after another and all this just to be as evil as his father. GB also tells Carla what happen today and what Guido said to him. Carla comforts him. Carla says, "Don't worry Birdie. Give them time, one day they'll see what I see in you, a good person." GB thinks about Lucille and what he did to her was horrible. Long ago, he whipped her and made her cry. GB puts his hand on his forehead. GB sheds a tear. GB says, "Guido has every right to hate me." Carla says, "Don't say that Birdie." Carla begins to cry. Carla says, "Don't be hard on yourself. That was a long time ago." Carla hugs GB. GB says, "Your right Carla." Carla says, "I made dinner. Let's eat." GB says, "Okay."

Meanwhile, Roland Crow gets angry that he lost and he creates a monster. Roland Crow yells, "I will get my revenge!" Later that night, GB and Carla are sleeping, but GB couldn't sleep. GB gets out of bed and looks out the window. GB decides to walk out. GB passes Lucille's tea house. GB hears Lucille. GB saw Lucille watering her plants. GB notices that Lucille has a scar on her back. The scar is from the whip that he gave her long ago. GB begins to feel guilty. GB asked himself, "What should I say to her? I hurt her badly. She'll never forgive me." GB heads home. GB takes out a bottle of sake and begins to drink the whole bottle.

The next day, Carla found GB drunk in the kitchen. Carla says, "You’re going to bed to sleep this off." Carla carries GB up to bed. Carla says, "Behave your-self while I'm gone." Carla heads out to work. Later, GB wakes up. Suddenly, the Great Warrior appears. The Great Warrior tells GB that the Samurai Pizza Cats need him to fight the forces of evil. The Great Warrior says, "Remember when I told you and the Pizza Cat that the cats and the birds must work together as one. They need you more than ever. This new threat that is attack your home, the Pizza Cats will not be able to defeat it unless you help them. You must first make peace with yourself and others. Remember what I said." The Great Warrior disappears. GB says, "Make peace with my-self and others." Later, Roland unleashes the monster to attack the city. The monster reveals to be a grotesque mutant, with the body of an eel, the head of a shark, the tentacles of an octopus, and the claws of lobster. Al calls Francine that a monster is attacking the city. Francine says, "Big Al's on the phone again! There's a mutant sea creature that's terrorizing the merchants at Market Square." Speedy is annoyed and says, "Two distress calls in one week? They don't pay us enough for this!" Polly is concerned about Speedy since he hasn't fully recovered from the last battle. Speedy says, "I'm fine. The city needs us." Carla heads to her house and she tells GB that the city is under attack. GB puts on his fighting armor and he heads out. Carla yells, "Be careful!" GB says, "Make peace with my-self and others." Once again the Samurai Pizza Cats are launched into the air. As they soar through the sky, they suddenly catch up to GB. GB said hi to them. The Samurai Pizza Cats (Guido reluctantly) said hi to GB. GB says, "You guys do know your all going to crash into that building." The Samurai Pizza Cats saw the building and yell, "NOT AGAIN!!!" The Pizza Cats crash to the building. GB sighs and says, "Thank God that I can fly." Slowly, the Samurai Pizza Cats regain consciousness. They straighten themselves out and look towards GB. He's grappling with the mutant. GB yells, "Finally! Do you guy want to help me out now, or what?" The Pizza Cats position themselves around the monster. Guido and Polly chop off the tentacles while Speedy slices its midsection. The thing screams in pain as it falls in two. Speedy yells, "This was too easy!!" Roland yells, "This fight isn't over!" Roland attacks them with three ninja shurikens; they fly through the air and hit the ground near Polly's foot. Roland and a group of Ninja Crows appear from nowhere, and strike. The heroes avoid the attack and they did the introduction. GB unsheathing his sword and says, "If you're a bad guy, You DON'T want meet me in a darkened alley." Guido is moving the umbrella away from his face and says, "Feel the burn!" Polly says, "Because all you need is..." She blows a kiss and says, "Love!" Speedy says, "I can't think of anything clever to say, so I'll just wipe that smirk off your face!" All four heroes yell, "SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!" Roland is enraged and yells, "NINJA CROWS ATTACK!" The Ninja Crows attack the heroes. Roland clashes swords with Speedy. Roland yells, "Rematch!" Speedy and Roland fight each other. Speedy still hasn't recovered from his fight and he begins to cough out blood. Suddenly, two ninja crows appear and they attack Speedy. The two ninja crows are going makes a flying kick at Speedy's head, but Speedy ducks and the two knock each other out. Polly uses her new move a crossbow-like gadget pops up from the wrist of her armor, and fires a heart shaped laser blast. The force of the blast blows her back several feet, but does even more damage to the crows, which are blown through the wall of a building, knocking them unconscious. Guido uses a new move called the umbrella lightning attack. The umbrella lightning attack defeats six ninja crows. A few more ninja crows battle Guido. Guido beats them to a pulp. Guido is oblivious to a Ninja Crow about to jump him from behind. GB shouted, "Guido, look out!" GB jumps toward the ambushing crow, and puts him down for the count. Guido grudgingly says, "Thanks, GB. I owe you one." GB is oblivious to the last crow standing, who is about to jump him. GB says, "I know." Guido jumps towards GB, and smashes the hilt of his sword into the face of the crow. The crow falls to the ground, out like a light. Guido says, "Now we're even." Meanwhile, Speedy and Roland continue their battle until Polly, Guido, and GB surrounds them. GB yells, "Surrender! You’re surrounded!" Roland yells, "The fight isn't over yet!" Suddenly, a monster appears again and made a huge roar. Turning around, the cats realize in horror that the mutant creature they had defeated has regenerated itself. The four heroes are screaming in terror. They yell, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" The monster lunges at the cats with newly grown tentacles. Speedy stabs at it several times to no effect the wounds just close up. A flying heart bomb singes the monster's slimy flesh. The thing roars in pain and whirls upon Polly. Grabbing her with its tentacles, its eel like body produces a 100,000-volt charge, knocking her unconscious. Speedy yells, "NOOOOOOOOO! POLLY!" GB yells, "First Speedy gets barbecued, now Polly's been fried! There has to be a way to defeat this monster!" GB looks at the monster and he notices something on the creature. GB takes a real look at it and saw the monster has scorch marks on its skin where Polly's attacks hit it. GB has an idea and yells, "Of course! It's vulnerable to heat! Speedy, Guido! I've got an idea! Keep it distracted while I get something!" Speedy rises from where Polly lay still and gives a mighty battle cry. He whirls his swords at the monster, slicing off pieces of its tentacles, which the thing regenerates as quickly as they were severed. Meanwhile, GB had just found a huge pot of fish. GB says, "Perfect!" He dumps out the fish and fills it with water. GB yells, "Guido! Get on the rim and get his attention!" Guido got on the rim, dancing on the rim of the pot, making faces, and calling the thing names. The monster falls for it, and leaps at Guido. He ducks out of the way and the thing lands in the water. Guido fires a Sunspot blast at the pot, bringing it to a rolling boil. The monster lasts all of five seconds before it is cooked. GB sarcastically asked, "So, anyone in the mood for seafood?" Roland gets real angry and he retreated. Later, GB flies Polly back to Francine for medical treatment. Guido watches GB fly Polly back to the restaurant. Guido smiles and says, "Well done, GB." Speedy and Guido head back. Meanwhile, Roland begins to lose his temper. Roland takes out his anger on a few ninja crows. Roland punches a few ninja crows. One ninja crow says, "The Big Cheese is on the phone." Roland talks to the Big Cheese on the phone. The Big Cheese says, "You failed me twice Roland!" Roland says, "It's not my fault. Those cats have that traitor Bird on their side." The Big Cheese says, "You got one last chance to deal with them or you won't get the job as Bad Bird's replacement." The Big Cheese hangs up the phone. Roland gets angry and he has an idea. Roland smiles and says, "This plan will definitely work! (Evil Laugh)" Meanwhile, Francine is helping Polly. Francine says, "Polly is going to be out for a while." Speedy is concerned and asks, "How bad is it, Francine?" Francine answers, "She'll be unconscious at least until tomorrow. But she should be fully recovered in about a week." Speedy is relieved and says, "Oh, thank goodness." Francine says, "Tonight I got a date with Bucky." Speedy says, "I'll watch her while you go out." Francine says, "Thank you." Francine walks out the door. GB and Carla enter the restaurant. Speedy says, "Hey, GB! Good thinking with the broiler." GB is modest and says, "Aw, it was nothing." Carla is concerned about Polly. She asked, "How's Polly doing?" Speedy is serious and relief. He says, "She's going to be okay." GB and Carla are relief to hear that. Speedy smiles and asked, "So, what can I get you two turtledoves?" GB and Carla place their order, and begin chatting with Speedy. Guido shows up and soon joins them, and the four enjoy a peaceful, fun, and friendly evening. Later on, Guido joins GB out on the balcony. Guido says, "Hey, I want to say thanks again. You saved my life." GB says, "Hey, you would've done the same for me." Guido chuckles and says, "I did." GB chuckles and says, "That's right!" Both of them stop chuckling. GB says, "You did tell me that in this team we supposed to look out for each other, if I'm still part of this team." Guido talks apologetically. Guido says, "About what I said to you, I'm sorry for that and I'm deeply sorry for doubting you." GB smiles and he says, "That’s okay. I understand completely. I'm having trouble trusting myself as well since all my life I made bad choices." Guido says, "You were able to learn from your mistakes and your trying to make amends for the sins you committed." GB says, "I hurt your friend, Lucille and she has a scar on her back because of me." Guido says, "Lucille wasn't bothered by it. Besides, you changed." GB looks at Guido. GB says, "I need to make peace with myself and others." Guido takes out his hand and he says, "I want to make peace with you. Let's be friends." GB takes out his hand. Both Guido and GB shake hands and made peace with each other. Later, Carla comes out of the pizza restaurant. Carla says, "Birdie! It's time to go!" GB says, "Coming, sweetheart!" Guido asked, "Haven't you two married yet?" GB says, "Not yet. I feel pathetic not asking her to marry me." Guido says, "You better marry her. You can't hold on to a girl like her forever..." Guido is talking about himself more than GB. Guido says, "Believe me, I know." Guido thinks about Ruby. GB patted Guido's back. GB says, "Take care, bud. Thank you." GB and Carla fly home while Guido is at the balcony, gazing at the stars. Later, GB and Carla get ready for bed. Carla says, "Speedy told me that you saved the day." GB says, "I had helped." Carla says, "Speedy even told me that when he got injured and unconscious, he was talking in his sleep and he thought Guido was Polly. He even kissed him on lips. Guido screams for a while." GB laughs and he says, "I wish I could have seen that." Carla takes out pictures of Speedy kissing Guido and showed it to GB. GB laughs even more. Carla says, "Francine took those pictures and showed them to Speedy, Polly, and Guido." GB says, "I think Francine took those pictures to blackmail them if they don't work." GB and Carla got to bed and turn off the lights. GB and Carla begin to kiss each other and snuggle with each other.

One week later, the heroes are working hard (thanks to Francine's blackmailing photos). Francine gives GB a pizza to deliver. GB heads out. GB heads to a warehouse to deliver a pizza. A crow says that he's the one that ordered the pizza. The crow gives GB the money and left. The crow reveals to be a ninja crow. Meanwhile, Roland finishes building robot bugs. Roland says, "These bugs will destroy the city and those Pizza Cats!" A ninja crow is eating a pizza. Roland asked, "Where did you get that pizza?" A ninja crow says, "I ordered a pizza earlier sir." Later, GB counts the money he delivered. GB ran into Lucille. GB saw her and he says hi to her. GB asked, "Lucille, can I come to your tea house for some tea right now?" Lucille says, "Sure since I'm done shopping anyway." Later, Lucille gives GB some tea. GB drinks it and he feels refresh. GB looks at Lucille and he thinks about the horrible things he did to her. GB says, "Lucille, I came here to say..." GB bows to Lucille and he says, "I'm very sorry for all the terrible things I did to you. I don't expect you to forgive me. That's all I have to say. Thank you for the tea. Goodbye." GB leaves the tea house leaving Lucille alone. Lucille watches GB leave the tea house not saying a word to GB. Later, Roland Crow orders the robot bugs to attack Little Tokyo. The robot bugs begin to spray a strange green mist at the town. The green mist is making the people of Little Tokyo fall asleep. The robot bugs attack the palace. Al immediately calls the Pizza Cats before he fell asleep. The robot bugs even put the Big Cheese, Jerry, and a few ninja crows to sleep. Later, Francine got the call from Al. Francine says, "Al just called. There's a swarm of robot bugs trying to over-run the city!" The Samurai Pizza Cats (including GB) put on their fighting armors. Francine launches the Pizza Cats. As Guido is launched GB takes off from the rooftop. The heroes saw a group of bugs straight ahead. Those bugs look like butterflies. Speedy asked, "Are these Gender Bender Butterflies? Are these going to make me gay again?" Polly, Guido, and GB look at Speedy after he asked a stupid question. Polly says, "Possibly." Guido says, "Try not to kiss me again." GB teases by saying, "That will be funny again to see you gay again and kiss Guido." GB saw those robot butterflies getting ready to attack. GB yells, "Look Out!" GB slashes at the butterfly heading at him, slicing it in half. The cats on the other hand are not used to fighting in the air without their Goonie Birds. The butterflies spray a strange green mist at them. The Samurai Pizza Cats begin to feel sleepy. GB manages to avoid the green mist. However, the Samurai Pizza Cats hit the side of a building. The good news is that the sleeping gas worked so well, they don't even feel themselves slamming into the wall. The bad news is that as they lay on the ground, several robot-ants drag the sleeping cats to an abandoned warehouse. The Samurai Pizza Cats are captured. GB uses his wings to blow away the green mist. GB saw the robot-ants leaving and he has an idea. GB says, "I'll follow those ants right to the warehouse. Then I'll rescue Speedy and the others, and destroy the bugs' CPU." GB flies off towards the warehouse. Later at the warehouse, the Samurai Pizza Cats wake up and they find themselves chained to a wall. Polly is annoyed by this. Polly says, "This is so old." Roland Crow says, "Three little pussycats chained to the wall. Soon you three will be dead and I'll present your corpses to Seymour and Jerry and they'll definitely hire me to replace Bad Bird. I'll show everyone in town your corpses first so the people in town will see their heroes finally fallen into the hands of me." Polly yells, "You monster! I've got to get out of here!" She struggles to free herself, but no avail. She says, "It's no use. I'm still too weak... Oh someone, help us!" Meanwhile, GB is perched on the roof of the warehouse. GB sees the Samurai Pizza Cats chained to the wall. He also sees Roland Crow. GB says, "I need find a way to rescue them without letting Roland know I'm here." Unknown to GB that there's a security camera on the roof and it's catching GB on film. A Ninja Crow walks up to Roland. A ninja crow says, "Sir, one of our cameras spotted GB on the roof." Roland says, "Invite him inside the warehouse." A group of ninja crows surrounded GB. One of the ninja crows said, "Roland asked us to invite you inside the warehouse." GB wonders how they knew he was here. A ninja crow pointed out a security camera and says, "You got caught on camera." GB sees the security camera and says, "Oh." A ninja crow says, "Roland says if you don't come with us, he'll kill those three cats and he'll tell everyone you kill them." GB surrenders to the ninja crows. Later, the ninja crows tell Roland that they caught GB. Roland says, "Bring him here." The Ninja Crows hold GB's arms to restrain him. Roland says, "Hey, Bad Bird. I'm glad you here to join us." GB says, "I'm not here to make you happy." Roland says, "That's too bad. I want to do something special before I kill those Pizza Cats." Roland punches GB in the stomach. GB hits the floor. GB is coughing in pain. GB asked, "Is that all you got?" Roland says, "This is just the tip of the iceberg." Roland begins punching and kicking GB. Speedy, Polly, and Guido get really angry while watching Roland beating GB. Speedy yells, "WHEN I GET OUT OF THESE CHAINS I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" Polly yells, "YOUR A COWARD ROLAND I'M GOING TO BREAK EVERY BONE OF YOUR BODY!!!" Guido yells, "YOUR GOING TO REGRET MESSING WITH US!!!" Roland kicks GB's chest. GB hits the wall and he collapses to the floor. GB is cover with blood and bruises. GB coughs out blood. Roland says, "I'm going to kill you first and then those Pizza Cats, but before I do that, you didn't answer my question. Are you now a ninja or a samurai?" GB barely gets up. GB looks at Roland. GB coughs and he says, "I'm...I'm...I'm ME!" GB throws several ninja stars at Roland. Roland dodges them. Roland says, "You miss." GB smiles and says, "Wasn't aiming at you." The ninja stars headed towards the Pizza Cats. The ninja stars hit the Pizza Cats' chains causing the Pizza Cats are free from their shackles. Roland gets angry and he takes out his sword. Roland yells, "You’re going to die now!" Roland charges at GB getting ready to kill him, but Guido saves GB's life by stopping Roland's attack. Guido uses his umbrella to knock Roland to the floor. Roland yells, "I was this close to killing that traitor." GB says, "You have no one else to blame but yourself!" The four heroes did their introduction. GB says, "You know what I love about being a good guy?" He unsheathes his sword and says, "For once in my life, I'm not a failure!" Guido moves his umbrella away from face and says, "For messing with my friends, you're going down!" Polly says, "You're a horrible bad guy. However, you just need to feel the power," she blows a kiss, "of love." Speedy says, "Let's show him who he's messing with!" All four heroes yell, "SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!" Roland yells, "ATTACK!" Ninja crows fly at the Pizza Cats. Speedy says, "Time to try out a new little stunt I've been working on." Speedy unsheathes his swords and holds them at arm's length. Speedy yells, "Alright crows! Get ready for the Super Ginzu Spin!" He spins around like top, swinging his swords with him. Three crows are sucked towards him in a vortex effect, and plummet right into the spinning wall of blades. Those three crows are hurt. Polly is surrounded by Ninja Crows. As they rush towards her, she throws her remaining heart darts. The crows' eyes are replaced with hearts; they lose their concentration, and run straight into each other. Those crows crash to each other and their knock out. Guido uses his umbrella lightning attack on five ninja crows. GB is sword fighting with Roland. Roland is surprised that GB can continue fighting despite his injuries. GB pushes Roland away, and fades into the shadows, virtually disappearing. Roland is confused and yells, "Hey! Where'd he go?" GB's voice from one corner, he says, "Right here my friend!" from another corner, "Or is it over here?" from the ceiling, "Even I can't tell sometimes." Roland is nervous and says, "Y-you're trying to scare m-me, r-right? W-well it w-won't work. I'm w-worthy of t-taking your place. I'm g-going to b-beat you!" GB's voice is seemingly from everywhere, and his voice is cold, menacingly, he says, "Roland, Roland, Roland... You're not paying attention. I was one of the best Ninja Crows. That's how I can do this little camouflage trick. That's how I know every move you possibly could. That's how I can psych you out." He leaps down from the roof and knocks Roland out. He says, "That's how I win." Speedy says, "Time to do our pose." Speedy does his victory pose. Polly and Guido do their victory poses, with GB flying right over them, flashing his swords. GB notices that the robot bugs aren't here. Speedy says, "They must be attacking the city while we were fighting Roland and the crows. We got hurry and locate them now!" The four heroes head out to search for the robot bugs. Later, the heroes found the robot bugs. The robot ants are carrying away food, robot spiders are binding citizens with their webs, and robot butterflies are using powder wings to poison innocent bystanders. The robot praying mantises, scorpions, and wasps are much deadlier threat and their destroying buildings. Speedy says, "There are so many of them." Polly says, "This is suicide. We'll never find the CPU if we have to search the city in this mess." GB says, "There is one chance. I'll scout around. Most of those bugs are ground units. The butterflies and wasps are the only danger, and I can take care of them." Guido is concerned about GB and he says, "That's way too dangerous man. You'll be all alone and you’re still injured." GB looks at Guido and gravely says, "It's our only chance. Trust me." Guido looks at GB and then he looks at Speedy. Guido says, "Speedy, it's your call." Speedy pauses for a moment and says, "Do it, GB." GB flies up in the air. While up there, GB pulls down his visor and searches for the bugs' central control. Every once in a while he swipes his sword at an oncoming wasps and butterflies, always destroying it. GB centers in on a building. Through the X-Ray sensors in his helmet the CPU has been located. GB shouts, "I found it!" GB points out a warehouse where the CPU is located. The Pizza Cats battle through the robot bugs. However, the Pizza Cats come face to face with the robot praying mantises and scorpions. Speedy yells, "GB, you need to destroy the CPU while we handle these bugs!" GB nodded. Speedy, Polly, and Guido use their finisher moves to destroy the robot bugs. Polly yells, "Heartbreaker!" Guido yells, "Azure Dragon Fire!" Speedy yells, "Cat's Eye Slash! HIYA!" The Pizza Cats destroy all of the robot praying mantises and scorpions. GB slashes the last robot wasps and butterflies. GB gets ready to try out his new move. GB inhales and exhales before he tries out his new move. GB yells, "Time for my new move. I combined Worc-Crow-Do and Ginzu power to make the Phoenix Rising Fire Away. Now I’m going to combine them again for a new move." GB uses a new finisher move. GB yells, "Thunderbird!" GB unleashes his new attack on the CPU. The attack destroys the CPU. The CPU exploded and it's destroyed, this causes all of the robot bugs that were connected to the CPU to go malfunction and explode as well. Little Tokyo is safe. GB used up so much energy that he passed out. GB is falling from the sky and he's going to land on a pile of destroyed robots, in that pile there's sharp points sticking up in the air and if GB lands on top of them he'll get killed. The Samurai Pizza Cats saw GB falling. Speedy and Polly grab Guido and they throw him up in the air to save GB. Guido catches GB from falling. Guido says, "I got him. That's twice I saved him." Guido saw GB is unconscious. Guido says, "You saved the town and you saved us all Good Bird. You really are something." Speedy says, "Let's get him back home. Guido carries him." The Pizza Cats head home, while Guido carries GB home. Later, GB wakes up and he notices that he's covered in bandages. He also sees Carla. Carla cries and she says, "Birdie! You’re awake. (Sob)" Carla hugs GB. GB asked, "Did you treat my wounds?" Carla says, "No, Francine did. She says that you need to rest for a while so you can heal." GB says, "I do that." The Pizza Cats enter the room to check on GB. Speedy asked, "GB, how are you doing?" GB says, "I'm fine." Polly says, "Glad to hear that." Guido says, "Thank you for rescuing us and saving the town." GB says, "I couldn't have done it without you guys." Speedy says, "Today, you have proven that you’re a hero." Guido says, "There is someone here to see you." Lucille enters the room. Lucille says, "I came here to see you. Remember you came to my tea house to ask for my forgiveness, I didn't know what to say to you. When I heard you saved my friends and the town I just..." Everyone freak out because Lucille's going to have one of her overly emotional episodes. Lucille launches her homing missiles. Carla yells, "Polly, use the Guido Shield!" Guido is confused and asked, "Guido Shield?" Polly and Carla grab Guido and used him as a shield to protect everyone from Lucille's missiles. The missiles hit Guido. After the smoke cleared, Guido is burned and covered in bruises. Guido coughs and collapses to the floor. Lucille says, "What I'm trying to say is that I forgive you for everything you did. That's all I have to say." GB is nervous and he says, "Okay." Lucille leaves. GB exhales of relief. GB says, "At least everyone is okay." Guido is still in pain from Lucille's missiles. Later that night, Carla is at the bathroom and she takes out a pregnancy test. She tested and the test tells her that she's pregnant. Carla smiles and says, "Birdie and I are going to have a child of our own." Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and his gang wake up from the mist. The Big Cheese says, "Looks like Roland failed us." Jerry says, "Your right." Big Cheese says, "We need to find another person." Jerry says, "There's one person on this list. He goes by the name of Bad Bird 2." The Big Cheese says, "Hire him." Jerry says, "Yes sir."

One week later, Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, Carla, Francine, and Al Dente went to the spa house for the weekend. Speedy and the guys are at the male side while Polly and the girls are at the female side of the spa house. Speedy asked, "Why did you come with us Al?" Al says, "Last week everyone missed Princess Vi's twentieth birthday and she..."


Princess Vi had the palace decorated for her birthday, however, no one showed up to her birthday party because the robot bugs put everyone to sleep by using the green mist. Princess Vi only saw her father, Emperor Fred, at the party. Princess Vi screaming, "WHY IS EVERYONE NOT HERE!!! THIS IS MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!"

(Flashback Ends)

Al says, "That's about it. I'm here to get away from her until she calms down." Speedy says, "I didn't know about the birthday party." GB says, "Even if I knew about it, I wouldn't go." Guido asked, "Where are the girls?" GB pointed out and says, "There over there on the other side." Meanwhile, Polly, Francine, and Carla are having a good time at the spa house. Carla says, "This is my first time at the spa house." Polly says, "This place will help you relax Carla." Francine says, "We should be the ones to thank you. If it wasn't for you, Bad Bird would have still been a bad guy." Carla blushes and says, "I knew he was good. All I wanted was to be with him that's all. So we can get married and start a family." Polly says, "Still, what you and Speedy did to Birdie is something I could never have done." Carla smiles at Polly and Francine. The girls are having a great time until they look up and see Speedy, Guido, GB, and Al peeking at the girls. Polly and Francine get real angry and yell, "Those perverts!!" Polly and Francine are going to killed them until Carla stops them and she says, "Hold it girls. Leave them to me." Polly and Francine wonder what Carla is going to do. Polly asked, "What are you going to do Carla?" Francine asked, "Are you going to punch them or kick them?" Carla says, "Better." Carla flashes her breasts to the guys. Speedy, Guido, GB, and Al hit the floor after seeing Carla's breasts and the guys got a nosebleed. Polly and Francine are shock of what Carla just did. Polly says, "I can't believe she did that." Francine is speechless and then she says, "She's Birdie's girlfriend." Carla winks at Polly and Francine. Later, the heroes have a great time at the spa house. Later that night, everyone is asleep except GB. GB is looking out the window. GB takes out a small box. He opens it and it's an engagement ring. GB looks at Carla sleeping. GB smiles and says, "I'm going to ask Carla to marry me." Meanwhile, the Great Warrior watches GB from a far distance and he says, "You did well noble bird. You’re a ninja, but you have a heart of a samurai. There will be future battles for you and your friends. There will be future battles."

During the credits, it shows GB asking Carla to marry him, at the wedding GB and Carla got married, GB and Carla have a son named Kazuma, GB helps the Samurai Pizza Cats fight numerous enemies, and Speedy, GB, Polly, and Guido do their victory pose.

In a post-credits scene, one month later, Speedy and Al Dente are alone. Speedy talks to Al Dente. Speedy says, "Al, I want you to do something for me." Al asked, "What is it?" Speedy says, "If anything happens to me, I want Good Bird to take my place as Leader of the Samurai Pizza Cats."

The End


After watching the final episodes of the SPC and the KNT shows, the show ended. It had a potential of a new season and new stories like Bad Bird being a good guy and help the Samurai Pizza Cats fight evil. The heroes working at the restaurant is always been the funnies parts on the show when Speedy and the others mess up while their working. This story is about GB trying to be a better person. In the show, Bad Bird never talked to Guido and Polly. In this movie, Guido is very hard on GB because of their bad history. GB has to prove to Guido that he's not evil anymore. GB, Francine, and Speedy always talk to each other, but in this movie GB can talk to Polly and Guido. Guido deeply doesn't trust GB at first, but through the course of the movie Guido begins to open up to him. Guido begins to trust him and they became good friends. GB and Guido making peace with each other is the best part in the movie. In this movie Carla helps GB go through a tough time. Carla helps him have faith in others and himself. The beginning of the story will be funny while the middle of the story will be dark. The ending will be both light and dark. This movie is about Good Bird looking for redemption and forgiveness. He'll be willing do anything to make up for all the horrible things he did in his life even if means getting hurt or sacrificing his life. The four heroes develop new moves in this movie. In the TV series, Speedy (Yattaro) and Bad Bird (Karamaru) are the most developed characters. However, Bad Bird has more development than Speedy, because he has a history, we see him as a child, and he has a girl he loves. The downside is that the show could have an origin story of how the Samurai Pizza Cats were formed, how Speedy meets his friends, how Bad Bird met Carla, what happen to Bad Bird and Carla before Bad Bird became a ninja crow, and how Speedy and Bad Bird first met. Carla (Okara) deserves more screen time on the TV series because she's responsible for changing Bad Bird and it would have been interesting if she can interact with the other characters like Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Francine. This move tells how GB developed the Thunderbird attack. Good Bird got Carla pregnant before they got married. This movie takes place before Kazuma was born. The Great Warrior, who appeared on the TV Series and he helped Speedy and Bad Bird in the final episode during the comet, is in this movie and he's a mentor to Good Bird.


This story centers around Good Bird.

Good Bird is the main protagonist in this story.

Roland Crow is the main antagonist in this story.

This movie takes place after Fan Episode 21.

Roland Crow first appearance.

Polly's new move the crossbow heart.

Guido's new move the umbrella lightning attack.

Speedy's new move the Super Ginzu Spin.

Good Bird's new move the Thunderbird.

Good Bird got Carla pregnant before they got married.

This takes place before Bad Bird 2 appear.

Kazuma appears at the credits.

The Great Warrior appears in the movie.

Good Bird is a ninja, but has a heart of a samurai.

Speedy recommends Good Bird to be leader of the Samurai Pizza Cats if anything happens to Speedy.