Fan Movie is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats Movie that should be on TV or on the Big Screen. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these films will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this films, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Movie. Samurai Pizza Cats Movie.


This is a clip movie with some deleted scenes and lost episodes of the Samurai Pizza Cats hosted by Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny from South Park and John Marston from Red Dead Redemption. The characters from South Park, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Mortal Kombat, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Red Dead Redemption, Dragonball Z, and other characters are going to watch lost episodes, deleted scenes, awards, bloopers and more of the Samurai Pizza Cats.

Samurai Pizza Cats (The Super Clip Show Ultimate Award Spectacular)Edit

"Live from South Park Colorado it’s the Samurai Pizza Cats Super Clip Show Ultimate Award Spectacular. There will be music, lost episodes, deleted scenes, awards for the best episode, character, cross-dressing scenes, villains, and movies, bloopers and the character contests with your host Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick from South Park and John Marston from Red Dead Redemption."

"Hello my name is Stan Marsh", said Stan. "My name is Kyle Broflovski.", said Kyle. "My name is Eric Cartman.", said Cartman. "I'm Kenny McCormick.", said Kenny. The South Park kids hear the gun fire and the person appears at the stage. "Hello my name is John Marston.", said John Marston. The South Park kids said, "Hey Marston." The Crowd is clapping their hands and giving them the applause. Stan said, "Welcome to the Samurai Pizza Cats Super Clip Show Ultimate Award Spectacular." Cartman said, "We built the dimension transporter to transport the Samurai Pizza Cats and their friends to our dimension to make their guest appearances." Kyle said, "In order to do that we will show you some bloopers, lost episodes, deleted scenes from the episodes and movies of the Samurai Pizza Cats, music, the character contest which cartoon characters create and awards for the best episode, character, cross-dressing scenes, villains and movies." Kenny said, "This will be the best night." John Marston said, "Let’s get going and moving." Stan said, "Okay let's show the lost episode which takes place after the Samurai Pizza Cats episode Phony Baloney Cat. The Jumbotron shows the lost episode.

(Lost Episode Starts)

Big Cheese enlists the Rude Noise to impersonate the Rescue Team to ruin their reputations. But the Samurai Pizza Cats foiled the Rude Noise plans and the Big Cheese fails.

(Lost Episode Ends)

After the lost episode was over the South Park kids and John Marston called Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy up to the stage. Stan said, "What is your favorite episode of the Samurai Pizza Cats?" Ed said, "Well I think episode 50 which features the space pirates and aliens." Cartman said, "You haven't seen the deleted scene in episode 438." Kyle yells, "CARTMAN!!" Cartman said, "Show the deleted scenes guys."

(Deleted Scene Starts)

Al was working in his office until he was kidnapped by the guards of light. The guards of light bring Al Dente to the Great Warrior. The Great Warrior puts Al Dente on trial for banishing Speedy, sending the Rescue Team to capture Speedy, and putting the future in peril. The Great Warrior said, "Why did you banish Speedy and change the future where Aiko died of illness and the Big Cheese rules the world and make Speedy go into the darkside." Al said, "I have to banish him." The Great Warrior sentences Al Dente to be imprisoned to the Dark Ice Prison dimension for all eternity. But Al Dente said, "Please give me one more chance." The Great Warrior gives Al Dente the last chance. The Great Warrior said, "If you banish Speedy and let the Cerviche family die then you will be banished to the Dark Ice Prison." The Great Warrior sends Al Dente back home and doesn't banishes Speedy and calls the Rescue Team to not capture Speedy. Al Dente said, "If I banished Speedy Cerviche one more time I am doomed."

(Deleted Scene Ends)

Ash says, "There another deleted scene from episode 438."

(Deleted Scene Starts)

Speedy see Polly and Aiko crying. Meanwhile, Carla and Kazuma are sleeping next GB, (who's in a coma). The Great Warrior observes the events. He uses his magic (since the Great Warrior is still an unknown warrior and his past is unknown) to see things through a big screen TV. He sees things from past, present, and future. He saw what happen if Speedy is banished from Little Tokyo permanent. He see the future (the what if futures) and the outcomes of the future. Al and the other members of the council will be banishing to an isolated island permanent. The Rescue team will be killed along with Polly, Guido, Lucille, Princess Vi and the rest) if Speedy in the future was banished from Little Tokyo permanent. The bad guys capture Guru and they throw him in prison. During in prison, Guru became the prisoners' lady (or Bitch). Also, Little Tokyo is doom. The Big Cheese takes over Little Tokyo. As for Good Bird, the Sundance Kid finishes the job and takes care of Carla next. The Sundance Kid gets ready to get rid of Kazuma until the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric stop him and they take Kazuma in and raise him to be evil. As for the Great Warrior, he'll remain in the Supreme Catatonic and rest at Mt. Coochie forever. Also in the What If Future, the Big Cheese takes over Little Tokyo and he helps the other bad guys from around the world take over. The NYPC and Lucinda would work as slaves. Less than a year, the Big Cheese would become ruler of the world and Supreme Commander, Jerry Atric and the Ninja Crows are his main military force in the planet. The other Cheeses and other villains will serve as his commanders.

The Great Warrior chooses not to help Speedy because he knew Speedy would figure this out. Al and the other members of the council will be banishing to an isolated island permanent.

(Deleted Scene Ends)

After the deleted scene ends Kyle drags Cartman out of the stage outside the studio. Kyle yells, "Cartman You F***head I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU PLAYED THE DELETED SCENE FROM EPISODE 438!!!" Cartman said, "I have to play that deleted scene because it will bring the ratings up." Kyle said, "We told you no but you didn't listen a month ago." (Flashback Starts) Stan said to his friends, "We are about to host the Samurai Pizza Cats Super Clip Show Ultimate Award Spectacular." Cartman said, "Cool I am going to show the deleted scene in episode 432 of the Samurai Pizza Cats." Kyle said, "No Cartman this deleted scene could be full of violence." Kenny said, "This is an F***ing bad idea." Cartman said, "Come on I want to show it." Stan said, "Forget it Cartman we will not let you show the deleted scene of episode 432." Cartman said, "F*** you. We are going to show it and its final." Stan said, "No way Cartman there is no way that you can bring the deleted scene from episode 432 in and that’s final." Kenny was hit by a runaway slow moving trailer. Stan yelled, "Oh My God They Killed Kenny!" Kyle yelled, "YOU BASTARDS!!!" Kenny didn't get killed by the trailer and says that he is okay. Stan said, "Man Kenny I thought you were done for." Kenny said, "It takes more than 1 slow moving trailer to kill me and also you are not showing that stupid deleted scene from episode 432." Kenny, Stan and Kyle left. Cartman said, "Well I am going to show it and that’s final." (Flashback Ends) Stan takes Kyle and Cartman back to the studios and sees the crowd clapping for the deleted scene. Kyle said, "They like it." Cartman said, "Of course they do like it." Kyle was proud of Cartman for playing the deleted scene. Stan is about to announce the winner for the best Samurai Pizza Cats movie. Stan said, "Okay we are about to announce the winner of the best Samurai Pizza Cats movie. Is it the Crow's Legacy, Doom of the Dead, The Rumble with Felines or The Island of the Warrior Women? Kenny will open the envelope and read it." Kenny said, "The winner for the best Samurai Pizza Cats movie is?" Kenny opens the envelope and reads it. Kenny yells, "The Island of the Warrior Women!" Stan said, "Well there you have it the Island of the Warrior Woman is the best Samurai Pizza Cats movie. Do you want more there are some bloopers in the Episodes of the Samurai Pizza Cats? Let’s watch it."

(Bloopers Starts)

The Doom Ship is a balloon and the Pizza Cats destroys it which embarrasses the Big Cheese. Al Dente puts Speedy on trial for eating his vanilla cake not for attempted murder of Good Bird. Al Dente arrests Guido instead of Speedy. The Seven Deadly Warriors got hit by the bus while battling Speedy, Polly and Good Bird. The Big Cheese fell down the trap door to tell Speedy while Speedy was a fugitive. Al Dente orders the Rescue Team to give Speedy a diaper change instead of having him captured. Al Dente arrests himself. The Witch transforms herself into a baby instead of transforming Speedy, Polly, Guido and Good Bird into her pets. Dr. Purple sends the robot named Yellow Poncho but attacks Dr. Purple instead of the Pizza Cats.

(Bloopers Ends)

Everyone who watched the bloopers are laughing. John Marston said, "That was very funny." Sora from Kingdom Hearts come up to the stage and wants to see the lost episode where it features sadness. Kenny McCormick said, "Okay let’s play the lost episode that takes place after episode 407."

(Lost Episode Starts)

Back at New York, Dee-Dee and Cosmo visits The Sundance Kid's wife Lucinda. Lucinda said, "Welcome back New York Pizza Cats. Huh? Where is my husband The Sundance Kid?" Cosmo said, "Well I am afraid that The Sundance Kid is not coming back. He is working for the Ninja Crows. Lucinda yelled, "WHAT!!" Dee-Dee said, "I am so sorry that we can't get him back." Lucinda started to cry and said, "(sob) this is your entire fault Cosmo and Dee-Dee. Now my baby (sob) is going to be born (sob) and now my husband is gone. (Sob) You two get out now. (Sob)" The New York Pizza Cats left. Lucinda is crying hardly and starts shooting the machine gun out of her hairdo. Lucinda can't stop crying and keeps on crying. Later that night, The Sundance Kid returns to his wife. The Sundance Kid said, "Lucinda" Lucinda notices The Sundance Kid and hugs him and kisses him. Lucinda said, "Oh the Sundance Kid you are back and promise me you will never leave me again." The Sundance Kid said, "I came here to say good bye but you must be strong. I hope you could be great for me." Lucinda said, "Sure." The Sundance Kid and Lucinda got to bed and snuggle each other. The Sundance Kid leaves New York and says good bye to Lucinda. While leaving New York, The Sundance Kid says "I hope I have a child so he could be like me."

(Lost Episode Ends)

Everyone who watched the lost episode started crying including the South Park kids. Kyle said while crying, "(sob) this is so sad. (Sob)" Stan said while crying, "(sob) Yeah I know. (Sob)" Cartman said, "This is the lamest lost episode ever." John Marston said, "This episode is not lame it is sad." Kenny said while crying, "(sob) Yeah this is the (sob) most sad lost episode I have (sob) ever watched and now the world (sob) who was watching the sad lost episode is crying. (Sob)" Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. come up to the stage crying and said, "(sob) is there some way (sob) to stop the crying? (Sob)" Carman said, "Well there is some way to stop the crying is some music. Start the music of the rock version of the KNT opening song."

(Song Starts)

Butters Stotch playing the guitar and singing while Token Black plays the drums and Dougie plays the bass: Tadaima kara niji-nijyu-go. Choudo chirasemasu.

Kaze ga PASTEL ni kakenukete yuku kara
Neko harajuusha ni
Machiku tabireteru macha no oishii mise de
Omimi dake piku piku ooh yurushimasu

Kawaii hito to kagonen no naka de
Ude umi nante uso deshou joudan janai yo

Mou EDOROPOLIS juu o hikimashi no ue ni
Yakutataki dakara ne koki kuru kuru
Kureba koi wa yasu kekunai na TOUCH ME DONE

Akireta hito ne atashi ga iru no ni
Yasomi bakari iming
Damatte itemo dakishimeru mono yo
Atashi kazari janai suki na deshou

Sumi dari ba no kishibe no kotaru no
Futari no uzumi tsutsumare itsuma de kou shiteruno

Mou kuzu kuzu ma ni kuchibiru o oyoiga
Shinryou no shinasai koki kuru kuru
Kureba koi wa yasu kekunai na TOUCH ME DONE

Yuko Honto ni ikarikun pon desu yo ne
Ai Sou yo Chokozai nanda kara
Yuko Taku
Ai Otoko te
Both Douyu dobutsu

Demo anata ga shidanante fujiyama no bakuhatasu
Ohisama harakirime koki kuru kuru
Kureba koi wa yasu kekunai na

Kokoro wa itazura de kutsuri keranaide
Hana no iro no youni koki kuru kuru
Kureba koi wa yasu kekunai TOUCH ME DONE

Butters Stotch stops playing the guitar and finished his singing while Token Black finished playing the drums and Dougie finished playing the bass.

(Song Ends)

The crowd stopped crying and claps their hands and applauded them. Stan said, "Well since we are not crying anymore we are ready to play the deleted scene from episode 446."

(Deleted Scene Starts)

The Sundance Kid and Bad Bird 2 are tying up Polly to the 1st stake. They ungagged Polly. Polly yells, "YOU TWO ARE SO DEAD WHEN I GET YOU FOR TYING ME UP!!!" The Sundance Kid gagged Polly with tape while Bad Bird 2 ties up Carla to the 2nd stake. Carla gets ungagged. Carla said, "Birdy will rescue me. When Birdy comes you will be crushed like a caterpillar." Bad Bird 2 gagged Carla with tape while The Sundance Kid ties up Lucille to the 3rd stake. Lucille gets ungagged. Lucille said, "My husband Guido will rescue me. I hope Guido finds me and kills you traitor." The Sundance Kid gagged Lucille with tape which causes Lucille to launch her missiles at Bad Bird 2 and The Sundance Kid which hurts them.

(Deleted Scene Ends)

The Crowd is clapping for the best deleted scene.

Ash and Pikachu comes up to the stage. Ash said, "Are you going to show a sneak peak of the new coming episode of the Samurai Pizza Cats." Pikachu said, "Pika." Kenny said, "Okay we will show you a sneak peak of the future episode."

(Sneak Peak Plays)

The Samurai Pizza Cats celebrated their victory over the death of Jerry Atric. GB said, "This is going to be a big day for us." The Text shows: Coming Soon.

(Sneak Peak Ends)

The Crowd is excited about seeing new episodes of the Samurai Pizza Cats coming out. Stan said, "I didn't know we have the deleted scene." Cartman said, "Let's show some more bloopers."

(Bloopers Starts)

Good Bird throws the bomb sky high but it is a dud. Dozel injects the heroes some steroids instead of the serum which wakes up the heroes and starts killing Dozel. Princess Vi steps on a mouse trap and hurts herself while chasing Speedy, Bat Cat and Bad Max. The Blaokanos Jerry Atric gets run over by the bus. The Sundance Kid shoots his gun it shows the flag said, 'BANG!!' instead of bullets. Bad Bird 2 got the dummy instead of Carla. The Big Cheese shows up naked instead of wearing girls outfit.

(Bloopers Ends)

The Crowd laughs more because of the bloopers. Kyle said, "Okay let’s see our winners for the best cross-dressing scenes. Is it Big Cheese as Foxapatra, Big Cheese wearing the cheerleader outfit, The Rescue Team wearing the cheerleaders outfit, or Big Cheese wearing the Sailor Moon outfit? Cartman will open the envelope and announce the winner." Cartman said, "The winner for the best cross-dressing scene is?" Cartman opens the envelope and reads the letter. Cartman yells, "Big Cheese as Foxapatra!" Stan said, "Big Cheese likes to cross-dress someday." Kyle said, "Let us show you another lost episode."

(Lost Episode Starts)

Episode: Part 1. The Samurai Pizza Warriors, Samurai Pizza Angels, Good Bird, Otama, Bat Cat, Jet Cat, and Guido Anchovy were going to Egypt. Carla and Good Bird think on what to wear at the costume party at the Pizza Cats Restaurant. While in Egypt, Good Bird visits Carla's sister Ketali who is the archaeologist who discovers things in history and put it in the museum. Carla said, "What tomb did you discover?" Ketali said, "The tomb of Foxapatra." Good Bird said, "Wow. Foxapatra's tomb is pretty amazing." Upon entering the tomb they see mummified servants, ancient coffins, dusty old plants, and booby traps which are disabled. The heroes made it to the burial chamber of Foxapatra. Bucky said, "This is the tomb of Foxapatra." Ketali opens the golden ancient coffin of Foxapatra and examined Foxapatra's mummy. Foxapatra was wrapped up in bandages, wearing the crown and holding the scepter and whip on her hands. Ketali said while reading the hieroglyphics, "Foxapatra is the Egyptian Queen of ancient Egypt but after she died she is mummified along with her servants and buried in this tomb." Wally said, "This is a fake." But suddenly the servant mummy come alive and turns off the lights. Everyone screamed after the lights went on. Good Bird notices that Francine, Lucille, Ketali, Carla, Otama, Jacky, Wally and Bat Cat were missing. The mummy of Foxapatra and her servants reveals to be the Big Cheese and the Ninja Crow Clan and they created the trap in the tomb.

(Lost Episode Ends)

Stan said, "Well that’s it for part one. But we will show you part two of the Samurai Pizza Cats right now."

(Lost Episode Starts)

Episode: Part 2. Bucky is angry at the Big Cheese and tells him where is Bat Cat, Wally, Carla, Ketali, Otama, Francine, Jacky, and Lucille is. The Big Cheese said, "Well I ordered my Ninja Crows disguised as their mummified servants and wrapped up your friends in mummy's bandages especially putting natron on them, removing their organs and the brain and after their mummified alive they were put in Egyptian Coffins and they hid them in each chamber. You will never see your friends again. (Evil laughter)" The Ninja Crow Clan attacks but the heroes escaped and begin to search the tomb. Bucky will find his wife Francine, Jet Cat will find his girlfriend Otama, Guido Anchovy will find his wife Lucille and Good Bird will find his sister in law Ketali. Meanwhile in the tomb, Jacky was struggling in his Egyptian Coffin while being wrapped up like a mummy and he notices a sharp thing and cuts out of the mummy's bandages (just like Polly did in episode 31) and got out of his coffin and starts searching for Wally. Jacky saw arrows coming at him and Jacky ducks. Jacky said, "The Big Cheese might have activated the traps while I am captured." Jacky avoided the traps and went to the chamber where Wally is mummified alive and placed in his coffin in the water full of crocodiles. Jacky uses his Deer Tree Trap of Punishment to create the bridge to cross the water. Jacky got Wally out of his coffin and unwrap him and escapes the tomb. Wally said, "Thanks Jacky I owe you one." Meanwhile, Guido found Lucille mummified alive and placed in her coffin next to the Jackal Robot Guard. Guido destroys the Jackal Robot Guard and got Lucille out of her coffin and unwrap her. Lucille said, "Guido you saved me." Guido said, "It’s my pleasure."

(Lost Episode Ends)

John Marston said, "Okay folk that’s the end of the second one and here comes the third one."

(Lost Episode Starts)

Episode: Part 3. While in the tomb Jet Cat found Otama mummified alive and placed in her coffin where the poisonous snakes surrounds her. Jet Cat plays the flute which charms the snakes and puts them to sleep. Jet Cat got Otama out of her coffin and unwrap her. Otama said, "Jet Cat you are my hero." Jet Cat and Otama got out of the snake chamber without getting poisoned. Wally and Jacky found Bat Cat mummified alive and placed in his coffin where the Horus Robot Guard protects. Jacky and Wally destroyed the Horus Robot Guard and got Bat Cat out of his coffin. They got the mummy bandages off of him. Bat Cat thanks Jacky and Wally for saving him. Bucky found Francine mummified alive and placed in the coffin. Bucky got Francine out of her coffin. Francine said while her mouth is in mummy's bandages, "Mmmphmmmph." Bucky got the mummy's bandages off of Francine’s mouth. Francine yelled, "ITS A TRAP!!!" Suddenly the chamber is sealed and the spiked ceiling is coming down. Bucky frees Francine and they need to find a way out of that trap. Francine noticed that there is a secret passage way and they both escaped the trap alive. Bucky said, "Well that was a close one." Meanwhile, Otama and Jet Cat encountered the Egyptian Fox Princess named Foxapatra XV. Foxapatra XV said, "I will help you escort you both out of the tomb." Jet Cat and Otama agrees. But when they get there they notice that there was the trap called quick sand. Otama and Jet Cat were sinking until they notice that Foxapatra XV was really Seymour Cream Cheese. Otama and Jet Cat found a way to get out of the quick sand by finding the secret passage way and escapes. Otama and Jet Cat found Bat Cat, Wally and Jacky and decided to help them rescue there friends.

(Lost Episode Ends)

Kenny said, "Now let’s make it four times the charm."

(Lost Episode Starts)

Episode: Part 4. Good Bird found Ketali mummified alive and placed in her coffin where it was guarded by the Foxapatra Robot Statue. Good Bird destroys the Foxapatra Robot Statue and got Ketali out of her coffin and frees her. Ketali said, "Now that was a close one." Good Bird reunited his friends that they found in the tomb and went to search for Carla. Carla was located in the main burial chamber. Once they entered they main burial chamber they found Carla mummified alive and placed in her special golden coffin that needed the key. Good Bird notices the Big Cheese and Seymour Cream Cheese has the key that was inside the Sphinx Robot. The heroes defeated the Sphinx Robot and got the key and unlocked the coffin. Good Bird got Carla out of the coffin and frees her. Carla said, "Birdy you saved me." Good Bird said, "It’s payback time." The heroes mummify the Big Cheese, Seymour Cream Cheese and the Ninja Crow Clan alive and placed them in their Egyptian Coffins and ship them off to Prisoner Island to be there for a long time. Carla and Good Bird decided to dress up as Egyptian mummies for the costume party. Carla and Good Bird said good bye to Ketali while she is going to Atlantis to find historical objects and put them in the museum. At the Pizza Cats Restaurant costume party, Speedy and Polly sees Good Bird and Carla wearing the mummy's bandages, an Egyptian Skirt and the Egyptian headdress. Speedy said, "What are you guys dressed up as." Good Bird said, "Me and Carla were dressed up as Egyptian mummies for the costume party." Speedy and Polly dressed up as the Poppy Bro. Sr. from Kirby for the costume party. They have fun and Good Bird decided that they should go world vacations some times on vacation week.

(Lost Episode Ends)

The crowd was cheering for the longest lost episodes ever. Cartman said, "Well that was the four part episode and it was long." Kenny said, "Let’s check the award for the best episode. Is it episode 31, episode 432, episode 100 or episode 308?" Stan opens the envelope and said, "The winner for the best episode is?" Stan yells, "EPISODE 31!!!!!!" Kenny said, "Well what do you know episode 31 includes the Pizza Cats going to Egypt." John Marston said, "Let's show the deleted scene of episode 31 which is the best episode."

(Deleted Scene Starts)

The Big Cheese is making fake invitations at Egypt. Jerry Atric said, "What is the plan?" The Big Cheese said, "Well I am going to disguise myself as Foxapatra and going to use my Ninja Crows to mummify the Pizza Cats alive and place them in their Egyptian Coffins. After the Pizza Cats were placed in their coffins then we will bury them in their tombs. After the Pizza Cats were buried I will rule Tokyo and Egypt with an iron fist." Jerry agrees with the Big Cheese's plan and Jerry Atric left Egypt.

(Deleted Scene Ends)

The crowd claps their hands for the deleted scene. Stan said, "Now it’s time to award the best character." Cartman said, "Who will win for the best character award? Is it Guido Anchovy, Good Bird, The Sundance Kid or Speedy Cerviche?" John Marston opens the envelope and reads it. John Marston said, "The winner for the best character award is?" John Marston yells, "SPEEDY CERVICHE!!!!" Kenny said, "Oh wow. Speedy wins." Kyle said, "Then the award for the best villain." Kenny said, "Who will win for the best villain award? Is it Dozel, Big Cheese, Drake Slasher or the Seven Deadly Warriors?" Cartman opens the envelope and reads it. Cartman said, "The winner for the best villain award is?" Cartman yells, "Big Cheese!!!!" The people were clapping for the winners of the award. Stan said, "Now it is time for the character creation contests." The contest starts. Kyle said, "There is going to be a contest where cartoon characters create their own Samurai Pizza Cats characters to be part of the Rescue Team to replace Koga the crow." Kenny said, "The first one is Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z." Vegeta comes up and said, "My character is Duckfire he is a duck and the most powerful Rescue Team member who will assist the Samurai Pizza Cats." Stan said, "Good." Kenny said, "Next is Cartman." Cartman said, "My character is Big F***face Cow Poopy Pants he is a cow and very funny that the Ninja Crow Clan will laugh themselves to death." Kyle said, "That character is stupid Cartman." Cartman said, "It’s not stupid Kyle." Kyle and Cartman got into an argument. Kenny said, "Next is Johnny Cage." Johnny Cage comes up and said, "My character is Cool Jack he is a penguin and could assist the Samurai Pizza Cats and he drives his very awesome motor cycle." John Marston said, "That was awesome." Kenny said, "Last is Harold MacDougal." Harold MacDougal comes up and said, "My character is Dr. Scorno he is a scorpion who is very smart and poisons bad guys to make the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies gain an upper hand." Kenny said, "Wow." Stan said, "Okay people we need to check the winner after the music. Let’s start the song called "‘The Samurai Pizza Cats and their Allies are Great’" you guys."

(Song Starts)

John Marston: The Cats are delivering pizza and fighting crime.

Cartman: The Samurai Pizza Cats has a great virtue.

Kyle: The Pizza Cats will never give up because they have allies.

Stan: Great powers they obtained and never gave up.

Kenny: They help the people who are in need.

All: They are very strong and never give up and they protect the innocent lives of Little Tokyo.

Stan and Kyle: The Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies have children and they trained them to become the new heroes.

Kenny and Cartman: They were so strong and they were powerful.

John Marston: They save the day and became stronger and powerful.

All: And that’s why they are heroes who battle for peace and love.

Stan: They have great powers and all.

Kyle: They are very powerful.

All: That’s why they should never give up and started to get strong and protect the world from evil and save the day.

John Marston and Stan: That’s why they were strong.

Kenny: That’s why they were strong.

Cartman and Kyle: That’s why they were strong.

All: The world loves the Pizza Cats because they were strong and powerful.

Stan: That why they were powerful and strong.

(Song Ends)

The crowd was cheering for the song they just sang. Stan said, "Okay let’s check the percentage and see what character won and will appear in the future episodes as the Samurai Pizza Cats allies." Kyle checked the scores. Kyle said, "Duckfire percent is 51%, Big F***face Cow Poopy Pants percent is 1%, Cool Jack percent is 29% and Dr. Scorno percent is 19%." Stan, "There you have it folks the winner is Duckfire which means he will appear in the future episodes of the Samurai Pizza Cats as Koga's replacement." Cartman yelled, "What?!!!" Cartman said, "No way." Kyle said, "Your character sucks Cartman." Cartman said, "Screw you f***heads." The Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies made it to the dimension and said hi to everyone. The Pizza Cats says their good byes and good luck to everyone. The crowd was happy that the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies came. The stage light falls on Kenny and kills him. Stan yelled, "OH MY GOSH THAT STAGELIGHT KILLS KENNY!!!!" Kyle yells, "YOU BASTARDS!!!!!" John Marston said, "Thank you for watching the Samurai Pizza Cats Super Clip Show Ultimate Award Spectacular." All on the stage yelled, "GOOD NIGH EVERYBODY!!!!!"

The Credits shows pictures of the Samurai Pizza Cats fighting the Seven Deadly Warriors, Drake Slasher and the Ninja Crow Clan. There are more pictures of the Pizza Cats and their friends.

After the credits, the residents of South Park went home to go to bed. Stan said, "This is the awesome night folks so good night guys." Cartman said, "Good night stupid Jew." Kyle said, "In the morning Cartman. Stan and I are going to talk to about your stupid ideas." Cartman asked, "What?"

The End


This is a special movie.


This story takes place during Fan Episodes page 15 and Fan Episodes page 16.

The first lost episode takes place in Fan Episodes page 1.

The second lost episode takes place in Fan Episodes page 9.

The third lost episode has four parts and it takes place in Fan Episodes page 16.