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A samurai attacks Little Tokyo (KNT version Edoropolis) and he targets Speedy Cerviche (KNT version Yattaro). Speedy and his friends try to figure out who the attacker is. They soon discover the samurai has a connection to Al Dente's past (KNT version Inuyama Wanko-no-Kami). Al will tell the Samurai Pizza Cats a secret that he is keeping from them. Can the heroes be able to defeat this dangerous foe? Can Speedy survive this samurai that wants him dead?

Samurai Pizza Cats Movie (Rogue Samurai)Edit

In the morning of Little Tokyo, the city is beautiful and everyone is doing their daily lives. At the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Speedy, Polly, Guido, Francine, Good Bird, and Carla get ready to open the restaurant. Lucille shows up and she says, "good morning everyone." Speedy and the others said, "good morning." Lucille says, "I got something for you girls." Lucille takes out pink letters. She says, "Princess Vi is throwing a party. This party is a martial arts ball. Princess Vi will make the ladies who are skill in martial arts welcome to her kingdom with honor, dignity, and respect." Polly asked, "What do you mean?" Lucille says, "She’ll treat you like a sister. This party is like the debutante ball, but this party welcomes martial artists. This party can let you bring one person with you. You can bring a friend, a family member, a student, or your master." Polly, Francine, and Carla find it interesting. Lucille gives the girls the invitation letters. Speedy says, "Sounds like a girls’ night out." Francine says, "You guys can come with us since the invitation says that we can bring a friend or a family member." Carla says, "The party is in two weeks." Polly says, "After work I'll find a beautiful kimono for the party." Francine says, "I need to pick a weapon to bring to the party." Carla says, "I'm going to build up my body strength." Lucille says, "I'm going to need a lot of missiles." Speedy, Guido, and Good Bird stare at the girls for a while until the boys decide to get back to work.

Meanwhile at the palace, Princess Vi orders the servants to get everything ready for the party. Al Dente accompanies her. Princess Vi says, "the party is going to be great." One of the servants walk passes Al Dente and he says, "Exile Prison." Al's eyes are wide open and he yells, "WHAT?!" Al notices that the servant who said that disappeared. Al begins to sweat.

Later, the heroes open the restaurant. Customers came for lunch. The heroes give the customers their orders. Guido goes in the cannon to make the delivery. Francine asked Carla to fire the cannon. Carla fires the cannon, but she miscalculated her aim. Carla says, "Oops." Guido yells, "CARLA!!!" Guido went through five buildings until he hits a tree. Francine says, "Speedy, you got delivery to this address." Speedy says, "Okay." Speedy heads out to make the delivery. Speedy heads uptown to make a delivery. Speedy says, "This is going to be a long day." Suddenly a stranger appears and he's wearing a mask. The stranger says, "You’re going to die." The stranger takes out a sword and he attacks Speedy. Speedy dodges the stranger's attack. Speedy throws a punch, but the stranger dodges it and he kicks Speedy in the stomach. Speedy drops the pizza and he coughs in pain. Speedy picks up a rock and he throws it at the stranger, but the stranger catches it with his hand. Speedy rings his collar bell. Francine picks it up and she alerted Polly, Guido, and Good Bird. Polly, Guido, and Good Bird put on their fighting armors and they head out. Meanwhile, the stranger says, "Time to die Samurai Pizza Cat!" Speedy is shock and he asked, "how do you know who I am?" The stranger says, "It doesn't matter since I'll kill you!" The stranger gets ready to cut off Speedy's head until Polly and Guido stop the stranger with their swords while Good Bird grabs Speedy and lift him to the air. Polly yells, "How dare you attack a defenseless cat?!" Guido yells, "You’re going to pay for this!" Speedy yells, "Polly! Guido! That guy knows who we are!" The stranger says, "He’s right. I know who you guys are and I know you guys work at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Is Francine doing all the work by herself or Carla is helping her out?" Polly and the others are shock that the stranger knows everything about them. The stranger says, "Give your boss, Al Dente, my regards." The stranger takes out a smoke bomb and he throws it to cause a smoke screen. After the smoke clears, the stranger disappeared. Speedy and the others are worry.

Later, the heroes went to Al Dente and they tell him about the incident. Al feels uneasy and he says, "You guys head back to the pizza parlor. I'll investigate this." Speedy asked, "Do you need help?" Al says, "Just leave." Speedy and the others left. Al thinks for a while and he says, "I hope I'm wrong."

Later, Speedy and the others continue their work and they became cautious while working. Speedy interrogated every customer when their ordering their food. Polly gives the customers their order by giving them by a stick. Guido and Good Bird put bullet proof windows on the order counter and the kitchen. Francine and Carla are doing the customers' orders through the bullet proof windows. The customers think the workers at the restaurant are getting paranoid. A customer called for a delivery, Guido and Polly head out to make a delivery, but they carry their weapons with them.

Meanwhile, Al Dente heads to the docks. He talks to a boat captain to take him to an island that is 1,000 miles away from the city. The boat captain takes Al Dente. Few days have pass, Al reach an island. This island has a huge prison. Al says, "Exile Prison, it's been years since that fateful day." Al daydreams of a person he put away in this prison. The warden comes out of the prison to greet Al. Al says, "Take me to him." The warden says, "Understood." Inside the Exile Prison, the prison is filled with the most dangerous criminals. While walking through the prison hallway, the warden asked, "does Princess Vi know your here?" Al says, "No, she doesn't know this place exists. If she does she'll banish people to this place for no good reason. This prison is for the most dangerous people who did horrible crimes." The warden says, "yeah, your right. This prison would have been full of people who displease the princess for meaningless reasons." Al and the warden reach the end of the hallway and they go through a metal door. The warden did the body cavity search on Al before he goes in the final room. The warden did the eye and voice scanner to open the final door. When the final door opened the cell is big and isolated from the other prisoners. Inside the cell is a shack with Japanese fountain, waterfall, and a tree. Al says, "Open it." The warden yells, "You’re crazy!" Al says, "Open it now!" The warden yells, "no way will I open it, he'll attack us!" Al says, "I need to be sure he's in his cell." The warden takes a deep breath and he says, "Once you go in I'll close the cell behind you. The warden opens the cell door and Al goes inside. The warden closes it and he says, "Call me when you’re done." Al approaches the shack. Al opens the door and he steps inside. Al looks around and he sees a prisoner wearing a straw hat. Al immediately approaches the prisoner. When he grabs the prisoner the straw hat fells revealing that the prisoner is really a mannequin. Al says, "I knew it."

Later that night, the heroes begin to close up for the night. Good Bird and Carla head home while Speedy and the others turn on the security alarm systems all over the restaurant.

Meanwhile, the stranger reappears and he smiles. The next day, Speedy and the others found the security alarm systems destroyed. Speedy found a note. The note says, "You all got to do better than that." Later, Speedy and the others head to Al Dente's place, but he's nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Al is heading back home. Al says, "I got to get back as soon as possible. If not the Samurai Pizza Cats will perish." Speedy and others look around until they hear a voice. The voice says, "Looks like Al Dente isn't here." Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird saw the stranger. The stranger says, "Three cats and one crow. Who you all supposed to be? Let me guess, Al Dente's attack dogs." Speedy and the others felt insulted. Speedy asked, "Who are you? How do you know about us and Al Dente?" The stranger says, "Since you asked, let me introduce myself." The stranger takes off the mask to reveals to be a cat. The heroes are shock that the attacker is a cat. The stranger says, "I'm Takayuki Lune." Takayuki Lune shows everyone his sword. His sword almost resembles Speedy's Ginzu sword, but it's black. Takayuki says, "I also have Ginzu power." Takayuki demonstrates his skills to the heroes. Takayuki performs his Ginzu sword power, but his powers are dark and he destroys a building that is across the palace. The heroes are shock when Takayuki did that. Takayuki says, "I'll give two choices, let me be your leader again or I'll kill you." Speedy and the others are outrage. Speedy asked, "What do you mean be your leader again?" Polly and others wonder what Takayuki is talking about. Takayuki says, "Make you choice now!" Speedy yells, "no way!" Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird unsheathed their swords and they attack Takayuki. Takayuki jumps up in the air and he does a slash attack. The heroes dodge it, but the attack destroys Al's TV. The heroes and Takayuki are inside Al's place and their destroying the place unintentionally. Neither the heroes nor Takayuki are winning. Princess Vi hears explosions and she heads out to check it out. She orders her guards to come with her. Takayuki hears Princess Vi and her guards coming. Takayuki says, "Princess Vi is coming. I suggest we postpone this fight for now." The heroes and Takayuki escape before Princess Vi and her guards show up. Takayuki says, "till we meet again." Takayuki disappeared while the heroes head home. Princess Vi and the guards saw Al's place destroyed. Al Dente shows up and he saw the Princess and her guards. Al asked, "what's going on?" Princess Vi says, "someone broke into your place." Al yells, "WHAT?!" Al looks at his place and he saw his place in ruins. Al screams. Everyone in Little Tokyo including the heroes and Takayuki hear Al screaming.

Later that night, Al Dente comes to the pizza parlor and he brings his sleepwear and his pillow. Speedy asked, "why did you bring your pajamas?" Al says, "someone broke into my home and destroyed everything." Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird sweat, get nervous, look at each other, and they laugh. Speedy says, "sorry to hear that." Francine asked, "Why are you guys laughing?" Speedy and the others get nervous, they shook their head left and right, and they said, "nothing." Speedy asked, "Al, who is Takayuki Lune?" Polly, Guido, Good Bird, Francine, and Carla look at Speedy when he asked that question. Al's eyes are wide open. Speedy asked, "He said that he knows you? Takayuki Lune sword is almost like my Ginzu sword and he can perform Ginzu power. I thought me and Good Bird can perform that power." Al tells everyone to sit down and he'll tell them everything. Speedy and the others sit down. Al sits down and he takes a deep breath. Al says, "Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, Francine, and Carla, what I’m going to tell you I never told anyone about this. I've been keeping a secret from you all." Speedy and the others wonder what Al is talking about. Al says, "You all aren't the original team." Speedy and the others asked, "what are you talking about?" Al says, "a long time ago before you guys became the Samurai Pizza Cats, Takayuki Lune was the very first member of the Samurai Pizza Cats." Speedy and the others are shocked and surprised. They yell, "A Samurai Pizza Cat! He's the very first one!?" Al says, "Takayuki Lune was a member of the Samurai Pizza Cats before you all. Takayuki Lune was the first. I was the one that hired him. A long time ago..."


Al was young and he was working at the palace. Al was looking for someone who can work for him. Al was just patrolling around the palace until he hears a woman screaming outside the palace. Al heads there to just it out and he see three men mugging a woman. Al draws out his sword and he charges at the three men, but the three men overpowered him. Just when the three men were about to hurt the woman until a young cat appears, the young cat defeated the three men by using his slash attack on them. Al was amazed by it. The woman thanks the young cat. The young cat says, "don't mention it." The woman left. Al walks up to the young cat. Al asked, "who are you?" The young cat says, "I'm Takayuki Lune." Al says, "you were great." Takayuki says, "I'm a samurai warrior." Al asked, "I got a proposition for you, are you interested?" Takayuki says, "I'm listening." Time pass, Al hired Takayuki Lune to be Little Tokyo's protector. Takayuki Lune became the very first Samurai Pizza Cat. Takayuki protected the town in secrecy. One fateful day, Al began to notice that Takayuki is behaving differently. Takayuki began to use unnecessary force on criminals who committed misdemeanor crimes, he began to go insane, and he began abusing his powers by going on a rampage destroying most of the city. Al confronted Takayuki and he demanded to know why Takayuki is abusing his powers. Takayuki laughs at Al and he tells Al that he wants to be the emperor so everyone will safe and if anyone whoever commits a crime will be sentenced to death. Al realizes that Takayuki has become insane and cruel. Al ordered his guards to arrest Takayuki. Takayuki killed most of the palace guards until Al and a few surviving guards were able to defeat Takayuki. The next day, Al banished Takayuki to Exile Prison.

A year later, Al Dente hired Speedy, Polly, Guido, Francine, and the Rescue team as the protectors of Little Tokyo.

(Flashback Ends)

Al finishes telling the heroes the tragic story. Al says, "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Takayuki Lune when I recruited you all. I was trying to...keep this a secret and...I was also trying to protect you all." Speedy asked, "Why protect us from him?" Al says, "He's very powerful and very dangerous."

Meanwhile, Takayuki Lune is walking down the street until a kid shows up playing with his ball. The kid bumps into Takayuki. The kid says, "sorry mister." Takayuki yells at the kid. The kid cries and he ran away. Takayuki see a girl planting her plants. Takayuki steps on the girl's plants causing the girl to cry. Takayuki continues to cause pain and misery to everyone.

Meanwhile, Speedy demands to know why Al didn't mention him when he and the others started out as heroes. Al tells them he was trying to protect them and he still hasn't known why Takayuki went rogue. Al says, "there is one fact that you all need to know. Takayuki would have kill Seymour and the Ninja Crows a long time ago if Takayuki didn't go bad." Speedy and the others are surprise that Al said that. Speedy says, "No way. Takayuki wouldn't be able to pull that off." Al stares at Speedy and Al didn't say a word. Polly says, "I think Al is serious about this." Guido says, "Speedy let's try to be calm." Good Bird says, "We got to think about this." Francine says, "We need a plan to stop this guy." Carla says, "attacking him head on will be suicide." Speedy calms down. Al tells everyone to stay in doors for now. The next day, the heroes are working. Princess Vi broadcasts the upcoming martial arts ball. Polly and the other girls are looking forward to it. Speedy tells the girls to get back to work.

Later, Takayuki Lune attacks the schools all over town. Al Dente hears about these attacks and he has no choice but to call the Samurai Pizza Cats to deal with this. Al calls the heroes. Francine got the call and she tells Speedy and the others that Takayuki is attacking the town. (KNT music plays in the background) Speedy, Polly, and Guido go inside the oven chutes and they put on their fighting armors. Speedy, Polly, and Guido get on those giant bullets and the bullets get ready to launch. Good Bird puts on his fighting armor and he flies out.

Meanwhile, Francine announces through the intercom. Francine says, "Attention everyone. The Pizza Cats are going on a mission. This fight will be dangerous. Can our heroes survive this? Let's find out. Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom!" Francine fires them out the cannon. Francine checks the calculations and she says, "Oops. I miscalculated again." The Pizza Cats see a large boulder and they yell, "FRANCINE!!" The heroes crashed into three buildings. The three heroes awake. Good Bird says, "finally you three wake up." Speedy asked, "where's Takayuki?" Takayuki yells, "right here!" Takayuki attacks Speedy. Speedy manages to get up and dodge the attack. Speedy unsheathes his sword. Takayuki and Speedy clashes swords to each other. Guido and Good Bird join the fight. Speedy notices that Polly isn't in this fight. Polly daydreams being at the martial arts ball.


Polly is at the ball. She presents her skills to Princess Vi. Princess Vi is pleased and she honors Polly. Speedy takes out his hand and he asked, "May I have this dance?" Polly says, "sure." Speedy and Polly dance at the palace until Speedy says, "give up Pizza Cats." Polly asked, "what?" Polly looks at Speedy. Speedy's eyes are red and reveal to be Takayuki. Polly screams and she wakes up from her dream.

(Dream Ends)

When Polly wakes up from her dream, she notices that Takayuki is holding her hostage. Speedy yells, "Let her go!" Takayuki yells, "Never!" Polly manages to bite Takayuki and she escapes. Takayuki retreats.

The next day, Speedy wonders why Polly let Takayuki grabbed her, and she could have fought him before he could get a hold of her. Guido says, "let's ask her." Francine says, "try not to get her angry." Speedy says, "okay." Polly gets out of the kitchen. Speedy yells, "What happen yesterday?!" Polly asked, "what?" Speedy yells, "How did that cat get a hold of you?!" Polly feels nervous and she says, "I don't know. Maybe I wasn't focusing on the battlefield." Guido, Francine, Good Bird, and Carla put their hands on top of their heads and shook their heads left and right. Speedy asked, "does this have to do with that stupid party?" Everyone in the room is shock of what Speedy just said. Polly drops the plates. The plates are broken. Polly turns her hands into a fist. Polly gets angry and she punches through the wall. Polly sheds tears. Polly yells, "SPEEDY!! (SOB)" Polly ran to her room crying. Speedy asked, "What is that all about?" Everyone get angry at Speedy. Guido yells, "You’re a real jerk Speedy!" Francine yells, "You’re going to pay for the hole in the wall that Polly made!" Speedy yells, "Why me?!" Good Bird says, "I thought I was the bad guy, but you, your worst." Carla says, "You really don't get it." Everyone walk away from Speedy leaving Speedy alone. Speedy yells, "This isn't my fault!" Customers show up to the restaurant. Speedy have to work alone.

Later that night, Speedy have to close the restaurant all by himself. Speedy is exhausted and he collapsed.

The next day, Speedy tries to knock on Polly's door, but no answer. Speedy says, "Polly, I need your help working at the restaurant, I can't do this all by myself. Answer me." Polly didn't answer him. Speedy tries to call Guido and the others, but no responds as well. Speedy has to suffer another day at work alone. Polly sneaks out of the restaurant and she takes a walk. She walks to the park. Polly looks at the kids playing and she sees a couple kissing each other. Polly says to herself, "I should have focus on the instead of the upcoming party." A voice says, "You're right. You should have focus." Polly says, "I know. Speedy had every right to yell at me." Polly looks at the man who spoke to her. When she turns her head around her eyes are wide open and she is shock. The man who spoke to her is Takayuki. Takayuki says, "I'll tell Speedy what you said to me Polly before I take his life." Takayuki punches Polly in the stomach causing her to be knocked out unconscious. Polly collapses on Takayuki's shoulder. Takayuki carries Polly over his shoulder.

Later, Speedy continues to work at the restaurant alone. Speedy feels miserable. Another customer asked for an order causing Speedy grief. Speedy says, "that will be 25 yen." The customer gives Speedy the money and a big yellow envelope. Speedy asked, "What's this?" Speedy notices that the customer disappeared.

Later at lunch break, Speedy opens the envelope. The envelope reveals to be a picture of Polly being tied up and gagged. Speedy is shock and he found a message. The message says, "Meet me at an abandoned shack that is ten miles away from the city tonight at nine o'clock (21:00) or Polly will die." Speedy gets angry and he immediately calls Al Dente. Speedy tells Al about this and Al tells Speedy that he'll call the others about this. Speedy puts on his fighting armor. Just when Speedy was about to head out, Guido and Good Bird grab Speedy. Guido says, "Al told us about Polly and we're here to save her." Speedy asked, "does this mean you all forgive me?" Guido, Good Bird, Francine, and Carla yell, "NO!!" Guido and Good Bird put on their fighting armor and they head out. Speedy looks at Guido, but Guido shuns him. Speedy looks at Good Bird, but Good Bird shuns him as well. Speedy says, "I really blew it." Speedy takes a deep breath and he says, "I'm sorry you guys for being a jerk." Guido says, "you should be apologizing to Polly." Good Bird says, "You made her cry." Speedy says, "You two are right. If we don't rescue Polly, I'll never get the chance to apologize to her." Guido and Good Bird nodded.

Meanwhile at the abandoned shack, Polly is tied up and gagged. Takayuki shows up and he looks at Polly. Takayuki says, "Tonight, Speedy will be one dead cat." Polly tries to break free, but the ropes are too tight. Takayuki says, "Once this is over I'll let you go or not depending how I feel." Polly feels worry. Speedy, Guido, and Good Bird show up to the abandoned shack. Guido says, "We need to sneak inside and get Polly out of here and..." Al yells, "Takayuki!" Speedy, Guido, and Good Bird are surprise that Al show up. Al yells, "Takayuki! Let Polly go!" Takayuki opens the shack door and he steps out. Al yells, "Tell me, why you betrayed me long ago?!" Takayuki asked, "Do you really want to know why I turn evil?" Al gives a grim expression. Takayuki says, "Long ago I saved the town so many times, for what? I realize that this town will never be safe so I decided that in order for this town to be safe and peaceful I will have to take extreme measures." Al asked, "Is that why you betray me?" Takayuki says, "That's half of the story. The other half is that I like two things to be the ruler of this this city and I like to fight people." Al asked, "Why do you want to fight Speedy?" Takayuki says, "because he's the leader of the Samurai Pizza Cats. If I get rid of him, I'll be leader." Al says, "I thought you want to take over Little Tokyo." Takayuki says, "In order for me to take over Little Tokyo, I will have to take over the Samurai Pizza Cats first and then take over the palace and become the emperor." Al remembers the day he met Takayuki and hired him to protect the city.

Meanwhile, Speedy found Polly, but he is shock when he saw Polly's arms are cover with bruises. Speedy was about to untie her, until suddenly Takayuki grabs Speedy and he throws Speedy to the ground away from the shack. Speedy got up and he asked, "Did you hurt Polly?" Takayuki says, "yeah I did." Speedy gets really angry Guido, Good Bird, and Al step back. Speedy yells, "You’re going to pay for that!!" Takayuki takes out a remote control and pushes the red button to activate a robot. The robot stands right in front of Speedy. Guido and Good Bird step in the fight. Guido says, "leave the robot to us." Good Bird nodded. Speedy says, "okay. Al, when I give you the signal grabs Polly and takes her to safety." Al says, "Right." Guido and Good Bird battle the robot while Speedy battles Takayuki. Guido and Good Bird surround the robot. The robot takes out two katanas.

Meanwhile, Speedy and Takayuki clash swords to each other. Takayuki taunts Speedy during the fight. Speedy gets angry and pushes Takayuki. Speedy jumps on Takayuki. Speedy is able to pin him down. Speedy yells, "Now's your chance Al!" Al runs inside the shack. Al grabs Polly and he carries her out of shack and head to safety. Takayuki laughs and he says, "I'll get her again." Speedy yells, "No you won't!"

Meanwhile, Guido and Good Bird use their finisher attack powers to destroy the robot. The robot explodes.

Meanwhile, Speedy gets ready to use his Ginzu sword power. Speedy yells, "Neko Me Slash!" The attack heads straight towards Takayuki. Takayuki did his Ginzu power and he yells, "Neko Me Slash!" The two Ginzu powers clash to each other until both powers explode. After the smoke clear, both Speedy and Takayuki are on the ground. Takayuki gets up and he picks up his sword. Takayuki walks up to Speedy. Takayuki lifts his sword. Takayuki says, "time to die cat." Al shows up and he blocks the attack and he saves Speedy. Al yells, "No one hurts my cats!" Takayuki is angry that Al stops him from killing Speedy. Takayuki attacks Al, but Al uses his slash attack. Takayuki's right arm is cut off. Takayuki says, "Impossible." Takayuki looks at Al and he sees Al holding his sword with his left hand. Takayuki says, "You use your left hand instead of your right." Al says, "This old dog learned a few new tricks while you were away. I knew you would try to attack my right arm instead of my left arm." Takayuki says, "I can see why you are chief of the Palace Guard." Takayuki walks to the edge of the cliffs. Al asked, "what are you doing?" Takayuki says, "I'm not going back to prison. With my right arm gone, I can't live anymore." Takayuki jumps off the cliff. Al yells, "NOOO!!!" Takayuki falls to his death. Guido and Good Bird are shock of what Takayuki just did. Guido says, "Can't believe he committed suicide." Good Bird says, "so much for Takayuki. He was insane." Guido nodded. Speedy regains consciousness. Speedy notices that Takayuki is gone. Guido tells Speedy that Al defeated him and Takayuki committed suicide. Speedy and the others head home while Al looks down at the cliffs. Al takes out a picture of him and Takayuki. Al looks at the picture one more time before he rips it to shreds. Al says, "Goodbye Takayuki." Al heads home.

Later, Speedy apologizes to Polly for being a jerk to her. Polly breaks down crying and she hugs him as a sign of forgiveness. Speedy apologizes to everyone. Everyone forgive Speedy.

The next day, Polly, Francine, Carla, and Lucille are getting ready for the martial arts ball for tonight. Speedy, Guido, and Good Bird are getting ready as well.

Meanwhile, Al orders the servants to make sure the party goes well tonight. Later that night, the martial arts ball begins. Polly, Francine, Carla, and Lucille are introducing to the other girls. Princess Vi tells the girls to demonstrate their skills to her. Polly and the girls demonstrate their skills. Princess Vi is impressed by the girls' skills. Princess Vi gives Polly, Francine, Carla, and Lucille honor, dignity, and respect. Speedy, Guido, Good Bird, Al, and Bucky show up wearing Kamishimo outfits. Speedy dances with Polly, Guido dances with Lucille, Good Bird dances with Carla, Bucky dances with Francine, and Al dances with Momma Mutt. Princess Vi is happy and she takes out a picture of her true love. Princess Vi says, "I wish you were here with me so we can dance at the ball as well." Princess Vi kisses the picture. The picture reveals to be Bat Cat and he's screaming for his life.

The End


It would be interesting if a SPC version (KNT version) to have a rogue samurai pizza cat. The name of a new villain was hard. One day, I thought why not use a name to tribute someone and I decided to honor Studio Ghibli films and I pick one of their films called Neko no Ongaeshi (The Cat Returns). The movie is great and I found a name for the new villain. Polly's dream of her being at the dance and dance with the man she loves was not original, but good. This movie Al defeating Takayuki will be a boss taking down his former employee.


Takayuki Lune first appearance.

Al Dente defeats the main antagonist Takayuki Lune.

Princess Vi is in love with Bat Cat.