Fan Movie is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats Movie that should be on TV or on the Big Screen. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these films will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this films, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Movie. Samurai Pizza Cats Movie. This film takes place during Fan Episodes page 2. This film hopefully will be an 80 minutes - 120 minutes movie.


The Samurai Pizza Cats, Good Bird, and the Rescue team head to Greece when they heard the Big Cheese and his gang are after some legendary robots that can destroy the heroes. The heroes get help with new friends and they journey through Greece to find and destroy the robots, before Greece and the world are destroyed.

Samurai Pizza Cats Movie (Samurai Pizza Cats vs. the Robot Titans)Edit

At Little Tokyo, Speedy, Polly Good Bird, and Guido are working at the Pizza Cat and Good Bird's Restaurant. Speedy drops the pizza, Polly yells at him for that. Guido tries to flirt with some of the ladies until Francine yells at him to get back to work. Good Bird and Carla are taking the customers' orders. Things are normal at the restaurant.

Meanwhile at the Big Cheese's HQ, the Big Cheese summons Jerry Atric, Bad Bird 2, and the Ninja Crows. The Big Cheese says, "Everyone, pack up your things because were heading to Greece first thing in the morning." Jerry asked, "Why are we going to Greece?" The Big Cheese answered, "I discovered something at an article called, 'Scientist Greatest Inventions.' There is a weapon that caught my eye and I want to get my hands on it." Jerry is wonders what weapon it is and asked, "Can it destroy the Pizza Cats?" The Big Cheese turn around, he look at Jerry, he smiles, and he says, "Yes."

Later, the Big Cheese tells the council and the royal family that he'll be away for a while, because he needs to take care of business. The Princess decides to let him go on 'vacation' if only he brings back some souvenirs from his trip.

Meanwhile, Al Dente thinks the Big Cheese is up to something, so he calls the Pizza Cats, Good Bird, and the Rescue Team about it. The heroes and Al Dente follow the Big Cheese to Greece. When they got there the place is wonderful. The heroes search for the Big Cheese while Al checks in to a hotel. The heroes take their time to explore Greece and they take pictures. Later, Speedy is walking through town until he saw a male owl being chase by Ninja Crows. Speedy rescues the man and he beats up the Ninja Crows. The Ninja Crows retreated. The owl thanks Speedy for saving his life. Speedy asked him why they were after him. The owl asked, "Who are you guys?" Speedy says, "I'm a Samurai Pizza Cat." The owl is shock and surprise. The owl says, "Impossible." Speedy asked, "What do you mean impossible?" The owl says, "Uhh...nothing. Are you here to help me?" Speedy says, "Yeah, that's why I save you from the Ninja Crows." The owl asked, "Where are you staying?" Speedy answered, "At a hotel." The owl says, "Take me there, so I can be safe and I'll tell you what you need to know." Speedy takes the owl to the hotel, but the hotel is broken down hotel and it's cheap. Al shows up and he says, "I forgot my credit card." The Samurai Pizza Cats, Good Bird, the Rescue Team, and the owl are angry at Al.

Later, the heroes and the owl introduce each other. The owl says, "My name is Dr. Bubo. I'm a scientist." The heroes asked him why the Ninja Crows were after him. Dr. Bubo tells them what happened.


Dr. Bubo was working in his lab until a group of Ninja Crows broke into his lab and surrounded him. A black armor crow shows up and with him are an old crow and a kitsune (it means fox) that is wearing a geisha outfit. Dr. Bubo says, "That's one ugly girl." The geisha kitsune asked Dr. Bubo a question. The geisha kitsune asked, "Where are the Robot Titans?" Dr. Bubo is shock and yell, "How did you know about these machines?" The geisha kitsune laugh and says, "I read about them on 'Scientist Greatest Inventions.' That's how I know about them. I want them." Dr. Bubo says, "I really didn't invent those machines you know, it was built by the three late scientists. After they built the robots, the robots killed their creators and almost destroyed this country. You have no idea how dangerous these machines really are." The geisha kitsune orders the black armor crow and the Ninja Crows to rough him up. After a while, Dr. Bubo gave up and tells where to find some of the robot titans. After getting the information, the geisha kitsune kiss the old crow. The old crow screams. Dr. Bubo notices the bad guys are distracted and he was able to escape from them. The geisha kitsune orders the Ninja Crows to get him back so they can find the rest of the robot titans. The Ninja Crows chased after him until Speedy found him.

(Flashback Ends)

After Dr. Bubo finish telling his story, the heroes fell asleep. Dr. Bubo yell, "Did you hear a single word I said?!"

Later after Dr. Bubo told his story again, the heroes realizes the black armor crow was Bad Bird 2, the old crow was Jerry Atric, and the geisha kitsune is none other than the cross dressing kitsune the Big Cheese. The heroes asked Dr. Bubo about the Robot Titans. Dr. Bubo explains that long ago three scientists created the robot titans. The three scientists are Dr. Z, Dr. P, and Dr. H. The three scientists created these machines to take over Greece, but when they finished building these machines. The Robot Titans turn on their creators and killed them. The Robot Titans almost destroyed Greece until a group of heroes challenge these machines. These heroes are the Greece Pizza Cats. The Greece Pizza Cats battle the Robot Titans and manage to stop them, by locking them away into different islands that are close to Greece. The Greece Pizza Cats may have saved Greece, but they all died when they were locking up the most powerful Robot Titan. After telling the heroes the story, the heroes asked Dr. Bubo how he knew so much of the Robot Titans. Dr. Bubo said that he was Dr. Z's lab assistant and he helped the Greece Pizza Cats locked up the most powerful Robot Titan away. Dr. Bubo is trying to atone for helping the three scientists build these machines. Dr. Bubo takes out the pictures of what the Robot Titans look like, their names, and their abilities. The first robots are the three giant scorpions. Al Dente screams like a girl when he saw the first robots. The SPC, GB, the Rescue Team, and Dr. Bubo look at him weird. Al gets embarrassed and he says, "I'm sorry you guys, continue." The next robot is the two-headed dog. Al screams like a girl again. The heroes and Dr. Bubo tell him to shut up or else. Al says, "I'm sorry." The next robot is the harpy. Al screams like a girl again. Polly yell, "that's it Al, you’re going back to Little Tokyo!" Polly drags Al to the airport and throws him in the plane and the plane heads to Little Tokyo. Polly gets back to the hotel and Dr. Bubo continues his briefing. The next robot is Calibos. General Catton screams like a girl. Polly yells, "The next person the screams like a girl will be sleeping outside tonight!" The next robot and the most powerful robot that killed the Greece Pizza Cats is the Kraken. Speedy and the Rescue Team scream when they saw the picture. Polly and the others look at them when he screams. Speedy says, "Come on you guys I didn't scream like a girl."

Later that night the heroes and Dr. Bubo are sleeping while Speedy and the Rescue Team are forced to sleep outside. Speedy says, "I didn't scream like a girl."

Meanwhile, a shadow figure shows up and he says, "I can finally get my revenge."

Meanwhile, the Big Cheese is angry when the Ninja Crows failed to retrieve Dr. Bubo and the Pizza Cats are here in Greece. The Big Cheese orders Jerry Atric to unleashed one of the Robot Titans that they found near an island on the heroes.

The next day, the heroes and Dr. Bubo went to the first island where the first Robot Titan is at. The heroes search around and couldn't find the robot. Speedy says, "Looks like the Big Cheese found it. Let's go to the next island." The heroes were about to leave the island until Bad Bird 2 shows up. Bad Bird 2 tells the heroes that they'll never leave the island and he unleashed the three giant scorpions. The SPC, GB, and the Rescue team battle the three giant scorpions while Dr. Bubo hides. Speedy and GB use their Ginzu sword powers and destroy the first scorpion. Polly and Guido use their finisher attack powers and destroy the second scorpion. The third scorpion manage to escape from the Rescue team and it notice Dr. Bubo and it tried to attack him until a shadow figure shows up and he destroys the scorpion's sting with his sword and weaken the scorpion. The Rescue team combines their weapons and use their finisher attack power and destroy the last scorpion. Bad Bird 2 retreated. The heroes and Dr. Bubo notice the shadow figure. The shadow figure reveals to be a cat. Speedy asked him his name, but Dr. Bubo steps in and says, "His name is Ajax. His brother was member of the Greece Pizza Cats." Ajax says, "My brother was the leader of the Greece Pizza Cats before he and his team were killed by the Kraken. Greek cats always get their revenge." Dr. Bubo tries to tell Ajax that revenge will not bring his brother and his team back and the Kraken is impossible to defeat. Ajax tells the heroes and Dr. Bubo that he heard about three old women that can tell them how to destroy the Kraken. Dr. Bubo asked, "How come I never heard of them?" Ajax says, "They’re hidden in the mountains near our town Dr. Bubo. We're going to the mountains to find them and they'll tell us how to destroy the Kraken."

Meanwhile, the Big Cheese is not very happy that the three giant scorpions failed to destroy the heroes and he literally explodes in anger while Jerry Atric gets caught in the explosion. The Big Cheese orders Bad Bird 2 to use two of the Robot Titans to destroy the heroes. The Big Cheese says, "We're almost near the location of the island where the Kraken is. When we activate the robot, I'll be unstoppable." Meanwhile, the heroes, Dr. Bubo, and Ajax head to the mountains. During the trip, Speedy and Ajax talk to each other. Speedy asked, "How close you were to your brother?" Ajax tells him that he and his brother were close and Ajax dreamed that one day he'll be a member of the Greece Pizza Cats. Later, the heroes made it to the mountains and they began to search for the three old women. After a while, Guido found a cave and he calls the others to meet him there. The heroes got there and they head inside the cave and found the three old women. The three old women called themselves Stygian Three. The heroes, Dr. Bubo, and Ajax notice the Stygian Three are taking turns sharing one eye and one tooth. Speedy and Ajax asked the three about how to defeat the Kraken. The three said, "We’ll tell you after you give us the fat cat." Ajax and Dr. Bubo pointed at General Catton and said, "This fat cat." General Catton is shocked. The three said, "Yes." Ajax and Dr. Bubo hand over General Catton to the three until Speedy steal their eye and forced them to let Catton go and also force them to tell them how to defeat the Kraken. The three tell the heroes that they need to find the robot Medusa. The robot was created by a female scientist named Dr. A. One look at her eyes will be turn to stone and the heroes must cut off the robot's head. The three tells the heroes where to find the robot Medusa. After telling the heroes what they need to know and the three asked for their eye back. Speedy says, "Here" Speedy toss the eye. The eye kept rolling and it fell off the cliff. Speedy says, "Oops." The Stygian Three jump off the cliff to get their eye back and they fell in the black hole and until the Stygian Three were never seen again after they fall. Speedy says, "Let’s go find robot Medusa." The heroes yell, "Yay!" The heroes, Dr. Bubo, and Ajax head to the location where robot Medusa is at. When they got there, the place looks too quiet until a robot two-headed dog shows up. The Rescue team screams (like a bunch of girls) and climb up a tree. Polly asked, "How did that robot got here?" Dr. Bubo says, "I forgot I put it there when was I shut it off years ago. I didn't know this island belong to Medusa. I think Medusa must have activated the robot to protect her." The heroes and Ajax look at Dr. Bubo coldly because of his stupidity. Just when the SPC and GB were about to battle the two-headed dog, Ajax takes out his sword and destroys the two-headed dog and it took him five minutes to do it. The Rescue team yell, "Help! We're stuck in this tree!" The SPC blushed out of embarrassment. Speedy cuts the tree down with his sword and he yells, "Timber!" The tree falls and the Rescue team got injured by the fall. Later, just when the heroes were about to go inside Medusa's lair until Bad Bird 2 found them and unleashed two robots to battle the heroes. The robots are a harpy and Calibos. GB tells Speedy to go ahead while he and the others handle Bad Bird 2 and the two Robot Titans. Speedy went ahead while Ajax went with him. Bad Bird 2 orders three Ninja Crows to go after them. The three Ninja Crows follow Speedy and Ajax to Medusa's lair. Speedy and Ajax look around the place and the place it dark until the fires lit up. One of the Ninja Crows was about to attack Speedy and Ajax from behind until Robot Medusa shows up and turn the Ninja Crow into stone. Speedy, Ajax, and the two Ninja Crows hide from Medusa. Meanwhile, the Rescue team is having trouble battling the harpy, while Polly, GB, and Guido battle Calibos and Bad Bird 2.

Meanwhile, Medusa manages to turn another Ninja Crow into stone while the last Ninja Crow escape from the lair. Ajax looks away from Medusa's eyes. Medusa takes out her arrows and tries to shot him, but Speedy saves his life and they hide from Medusa. Ajax saw Medusa through a mirror. Medusa saw him by the mirror and tried to turn him into stone but it didn't work. Ajax tells Speedy to use the mirror's reflection to see Medusa and she can't turn him into stone. Speedy uses the mirror to see Medusa and he was able to cut off Medusa's head.

Meanwhile, Polly and Guido were able to pin down Calibos giving GB the chance to finish the robot off. GB uses his Ginzu sword power and destroys the robot Cailbos. Bad Bird 2 and the robot harpy retreated. Speedy and Ajax got out of the lair and put Medusa's head in the bag. The heroes, Dr. Bubo, and Ajax head back to Dr. Bubo's and Ajax's home town. While the good guys were heading back, Dr. Bubo wanted to talk to Speedy. Dr. Bubo says, "Remember when we met and I said impossible?" Speedy says, "I barely remember that." Dr. Bubo says, "When I look at your face and you said you’re a Pizza Cat. You remain me of Ajax's brother." Speedy says, "Really." Dr. Bubo says, "Ajax's brother was a lot like you." Speedy asked, "how come Ajax never mentions this to me?" Dr. Bubo says, "He took his brother's death really hard." Speedy says, "Ohh." Meanwhile, the Big Cheese is angry that Bad Bird 2 failed again to destroy the Pizza Cats and he literally explodes in anger while Jerry Atric gets caught in the explosion again. A Ninja Crow shows up and he tells the Big Cheese that they found the Kraken. The Big Cheese smiles and laughs with joy. The Big Cheese and his henchmen head to the island where the Kraken is being held. Meanwhile, the heroes, Dr. Bubo, and Ajax head to the island where the Kraken is at. Dr. Bubo says, "Greece Pizza Cats, if you guys can hear me in the afterlife, we're going to destroy the Kraken, and you guys will finally rest in peace." Later, the good guys made it to the island.

Meanwhile, the bad guys found the robot's lair and they went inside. The Big Cheese orders the Ninja Crows to guard the entrance. The heroes spotted the bad guys and they notice the Ninja Crows are guarding the entrance. The Rescue team tells the heroes that they'll take care of the Ninja Crows. The Rescue team reveal themselves and they battle the Ninja Crows. The heroes, Dr. Bubo, and Ajax went ahead.

Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and his henchmen found a giant cage. The Big Cheese orders his henchmen to open it. The Big Cheese yells, "Activate the Kraken!" The bad guys activate the Kraken. The Kraken awakens. The heroes show up and notice that their too late to stop the bad guys from activating the robot. The Kraken begins to destroy the caves. The good guys and the bad guys got out of the caves unharmed. The Kraken notices a city nearby and it heads to the city. The heroes went after the robot. The Big Cheese orders his henchmen to stop the heroes. Polly, GB, and Guido battle Bad Bird 2, the Ninja Crows, and the robot harpy. Ajax grabs the bag that Medusa's head is in. Just when he was about to pull Medusa's head out of the bag, the robot harpy knocks out Ajax unconscious. Ajax was about to hit the floor until GB saves him. After GB puts Ajax down, GB uses his Ginzu sword power and destroys the robot harpy. Speedy grabs the bag and he confronts the robot Kraken. He takes out the head and shows it to the robot Kraken. The robot Kraken look at it and nothing happens. Speedy wonders why. Polly, GB, and Guido yell, "YOU GOT MEDUSA'S HEAD BACKWARDS YOU IDIOT!" Speedy gets embarrassed and turn Medusa's head the right way. The robot Kraken saw Medusa's eyes and the robot begins to turn to stone. The good guys and the bad guys saw the robot Kraken being turn to stone. Ajax regains consciousness and saw the robot Kraken turn to stone. After, the robot Kraken was turn to stone, it began to crumble into small pieces. The heroes did their pose for their victory, while the Big Cheese got so angry that he literally explodes in anger while his henchmen get caught in the explosion.

Meanwhile, a group of tourist shows up and wanted to take pictures of the heroes. Speedy wave to them, but he accidentally wave Medusa's head at them and turning the tourist into stone. Speedy says, "Oops." Polly, GB, and Guido beat Speedy up because of his stupidity. Speedy threw Medusa's head in the ocean so it can never be seen again. Later, the heroes head back to Dr. Bubo's and Ajax's city. Dr. Bubo and Ajax thank the heroes for helping them destroy the Robot Titans. Ajax says, "Now my brother and the Greece Pizza Cats can finally rest in peace." Speedy asked Dr. Bubo and Ajax what they’re going to do. Dr. Bubo will continue his research for good. Ajax tells the heroes that he's going to create a new generation of the Greece Pizza Cats and he'll be the leader, and he wants Dr. Bubo to be part of the team. Dr. Bubo said he'll be delighted. Ajax says, "It’s going to be a long road ahead of us and we got to recruit more members before we start protecting the city." Dr. Bubo agrees with him. Ajax and Dr. Bubo wave goodbye to the heroes. The heroes head home. While the heroes head to Little Tokyo, Speedy got on the wrong plane and headed to Mexico and the locals wanted his money. Speedy runs away from the locals. Speedy yells, "I wish I had Medusa's head with me!"

The End


The show never give the fans was a movie until I saw The Samurai Pizza Cats Movie. The movie was a retelling of three episodes. I decided to give the fans a movie and this time some events happen after the series and during the Fan Episodes.

I grew up watching the Clash of the Titans (1981 film), when I was a kid. I thought these monsters should battle the Samurai Pizza Cats. I decided to turn the monsters into robots. Another reason I type this Fan Movie because I saw the Pizza Cats went to New York and they visit other Pizza Cats and the show should have them visit other countries and meet other Pizza Cats. The Greece Pizza Cats were the new characters in this story. I decided that the Greece Pizza Cats saved the world, but they sacrifice their lives to save them. Ajax is a Greece name and I wanted him to be the boy trying to avenge his brother's death by the hands of the Titan Robots.

The hard part was getting the Pizza Cats to Greece, well how about that the Big Cheese head to Greece, that would give the Pizza Cats a reason to head to Greece to stop his evil plan. Dr. Bubo was based on a robot owl from Clash of the Titans and he helps the heroes defeat the robot Titans.

At the end of the story I wanted Ajax and Dr. Bubo to be Greece's protectors and Ajax and Dr. Bubo will be looking for new recruits for their team. Ajax and Dr. Bubo will create a new generation of the Greece Pizza Cats.


Inspired by Clash of the Titans.

This is a team story.

New Characters are Ajax, Dr. Bubo, the Greece Pizza Cats, and the robot titans.