Fan Movie is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats Movie that should be on TV or on the Big Screen. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these films will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this films, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Movie. Samurai Pizza Cats Movie. This film takes place in a parallel universe. This film hopefully will be an 80 minutes - 120 minutes movie.


In a parallel universe (World G), Bad Bird became a good guy and he changes his name to Good Bird. Good Bird saved Little Tokyo from being destroyed, however, Good Bird sacrifice his life to save Little Tokyo. Carla Crow Bird, she's Good Bird's wife. She dies giving birth to her son, Kazuma. Speedy Cerviche (leader of the Samurai Pizza Cats) and Polly Esther Cerviche decide to adopt Kazuma and raise him as one of their own. Six years later, Kazuma lives happily with his adopted family until Samurai Pizza Cats' enemies return to Little Tokyo. To make matters worse, the bad guys are after Kazuma. Kazuma will face danger and during his adventure; he beings to notice he has skills as a warrior and it are growing. There are a few people that want him for their own purposes while the other people want to kill him. Kazuma will be given a choice that will determine his fate. The Samurai Pizza Cats must rescue the young crow before it's too late.

Samurai Pizza Cats Movie (Crow's Legacy)Edit

In a parallel universe (World G), Good Bird and Speedy are sitting at the bench. GB says, "Speedy, my wife, Carla, going to have a baby today!" Speedy says, "Good for you. Is it going to be a boy or a girl?" GB says, "A boy and your daughter will have someone to play with. Carla and I decided to name our son Kazuma." Speedy looks at the watch and he says, "It’s time." GB nodded. GB carries Speedy and he flies him to the center of Little Tokyo. Little Tokyo is under attack by the Big Cheese and his gang. The Big Cheese shows everyone in Little Tokyo a bomb and a robot that will destroy the city. The Samurai Pizza Cats (including Good Bird) show up and they introduce themselves. The Big Cheese yells, "Ninja Crows get rid of those cats and the traitor!" The Ninja Crows battle the heroes. Guido uses his umbrella to perform Neko Damashi. Polly uses her claws to perform Neko Maneki. Speedy uses his sword to perform a slash attack. GB uses his sword to perform a slash attack. The Ninja Crows are defeated. The Big Cheese orders the robot to deal with the heroes. Jerry Atric shows up and he says, "don't do this Seymour, not only this plan won't work, but you'll destroy everything." The Big Cheese gets angry and he yells, "I'm desperate and this is only chance to take over!" Jerry says, "The last time you said that Bad Bird left us and join the Pizza Cats." The Big Cheese says, "Don’t remind me." The robot battles the heroes. During the battle, the Big Cheese accidentally activates the bomb. The bomb turns out to be a time bomb and the bomb will go off in four minutes. Jerry yells, "you idiot! You kill us all!" The Big Cheese realizes he doomed everyone. GB yells, "Pizza Cats, finish the robot and summon the Goonie Birds!" Speedy asked, "What are you going to do?" GB yells, "I'm going to take the bomb as high as I can and throw it to the air to save Little Tokyo!" Speedy is concern and he says, "it's too dangerous!" Guido says, "Speedy's right! You'll get killed!" Polly yells, "what about your family?!" GB says, "Don’t argue with me! Just get rid of the robot and get the Goonie Birds to help me okay!" GB heads towards the bomb. Speedy gets ready to use his Ginzu sword power until the robot disarms Speedy by grabbing his Ginzu sword. The robot punches Speedy. Speedy hit the wall.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Carla is at hospital room getting ready to deliver the baby. Francine tells Carla that she'll be okay. Back at the battlefield, GB grabs the bomb and he flies up in the air. Polly and Guido use their finisher attack powers and destroy the robot. The Ginzu sword landed on the floor. Speedy gets up and he summons the Goonie Birds. Meanwhile, GB got so high up in the air, he can't see Little Tokyo, and so he throws the bomb up in the air. GB flies down until the bomb exploded. GB continues to fly down until metal shards (from the bomb) came falling down like rain. GB tries to dodge, but some of the shards hit him. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others got the Goonie Birds and put on the armors. The Pizza Cats were going to fly up until they saw GB falling. Speedy grabs him and he notices that GB is injured and cover with blood. GB is coughing up blood. Speedy yells, "GB are you all right!?" GB looks at him and he says, "Little Tokyo is saved. My son can live a happy life now. The only regret is not being able to hold him." Speedy yells, "Don't talk like that, you’re going to be okay!" Guido and Polly watch helplessly. GB says, "Speedy tell my son that I love him." GB smiles and dies. Speedy's tears are coming out and he yells, "NOOO! (SOB)" Guido and Polly cries as well. Meanwhile, Carla sense GB's death and she cries as well. Carla says, "(sob) Birdie! (Sob)" The doctors tell Carla to push one more time and Carla push and the baby came out. The doctor says, "It’s a baby boy." The doctors wrap the baby with a blanket. Carla hugs her son and she kisses him. Carla says, "Kazuma, (sob) I'm glad you were born." Carla continues to hug her son. Carla sings Kazuma a lullaby. After she finishes singing, she smiles. Speedy and the others show up. Francine asked, "Where’s Good Bird? His wife just gave birth and it's a boy." Guido puts his hand on Francine's shoulder and he says, "Francine there is something you need to know." Francine asked, "What?" Meanwhile, Speedy heads to Carla's room and he saw her hugging baby Kazuma until Carla dies. The doctors tried to revive her, but to no avail. The doctors tell Speedy that Carla is dead. Meanwhile, Francine breaks down crying after Guido tells her what happen to GB. Speedy tells Polly and the others that Carla is dead. Polly and the others are shocked.

Later, Al Dente shows up at the hospital and tells Samurai Pizza Cats that Princess Vi banished the Big Cheese and his gang to Prisoner Island and he also tells the Pizza Cats that he's sorry to hear about GB and Carla. Speedy says, "Al. Polly. Guido. Francine. We lost two good friends." Polly and the others agree with him. Speedy says, "There's something I want to say. GB and Carla have a child and I want to..." Speedy begins to hesitate until Polly interrupts him and she asked, "You want to adopt the child?" Speedy says, "Yes, I would like to adopt their son to our family." Polly says, "Okay Speedy you can adopt the child on one condition, I'll be the child's mother." Speedy says, "Deal."

Few days later at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, a one year old baby female kitten named Aiko (she's a kitten and she resembles her mother Polly. She wearing a cat collar bell) is playing at the play pan until her parents came in. Speedy hugs Aiko and he says, "hi Aiko. Daddy is home. We have a new member of the family." Polly shows Aiko, a baby crow. Polly says, "Akio say hi to Kazuma. He's your new baby brother. I almost forgot something." Polly takes out a cat collar bell and puts it on Kazuma. Speedy says, "Good Bird, Carla, your son will be safe with us." Aiko and Kazuma are laughing with each other. Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Francine smile.

Meanwhile, the ghosts Good Bird and Carla join the Great Warrior at Mt. Coochie and watch their son smiling. GB and Carla smiles as well. Good Bird and Carla go to the afterlife with the Great Warrior.

Six Years Later. (Francine got married and she has a daughter, Guido marries Lucille and they have twins, Al got married and has a son, and Little Tokyo has been in peace for six years since the Big Cheese and his gang were banish from Prisoner Island. Speedy and Polly raise their two children, Aiko and Kazuma.)

At the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Francine gets ready to open the restaurant. Francine yells, "Is everyone ready!" Guido says, "I'm ready." Speedy says, "I'm ready." Polly says, "I'm ready." Speedy looks around and he asked, "Where’s the children?" Meanwhile, Aiko, she's now six years old and she wearing a pizza cat restaurant uniform just like Polly's outfit and she's wearing her cat collar bell. Aiko says, "I want a dress, a necklace, and a sword for my birthday." Kazuma is six years old and he's wearing a pizza cat restaurant uniform just like Good Bird and he's wearing his cat collar bell. Kazuma says, "Aiko, your birthday is one month away." Aiko says, "The sooner you get my birthday presents the better. Besides, if you get them now, you be able to save the trouble of waiting in line to get them at the last minute." Kazuma asked, "How much do these items cost?" Aiko says, "25,000 yen." Kazuma's eyes are wide open and he yells, "25,000 yen!" Polly shows up and she says, "Time to get work kids." Aiko and Kazuma said, "Yes mommy." Aiko and Kazuma work at the restaurant as waiters. One of the customers said, "their having children working here." Polly says, "It’s a family business." One of the customers looks at Kazuma and he asked, "He’s your child?" Polly says, "Yes, got a problem with that?" One of the customers says, "He just doesn't look like you." Polly gets angry and she says, "That's not very nice to say!" Polly pours the soda on the customer's lap. Meanwhile, Guido gives a customer a bill for the order. The customer flees from the restaurant. Francine yells, "That guy didn't pay his bill!" Aiko and Kazuma chase after the customer. Aiko grabs a plate and throws it like a shuriken. The plate hits the customer's leg. Kazuma did a jump kick to the customer's back causing the customer to hit the wall. The customer fell on the floor. Francine walks up to the customer and she angrily says, "no one rips us off gets away with it!" Speedy and Guido grab the customer. Polly grabs the customer's wallet and takes out the money and gives it to Francine. Polly says, "I'll call the cops on him." The customers look at Speedy and the others after they saw them beat up a customer for trying to flee without paying the bill. All of the customers in the restaurant immediately pay their bills. One of the customers asked, "Who taught those kids martial arts?" Polly says, "I taught them martial arts, however, I only taught them basic martial arts." Speedy says, "That's my kids! (Laugh)" Later that night, Speedy and the others are cleaning up the restaurant. Polly says, "Speedy, we need to talk." Speedy says, "Okay." Polly says, "Not in front of the kids." Guido says, "I'll tell them to go clean the kitchen." Polly says, "No, they'll overhear this." Polly grabs Aiko and Kazuma and she puts them in a cupboard. Polly says, "You two will stay in there until we finish talking." Polly gets ready to talk to Speedy. Polly says, "Today, some of customers were talking bad things about Kazuma." Speedy asked, "Really?" Guido says, "I overheard it too. They need to leave him alone, he's just a kid." Francine asks, "Who cares what they think?" Speedy says, "I know, it's just that...why they can’t just leave it alone and why their making a big deal out of it?" Guido says, "They're idiots, Speedy." Speedy says, "You're right Guido." Francine says, "six years, Kazuma has been helping around the restaurant and he does have his father's competent." Speedy says, "Thank you." Francine says, "I meant Good Bird, Speedy. Good Bird did a better job in delivering pizzas than you guys." Speedy, Polly, and Guido took that as insult. Later, Polly opens the cupboard to let Aiko and Kazuma out. Polly says, "Time for you two to take a bath and then bedtime." Later, after Aiko and Kazuma took a bath, they wear pajamas and head to bed. Speedy and Polly said, "Goodnight." Aiko and Kazuma said, "Goodnight." Meanwhile at Little Tokyo's docks, the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and the Ninja Crows return to Little Tokyo in secret. The Big Cheese smiles because he returns to Little Tokyo. Jerry Atric says, "Let's head to my village so we can hide out there." The Big Cheese says, "Okay." During the night, while Kazuma is sleeping, Kazuma is in dream world.


He see a male crow that looks a lot like him, a female crow with orange hair and wears red ribbons in it, and a samurai cat. The male crow gives Kazuma a bokken (wooden sword) and he tells Kazuma to practice wielding a sword. One hour later, a female crow holds Kazuma's hand and the two walk around dream world. Later, Kazuma asked, "I got a question. Who are you two?" A male crow says, "all in due time." A female crow says, "It’s almost morning; when you wake try to stay out of trouble." The male crow says, "Practice wielding a sword okay." The samurai cat smiles. Kazuma disappears from the dream world because he is waking up. Meanwhile, the male crow, the female crow, and the samurai cat reveals to be Good Bird, Carla, and the Great Warrior.

(Dreaming Ends)

The next day, Speedy reads the newspaper and he notices a grand opening ad. Speedy says, "hey guys, there is a grand opening of a museum." Guido asked, "What kind of museum?" Speedy says, "The paper didn't say what kind of museum." Polly says, "Maybe will check the place out and see if we can take the children. They need learn about history." Francine says, "Princess Vi just called and she wants two carrot pizzas." Speedy says, "Okay." Speedy got the pizzas and he heads out. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese is building a robot and he needs a rare emerald to power it. Jerry says, "A jewelry store at Little Tokyo has hundreds of rare emeralds. The Rude Noise, a few Ninja Crows, and I will go there and get them. Seymour, can you stay here, because I found someone to replace Bad Bird." Seymour asked, "You found a replacement? Who is he?" Jerry says, "His name is Keiji." Meanwhile back at the pizza parlor, Francine tells Guido and Polly to make some deliveries. Later, Francine hears the phone. Francine picks up the phone and she says, "Pizza Cats, how may I help you? (Talking during the phone) Okay, your pizza will come in 30 minutes. Kazuma, will you make a delivery?" Kazuma says, "sure, where at?" Francine says, "it's at the new museum they just open. You got 45 minutes." Kazuma says, "I'll be back." Kazuma heads to the museum to make the delivery. He got to the museum and he went inside. Kazuma is fascinated when he went inside. The museum has a history of samurai warriors, ninja warriors, weapons, and everything. A crow shows up and he says, "Here's my pizza I ordered. Here's the money." The crow gives Kazuma the money and leaves with the pizza. Kazuma saw a room called, "The Museum of Ninja Crows." Kazuma walks inside. Kazuma see all the Ninja Crows' uniforms, weapons, and the people that ever lived. Kazuma saw one in particular statue and a picture. Kazuma says, "That's the guy in my dreams." The statue and the picture is the male crow in his dreams. A crow shows up and he says, "I see that you are drawn to this crow." Kazuma turns around and he asked, "Who are you?" The crow says, "I'm in charge of this museum. This crow's name was Karamaru Bad Bird. He was one of the greatest ninjas and a member of the Ninja Crow clan who ever lived until he betrayed us." Kazuma asked, "If he was a traitor, why do you guys put him in the museum?" The crow says, "Despite what he did, he had amazing skills and he was able to put up with his idiot boss. He died saving us all, because that idiot boss accidentally activated the bomb. The bomb would have killed us all if it wasn't for him." Kazuma says, "He died as a hero." The crow says, "Yeah he did, I wish he died as a villain though." Kazuma asked, "Why did he betray the Ninja Crows?" The crow says, "I don't know." Kazuma says, "Thank you very much sir." The crow says, "There's a tournament coming soon called, 'Ninja Prodigy Tournament.' This tournament is where kids who are crows compete. The winner will be train to be a powerful Ninja Crow. Bad Bird won the tournament when he was your age. To enter the tournament you must have your parents’ permission, your sensei's permission, or Jerry Atric's approval since he can decide who enters the tournament or not. Your parents are Ninja Crows right?" Kazuma says, "My parents are not Ninja Crows." The crow says, "Oh, looks like you can't enter unless you get your sensei's permission or Jerry's approval." Kazuma says, "Thanks, but I'm happy where I'm at now." A voice says, "You lied!" Kazuma turns around and he sees another crow but this crow is young and he's a little bit older than him. The young crow says, "Your parents have to be Ninja Crows." Kazuma says, "I'm telling the truth. My parents aren't Ninja Crows. I'm sorry." The young crow says, "I can tell in your eyes that's you have spirit, but..." The crow (the one who's in charge of the museum) interrupts the young crow and he says, "I thought I told you to finish sweeping the weapons section." The young crow says, "Yes sir." The young crow leaves and he says, "I'm Feather Cutter." Feather Cutter leaves to do his chores while Kazuma heads back to the pizza parlor. Later that night, Kazuma talks to Speedy and he asked, "Dad, have you ever heard of Bad Bird?" Speedy's eyes are wide open, Polly drops a cup, Guido turns around, and Francine immediately says, "Aiko, help me with the dishes." Francine and Aiko head to the kitchen to do dishes. Speedy sat down and asked, "Where did you hear that name?" Kazuma tells him that he heard the name from the new museum he visited early when he was making a delivery. Speedy hesitates and says, "Bad Bird was...uh...he was....I never hear of him." Later that night, Kazuma and Aiko are asleep. Polly asks, "Why did you lie to Kazuma?" Speedy says, "I don't know maybe I don't want to tell him that Bad Bird is his father and he's a bad guy." Guido says, "He will find out about him eventually." Speedy says, "Kazuma doesn't know that he's adopted. We didn't know the museum is really a Ninja Crow Museum. How did we miss that?" Francine says, "It was right in front of us the whole time, how come you didn't read the full name?" Speedy says, "I only read the museum name that's all." Guido and Francine look at Speedy. Francine asked, "Polly is this true?" Polly says, "yes, I haven't told Kazuma either." Francine asked, "Why?" Polly says, "I don't have an answer yet." Francine says, "Until you’re ready to answer the question, I'll wait." After Speedy and Polly left, Francine says, "I think the real reason they haven't told Kazuma the truth is because they love him." Guido says, "I guess they don't want hurt him." Francine nodded.

The next day, Francine asked Kazuma to help her out with grocery shopping. Kazuma says, "Okay." Francine tells Speedy and Polly that Kazuma will be okay. Later, after Francine and Kazuma finish with the grocery shopping, they head home until they saw Princess Vi and her mother, Empress Fredia show up. Princess Vi and her mother are shopping together. Francine and Kazuma let the Princess and the Empress walk by them. Francine and Kazuma continue to head home until they heard an explosion. Francine decided to check it out while Kazuma follows her. Francine and Kazuma got to the place and they saw a jewelry store being rob and they saw Ninja Crows, the Rude Noise, and Jerry Atric at the scene. Francine says, "They're stealing hundreds of rare emeralds." One of the Ninja Crows spots Francine and Kazuma and he yells, "We got witnesses!" Jerry sees the two, but he's really not pay attention and he says, "takes care of them. Rude Noise, I want you to help me carry the rare emeralds back to HQ." The Ninja Crows chase Francine and Kazuma. Francine tells Kazuma to run as fast as he can and hide. Kazuma asked, "What about you?" Francine says, "I can take care of myself." Kazuma says, "I can fight them!" Francine says, "You’re not ready to fight them yet! Just run for now!" Kazuma understands Francine words and he runs for his life. Kazuma decides to fly in order to escape, but when he flies up he saw a group of Ninja Crows flying and their catching up to him. Kazuma immediately lands back down and he ran inside the grocery store. (Francine and Kazuma went earlier to get groceries) Kazuma ran pass Princess Vi and Empress Fredia. Princess Vi looks at Kazuma while he's running. Kazuma ran at the back room of the store. Ninja Crows enter the store and they begin to look for him. Kazuma hides behind the boxes. Kazuma hears someone coming to the back room and he tries to stay quiet. Kazuma see Ninja Crows looking around the back room until they left. Kazuma breathes a sigh of relief until someone grabbed him and pulled him out of the boxes. Someone yells, "Gotcha!" Kazuma see the person who grabbed him. The person who grabbed him is Princess Vi. Princess Vi looks at him and she says, "you’re not supposed to be in here, sweetie." Kazuma says, "You're Princess Vi." Princess Vi says, "that's my name sweetie." Princess Vi looks at him again and she takes out a picture of her in the baseball game where she's holding Bad Bird's leg and Bad Bird is walking while she's being drag (from the episode SPC: Field of Screwballs and KNT: Courtship, Courtship A Baseball Challenge). Princess Vi looks at the picture and Kazuma and she says, "you look a lot like my darling. I think you're his son." Kazuma asked, "What are you talking about?" A Ninja Crow yells, "There he is!" A group of Ninja Crows show up and surrounded Princess Vi and Kazuma. A Ninja Crows yells, "give us the child and you won't get hurt!" Kazuma tells Princess Vi that the Ninja Crows are dangerous and he saw them robbing the jewelry store. Kazuma also says, "I saw four other crows and an old crow stole some emeralds." One of the Ninja Crows yells, "Last chance!" Princess Vi yells, "MOMMY!" Empress Fredia shows up with a bazooka and she fires her weapon at the Ninja Crows. Most of the Ninja Crows were defeated. The remaining Ninja Crows are surprise. One of the Ninja Crows see Princess Vi turns around and he decides to strike the Princess behind her back with a shuriken. Kazuma saw this and he yells, "Behind you!" Kazuma manages to stop the shuriken by using a cardboard box from the back room of the store. Princess Vi charges at the Ninja Crow and she strikes him to the chest. The Ninja Crow went flying across the store causing him to be knocked out. The last Ninja Crow decides to retreat and he yells, "We'll be back for you kid!" Kazuma looks at Princess Vi and Empress Fredia. He bows to them and says, "Thank you very much. I wonder if Francine is okay."

Meanwhile, Francine manages to escape from the Ninja Crows and she heads back to the pizza parlor to warn her friends. When she got there, she tells her friends that Jerry Atric, the Ninja Crows, and the Rude Noise have return to Little Tokyo. Speedy asked, "Did you see the Big Cheese?" Francine says, "no, but I think he's here in this city." Polly asked, "Where’s Kazuma?" Francine tells them that she and Kazuma had to split up in order to escape from the Ninja Crows. Speedy and Polly are not very happy of Francine's decision and they begin to worry about Kazuma. Meanwhile back at the store, Kazuma says, "thanks again, I should be heading back." Princess Vi yells, "hold on! You said you saw crows robbing a jewelry store right?" Kazuma says, "Yes." Princess Vi says, "one crow that escapes from us will tell them that they failed to kill you." Kazuma asked, "Are you telling me that they’re going to find me?" Princess Vi says, "come with us, and you'll be safe." Kazuma says, "Okay." Princess Vi carries him over her shoulder. Princess Vi and Empress Fredia took Kazuma to the palace. Princess Vi takes Kazuma to the guest room. Princess Vi says, "stay here until I get back." Kazuma looks around the room for a while until a palace servant shows up. The palace servant says, "The Princess ordered me to escort you to the palace bathroom." Kazuma asked, "Why the palace bathroom?" The palace servant says, "She wants you clean up." The palace servant takes Kazuma to the palace bathroom. When Kazuma got there his eyes are wide open with surprise. The palace bathroom is huge and it looks like a spa pool. Kazuma asked, "Is this the palace bathroom? It looks like a spa house. The palace servant says, "The Princess ordered me to give you a bath." The palace servant made Kazuma take off his clothes and got him in the giant tub. Kazuma sat down for a while until someone shows up and says, "Hi sweetie, are you doing okay?" Kazuma turns around and he sees Princess Vi. Princess Vi is wearing a bathrobe. Princess Vi says, "I'm coming in." Princess Vi takes off her robe and she's naked. Kazuma's face turns red and he looks the other way. Kazuma says, "I'll get in big trouble if I see you naked." Princess Vi says, "this is a bathroom and we're taking a bath together. You need to be clean up anyway, so I'll give you a bath myself." Princess Vi begins to clean Kazuma. Princess Vi takes out shampoo and conditioner to clean Kazuma's hair. Princess Vi takes out soap and she begins to scrub Kazuma's whole body and face. Later, Princess Vi and Kazuma got out of the tub. Princess Vi dries Kazuma with a towel and she gives him a bathrobe to wear. Princess Vi says, "you look cute sweetie." Kazuma blushes and he says, "thank you." Princess Vi says, "let's eat dinner." Princess Vi takes him to the dining room to eat. Kazuma is amazed when see all the delicious food. During dinner time, Kazuma feels a little bit down. Princess Vi says, "you should eat." Kazuma says, "I miss my parents and those bad men are still out there." Princess Vi says, "don't worry, your safe here with us. Tell you what after you finish eating, I'll let you talk to Al Dente and you can tell him about the robbery." Kazuma says, "Okay. Thank you." Kazuma tastes the meal and he says, "This food is delicious." Later, Princess Vi takes Kazuma to see Al Dente, when they got to his place, his wife answered the door. His wife’s name is Momma Mutt Dente, his step-son's name is Junior Mutt Dente, and his five year old son's name is Ronso Dente. Princess Vi asked, "Where's your husband?" Mrs. Dente says, "He’s gone out." Princess Vi says, "let him know that I want to talk to him." Meanwhile at the pizza parlor, Al Dente is at the restaurant. Al Dente yells, "Are you sure you saw Jerry Atric and Ninja Crows?!" Francine says, "Yes." Al says, "This could mean the Big Cheese has returned as well." Speedy asked, "What could he want with those emeralds?" Al says, "I don't know, but you guys got to be ready for anything." Polly asked, "Have you heard lately about Kazuma?" Al says, "No, I haven't heard anything about him yet?" Polly sheds a tear and she says, "I think the Ninja Crows have got him." Speedy says, "Don't think that way, will find him." Francine says, "I'll call the Rescue team and have them search for him." Polly says, "I'm searching for him too." The Samurai Pizza Cats and the Rescue team begin to search for Kazuma throughout the city. Meanwhile, one of the Ninja Crows tells the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric that they failed to get rid of the witnesses. The Big Cheese says, "They’ll probably tell the Pizza Cats that we returned." A Ninja Crow takes out a picture and he says, "I got one of them on camera." A Ninja Crow gives the picture to Jerry. Jerry looks at it and he says, "It’s just a little crow…a child. A...oh" Jerry looks at the picture again and he says, "find him. When you find him, call me." Later that night, Princess Vi gives Kazuma kimono pajamas to wear. Princess Vi hugs him and she says, "goodnight sweetie." Kazuma says, "Goodnight and thank you again." Princess Vi turns off the light. Kazuma lies down in bed and he looks out the window. He says, "Goodnight Mom. Goodnight Dad. Goodnight Aiko." Kazuma falls asleep. Meanwhile, Princess Vi is with Empress Fredia and Emperor Fred. Emperor Fred yells, "FREEDDD!!!" Empress Fredia says, "I noticed you are spending so much time with the child, Violet." Princess Vi says, "well Mother. There's no doubt this kid looks a lot like my darling. I think this child is his son." Empress Fredia asked, "You mean the crow you wanted to marry?" Princess Vi says, "yes. I think my darling wants me to be a good mother to him." Empress Fredia asked, "are you sure he wants you to be the child's mother?" Princess Vi says, "the real reason he's avoiding me all these years because he had a child all this time and he didn't want to leave him. I think he's trying to say to me is..."

(Daydreaming Scene)

Good Bird appears and he says, "My love, in order for us to get marry you must take care of my son. I don't want to lose my baby; please you must look after him. Raise him like he's one of your own." Princess Vi says, "I'll do my darling."

(Daydreaming Scene Ends)

Princess Vi says, "I'll keep my promise." One of the palace servants says, "You didn't make any promises." Princess Vi yells, "Send her to Prisoner Island!" The palace servant is being drag away. Princess Vi says, "I made a promise to my darling!" Meanwhile back at the pizza parlor, the Samurai Pizza Cats and the Rescue team return from their search, but they haven't found him. Aiko shows up and she's wearing her kimono pajamas. Aiko asked, "Where's Kazuma? I haven't seen my brother all day." Speedy lies, "he's staying with a friend's house." Aiko believes her father's lie and she says, "Okay." Aiko heads to her room to go the sleep. Bat Cat asked, "Why did you lie to her?" Speedy says, "I don't want to her to worry about him. We'll continue looking for him first thing in a morning." The other Pizza Cats agree with him. Later that night, Speedy is sleeping until he hears a voice. Speedy looks around the restaurant until he saw three people and Speedy yells, "We’re closed!" The three people reveal to be the Great Warrior, Good Bird, and Carla. Speedy is shocked and he says (out of fear), "you’re a…a..." GB says, "a…a.... A ghost! Yes, Carla and I are ghosts." Speedy says, "I'm going to faint now." Speedy fainted. Later, Speedy regains consciousness and he sees the Great Warrior, GB, and Carla. The Great Warrior said, "The noble birds want a word with you Speedy." GB says, "This isn't a dream. We're really ghosts." Speedy asked, "What are two doing here?" GB says, "You supposed to keep my son out of trouble! My son is in grave danger!" Speedy says, "So the Ninja Crows do have him." GB says, "Not yet. Look Speedy, my son will be in situations that will be beyond your control." Speedy asked, "What do you mean?" Carla says, "Save our son, please Speedy." Speedy says, "I'll save him." GB says, "You need to tell him about us before it's too late." Speedy asked, "How did you know I didn't tell Kazuma about you two?" GB says, "We’re ghost stupid and we're watching him, you, and everyone you know! You haven't even told him that Carla and I love him." Speedy says, "I'm sorry I didn't tell him about that. I promise I'll tell this time." GB says, "If you don't tell soon, I'll haunt you in your dreams and give you nightmares that are so horrible that will make Freddy Krueger a joke!" Speedy gets intimidate and he says, "I'll find him and bring him home." Speedy heads back to bed. GB says, "You better not failed Speedy." Carla asked, "You didn't tell Speedy that Kazuma is with Princess Vi did you?" GB breaks a sweat and he says, "No. Why do you asked?" Carla says, "You want Speedy to save Kazuma from Princess Vi. If he doesn't then Princess Vi will turn Kazuma into a spoiled prince just like her." GB says, "Not only I'll haunt Speedy's dreams, but all of the Pizza Cats' dreams if they don't save Kazuma."

The next day at the palace, Kazuma wakes up. Princess Vi shows up and she says, "Good morning sweetie." Kazuma says, "Good morning Princess. Is Al Dente here?" Princess Vi says, "yes. Before you see him, we have to make you presentable first." She seized his arm and she takes him to the dressing room. She gives him soft slippers to wear, combing his hair, and wrapping him in a green robe with voluminous sleeves (a kimono). Kazuma makes sure he sees his cat collar bell around his neck. She takes him to the palace guard room. Princess Vi says, "wait here for Al to show up. I'm going to do my duties as a princess." Kazuma says, "Okay." Kazuma sits down to wait. Meanwhile, a group of Ninja Crows continue to search for Kazuma until one of the Ninja Crows asked, "Wasn’t he last seen with Princess Vi?" One of the Ninja Crows said, "Let’s check the palace." The Ninja Crows head to the palace. When they got there, the Ninja Crows split up to search the palace. Meanwhile, Al Dente shows up at the palace guard room. Kazuma bows to Al and he says, "Dente-san, nice to meet you." Al looks at Kazuma and he says, "Kazuma. What are you doing here?" Kazuma says, "Princess Vi told me to see you." Al asked, "See me?" Kazuma tells Al everything of what happen yesterday. After Kazuma finished telling his story Al asked, "What are you doing here at the palace?" Kazuma says, "The Princess told me that those bad men will be looking for me, so she took me to the palace to be safe until the bad men are dealt with." Al thinks and he asked to himself, "Princess Vi is protecting him? How is she treating you?" Kazuma says, "Very nicely, Dente-san. She gave me a bath, some clothes, some food, she put me to bed last night, and she hugged me." Al is surprised of what Kazuma told him. Meanwhile a Ninja Crow spies on Al and Kazuma and he leaves. A Ninja Crow says, "I got to report this to Jerry Atric." A Ninja Crow found a phone and he calls Jerry. Jerry answers the phone and he says, "Hello." A Ninja Crow says, "I found him. He's at the palace. Princess Vi is protecting him." Jerry says, "I'll send the Rude Noise to get the child. Make sure the entire palace guards are taking care of. With them out of the way, the child will be unprotected." A Ninja Crow says, "Understood." A Ninja Crow hangs up the phone. Later at the palace guard room, Al says, "Kazuma go back to the guest room and wait there. I'll call your parents okay." Kazuma says, "Okay Dente-san. Thank you." Kazuma heads back to the guest room. Al gets ready to call the Pizza Cats until a Ninja Crow knocks him out with a giant mallet. Later, other Ninja Crows knock out all of the palace guards with giant mallets. One of the Ninja Crows said, "Mission complete." Later, Kazuma is lying in bed until he began to fall asleep. Princess Vi shows up and she looks at Kazuma sleeping. Princess Vi says, "Aww, he's so cute. He's taking a nap." Princess Vi decides to let Kazuma take a nap. Princess Vi leaves.


Kazuma looks around and sees a telephone booth. The phone rings and he answers the phone. He hears a voice. The voice says, "You got to escape from the palace. You're in grave danger." Kazuma asked, "What do you mean?" The voice says, "Get out of the palace while you still can." Kazuma asked, "Those bad men found me? If they did I must protect the Princess. She doesn't deserve to get hurt because of me." The voice says, "Just escape from the palace okay." Kazuma says, "But..." The voice yells, "NOW!" Kazuma hangs up the phone and he says, "I got to wake up." Kazuma tries to wake up, but couldn't. Kazuma says, "Could I have been too tired." Kazuma tries to find a way to wake up.

(Dreaming Ends)

Meanwhile, the Rude Noise makes it to the palace. Bad Max (or Crow Magnon) leader of the Rude Noise says, "All we need to do is grab the brat." A Ninja Crow says, "Jerry says for you bring the kid to him alive and don't hurt him." Bad Max says, "Yeah, yeah, we'll do it." Meanwhile, Kazuma finally wakes up and he says, "I'm finally awake. Are my dreams trying to warn me? I got to warn the Princess." Kazuma walks out of the guest room until he saw Ninja Crows coming. Kazuma heads back inside the guest room. He turns off the light and he says, "They’re here. Now what should I do?" Meanwhile, the Ninja Crows show the Rude Noise where Kazuma is staying. One of the Ninja Crows said, "I heard the boy is taking a nap." Bad Max says, "Jerry sent us to kidnap a sleeping kid." The Rude Noise enters the room and they saw the guest room empty. Bad Max gets angry and he yells, "Find him!" The Rude Noise saw the window open. Bad Max yells, "Check outside!" The Rude Noise and the Ninja Crows left the guest room. When everyone left, Kazuma reveals to be hiding under the bed. Kazuma says, "Under the bed number one hiding place." Kazuma begins to sneak around the palace without being seen. Kazuma see four Ninja Crows walking down the hallway. Kazuma slowly walks behind them. The Ninja Crows don't notice that Kazuma is behind them. One of the Ninja Crows said, "It’s kind of weird that Jerry Atric sent the Rude Noise to capture a kid." The other Ninja Crow says, "Yeah. Most of the time, the Big Cheese or Jerry order us to kidnap children." The other crow says, "Jerry ordered us to make sure the Rude Noise doesn’t harm the boy." The Ninja Crows enter the room while Kazuma decides to let them go in the room while he continues walking down the hall. Kazuma enters a room. The room is a gym. Kazuma looks around until a voice says, "found you!" Kazuma turns around. Kazuma gasp and back up to the wall. Kazuma see Cannonball Battery and Mojo Rojo (two members of the Rude Noise). Cannonball says, "You must be the kid that Jerry Atric told us about. He wants us to take you to him. He wants a word with you." Kazuma see a 20 pound dumbbell and he says, "I'm not moving an inch." Cannonball says, "have it your way, we were going to take you by force anyway." Cannonball and Mojo charge at the boy until Kazuma picks up the 20 pound dumbbell and he whacks them with it. Cannonball and Mojo are knocked out. Kazuma says, "That was a good workout." Kazuma leaves the gym. Meanwhile, Al regains consciousness and he see the Samurai Pizza Cats' alarm button and he pushes it. The Samurai Pizza Cats notice their cat collar bells are ringing (including Aiko's collar.) Meanwhile, Kazuma's cat collar bell is ringing too. Kazuma asked to himself, "Why is my collar ringing?" A Ninja Crow yells, "There he is!" Kazuma runs for his life. Kazuma goes inside the kitchen while the Ninja Crows chase him. Kazuma finds kitchen knives and he picks them up. Kazuma gets ready to battle the Ninja Crows. The Ninja Crows laugh at him. Kazuma beings to throw knives at them like shurikens. Kazuma throws the knives to disarm the Ninja Crows. The Ninja Crows are shock and they release that they have been underestimating him until Ronnie Geissmuller shows up. Ronnie calls them incompetent fools and he says that he'll handle the boy. Ronnie gets ready to jump on Kazuma until Kazuma turns on the gas fumes from the oven. The Ninja Crows and Ronnie get confuse until Kazuma picks up the knife. He throws it at the gas fumes causing it to explode. The explosion causes the Ninja Crows and Ronnie to be blown away. Meanwhile at the pizza parlor, the Pizza Cats call Al to see what the emergency is. Al says, "I found Kazuma, he's at the palace." Speedy asked, "What will he be doing there?" Al says, "Princess Vi found him when he was chased by the Ninja Crows. Princess Vi took him to the palace. She has been taken care of him and protecting him." Speedy asked, "Anything else?" Al says, "Princess Vi is trying to be a mother to him and she's trying to make him be a lot like her." Speedy asked, "What do you mean?" Polly punches Speedy in the head and she yells, "You idiot! Don't you get?! Princess Vi is trying to turn Kazuma into a spoiled rotten prince! (Polly looks at Francine.) This is your fault!" Francine says, "It’s not my fault." Polly is very angry and she walks towards Francine. Francine yells, "Please, I'm your boss. If you do this I'll deduct your salary!" Polly says, "It'll be worth it." Speedy say, "Last night, I saw the ghost of Good Bird and Carla. Good Bird says he'll haunt us in our dreams if we don't save Kazuma." The Samurai Pizza Cats daydream.


Princess Vi adopts Kazuma and he becomes the Prince of Little Tokyo. Prince Kazuma yells, "Send him to Prisoner Island!" Princess Vi smiles and she says, "that's my boy."

(Daydream Ends)

Speedy says, "Good Bird is going to haunt us forever." Polly grabs Francine's legs and she puts her in a leg lock. Francine screams, "Mercy! Please!" Some customers walk inside the restaurant and they saw Polly hurting Francine. Polly still got Francine in a leg lock. Francine is still crying for mercy. Francine screams, "Please stop it!" Polly and Francine look at the customers. Polly and Francine (still in a leg lock) said, "Welcome to Pizza Cat Restaurant will be with you in a moment." Polly continues hurting Francine while Francine is crying for mercy. Meanwhile, Princess Vi and some of her guards show and they see Cannonball, Mojo, Ronnie, and the Ninja Crows on the floor. Kazuma yells, "These men tried to kidnap me. Send them to Prisoner Island!" Princess Vi smiles with joy and she sheds a tear. She looks at the guards and she says, "You heard him, do what he says!" The guards take the bad guys to Prisoner Island. Princess Vi hugs Kazuma and she says, "I've never been so proud." Princess Vi kisses him. Kazuma says, "There’s one more person and he's here in the palace." Princess Vi says, "head back to the guest room, I'll have my guards guarding the door." The guards escort Kazuma back to the guest room. Princess Vi says, "he's becoming my little prince. He'll make one fine Prince one day. I declare that if anything happens to me and my family or if I can't have children of my own, he'll be the Prince of Little Tokyo. He's officially an honorary member of my family." Meanwhile, Bad Max spies on Kazuma and he gets angry. He says, "No one makes a fool out of the Rude Noise!" Meanwhile, Jerry looks at his watch and he says, "The Rude Noise should have been back by now. Oh well, it can't be help. Can you finish the job Keiji?" A shadow figure says, "I'll do it." Meanwhile back at the palace, Kazuma is at the guest room and he's sitting on top of the bed until he hears guars screaming from outside the room. Kazuma gets worry until the door is open. Bad Max enters the room. Kazuma says, "You’re with those bad men." Bad Max says, "You’re the one that banish my team to Prisoner Island." Kazuma says, "They deserved it. What did you do to the guards? Did you kill them?" Bad Max says, "I just knocked them out. I want to hurt you now." Bad Max charges at Kazuma. Kazuma dodge his attack and he flees from the room. Bad Max chases him until he cornered him. Bad Max says, "Payback time kid." Bad Max was going to strike him until a shadow figure appears and he grabs Bad Max's hands. Kazuma is shock. Bad Max looks at the figure and he yells, "don't interfere!" The figure says, "Jerry Atric told you not to hurt him." Bad Max says, "I don't care! This kid is good as dead!" The figure punches Bad Max so hard that Bad Max hit the wall. The figure looks at the boy. Kazuma asked, "Who are you?" The figure reveals to be a crow and he says, "I'm Keiji." Keiji's armor is just like Bad Bird's armor, but his armor is light green and black. Keiji says, "You need to come with me." Kazuma says, "No." Keiji says, "Figures. I'm afraid that I'll have to take you by force." Keiji grabs Kazuma. Keiji takes out a rag and he pours chloroform on it and puts it on Kazuma's mouth and nose. Kazuma tries to struggle, but the chloroform begins to take effect causing him to be unconscious. Keiji carries the unconscious Kazuma and he says, "Mission complete." Later, the Samurai Pizza Cats made it to the palace to pick up Kazuma. When they got there, they notice half of the palace is damage. They found Al. Al is cover in bandages. Al tells them that the Ninja Crows and the Rude Noise were here and they attack the palace to find Kazuma. Speedy asked, "Where’s Kazuma?" Al says, "I don't know. The Ninja Crows knocked me out before I act. I heard that Kazuma defeated the Ninja Crows and he defeated Cannonball, Mojo, and Ronnie. Kazuma ordered the guards to send them to Prisoner Island." The Pizza Cats are shock when Al told him the story. Speedy says, "Wait a minute. Kazuma only defeated three members of the Rude Noise, which means Bad Max is still around. We need to find him." Guido and Polly nodded. The heroes begin to search around the palace until they found him. Bad Max is outside the palace. Bad Max is injured and he's having trouble walking. The heroes surrounded him. Polly yells, "Where's Kazuma now or I'm going to make your life a living hell!" Bad Max says, "That monster banished my team and I'm going to kill him!" Speedy kicks Bad Max's injured leg. Bad Max hits the floor and he screams in pain. Speedy says, "You better answer Polly's question right now or else you have both arms injured!" Bad Max gets angry and he says, "Jerry Atric has him now." Polly yells, "where is he?!" Two shurikens appear and they hit the floor. The shurikens exploded and it reveals to be smoke bombs. The heroes couldn't see. After the smoke clears Bad Max is gone. Polly gets angry. Guido says, "Kazuma is kidnapped by the Big Cheese and his gang." Speedy asked, "Is this what GB and Carla fears? We need to know where they have him so we can rescue him."

Later, Kazuma wakes up. Kazuma looks around and he's in a big room. Kazuma see pictures. Kazuma looks at them. The picture is the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric, other picture is Jerry and the Ninja Crows, and the last picture is Jerry and Bad Bird. A voice says, "I see that's your awake." Kazuma turns around and he sees Jerry Atric. Kazuma back up to the wall and he says, "You’re that old crow from the jewelry store." Jerry says, "I'm sorry that I didn't notice you back at the store. I wasn't really paying attention to you. If I did, I would have sent all my forces after you." Kazuma yells, "Your forces tried to kill me!" Jerry says, "Don’t worry; the Rude Noise are being punish for disobeying me. The Rude Noise supposed to bring you to me unharmed. Bad Max is sentence to six months of slavery while the other members of the Rude Noise will stay at Prisoner Island for six months." Meanwhile at Prisoner Island, Cannonball, Mojo, Ronnie, and some of the Ninja Crows are having a good time in Prisoner Island. Later, Jerry says, "you will sleep here in my room. I got an extra bed for you. You'll sleep at the couch bed tonight." Kazuma yells, "How dare you kidnap me!" Jerry says, "I ordered my men to bring you here. Stay in this room. I'll bring you something to eat." Kazuma gets suspicious and he says, "So I'm your prisoner." Jerry says, "No, you're my guest." Jerry leaves the room and he shuts the door. Kazuma tries to leave the room, but the door is lock. Kazuma says, "The old crow must have known I would try to escape." Kazuma gets angry and he decides to sit down and wait for his meal. Later, Jerry shows up and gives Kazuma food. Kazuma eats. Jerry asked, "How’s the food?" Kazuma says, "I like my meat well done, however, the food is not bad." Jerry says, "Tomorrow, I'll show you around the place." Kazuma asked, "What is your name?" Jerry says, "I'm Jerry Karasu Gennarisai Atric. What is your name?" Kazuma says, "I'm Kazuma." Later that night, Kazuma is asleep. Jerry takes out a knife and he cuts a piece of Kazuma's feather wing. Jerry gets the feather and he says, "Let’s see if you’re his son." Jerry leaves the room, but he forgot to close the door and lock it. Meanwhile, Kazuma wakes up and he notice a feather from his wings is cut. Kazuma says, "I can't believe Atric-san cut my feather. The door is open, I can escape." Just when Kazuma was about to leave until he saw the picture of Jerry Atric and Bad Bird, he picks up the picture to look at it. Meanwhile, Jerry heads back to his room until he saw the door open. Jerry is shock and ran. Jerry yells, "I forgot to close the door. I was careless. The boy must of escape I need to...huh?" Jerry stops and he saw Kazuma still in his room. Jerry is surprised that Kazuma didn't escape. He sees Kazuma sleeping in the couch bed. Jerry also sees that Kazuma is holding a picture of him and Bad Bird. Jerry puts his hand on the boy's head. Jerry smiles and he says, "I'll see you in the morning."

The next morning at the pizza parlor, Guido and Francine are getting ready to open the restaurant while Speedy and Polly are out looking for Kazuma. Aiko asked, "Mr. Guido, are there any news about my brother?" Guido says, "no, Aiko. Your mom and dad are still looking for him." Aiko says, "I heard he's been kidnapped by Ninja Crows. Is this true?" Guido hesitates and he decided not to answer her. Aiko says, "It is true. (Sob)" Aiko cries and she heads to her room. Aiko says, "(sob) Kazuma be okay. (Sob)" Later at the village, Kazuma wakes up. Jerry says, "good morning." Kazuma says, "good morning." Jerry says, "Breakfast begins in 30 minutes. You need a shower." Jerry takes Kazuma to the bathroom to take a shower. Jerry says, "I put clothes for you to wear on top of the table." Kazuma says, "thank you." Later, Kazuma got out of the shower and he puts on the clothes that Jerry gave him. Kazuma shows up with new clothes. The outfit he's wearing is a green ninja training uniform. Jerry says, "It's a rule that as long you’re staying here, you need to wear a uniform. I ordered a new helmet that will match your outfit, it will come later. I almost forgot." Jerry gave Kazuma a long green jacket. Kazuma opens his jacket so he won't be hot. Kazuma says, "thank you." Jerry says, "Let’s breakfast." Meanwhile back at the pizza parlor, Al Dente shows up. Al says, "Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Francine. I need to tell you something." Speedy asked, "What is it?" Al takes out a folder. Al says, "This is Kazuma's records and his birth certificate. I've been keeping for six years." Speedy asked, "You have them since we adopted him?" Al says, "Yes. Six years ago, I heard records and birth certificate were stolen, babies were kidnapped, but they were returned to their families, however, each baby had a band aid on them." The get confused. Polly asked, "What does this have to do with Kazuma?" Al says, "The babies that were kidnapped and then returned to their families were crows. I think someone must have found out that Good Bird and Carla had a child and their probably looking for him." Speedy asked, "Do you think the Big Cheese is behind this?" Al says, "Maybe or maybe not, it could be Jerry Atric. I think it's them. Meanwhile back at the village, after Kazuma and Jerry finished eating breakfast, Jerry takes Kazuma out for a walk to the village. Kazuma see the village. Kazuma says, "This place is beautiful." Kazuma notices other children (who are crows) are wearing ninja training uniforms just like him, but their uniforms are blue and they don't have jackets. Jerry says, "Your uniform is custom-made." Kazuma feels a little different from the other crows, but he decided to continue the tour around the village. Kazuma see a dress, a kimono, a sailor school girl uniform, and a crimson diamond necklace and the price for all of them is 9,000 yen. Kazuma smiles and he says, "I found birthday gifts for my sister. I need the money to get them." A crow put out a poster and the poster says, "Today, Ninja In-Training Race. Winner will get 15,000 yen." Kazuma says, "I'm in." Later, the kids (who are crows and their Ninjas In-Training) compete for the race. Kazuma shows up. All of the competitors are surprised and shocked. One of the kids said, "It’s him!" The other kid says, "That’s the kid that defeated three members of the Rude Noise." The third kid says, "Because he defeated the Rude Noise, Master Atric had his uniform custom-made in his honor." The fourth kid asked, "Who taught him how to fight?" Kazuma blushed after overhearing the other kids. Kazuma takes off his jacket and he gets ready for the race. The announcer says, "Competitors get to the starting line. Here are the rules. You all must race through the trees. You must not fall off the trees, if any parts of your body touch the floor you will be disqualified. The first person who makes it to the finish line wins. Get Ready, Get Set, Go!" Kazuma and the other competitors are racing through the forest by jumping on trees. Kazuma takes the lead.


Kazuma was four years old and Aiko was four and a half years old. Polly took them to the forest for training exercise. Kazuma and Aiko are wearing karate gi with weighting wristband and ankle bands. Polly tells them to travel through the forest by jumping through trees without falling off. Aiko and Kazuma began their travel by jumping through trees. Aiko says, "We’re jumping like ninjas." Kazuma says, "Your right, we're like ninjas." Later, Aiko and Kazuma made it through the forest and they see their mother waiting for them. Polly says, "Good, now go back through the forest again, but this time you two will be wearing weights on your wrists and ankles." Polly gives the kids 5 pound weights for them to wear. Polly says, "Begin." Aiko and Kazuma went through the forest again, but this time the tree branches begin to break because of their weights increased. Aiko and Kazuma fell off the trees and landed on the floor. Polly shows up and she smiles. Polly says, "Well, I see that you two find this difficult." Two weeks later, Polly trained them in balance, endurance, and a little bit of basic hand-to-hand combat. Later, the three return home. Kazuma asked, "When will you teach us how to use a sword?" Polly says, "When you two get a little bit older."

(Flashback Ends)

Kazuma won first place in the Ninja In-Training Race. All of the competitors are shocked that Kazuma made it to the finish line in two minutes. All of the competitors drop their mouths and yelled, "WOW!" The announcer says, "Kazuma is the winner! Come and get your prize!" Kazuma gets ready to receive his prize until he sees Keiji. Keiji gives Kazuma the prize money. Kazuma gets angry at him. Keiji says, "I was only following orders, lets bygones be bygones." Kazuma calms down and he says, "Okay." Jerry Atric shows up and he says, "You’re amazing! Who taught you martial arts?" Kazuma blushed and he says, "My mommy." Jerry asked, "Really? She's definitely a great teacher." Kazuma says, "If you only knew the half of it." Kazuma daydreams.


Polly made him sleep with snakes, walk on burn coals, and other harsh training.

(Flashback Ends)

Later, Kazuma went to the store and he used the prize money to buy a dress, a kimono, a sailor school girl uniform, and a crimson diamond necklace for his sister. Kazuma says, "All I need now is a sword." Later, Kazuma puts the stuff he brought in a mail package. Kazuma yells, "Hey, Yard Bird Choinaa Nana Gou!" Yard Bird shows up and he asked, "What can I do you for?" Kazuma gives him a package to deliver. Kazuma says, "Can you deliver this package, please? I almost forgot." Kazuma gives him a letter. Kazuma says, "Please deliver the letter too?" Yard Bird says, "No problem." Yard Bird heads out to make the delivery. Jerry shows up and he says, "Come on Kazuma. Let's head back." Kazuma follows Jerry and he looks back. Kazuma says, "Let's hope my letter and package get through." Later that night, Kazuma and Jerry had dinner. Jerry looks at Kazuma and he says, "Everyone in this village is talking about you." Kazuma says, "I overheard them." Jerry says, "Tomorrow, I'm going out to help my boss build a robot. I am going to take you with me." Kazuma says, "Okay." Jerry asked, "Where do you live?" Kazuma says, "At a restaurant in Little Tokyo. I have a mother, a father, and a sister. Two other people live with us. Their kind of like an aunt and uncle to me and my sister." Jerry notices a cat collar bell around Kazuma's neck and he says, "I see. Do they put you the work?" Kazuma says, "Yes, it's a family business." Kazuma thinks about his family back at home.


Francine tells Kazuma to sweep the floor. After Kazuma did that, Francine gives him money for his hard work. Later, Kazuma is with Guido. Guido tells Guido how to talk to women. Kazuma asked, "Are you married?" Guido says, "Yes I am. I'm teaching how to talk to women so watch me." Guido walks up to a woman to talk to her; however, she slapped him. The woman walked away angry. Kazuma asked, "Is this how girls act when you finish talking to them?" Guido says, "Only if you ask them their weight." Later, Kazuma see a girl (she's a dog) and he decided to talk to her. Later, she slapped him in front of his family. The girl walked away angry. Speedy and Guido said, "Aww, his first slap by a girl." Later when Kazuma was five years old and Aiko was six years old, Aiko was playing tea party and she wanted someone to play with. Aiko grabbed Kazuma. Later, Aiko is having a great tea party while Kazuma is forced to have tea party. Aiko forced him to wear a kimono (for girls) and made him wear lipstick. Polly and Francine find it adorable, while Speedy and Guido find it disturbing. Kazuma yells, "Help me please! (Sob)" Speedy says, "If I help you, she'll put me in a dress." Guido says, "I got to deliver pizzas." Kazuma get angry and he says, "You guys are real jerks!" Later, Aiko made Kazuma wear different dresses which Polly and Francine find it adorable. Later Aiko captures Speedy and Guido and she forces them to wear dresses. Kazuma laughs at them and he yells, "Serves you right! (Laughing)"

(Flashback Ends)

Kazuma smiles and he says, "I miss my family. I want to go home." Meanwhile back at the pizza parlor, the heroes sit down and their frustrating that they can't find Kazuma. Speedy says, "We check all over the city and we can't find him." Polly says, "I can't believe Al Dente had Kazuma's records and birth certificate the whole time." Guido says, "Al was protecting him." Francine says, "If only we had a clue to where he's at. It's not like it's going to come by mail." Yard Bird burst through the door and he says, "Special Delivery!" Yard Bird gives the heroes a package and a letter and he left. The heroes look at the package and the letter. They read the letter first, when they open it, money came out. Francine eye's turn into dollar signs and she reads the letter. The letter says, "Dear Francine, I won the money in a race and I want you to have it. Mom and Dad, inside the package is Aiko's birthday presents. Make sure she doesn't see it, DAD! P.S. I'm at a village full of crows, Ninja Crows, honorary members, and a cross-dressing kitsune (means fox in Japanese). I love you all. Sign, Kazuma." Polly opens the package and she sees Aiko's gifts. Polly shed a tear and she says, "You’re a good brother to Aiko." Speedy says, "The letter said that he's at a village full of Ninja Crows. That means he's at a village." Guido asked, "Do we know any villages near Little Tokyo?" Francine says, "I'll go asked Al Dente about this." Later, Francine asked Al if there are any villages near Little Tokyo. Francine also says, "We’re looking for a village. A village full of Ninja Crows." Al says, "There's a library in the palace. I'll look into it. I'll call you if I find anything." Francine says, "Thank you." Meanwhile back at the village, Kazuma sleeps while Jerry leaves the room. A Ninja Crow shows up and he says, "I'm here to give this." Jerry says, "The DNA test results." Jerry snatches the paper and he looks at the results. Jerry smiles when he looks at the results.

The next day, Jerry takes Kazuma to the factory. Kazuma saw the factory huge and he sees a giant robot. The Big Cheese shows up and he asked, "Is the robot complete?" Jerry says, "All we need to do is use the rare emeralds that we stole to power up the robot." The Big Cheese looks at Kazuma and he asked, "What is he doing here?" Jerry says, "He doesn't have a babysitter to watch him." The Big Cheese says, "Put him in your office and make sure he stays there." Jerry takes Kazuma to his office and he tells Kazuma to stay in the office and watch TV. Later, Jerry talks to the Big Cheese. Jerry asked, "Are you going to watch the Ninja Prodigy Tournament tonight?" The Big Cheese says, "Unless I wear something nice. Do you have an apprentice that will compete?" Jerry says, "Yes, Kazuma will enter the tournament tonight. Seymour, the Pizza Cats will try to ruin the tournament we need that robot tonight." The Big Cheese says, "Then finish the robot now." Jerry orders the Ninja Crows to power up the robot. The Big Cheese asked, "Is Kazuma that boy who's in your office?" Jerry says, "Yes." The Big Cheese says, "His training uniform is different from the others." Jerry says, "Its custom-made sir." The Big Cheese asked, "Is he the boy that Princess Vi protected?" Jerry says, "yeah." The Big Cheese says, "bring him here." Later, Jerry brought Kazuma to the Big Cheese. The Big Cheese looks at the boy. The Big Cheese says, "he looks like a regular crow to me." Bad Max shows up and he's wearing a slave clothes and he's on a leash. Bad Max saw Kazuma and he gets angry. Bad Max tried to attack him, but the leash is too short for him to reach instead he fell on the floor. Bad Max yells, "you'll pay for what you did to my team!" Jerry says, "I told you to bring him to me without hurting him!" The Big Cheese asked, "This kid beat the Rude Noise?" The Big Cheese looks at Kazuma again and he says, "do something evil." Kazuma says, "I can't do it." Jerry says, "you can do it and besides..." Jerry whispers to Kazuma's ear. Kazuma asked, "do you have a sword that I can borrow?" Jerry says, "hey you!" A Ninja Crow asked, "me?" Jerry says, "yes, you. Give me your sword." The Ninja Crow gives Jerry his sword. Jerry gives Kazuma the sword. Kazuma unsheathes the sword and he ran at the Big Cheese. The Big Cheese yells, "is this kid going to kill me?! (People scream in horror.)" Kazuma did a slash attack and he sheathed the sword. The Big Cheese notices he's fine and he says, "I'm okay. I thought that brat was going to kill me." Kazuma says, "I wasn't trying to kill you." The Big Cheese asked, "what did you do?" The Big Cheese's clothes immediately burst into shreds. The Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, Bad Max, and the Ninja Crows are shock. The Big Cheese is exposed revealing he's wearing girls' white underwear (panties) and wearing a pink bra. Kazuma, Jerry Atric, Bad Max, and the Ninja Crows are shock. Kazuma screams, "my eyes are burning!" The Big Cheese blushed and he ran off. Kazuma says, "he's gone, my eyes are healed!" Jerry says, "that is the most evil thing you ever done!" Kazuma says, "exposing his girls' underwear?" Jerry says, "no, you almost got us blind when we saw his girls' underwear." Kazuma says, "I'll head back to your office." Kazuma see Bad Max. Bad Max gives him the angry look and he yells, "What are you looking at?" Kazuma unsheathes the sword, did a slash attack, and he sheathed the sword. Bad Max's slave clothes burst into shreds, and revealing he too is wearing girls' white underwear (panties) and wearing a pink bra. Kazuma yells, "My eyes are burring again!" Bad Max ran into a room and he shuts the door. Kazuma says, "My eyes are healed again!" Meanwhile at the pizza parlor, Al Dente shows up and he tells the heroes that he found a village near Little Tokyo. He showed them a map. Al says, "this map is old, but this will take you to the village. This village was once home to the Ninja Crows before the Big Cheese came along." Speedy says, "we're heading out right now!" Polly and Guido yell, "yeah!" The heroes got inside the oven chutes. The heroes put on their fighting armors (the KNT version plays in the background) and they got inside the bullet to be blast off by the giant cannon. Francine tells everyone that the Pizza Cats are going on a mission. Francine fires them out the cannon. Francine checks the calculations and she says, "oops." The Pizza Cats see a large boulder and they yell, "FRANCINE!!" The heroes crashed into the boulder. Later that night, the Ninja Prodigy Tournament begins. Kazuma says, "I didn't ask to compete in this tournament!" Jerry says, "it'll be fun and you want to know about Bad Bird right?" Kazuma says, "yeah, but is this how I'm going to get answers?" Jerry asked, "when my door was open the other day, how come you didn't escape when you had a chance?" Kazuma says, "because, I think you can tell me who Bad Bird is since my family knew little bit about him and I don't know how to get back home." Jerry asked, "your parents didn't tell you about Bad Bird?" Kazuma asked, "what do you mean?" Jerry says, "nothing, take your seat." Later, the Big Cheese shows up and he's wearing a geisha outfit. Everyone freak out. Kazuma says, "that's one ugly kitsune girl!" Kazuma looks at the Big Cheese, he laughs, and he says, "the Big Cheese is funny when he cross-dressing. (Laughs)" The Big Cheese yells, "Ladies and gentlemen, Ninja Crows and their prodigies welcome to the Ninja Prodigy Tournament. This competition will test your skills as a ninja. The winner will be train to be a powerful Ninja Crow." Kazuma whispers, "just like Bad Bird. Bad Bird won the tournament." The Big Cheese says, "you will go through events that will test your skills as a ninja. There are twenty of you kids. Good luck, you'll need it." The first round is stealth. The contestants must get inside the factory, steal a document, and escape without being seen. Later, 15 contestants pass while the other 4 failed. Next Kazuma went up next. During the first round, Kazuma had trouble because the guards were almost like there were expecting him, the guards almost spotted him, but Kazuma manage to steal the document and escape. Kazuma manages to win the first round. The other contestants are impressed. A shadow contestant says, "so he's in the tournament." The shadow contestant reveals to be Feather Cutter. Feather Cutter says, "better make it to the finals." The second round is accuracy. The contestants take out shurikens and kunais. The contestants must hit the targets and if they miss three times their out. The contestants begin the second round. Five contestants lost the second round while the others including Feather Cutter pass. Kazuma went up next. Kazuma miss two times. Jerry says, "if he misses one more time he's out." Kazuma takes a deep breath and throws his shurikens and kunais at the targets. Kazuma manages to win the second round. The Big Cheese wears his cheerleader outfit with a mini skirt and cheers. Everyone freak out, while Kazuma laughs. Keiji shows up and he says, "11 are eliminated." The third round is master in disguise. The contestants begin their disguise. Most of them disguise themselves as adult crows. Feather Cutter disguises himself as Jerry Atric. The Big Cheese says, "next is Kazuma." Everyone look around and they can't find Kazuma until they saw a little girl. This little girl is wearing a yellow kimono. One of the contestants walks up to the little girl and he says, "you’re not supposed to be here." The little girl says, "you’re wrong." The little girl grabs the contestant's arm and she did a Morote Seoi Nage (means Two Arm Shoulder Throw) on the contestant and throws him to the floor. The contestant is on the floor and he says, "what a woman." The little girl takes off her makeup and reveals herself to be Kazuma in disguise. The contestants are surprised. Kazuma looks at the contestants and he says, "I'm also wearing panties too." The contestants freak out. The Big Cheese says, "Kazuma wins the third round." The Big Cheese tells the contestants who is on floor that he's eliminated. The Big Cheese says, "10 contestants are left, the next round will begin in five minutes." Keiji says, "that yellow kimono remains me of Carla Okara Crow Bird. There's no doubt that this is her son." Later, Kazuma is changing back to his green ninja in-training uniform. Jerry says, "I'm impressed that disguise fooled everyone including me." Kazuma says, "I had practice." Kazuma thinks about Aiko and Aiko forced him to wear dresses and kimonos when he was home. Kazuma says, "Aiko, thank you for forcing me to wear dresses and kimonos. You even made me wear panties and bras. You’re the best sister and good teacher I ever have." Later, the final round begins and it's a one-on-one combat. All of the contestants including Kazuma and Feather Cutter get ready. The Big Cheese tells them to sit down and wait for their call. The Big Cheese calls the first two contestants to fight. The two contestants fight each other. During the fight, a Ninja Crow walks up to the Big Cheese and he tells him that the Samurai Pizza Cats are heading to the village. The Big Cheese says, "I don't want those Pizza Cats interfere the tournament. Have Keiji and the Ninja Crows take care of the cats." The Ninja Crow says, "yes master." The Ninja Crow leaves. Meanwhile, the Samurai Pizza Cats got out of the boulder and notice that their two miles away from the village. Just before they get ready to head to the village, the Ninja Crows show up. Keiji shows up as well and he introduced himself to the heroes. Keiji tells the heroes that he's Bad Bird's replacement and he was the one that kidnapped Kazuma. Speedy gets angry. He charges at Keiji and he unsheathes his sword. Keiji also unsheathe his sword and he battles Speedy. Polly and Guido battle the Ninja Crows. Meanwhile, after two matches, only 8 contestants are left. The Big Cheese calls Feather Cutter and the other contestant to fight. Feather and the contestant battle each other. Feather defeated his opponent easily. Kazuma says, "he's good." Meanwhile, Speedy and Keiji battle each other. During the battle, Keiji whispers to Speedy. Keiji asked, "this boy, Kazuma, is he yours or Bad Bird's?" Speedy's eyes are wide opened with shocked. Keiji says, "when I kidnapped him,"

(Flashback and Keiji narrates the flashback.)

"I saw his face when I was carrying him back to the village. When I saw his face, I saw the resemblance and there is no doubt that child his son and Carla's son."

(Flashback Ends)

Speedy yells, "if you hurt him, I'll..." Keiji asked, "you what, beat me? (laughs) Kazuma is fine. He's under the care of Jerry Atric. He's competing in a tournament. He's up against my protégé. I wonder if he can beat him. All you need to know is that Kazuma is one of us. He belongs here. I'm going to get rid of you guys for what you did to Bad Bird. If it wasn't for you, Bad Bird would never be good. He would still be alive." Speedy stops fighting Keiji. Keiji saw an opportunity to strike Speedy. Keiji disarms Speedy and he punches Speedy. Speedy hit the floor. Polly and Guido defeated the Ninja Crows. Keiji retreated and he says, "For the record Pizza Cats, I also blame the Big Cheese because he caused Bad Bird to leave us and his stupid plans caused Bad Bird's life and Carla's life." Keiji sheds a tear. Keiji says, "Bad Bird, I wish I was there to prevent your death." Guido and Polly look at Speedy. Guido asked, "Why did you let that crow beat you?" Speedy says, "because he's right. If it wasn't for me, Good Bird would never die." Polly asked, "are you blaming yourself for what happen to Good Bird?" Speedy didn't answer her. Meanwhile, six contestants are left and it's Kazuma's turn to fight. Kazuma gets ready to fight. The Big Cheese says, "let the match begins." Kazuma battles his opponent. His opponent throws exploding shurikens at Kazuma. Kazuma manages to dodge them. His opponent laughs and yells, "What’s wrong, are you afraid to fight me?!" Kazuma gets angry and he charges at him. Kazuma did a swift kick at his opponent's legs. Kazuma grabbed him and he punches him in the face so hard that his opponent hit the ground. His opponent is bleeding and he's crying. Kazuma stop and realizes what he did. The Big Cheese says, "Kazuma wins the match." Jerry puts his arm over Kazuma's shoulder. Jerry smiles and he says, "you did well." Kazuma says, "I got angry and lost my temper. I didn't mean to..." Jerry interrupts him and he says, "you won the match." Kazuma and Jerry were about to step out until suddenly the Big Cheese says, "Kazuma, stay here. You are going to fight again right now." Kazuma yells, "What!" The Big Cheese says, "there are five contestants left and we need four to begin the semi-finals so this is an extra match." Kazuma stays while his opponent steps in. The Big Cheese says, "begin!" Kazuma battles his opponent. Meanwhile, the heroes almost made it to the village; however, Speedy tells Polly and Guido that they should rescue Kazuma without him. Polly and Guido asked, "why?" Speedy tells them that he might failed again just like when he was unable to save Good Bird. Good Bird shows up as a ghost and he grabs Speedy and flies up in the air. Good Bird yells at Speedy, "What is wrong with you!? Are you going to mope and let these bastards turn my son into a villain just like I was!?" Speedy says, "I failed to save you." GB says, "It wasn't your fault, you idiot! You better save my son or else!" GB drops Speedy and he disappears. Speedy hits the floor hard. Polly and Guido look at Speedy. While on the floor, Speedy says, "we got to rescue Kazuma." Meanwhile, Kazuma manages to win his match. Feather Cutter says, "I'm glad he won." The Big Cheese says, "four contestants left. The semi-finals will begin in 30 minutes." Kazuma lied down in bed to take a nap. Jerry looks at him and he says, "get some rest, you will need it. Feather Cutter, I order you to protect him while he's sleeping." Feather says, "Yes, master." Meanwhile, the heroes made it to the village. The heroes look at the place and it's beautiful. The heroes began searching around the village looking for Kazuma. A Ninja Crow spotted them and he set off the silent alarm. The Ninja Crows including Jerry Atric hear the silent alarm. Jerry orders the Ninja Crows not to alert the contestants and he also orders the Ninja Crows to continue the tournament. The Big Cheese shows up and he demands to know what's going on. Jerry says, "the semi-finals will begin in five minutes and the Pizza Cats are in the village." The Big Cheese says, "okay...What?! Those Pizza Cats are here!? Get the robot ready!" Jerry asked, "what are you going to do?" The Big Cheese says, "I'm going to continue the tournament." Later, Kazuma wakes up and Jerry says, "the tournament will begin in two minutes so get ready." Kazuma says, "okay." Kazuma heads out. Meanwhile, the tournament semi-finals begin. Feather Cutter went up next and he battles his opponent. Feather won his match easily. Kazuma went up. A contestant went up too and he says, "Payback time for what you did to my teacher." Kazuma asked, "what are you talking about?" A contestant says, "my teacher, Bad Max, is sentence to six months of slavery." Kazuma asked, "Bad Max is your teacher?" A contestant says, "I'm his student and protégé." The Big Cheese says, "let the match begins." The contestant aggressive attacks Kazuma. Kazuma blocks the attacks. The contestant continues to battle Kazuma in blind rage. Feather Cutter yells, "use his rage to your advantage Kazuma!" Kazuma went up against the wall and he yells, "You know what did to Bad Max, I rip his clothes off with a sword and he was wearing girls' panties!" Everyone yell, "Oohh! That's true!" The contestant gets really angry and he charges at Kazuma in blind rage. The contestant ran like an angry bull. Kazuma flies up in the air while the contestant crash to the wall. The contestant is out cold. The Big Cheese says, "Kazuma is the winner." Kazuma looks at Feather. Kazuma bows his head and he says, "thank you very much." Feather says, "I only helped you because I want to fight you." Feather walks away. The Big Cheese says, "the finals will begin in one hour." Meanwhile, the heroes are battling the Ninja Crows. Keiji shows up and he yells, "Let's see if you can survive our new robot." The robot shows up. The robot is a giant swordsman. The robot did a slash attack on the heroes. The heroes manage to dodge the attack. Keiji says, "this robot is power by the rare emeralds making it the most powerful robot ever built. The sword is robot is using is also power by the rare emeralds." Meanwhile, Kazuma is eating. Feather Cutter joins him. Feather noticed that Kazuma is eating fish. Kazuma grabs a whole fish and puts it in his mouth. Feather finds it weird. Feather says, "I see that you like fish." Kazuma says, "my family eats fish." Feather says, "your family sounds interesting." Kazuma says, "my family lives and works at a restaurant." Feather says, "when we fight each other don't hold anything back. I want you to fight me with everything you got." Kazuma says, "okay, I'll do it." Meanwhile, the heroes continue to battle the robot and Keiji. During the fight, the heroes have a hard time battling the robot. Speedy summons the summons the Supreme Catatonic and the Goonie Birds. The heroes put on the armors and Polly and Guido pilot the Catatonic. The Catatonic battles the robot, while Speedy battles Keiji. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese broadcast the finals all over the village and Prisoner Island. Everyone watch the tournament. The heroes notice this while fighting the bad guys. The Big Cheese says, "in this corner, this crow is wearing a ninja in-training uniform, he's Keiji's apprentice, Feather Cutter!" Feather Cutter approaches the ring. The Big Cheese says, "in this corner, this crow is wearing a custom-made ninja in-training uniform, he's Jerry Atric's apprentice, Kazuma!" Kazuma approaches the ring. Speedy, Polly, and Guido saw Kazuma on TV and their shock. Keiji asked, "what do you think of him now?" Meanwhile, Kazuma asked, "your Keiji's apprentice?" Feather says, "yes." Jerry Atric shows up and he says, "before the final match begins, there is something I need to tell you." Meanwhile, Keiji says, "sit back and relax Pizza Cats. The tournament is going be extreme." Meanwhile, Jerry says, "Kazuma, Can you tell us who your father is." Speedy and the others look at the Big TV and their eyes are wide open. Speedy asked, "what's going on?" Keiji says, "let's postpone our fight and watch this, because this is good TV." Kazuma looks at him and he says, "my father Cerviche and my mother's name is Polly Esther Cerviche! I'm their son, Kazuma Cerviche!" The Ninja Crows are shock. Meanwhile at Prisoner Island, the Ninja Crows, Cannonball, Mojo, and Ronnie are watching the tournament on TV and they dropped their coconut cups and their mouths. Back at the tournament, a few Ninja Crows said, "this crow's parents are the Samurai Pizza Cats. Our arch enemies are the Pizza Cats' son." Jerry says, "Everyone, the Samurai Pizza Cats isn’t his biological parents." The Big Cheese asked, "they’re not?" Jerry says, "let me explain."

(Flashback and Jerry narrates the flashback).

"Six years ago I overheard a crow told Speedy that he's having a child unfortunately the father died. Also, the mother died giving birth to a baby crow. I ordered the Ninja Crows to search every hospital to find any babies that are crows. My men look through all of the crows and their birth certificate. I even ordered the crows to give the babies milk and candy so they can stay quiet while they take their blood to do a DNA test. After a while, I ordered the Ninja Crows to take the babies back to their parents because none of the babies match one specific crow. I searched every home to find the child. Later, I thought the child died from a miscarriage, until one day, one of my Ninja Crows give me a picture of a crow that I didn't check, you."

(Flashback Ends)

Kazuma looks at Jerry and asked, "Are you telling me that you were looking for me?" Jerry says, "yes." The Big Cheese asked, "Jerry, what are you trying to tell us?" Feather jokes by saying, "He's a pedophilia, Big Cheese." Jerry blushed while the Ninja Crows, the Samurai Pizza Cats, Keiji, and the robot laugh. Jerry yells, "That's not funny!" The Big Cheese says while laughing, "(Laugh) okay, okay. (Laugh) So, tell us, why are you after the boy?" Jerry cleared his throat and he says, "let me tell you. The Samurai Pizza Cats adopted you Kazuma. Remember when I whispered to your ear that I'll tell you about Bad Bird?" Kazuma nodded. Jerry says, "Bad Bird was one of us. He was my right-hand man." Kazuma says, "I know about that." Jerry says, "Bad Bird is your father!" Kazuma's eyes are wide opened in shocked. Everyone is shocked and silent. Meanwhile at Prisoner Island, the Ninja Crows, Cannonball, Mojo, and Ronnie are watching the tournament on TV and their shocked and fainted. Meanwhile, Bad Max watches the tournament on TV and he is shocked. Meanwhile the Pizza Cats said, "this is not good." Keiji smiles and he laughs. Back at the tournament, a few Ninja Crows said, "This explains why Princess Vi protected him. He's the son of Bad Bird, son of the traitor." Jerry says, "your mother is Carla Okara Crow Bird. I cut a piece of feather out of your wing to do a DNA test and the results said that Bad Bird and Carla are your parents." Kazuma asked, "why are you telling me this?" Jerry says, "you’re the legacy of Bad Bird. You belong with us." Meanwhile, Speedy yells, "He's doesn't belong to these rotten crows! We're heading to the tournament right now!" Speedy and the others head to the tournament while Keiji and the robot follow. Meanwhile, Jerry walks up to Kazuma and he says, "join us and I'll help you get stronger." Kazuma hesitates until the Samurai Pizza Cats crash the tournament. Speedy yells, "Get your hands off the child, because he's coming back home with us!" Kazuma turns around and he sees the heroes. Kazuma smiles and he yells, "Mom! Dad! Uncle Guido! I'm okay. Jerry Atric-san looked after me." Jerry blushed and he says, "it's true. I took care of him, but now Ninja Crows attack!" The Ninja Crows battle the heroes. Kazuma was about to leave until Feather Cutter confronted him. Feather yells, "you’re not leaving until you fight me!" Kazuma says, "we don't have to fight each other." Feather takes out his sword and he yells, "fight me! I want to fight you when we met, I sensed something about you. When Jerry told us that you’re the legendary Bad Bird's son, I wanted to fight you even more. Fight me for honor and respect!" Feather's speech convinced Kazuma. Kazuma draws out his sword and he takes off his green jacket. Kazuma says, "let's do this." Kazuma charges at Feather. Feather smiles and he charges at Kazuma. Kazuma and Feather battle each other. Speedy and the others said, "Aww, Kazuma has a rival and he's fighting him." Keiji and the robot punch the heroes. Keiji says, "what of bunch of idiots!" The heroes got back up. Polly and Guido return to the Supreme Catatonic to battle the robot while Speedy battles Keiji. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and Jerry head back to their quarters in order to be safe. The two villains watch the fight on TV. Meanwhile, Kazuma and Feather clash swords to each other. Feather asked, "is that all you got birdbrain?" Kazuma gets angry and he pushes Feather back. Feather smiles and he says, "this fight is getting good." Feather continues to get Kazuma angry in order for him to fight Feather even harder and making the fight more challenging. Meanwhile, Speedy noticed Kazuma is getting angrier. Speedy yells, "Kazuma is losing his temper again!" Guido and Polly yells, "WHAT?!" Keiji asked, "is it bad?" Speedy says, "this is horrible, when Kazuma was in preschool, some kids took his stuffed animal without asking. It caused Kazuma to be very angry and unleashed rage on those kids. Good news was he got his stuffed animal back, the bad news was those kids that took his stuffed animal never came back preschool ever again." Keiji asked, "did he kill them?" Speedy says, "no, he put them in a children's hospital. For the record, his rage even scares Polly." Keiji asked, "how did you guys calm him down?" Speedy says, "we tried to calm him down, but our efforts were in vain. He eventually calm down." Keiji's eyes are wide open and he says, "better hope he doesn't kill Feather." Meanwhile, Jerry sees Kazuma's anger and he smiles. Jerry says, "I knew the boy has evil inside him. I just need to train him to be evil just like I did to his father. Your son is a lot like you Bad Bird. (Evil Laugh)" Meanwhile, Kazuma attacks Feather in pure rage. Feather did a round kick to Kazuma's stomach. Kazuma hits the floor. Kazuma breathes heavy and he says, "this guy is good." Speedy yells, "you need to calm down if you want to defeat him!" Keiji attacks Speedy and he yells, "you should stay focused on the fight Pizza Cat!" Meanwhile, the Catatonic battles the robot. Polly and Guido decide to use the fish blaster. The Catatonic fires the weapon, but the robot uses the sword to deflect the shots. Meanwhile, Kazuma thinks and he says, "Feather, let's finish this fight right now!" Feather says, "as you wish!" Meanwhile, the Catatonic use the fish spear. The Supreme Catatonic uses the finisher move and attacks the robot; however, the robot stabs the Catatonic through the chest and both robots exploded. Speedy yells, "NOOOOO!!" The Big Cheese and Jerry laughs with joy. Keiji uses his slash attack and cut Speedy's Goonie Bird's wings and Speedy hit the ground. Keiji says, "the only person who ever defeated me was Bad Bird. You are no Bad Bird!" Speedy looks at him he gets angry, and Speedy yells, "You right, I'm not Bad Bird. His name was Good Bird. He was my friend. I will honor him by defeating you!" Speedy uses his Ginzu sword power. Speedy yells, "Neko Me Slash!" Keiji dodge the attack. Keiji laughs and he says, "good, but not good enough!" Two voices yell, "Try again Speedy!" Polly and Guido appear and they survive the explosion. Polly and Guido grab Keiji and hold him. Polly and Guido yell, "DO IT!" Speedy uses his Ginzu sword power again and he yells, "Neko Me Slash!" The attack is coming towards Keiji. Polly and Guido at the last minute throw Keiji and they got away from the attack. The attack hits Keiji and exploded. Keiji hits the wall. Keiji says, "You did well. Bad Bird will be proud." Keiji collapses and he's out cold. The Samurai Pizza Cats are exhausted and they collapsed. Meanwhile, Kazuma's sword begins to glow and he gets ready to perform his finisher move. Feather's sword glows also and he gets ready to perform his finisher move. Feather yells, "Thunderbird!" Kazuma yells, "Majin Shinkuu Giri!" The two attacks hit each other causing them to explode. The explosion destroys the entire building and the battle arena. After the smoke clear up, Kazuma and Feather are cover with cuts and bruises. Kazuma says, "Our attacks cancel each other out." Feather nodded, he raises his sword, and he charges. Kazuma charges at Feather. Both of them did a slash attack and their both at opposite sides. Both of them are looking at what’s in front of them. Feather turns his head and looks at Kazuma. Feather says, " matter what choice you make, what if you want to join us or not, you will always be my rival and you have my respect. The next time we meet, I'll be stronger than ever." Feather coughs out blood and he collapsed. Kazuma still standing and he sheathed his sword. Kazuma hears clapping. Kazuma turns around and he sees the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric clapping. The Big Cheese yells, "The winner of the Ninja Prodigy Tournament, Kazuma!" The Big Cheese looks around and he sees the whole place destroyed and empty. The Big Cheese sees the heroes, Keiji, Feather, and the Ninja Crows unconscious. The Big Cheese says, "still you’re the winner." Jerry says, "I remember it like it was yesterday, when I congratulated your father when he was your age. I’m very proud of you. I will train you to be a ninja just like him." Kazuma asked, "Didn't he left you guys, because you and everyone in this organization were incompetent." Jerry says, "yeah, but your mother was the real reason why he left us, magic of the female species. However, once you’re fully train, you will be leader of the clan." Kazuma looks at Jerry and Seymour. Kazuma asked, "Why do you want to train me after what my father did to you?" Jerry says, "Your family has always been Ninja Crows for generations. You must continue the legacy." Kazuma walks up to Jerry and he asked, "Can I think it over?" Jerry says, "go right ahead." Kazuma walks out to think. Kazuma thinks about it for a while and he heads back to Jerry and Seymour. Kazuma says, "I thought about it and I want to be with my family." The Big Cheese is shocked while Jerry is calm. Jerry says, "I'm so disappointed. I’ll have to take you by force." Jerry is going to grab the boy until the boy's eyes. Jerry is shocked and he says, "It's those eyes." The ghost of Good Bird appears behind Kazuma. Jerry gets nervous. The ghost of Good Bird tells Jerry to leave his son alone or else he'll haunt him in his dreams forever. Jerry says, "You win, before I go, if you want to join us let me know." Jerry gives Kazuma the helmet that goes with the uniform. The helmet looks a lot like Bad Bird's but his small size. Kazuma says, "Thank you." Jerry leaves. The Big Cheese gets angry and he literally explodes in anger. Meanwhile, Jerry says, "I sent the Rude Noise to captured Kazuma. I didn't expect them to lose to him. Then, I sabotaged the tournament to make the boy push himself and it worked. However, I saw his father and he's protecting him. Even in death he's watching over his own son. One day, Kazuma will be mine, but for now enjoy your life Kazuma Karamaru Bird Cerviche. When you get older, I will train you to be evil."

Later, Speedy regains consciousness and he sees Kazuma. Kazuma says, "You’re awake." Speedy looks around and he doesn't see the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, or any of the bad guys. Speedy asked, "What happened to the Big Cheese and the others?" Kazuma says, "They're gone and I won the tournament." Speedy is impressed. Speedy says, "Kazuma there is something I need to tell you. I wanted to tell you this when you get older..." Kazuma throws himself into Speedy's arms. Kazuma cries and he says, "you have always been my father! (sob)" Speedy says, "That's okay Kazuma. Don't cry, Daddy's here. Your sister is worried about you." Kazuma still crying and he say, "I miss you so much." Speedy says, "I miss you too. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about your parents. Your parents died saving you, so you can live in peace. Your parents said that they love you." Kazuma says, "(Sob) I love them too. (sob) Daddy, I want to home." Speedy says, "Good Bird, your son has your skills and your honor. Carla, your son has heart. I'm proud of that." Speedy sheds a tear. They embrace tightly. Polly and Guido regain consciousness. Speedy says, "let's go home." The heroes head back home. Later that night, the heroes made it home. Francine is very happy that the heroes return. Aiko cries and she hugs her brother. Aiko says, "I'm glad your back home. I miss you. What did you do for the past few days?" Kazuma says, "I'll tell in the morning. But for now... (yawn)...I need to sleep."

Few days later, Kazuma is wearing his pizza parlor uniform and he's serving customers drinks. Speedy asked, "Kazuma, I need help for a delivery." Kazuma says, "Okay, Daddy." Later, Speedy and Kazuma head out to make a delivery. After they make a delivery, Speedy and Kazuma head back home. Speedy says, "let's go that way." Kazuma says, "Okay." Speedy takes Kazuma to Mt. Coochie. Kazuma says, "This isn't the way home." Speedy says, "You need to see something." When Speedy and Kazuma made it to the top of Mt. Coochie, Speedy and Kazuma see the Supreme Catatonic in Sphinx mode. Speedy points at two stones and he says, "Look over there." Kazuma looks at the two stones. Kazuma takes a real look and saw the two stones are not stones, but two tombstones. Speedy says, "This is your parents resting place." Kazuma see the tombstones. The first one says, "Karamaru Good Bird, Husband, Father, Ninja, and Hero." The second one says, "Carla Okara Crow Bird, Wife, Mother, Kind, and Heroine." Kazuma sheds a tear. Kazuma steps on a block. The block glows and three figures appear. The three figures reveal to be the Great Warrior, Good Bird, and Carla. Good Bird says, "Hi, son." Carla says, "My little Kazuma is a lot like you Birdie." Kazuma cries and he says, "Daddy... (sob)...Mommy." Kazuma throws himself into their arms and they embrace tightly. Kazuma says, "You two died saving me life. (sob)" Good Bird says, "You have grown Kazuma, my little crow." Carla says, "You look a lot like my Birdie." Good Bird says, "Live a good life my son." Carla says, "We'll be watching over you Kazuma." Good Bird and Carla said, "Goodbye Kazuma and we’ll always love you." The Great Warrior says, "You will be a great warrior." Good Bird and Carla disappeared. Kazuma breaks down crying. Speedy puts his hand on top of Kazuma's head and he tries to comfort him. Speedy remembers the day he took Kazuma home from the hospital.


When Kazuma was a baby, Speedy plays horsey with Kazuma. Speedy feeds Kazuma. Speedy says, "Here Comes the Choo-Choo Train. Choo! Choo!" Speedy accidentally eat the applesauce and Speedy eat the whole thing. Later, Speedy gives Kazuma a bath. Later, Speedy puts Kazuma to bed. Speedy reads him a story. Speedy kiss him goodnight and Kazuma went to sleep.

(Flashback Ends)

Kazuma says, "My parents still watches over me. (Sob)" Speedy hugs him and he says, "That’s okay." Kazuma smiles and he says, "I will be Little Tokyo's protector." Speedy says, "I got something for you." Speedy shows Kazuma battle armor. The battle armor looks a lot like Good Bird's but Kazuma's size. Speedy says, "Me, Polly, and the others will train you to be a warrior." Kazuma smiles and he bows to him. Speedy says, "We got to find a birthday gift for Aiko." Kazuma says, "Yeah." Speedy and Kazuma head to the store and they brought a gift for Aiko.

Several days later, today is Aiko's birthday. Speedy gives Aiko a birthday gift. Aiko opens it and she got a sword. Aiko hugs her father. Guido and Francine give Aiko birthday cards. Aiko opens them and she reads the cards. Aiko says, "thank you, Guido and Francine." Aiko takes the money out of the card and she throws the cards in the trash. Al Dente brings the birthday cake. Kazuma gives Aiko, her birthday gifts. The gifts are a dress, a kimono, a sailor school girl uniform, and a crimson diamond necklace. Aiko hugs her brother. Polly gives Aiko a birthday gift is battle armor. The battle armor looks a lot like Polly's but Aiko's size. Aiko hugs her mother. Polly says, "Aiko, Speedy, Kazuma, Guido, Francine, and Al I’m pregnant." Everyone is shock. Aiko asked, "Is it going to be a boy or a girl?" Polly says, "a boy." Kazuma says, "I'm going to have a baby brother. What do you think Dad?" Kazuma turns around and he see Speedy fainted. Kazuma says, "Oh well."

Two months later, Aiko and Kazuma are training to be warriors. Polly is two months pregnant and she's sitting down. Polly yells, "Okay, Aiko try to swing your sword a little bit harder. Since, I'm pregnant I can't show it to you. Speedy help our kids." Speedy says, "Okay." Speedy takes out a wooden sword and he says, "Kazuma try to hit me hard as you can." Kazuma swings the wooden sword so hard that he knock out Speedy. Kazuma asked, "Is he okay?" Polly says, "He is and that was great." Kazuma smiles and he says, "Thank you mommy." Francine shows up and she says, "Al just called and he says that Little Tokyo is under attack." Polly says, "The doctor told me I can't since I'm two months pregnant and Speedy's out cold." Aiko says, "We can do it." Polly asked, "Are you sure?" Kazuma says, "We can do it." Polly says, "You must be with an adult okay. Francine calls the Rescue team and make sure Guido is with them." Francine says, "Okay." Aiko and Kazuma put on their battle armors and they head out. Guido accompanies them. Meanwhile the bad guys are attack the city until three heroes appear. Guido did his introduction by removing his umbrella. Aiko did her introduction by playing her flute just like her mother. Kazuma did his introduction by unsheathed his sword just like his father, Good Bird. Three heroes yell, "WE ARE THE SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!!!" The three heroes battle the bad guys and defeat them easily by using their finisher attack moves. Kazuma, Aiko, and Guido did their pose. Guido does his usual pose. Aiko did her pose just like Polly's pose. Kazuma did his pose just like Good Bird's pose. (GB's victory pose is him flying right over them, flashing his swords.) Kazuma saw a female crow. This female crow is almost like his mother Carla, but she's has a blue ribbon on her pink hair and her outfit is a vermillion kimono with white socks and a yellow and vermillion sandals. She's the same age as Kazuma. Kazuma decides to walk up to her and he says, "Hi." The female crow says, "Hi." Kazuma and the female crow begin to talk to each other. Guido says, "He gets the girl. Good Bird. Carla. You two will be proud of your son." Meanwhile in heaven, Good Bird and Carla are watching over their son. Good Bird says, "That’s my boy!" Carla says, "Kazuma is so cute." Good Bird says, "Our son is a hero." Carla says, "Yes, he is dear. Yes, he is."

The End

Alternate Ending 'Evil Ending'Edit

In a parallel universe (World G 2), Kazuma won the tournament, the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric appear and they congratulated him for winning the tournament. Jerry says, "I remember it like it was yesterday, when I congratulated your father when he was your age. I am very proud of you. I will train you to be a ninja just like him." Kazuma asked, "Didn’t he left you guys, because you and everyone in this organization were incompetent." Jerry says, "yeah, but your mother was the real reason why he left us. Magic of the female species; however, once your fully train, you will be leader of the clan." Kazuma looks at Jerry and Seymour. Kazuma asked, "Why do you want to train after what my father did to you?" Jerry says, "Your family has always been Ninja Crows for generations. You must continue the legacy." Kazuma walks up to Jerry and he asked, "Can I think it over?" Jerry says, "Go right ahead." Kazuma walks out to think. Kazuma thinks about it for a while and he heads back to Jerry and Seymour. Kazuma says, "I thought about it and I decide to join you. I will be a Ninja Crow." The Big Cheese smiles with joy and he celebrated by wearing his cheerleader outfit (with the mini-skirt and the white girls' panty briefs). Jerry smiles and he says, "You made a good decision. Let's go." Kazuma hugs Jerry and he says, "thank you." Jerry patted Kazuma's back. The Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and Kazuma got on the escape plane and they leave. Kazuma is sleeping. Jerry puts Kazuma's head on his lap. Jerry puts his hand on top of a Kazuma's head and he petted him while Kazuma's asleep. Jerry smiles and he says, "Get some rest, when we get to a safe house, I'll get you a room and will begin your training. Seymour." The Big Cheese says, "Yes." Jerry says, "I decide to adopt him to our family." Big Cheese says, "Go right ahead. Is he going to be my son or your son?" Jerry says, "He'll be my grandson and you'll be his father or mother." Big Cheese asked, "What do you mean his mother?" Jerry says, "Because you cross-dress a lot and the boy laughs when you do that." Big Cheese says, "I'll take that as a compliment. I'll be the boy's father or mother." Jerry asked, "why not both?" Seymour says, "Okay."

Several years later, Kazuma returns to Little Tokyo and he's 12 years old and he's Jerry's right hand man and he's third-in-command of the Ninja Crows. Kazuma orders the Ninja Crows to attack the city. The Big Cheese and Jerry Atric shed a tear and they said, "That’s our boy." The Samurai Pizza Cats show up and they defeated the Ninja Crows. Kazuma summons the robot to battle the heroes. Kazuma see Aiko. Aiko gets angry and she takes out her sword. Aiko says, "Hello brother." Kazuma smiles and he says, "Hello sister." Kazuma unsheathes his sword. Kazuma says, "you never disappointment me pussycat." Aiko says, "Same here." The two siblings begin to battle each other.

The End

Alternate Ending 'Neutral Ending'Edit

In a parallel universe (World G 3), Kazuma won the tournament; he Big Cheese and Jerry Atric appear and they congratulated him for winning the tournament. Jerry says, "I remember it like it was yesterday, when I congratulated your father when he was your age. I am very proud of you. I will train you to be a ninja just like him." Kazuma asked, "Didn't he left you guys, because you and everyone in this organization were incompetent." Jerry says, "yeah, but your mother was the real reason why he left us. Magic of the female species; however, once your fully train, you will be leader of the clan." Kazuma looks at Jerry and Seymour. Kazuma asked, "Why do you want to train after what my father did to you?" Jerry says, "Your family has always been Ninja Crows for generations. You must continue the legacy." Kazuma hesitates for a bit and Kazuma says, "Well..." A voice yells, "Hold it!" Kazuma, the Big Cheese, and Jerry Atric turn around and they see Princess Vi, Empress Fredia, and Emperor Fred. Emperor Fred yells, "FREEDDD!!!" Princess Vi yells, "the boy is coming home with us!" Seymour yells, "How did you find us?!" Princess Vi says, "We saw you on T.V. and we hired a cable guy trace the TV signal back to you. And another thing, I banished you and the old crow at Prisoner Island years ago after you guys committed treason against the country. What are you doing here?!" Seymour yells, "I'm the bad guy you Princess Brat, so give up the throne to me now and you won't get hurt!" Princess Vi gets angry and she yells, "You made a big mistake threatening me!" Princess Vi gets ready to charge at Seymour. Seymour secretly takes out a dagger and he gets ready to stab the Princess. Kazuma sees the dagger and he punches the Big Cheese. Kazuma yells, "Don't you dare hurt her!" Jerry Atric grabs Kazuma's arms. Jerry notices that Kazuma is weaken from his fight from Feather Cutter. Princess Vi yells, "Don't you dare hurt that child!" Jerry wraps his arm around Kazuma's neck. Jerry yells, "This child belongs to me!" Princess Vi yells, "Give me the child now!" Kazuma looks at the Princess and he thinks back the time he spent with the Princess. Kazuma asked, "Why did you all come here?" Princess Vi says, "we're here to bring you home." Empress Fredia says, "My Violet has grown attached to you, sweetie." Princess Vi blushed out of embarrassment and she says, "Mom! Shut Up!" Kazuma says, "They came here to save me." Kazuma sheds a tear, and then, he begins to cry. Kazuma yells, "Save Me Princess! Those Bad Men Kidnapped Me! Please Save Me!" Princess Vi says, "don't worry I'll save you." Jerry gets angry and he yells, "This kid is coming with me!" Princess Vi charges at Jerry and she says, "oh no, he's not!" Princess Vi grabs Jerry and she yells, "LET HIM GO NOOWW!" Jerry beads of sweat begin to form on his forehead. Jerry says, <Princess Vi! DAMN YOU!> "You win, take him." Jerry lets the boy go. Princess Vi smiles and she says, "I knew you see things my way, Mommy!" Empress Fredia says, "Right dear." Fredia takes out a bazooka and she fires it at Jerry causing an explosion. Jerry went flying up in the sky. Jerry yells, "I can't believe I lose!" Princess Vi gets down on her knees and she asked, "how about a hug sweetie?" Kazuma gives Princess Vi a hug and he begins to cry. Kazuma says, "thank you for saving me. (Sob)" Princess Vi says, "It's okay, your safe." Kazuma and Princess Vi continue to hug each other. Princess Vi asked, "Do you want to come home with me?" Kazuma calms down and he says, "Yes." Princess Vi and her family take Kazuma back to the palace. During the way home, Princess Vi says, "I thought I never see you again. You're my baby." Kazuma says, "thank you for rescuing me. I'm happy that you care about me."

A few days later, Princess Vi gives Kazuma a room and the place is big. Kazuma notices his sword place is at the sword rack. Princess Vi asked, "do you like your new room?" Kazuma blushed and he says, "I like it." Princess Vi says, "glad you like it. Later today, I'm going to make you part of my family. But first you need to look presentable." She gives him soft slippers to wear, combing his hair, and wrapping him in a green robe with voluminous sleeves (a kimono). Kazuma makes sure he sees his cat collar bell around his neck. Princess Vi says, "you look so cute." Kazuma grabs his sword and he attaches it to his waist belt. Princess Vi says, "the sword is a nice touch." Kazuma and Princess Vi are walking down the hall. Princess Vi says, "You look nice in that outfit." Kazuma says, "Thank you." Princess Vi grabs Kazuma's arm and she looks at him. Princess Vi pulls Kazuma towards her and she hugs him. Kazuma asked, "Are you okay?" Princess Vi looks at Kazuma again and she says, "I'm sorry to hear about your father's death and your mother's as well. You look so much like him." Kazuma says, "Thank you very much." Princess Vi says, "with this kiss you will become a prince and my son. You're my baby and I love you." Princess Vi and Kazuma kiss each other on the lips. Kazuma says, "I love you too mommy. I'll always be your baby." Princess Vi says, "still, you look cute in that outfit, sweetie." Later, Princess Vi crowned Kazuma as the Prince of Little Tokyo. Princess Vi says, "stand up Prince Kazuma." Kazuma says, "Yes." Kazuma rises up and the Council bows to their new Prince.

Years later, Princess Vi became Empress Vi. Prince Kazuma protects the city and he trains everyday with the royal family. When Feather Cutter attacks the city, Prince Kazuma heads out and the two warriors battle each other. When a servant accidentally drops hot tea on Al Dente's son, Ronso Dente, Prince Kazuma yells, "Send him to Prisoner Island!!" Empress Vi cheers and she says, "That's my Kazuma." The guards drag the servant away to Prisoner Island. As for the Samurai Pizza Cats, Speedy, Polly, and Guido are visited by the ghosts of Good Bird and Carla. Good Bird and Carla give Speedy and the others nightmares. Their nightmares are so horrible, Speedy begs for forgiveness for letting Princess Vi adopted Kazuma, but Good Bird and Carla tell Speedy that they’re going to haunt him and the other Pizza Cats in their dreams for the rest of their lives. Good Bird and Carla yell, "We'll NEVER Forgive You!!!" The Samurai Pizza Cats yell, "HELP US!!!"

The End


I always love parallel universe stories and I think the Samurai Pizza Cats should have a story. I want a story about the son of Bad Bird (or Good Bird). This story is where Bad Bird's son is adopted by the Samurai Pizza Cats. The hardest decision was having Bad Bird and Carla die in the story because I like the both of them. One scene where, Polly puts a cat collar bell on Kazuma, that scene was meant to say that Kazuma is part of the Cerviche family and he's now part of Speedy's and Polly's children. The relationship with Aiko and Kazuma is that their brother and sister, unlike the Fan Episodes, I want them to have a sibling relationship. One day I'll have a story about Aiko and Kazuma in the Fan Episodes. Polly wants her children to learn martial arts so she trains them. The scene where Polly puts Aiko and Kazuma in the cupboard, was from a Beatrix Potter book, where a mother puts her children in a cupboard in order to keep them under control, however in this movie, Polly puts them in a cupboard so she and her friends will have a private talk. In Kazuma's dream world Kazuma meets two crows in his dream. The two crows are his father and mother, Good Bird and Carla Crow. Good Bird and Carla visit their son in his sleep. Good Bird and Carla are taking care of their son in the dream world; however, Kazuma has yet to know that the two are his parents. The Big Cheese and his henchmen return to Little Tokyo means the bad guys are back. The idea is for them to return to the village where they first met will step up the story later on. The scene where Jerry mentions Keiji, it's foreshadowing the new villain in this movie and another new villain Feather Cutter. Feather Cutter will be Kazuma's rival. I want a story where Kazuma and Princess Vi meet and Princess Vi (still in love with Bad Bird) figures out that Kazuma is Bad Bird's son. Because if the series would have continue it would be interesting if Princess Vi goes after Bad Bird's children and she tries to be a mother to them. In this movie, Princess Vi becomes a surrogate mother (or a mother figure) to Kazuma. Princess Vi became very nice to him which shocked the council since she never treated anyone kindness before except the baby (from Son of Big Cheese). Kazuma thinks Princess Vi put him in a protection program. When I saw Princess Vi fall in love with Bad Bird and Bad Bird didn't like her, I thought let's have her meet his son, Kazuma, and the two formed a good bond. Unlike his father, Kazuma doesn't have a problem with Princess Vi. Kazuma regard Princess Vi as a good person and he listens to her. Polly and Kazuma's relationship is that Polly is Kazuma's adopted mother. Polly trains Kazuma in martial arts and she treats Kazuma as her son. Polly loves Kazuma. The scene of Jerry Atric looks at the picture and he sees Kazuma. Jerry ordered the Ninja Crows to find Kazuma. Jerry wants to find Kazuma and bring him to the Ninja Crows HQ. Kazuma never takes off his cat collar bell except when he's taking a bath. He takes it off when he's taking a bath. Even when Kazuma wears different outfits he always keeps his cat collar bell on. Jerry Atric becomes a surrogate father (or a father figure) to Kazuma. The flashback scene during the race, the flashback tells about his relationship between him and his adopted mother Polly. Polly trained him in martial arts. In the TV series (I mean the SPC version and the KNT version.) there was never a background story about the Ninja Crows and their training, so in this story I give it a history about them that they train their children to be Ninja Crows at a young age. The people who made the KNT TV series could have explore on the next generation. Kazuma's flashbacks tell about his history living with his adopted family and how he lives his life with them. Each of his flashbacks showed his relationship with Speedy, Polly, Aiko, Guido, and Francine. Jerry Atric begins to figure out that the Samurai Pizza Cats adopted Kazuma. The relationship between Jerry Atric and Kazuma is kind of like Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker. Jerry tries to turn Kazuma evil just like Palpatine did to Anakin and turn Anakin into Darth Vader. The scene where the heroes put on the armor, I wanted to have the KNT version music because the music is better than the SPC version. (No offense.) Keiji respects Bad Bird and he was upset when he left. Kazuma finally finds out that Good Bird and Carla are his parents. At the end of the movie, Kazuma choose to be a hero just like his parents and adopted parents. The Alternate endings are something I came up with. I see movies where films have different endings. Some were good endings and some were bad. The Alternate endings are to see what happens if Kazuma choose a different path. The true ending of this movie is where Kazuma meets the ghost of his parents and he decides to become a hero.

This story mainly forces on Kazuma. In this story poses the question of what would be the best for a child, will he be able to be happy, Kazuma must find a path he can choose.


This is the first movie that takes place in a parallel universe.

Bad Bird and Speedy Cerviche are not brothers.

Speedy's daughter Aiko is born first before Kazuma.

Jerry says, "the last time you said that Bad Bird left us and join the Pizza Cats." Jerry is talking about the The Big Comet Caper incident.

New characters, Keiji and Feather Cutter.

Kazuma never takes off his cat collar bell except when he's taking a bath. He takes it off when he's taking a bath. Even when Kazuma wears different outfits he always keeps his cat collar bell on.

The Rude Noise are minor villains in this movie.

This is the first movie that has Alternate endings.

The real ending of the film is where Kazuma meets the ghosts of his parents at Mt. Coochie. He decides to be a hero just like parents and his adopted parents.