Fan Movie is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats Movie that should be on TV or on the Big Screen. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these films will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this films, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Movie. Samurai Pizza Cats Movie. It takes place during Fan Episodes page 14.


Its Christmas time, Speedy and the others get ready for Christmas. Meanwhile at Prisoner Island, the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, the Sundance Kid, and a group of Ninja Crows plan to ruin Christmas. With the help of Dr. Purple and the others, they begin to ruin Christmas for everyone. The heroes will have to deal with things they never expect. Can our heroes save Christmas?

Samurai Pizza Cats (Samurai Christmas Holiday)Edit

It's December 1 and everyone in Little Tokyo are out Christmas shopping. Meanwhile, Speedy and Guido are out looking for a Christmas tree. Speedy and Guido saw how much to buy a tree and it says, 8000 yen. Guido says, "We should buy an artificial Christmas tree, Speedy." Speedy yells, "I'm not giving up Guido! We're going to get a Christmas tree and that's final!" Guido asked, "How are we going to buy one?" Speedy says, "I got an idea!" Later, Speedy and Guido went to the countryside and they use their swords to cut down a tree. Speedy says, "I told you I'll get us a Christmas tree." Guido asked, "How are we going to get it back to the restaurant? We don't have a car and we'll three miles away from the city!" Speedy says, "I didn't thought about that." Speedy and Guido have to carry the Christmas tree back home. Meanwhile, Polly, Good Bird, Carla, and Francine are working at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Polly says, "Aiko wants a katana and a doll for Christmas. My son, Guido, wants toys." Carla says, "Same here." Francine says, "My child hasn't decided yet." Later, Speedy and Guido show up with the Christmas tree. Speedy and Guido are covered with tree sap and pine needles. Speedy and Guido are so exhausted that the two collapsed. Later, Polly and the others begin to decorate the tree. Meanwhile at the palace, Princess Vi announces to everyone that she'll be throwing a Christmas Party at the palace. Emperor Fred and Empress Frieda are excited about it.

The next day, Speedy and the others get ready to work at the restaurant. Polly asked, "Who's going to do the Christmas shopping?" Speedy says, "I will." Guido says, "No, I will." Speedy and Guido begin to argue who's going to do the Christmas shopping. Lucille and her daughter, Pururun saw Speedy and Guido arguing and they cry and launch homing missiles at Speedy and Guido. After the smoke cleared up, Speedy and Guido are down. Polly yells, "After work, you two will go out to do the Christmas shopping!" Later, Speedy and Guido go to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. However, Speedy and Guido never got a chance to find any gifts, because everything is sold out. Speedy and Guido blame each other and yell, "This is your entire fault!" Meanwhile at Prisoner Island, the Ninja Crows are decorating the Christmas tree and they begin to sing Christmas carols. The Big Cheese says, "Christmas in Prisoner Island! Bah! Humbug!" Jerry Atric says, "Come on Seymour, have a little Christmas spirit." The Sundance Kid says, "Don't be a Scrooge, have fun Seymour." Seymour gets angry and he says, "Look at us, we at Prisoner Island while everyone is at home celebrating Christmas home." Jerry says, "Prisoner Island is a tropical paradise and it's a great place to celebrate Christmas." Seymour yells, "That's not the point! I want to celebrate Christmas at a palace!" Jerry says, "I'll tell you what. We'll come up with a plan to conquer Little Tokyo, consider this as a Christmas present." Later at Ninja Tech Industries, Dr. Purple, Bad Bird 2, Cailen Crow, and the Ninja Crows are decorating the Christmas tree. Dr. Purple hears a phone call ringing and he picks it up. Dr. Purple says, "Hello." A voice says, "Hello, it's me Jerry Atric. I have a proposition for you." Dr. Purple says, "I'm lessoning."

Three days later, Speedy and Guido finally found some stores to do their Christmas shopping. Speedy and Guido only found gifts for their wives, but not their children. Meanwhile, the bad guys are building three robots. Dr. Purple says, "My robot will can turn toys into weapons." Jerry Atric says, "My robot can be able to conduct electricity rubbing his feet on the floor and it touches someone, the victim will be shock by 50,000 volts." The Big Cheese says, "Me and the Sundance Kid build this robot." The Sundance Kid and the Ninja Crows present to them a robot. The Big Cheese says, "This robot has two weapons, a revolver gun and a Niuweidao, a perfect killing machine." The bad guys look at their three robots with amazement. The Big Cheese says, "Well call them the Three King Robots!" Meanwhile, Speedy and Guido head back to the restaurant and they hide their wives' presents underneath the bed. Polly and Lucille give Speedy and Guido a list of gifts they need to but for their friends. Speedy and Guido yell, "WHAT?!" Later, Speedy talks to Good Bird. Speedy asked, "Do you got started on your Christmas shopping yet?" Good Bird says, "I'm done." Speedy yells, "Your what?!" Good Bird says, "I finished my Christmas shopping and I got everyone a gift." Speedy asked, "When did you do it?" Good Bird says, "On Black Friday after Thanksgiving. You haven't finished yours?" Speedy is embarrassed to answer his question. Good Bird says, "You only got nineteen days to finish shopping before Christmas Day." Speedy says, "I know, it's just not that easy Birdie." Good Bird says, "I got an idea. Go to the internet; look at eBay and to go shopping there. It will be easy, but make sure you read the prices carefully and read how long it would take for your order to get here." Speedy says, "I'll try it."

The next day, Speedy goes to the internet to do his Christmas shopping there. He sees all the stuff in the internet, but he doesn't have a credit card with to order it. Later, Speedy asked Polly to borrow her credit card to do some Christmas shopping. Polly gives him the credit card and she tells him not to buy anything expensive. Polly says, "If you buy anything that is so expensive and can't afford to buy it." Polly punches through the wall. "That will happen," Polly says. Later, Speedy gets in the internet to do some Christmas shopping, but he forgot to ask his daughter and his friends what they want for Christmas. Later, Speedy heads to his daughter's room to see if Aiko is in her room or not. Speedy see his daughter writing a letter for Santa. After Aiko finishes her letter, she went to bed. Speedy walks inside the room quietly to look at the letter. Speedy reads and it and he says, "Okay," Later, Speedy tries to figure out what his friends want for Christmas. Speedy asked his friends what they want for Christmas. They give him a list of things they want for Christmas. Later, Speedy went back to the internet to do his Christmas shopping. He got almost everyone on the list except Guido. Speedy found a Guido's gift, but it's on auction section and the bidding is 20,000 yen. Speedy kept bidding until it reaches 100,000 yen while someone else bid 150,000 yen. Speedy was about to bid again until he remembers what Polly said to him. Polly yells, "If you buy anything that is so expensive and can't afford to buy it." Polly punches through the wall. "That will happen!" Polly says. Speedy stopped bidding and he let someone else won the bidding. Speedy says, "I'm sorry I didn't get you anything Guido."

Three days later, Speedy is still on the internet looking for a gift for Guido and found nothing. Speedy says, "I found a gift for Polly, my daughter, my son, and most of my friends a gift except Guido. Why is it so hard?" Meanwhile, Dr. Purple unleashes his robot on Little Tokyo. The robot begins to turn toys into weapons. The toys begin to attack the city. Later, Al Dente calls the heroes about this and they head out. (The KNT version music plays at the background.) The heroes put on their fighting armors and they head out. Later, the robot and the toys continue attacking the city until Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird show up. The heroes did their introduction. Spotlight is on GB and he says, "You better watch out." GB unsheathes sword and says, "GB is here to give you guys a beaten!" Spotlight is on Guido, who's holding the Sunspot Umbrella. Guido says, "You guys are nothing but bunch of scrooges ruining Christmas." He moves the Umbrella away from his face and says, "You’re going to wish you have coal instead." Spotlight is on Polly, who is finishing playing her flute. Polly says, "The bold and beautiful Polly Esther here. My passion power will win the day!" She blows a kiss and says, "Love ya!" Spotlight is on Speedy. Speedy says, "Ho! Ho! Ho! Speedy Cerviche here! We are…" Spotlight of all of the four heroes and they yell, "SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!" Dr. Purple orders his Ninja Crows to attack. GB takes out several Ninja Crows with his martial arts skills. Guido uses his sunspot umbrella to knock out several Ninja Crows. Polly uses her scratch attack on several Ninja Crows. Speedy fights Dr. Purple in a sword fight. Dr. Purple yells, "Bad Bird 2! Cailen Crow! Help me!" Bad Bird 2 and Cailen Crow rush to help Dr. Purple, but Polly, Guido, and GB stop them. Speedy manages to defeat Dr. Purple with a kick to the stomach. Dr. Purple hits the floor. Speedy gets ready to fight the robot. The robot orders the toys to attack Speedy. Speedy uses his cat collar bell to call for help. Francine sends the Samurai Pizza Warriors to help them out. Bucky, Jacky, and Wally put on their fighting armors and they head out. Later, the Samurai Pizza Warriors arrive to the battlefield to help the heroes. The Samurai Pizza Warriors did their introduction. Bucky says, "I'm Bucky!" He made a perfect landing with a high speed jet pack and raises his ice sword. Jacky says, "I'm his brother, Jacky!" He run and jumps and made a perfect landing with a bow and arrow. Wally says, "Beware of sushi warrior, Wally!" He uses his water canon to fly up in the air and propellers down to the ground by using nunchucks. All Three Boys yell, "Samurai Pizza Warriors!!!" The Samurai Pizza Warriors battle the toys. Speedy and the robot battle each other. The robot uses exploding marbles on Speedy. Speedy tries to avoid them (in a comical way). Speedy tries to get closer, but the robot is too quick for him. The Samurai Pizza Warriors destroyed all of the toys and they help Speedy fight the robot. The Samurai Pizza Warriors use their Spiritual Hyper Mode to take on the robot. The Samurai Pizza Warriors were able to damage the robot and they use their finisher attack moves. Bucky yells, "Deer Ice Storm Blast!" Jacky yells, "Deer Tree Trap of Punishment!" Wally yells, "Water Tornado of Ram!" The attacks destroy the robot. The Samurai Pizza Warriors did their pose. Bad Bird 2 and Cailen Crow saw the robot defeated and they grab Dr. Purple and retreated. Later, the Big Cheese and the others heard that Dr. Purple failed. The Big Cheese says, "We got two robots left to defeat those Pizza Cats and take over the city. We got 16 days left before Christmas."

The next day, Princess Vi made sure that the workers get everything ready for the Christmas Party at the palace or else she'll send them to Prisoner Island. Meanwhile, Speedy continues to find Guido a Christmas present. Meanwhile, the Sundance Kid saw Speedy and he spies on Speedy. Speedy says, "If I don't find Guido a gift, he'll think I'm a horrible friend." The Sundance Kid overhears this and he smiles.

A week later, Speedy hasn't found a Christmas present for Guido. Speedy says, "Only 8 days until Christmas and I haven't yet found Guido a gift." Meanwhile, Guido tells Polly that he finished his Christmas shopping. Meanwhile, Jerry Atric unleashes his robot on Little Tokyo. The robot begins to shock people with its 50,000 volts. Later, Al Dente calls the heroes and tells them about the robot's attack. (The KNT version music plays at the background.) The heroes put on their fighting armors and they head out. Later, the robot continues its attack until the heroes show up. The heroes did their introduction. Spotlight is on GB and he says, "I think you better run now." GB unsheathes sword and says, "GB is here!" Spotlight is on Guido, who's holding the Sunspot Umbrella. Guido says, "I love the holidays." He moves the Umbrella away from his face and says, "Especially Christmas." Spotlight is on Polly, who is finishing playing her flute. Polly says, "Polly Esther is here." She blows a kiss and says, "Love ya!" Spotlight is on Speedy. Speedy says, "Speedy Cerviche here! We're..." Spotlight of all of the four heroes and they yell, "SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!" Jerry orders his Ninja Crows to attack. GB jump kicks a few Ninja Crows. Guido does some of his boxing moves on a few Ninja Crows. Polly does a slash attack on a few Ninja Crows. Speedy throws a few Ninja Crows with jujitsu throwing techniques. Speedy confronts the robot. The robot grabs Speedy and uses its 50,000 volts on Speedy. Speedy is shocked. Polly and the others yell, "SPEEDY!!!" Speedy uses his cat collar bell to call for help before he went unconscious. Francine calls Lucille and Carla to help out. Francine, Carla, and Lucille put on their fighting armors and they head out. Later Francine and the others made it to the battlefield and they did their introduction. Carla says, "I'm a warrior and a wife, Carla!" She spins her Bo staff and she winks her eye. Lucille says, "Surrender now..." She uses her fan to block her face until she moves it away from her face. "Or you'll have to face me, Lucille!" said Lucille. Francine's intro pops out wrist swords and crosses them. "No one messes with my friends while me, Francine is around!" All Three Girls yell, "Samurai Pizza Angels!!!" The Samurai Pizza Angels got Speedy to safety and they fight the robot. The robot tries to use its 50,000 volts, but the Samurai Pizza Angels reflect the attack on it. The robot got hit by its own attack. The Samurai Pizza Angels use their Spiritual Hyper Mode to take on the robot. The Samurai Pizza Angels use their finisher attack moves. Carla's finisher move is her Bo staff has a hidden sword inside. Carla yells, "Talon Slash!" Lucille's finisher move is her big missile that comes out of her sword. Lucille yells, "Ultimate Missile Blast!" Francine's finisher move is her wrist swords start glowing green and she crosses her arms. Francine yells, "Jade Dragon Fire-GO!" She swings her arms out creating an arc of green energy and she unleashes it on the enemies. The three finisher attacks destroy the robot. The Samurai Pizza Angels did their pose. Later, Polly checks on Speedy to see if he's okay. Guido says, "Speedy is okay, he needs medical attention." The heroes take Speedy back to the restaurant to treat his wounds. Meanwhile, Jerry gets angry that his robot lost. Later, the Sundance Kid tells the Big Cheese that he has an idea that will help the robot win the fight.

Two days later, Speedy regains consciousness. Speedy notices that he's covered in bandages. Speedy wonders how long he's been out cold. Polly shows up and she tells him that he's been out for two days. Speedy yells, "WHAT?! I GOT TO GO!" Polly stops Speedy from leaving the bed room. Polly yells, "What's got into you?!" Speedy yells, "I haven't found a gift for Guido!" Polly is confused and she asked him about it. Speedy tells her that he spends a few weeks looking for a gift for Guido and found nothing. Speedy also tells her that Guido will think he's not a good friend if he doesn't find him a gift. Polly thinks Speedy is overdoing it and she tells him that Guido and him are always been friends. Polly tells him to get some rest so he can recover. Speedy lay down. Meanwhile, the Sundance Kid and the Big Cheese tell the Ninja Crows to attack on Christmas Eve at Princess Vi's Christmas Eve Party. The Ninja Crows understood their leaders' plan. At Christmas Eve morning, everyone in Little Tokyo do their last minute Christmas shopping. Meanwhile, Speedy continues his Christmas Shopping, but failed again. Later, Polly and the others get ready for Princess Vi's Christmas Eve Party at the palace. Later, Speedy shows up. Polly yells, "Speedy put on something decent! We got a Christmas Eve Party to go to!" Speedy put on a decent male kimono for the party. Later, the heroes wear decent kimonos and they head to the palace for the Christmas Eve Party. Later, the heroes made it to the palace for the party. The Samurai Pizza Cats, Good Bird, the Samurai Pizza Angels, the Samurai Pizza Warriors, the children, and the Rescue team begin to have fun at the party. The children get to play at the game room, GB and Guido join them and they play first person shooter games, third person shooter games, action-adventure games, and fighting games. Polly and the girls are talking. Speedy is worry that he didn't find Guido a gift for Christmas. Later, the Big Cheese, the Sundance Kid, a group of Ninja Crows, and the robot are outside the palace. The Big Cheese says, "Everyone take your position and wait for my signal." The Sundance Kid and the others nodded. Later, everyone at the party is having a great time. Princess Vi and her family show up. Princess Vi is happy that her party is going well. Suddenly, a red sleigh appears and reveals to be Santa Claus and his elf (Which is really the Big Cheese and the Sundance Kid in disguise). Speedy and the others saw right through their disguises. Santa Big Cheese unleashes his robot at the party. The robot and a group of Ninja Crows crash the party and they begin to steal the Christmas presents. Speedy and the others put on their fighting armors and they get ready to fight. All of the heroes did their introduction. All of the heroes yell, "SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!!!" The Rescue team battle, the Samurai Pizza Angels, and the Samurai Pizza Warriors battle the Ninja Crows. The Sundance Kid takes out a bomb that will destroy the palace. The Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows yell, "DON'T ACTIVE THE BOMB YET SUNDANCE KID!!!" The Big Cheese kicks the Sundance Kid out of the sleigh. The Sundance Kid fell ten feet until he lands on the group. He landed on his face. The Big Cheese leaves with the stolen Christmas presents. The Big Cheese yells, "If you all want the Christmas presents back make me the Emperor!" The Big Cheese flies away. The Sundance Kid see Polly and he found himself looking into a pair of raging blue eyes, belonging to the feisty redheaded female Pizza Cat, Polly Esther Cerviche. She shouted, "SUNDANCE KID, YOU LOUSY LITTLE IMP! I'M GONNA BOOT YOUR SORRY ASS INTO ORBIT FOR THIS CAPER!" Sundance Kid said, "Hey, Pol…I've got an idea…how about I give you the perfect present, as in a better husband than the little goofball you're married to. He's beneath you, and doesn't even deserve to look at someone as beautiful as you are." Polly growled, "That's it…nobody ruins Christmas, and NOBODY INSULTS SPEEDY AROUND ME! WHAT DO YOU WANT ON YOUR TOMBSTONE?" Polly pulled out her flute and kodachi, and the pink swirl of energy flowed around her, eventually engulfing her flute and sword. She called out, "HEARTBREAKER!" The blast hit Sundance, and sent him flying and he landed on the Big Cheese's sleigh. The Ninja Crows and the robot retreat. The heroes chase after the Big Cheese and his gang to recover the Christmas presents. Later, the bad guys are hiding out at an apartment building. Speedy and the others found them. The Rescue team, the Samurai Pizza Angels, and the Samurai Pizza Warriors tell Speedy and the others that they'll handle the Ninja Crows. Speedy and the others enter the apartment building. Speedy and the others encounter a group of Ninja Crows and the Sundance Kid. Speedy was about to take a step forward, when a ton of Ninja Crows jumped out, along with Sundance. Speedy said, "Out of the way, Sundance! Don't make me any angrier than I already am…unless you wanna find out what my Cat's Eye Slash can do!" Sundance replied, "Shut up, you pint-sized little twerp. I'm surprised Polly can stand you, let alone love you." Guido said, "Hey…you insult my buddy once more, and I'm gonna make a pretzel out of you, got it?" Sundance answered, "You call him your buddy? That's funny…I seem to recall that you've used some less endearing terms to describe him…let's see. 'Neo-Fascist feline.', 'Couldn't pound the fuzz off a pussy willow', not to mention that you used to beat him up to get a delivery to Lucille, and you've yanked stools out from under him, and made him hurt himself. Some friend you are!" Guido thought to himself, "Wow…did I REALLY do all that? I've really done some horrible things to poor Speedy…I've got to make it up to him somehow…" Sundance turned to Speedy, and said, "Now then…Speedy Cerviche…I still owe you for the last time we met. You're gonna pay for embarrassing me, you pint-sized loser!" Guido called out, "SHUT UP, SUNDANCE! SPEEDY AND I MAY NOT HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ON THE BEST OF TERMS, BUT I'VE NEVER, EVER TRIED TO MAKE POLLY HATE HIM, OR SAID THAT HE DOESN'T DESERVE HER, AND, MOST OF ALL, I'VE MATURED A GREAT DEAL SINCE THEN, AND I'M NOT GONNA LET YOU PICK ON MY BUDDY LIKE THAT. IF YOU WANNA PICK A FIGHT WITH SPEEDY, YOU'LL DEAL WITH ME AS WELL!" Speedy chimed in with, "Yeah, Sundance. I've forgiven Guido for all that he's done, and now that he's got Lucille, and I've got Polly, we know where we belong, which is together, fighting for peace, justice, and the right of everyone in Little Tokyo, to enjoy Christmas as it was meant to be enjoyed. Sundance…mark my words…you are gonna pay royally for this!" Polly said, "That goes for me as well, you little imp! Nobody insults my husband, or any of my friends, and gets away with it!" Good Bird replied, "Count me in too. I've had it with your antics, Sundance…not to mention your big mouth. I think it's time we shut that mouth of yours…PERMANENTLY!" Speedy unsheathed his twin Katanas and they began to blaze with the fiery red energy, which soon became yellow. Guido hovered above the scene on his Samurai Sunspot Umbrella, and the blade of his katana began to blaze with a fiery blue glow. Polly's flute and kodachi began to glow a fiery red, and Good Bird's sword was covered in a brilliant gold blaze, across the entire blade. Speedy yells, "CAT'S EYE SLASH! HIYA!" Guido yells, "AZURE DRAGON FIRE!" Polly yells, "HEARTBREAKER!" Good Bird yells, "THUNDERBIRD!" Sundance went flying, and the Ninja Crows, being the stupid fools that they were, charged at the four heroes, even though they had no chance whatsoever. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese was gloating at the pile of presents that they'd stolen; game systems, clothes, toys, jewelry, and everything else imaginable. The Big Cheese said, "Look at all this…I'm so tempted to keep it all…in fact…I might just do it anyway." Jerry asked, "Uhm…Cheesy…if you keep it all, how will you force the citizens of Little Tokyo to make you the new Emperor?" Cheese replied, "Oh…right…I must have forgotten…" Jerry muttered, "You'd forget your own head, if it wasn't attached to your neck…oops…" Cheese screamed, "I HEARD THAT! JERRY…DO YOU DELIGHT IN MAKING ME ANGRY?" Jerry replied, "Uhm…sorry Cheesy…" Cheese replied, "I'll let it go, since I'm in such a good mood." Jerry muttered, "Maybe I should get him a prescription for Prozac…uh-oh…me and my big mouth…" Cheese screamed, "ARE YOU SAYING I NEED MEDICATION? WHEN I'M DONE WITH YOU, YOU'LL BE THE ONE NEEDING MEDICATION…AAARRRGGGHHH!" The Big Cheese literally exploded, and Jerry went flying into the wall. Meanwhile, the Ninja Crows came at the heroes, the Pizza Cats and Good Bird met them head on. Speedy went airborne, as five Ninja Crows tried to tackle him. He jumped over them, and they all slammed into each other, knocking themselves out. Guido sent ten of them running, by blasting them with Solar Bursts from his umbrella. He then hypnotized six more, and said, "Listen up, kiddies…Santa's only got time for one more of you to sit on his lap, and if you want to see him, you're gonna have to fight for it!" The Ninja Crows all began punching, kicking, and elbowing each other, until they eventually dropped in a heap. Polly raked her claws across a Ninja Crow's face, and then she kicked him in the crotch, sending him flying out the window and into a tree. Polly wasn't done yet, however. Her heart bombs sent twenty more Ninja Crows running for their lives, and Good Bird wasted the last of them with some of his explosive shuriken bombs. Speedy said, "Guido thanks for backing me up. I want you to know that I forgive you, for all the rotten stuff you've ever said and done to me. From now on, I truly do consider you to be like a brother to me." Guido shook Speedy's hand, and replied, "Thanks, Speedy. I've got a special surprise for you." Polly cut in with, "Let's go, fellas. We've got about three more hours to take down Cheese, get all the presents back, and then get some sleep. So let's get a move on!" Speedy replied, "You're right, Polly. Let's get that lousy fox bastard!" Guido, Polly, and Good Bird headed to the top of the building, alongside Speedy. Speedy and the others made it to the top of the building and they found the Big Cheese and a group of Ninja Crows guarding the presents. The Big Cheese orders the Ninja Crows to guard the entrance while he plays with the presents. Speedy said, "Hey, Polly…I've got an idea…we can dress up in these Santa and elf outfits that we 'borrowed' from those Ninja Crows back there, and act like we're delivering more gifts. Once they get close enough, we kick their butts, head inside, give the Big Cheese his just desserts, and then take all the presents back." Polly replied, "Speedy, that's a great idea!" Speedy donned the Santa outfit, and Polly dressed up like Santa's elf. They approached the Ninja Crows, and Speedy called out, "HOHOHO, Merry Christmas!" They both said, "Oh boy…SANTA!" Polly smirked behind her disguise, and said to herself, “Idiots…they're even dumber than I thought…" The first Ninja Crow asked, "Santa…did you bring me the electric guitar I asked for?" Speedy put his sack down on the ground, and dug around. The Ninja Crow came closer, and Speedy suddenly kicked him in the gut, sending him flying. The other one got bashed in the head by Polly. She and Speedy hogtied the dumb Ninja Crows, and then put them into sack, which read, "Do not open until arrival on Prisoners' Island, or Princess Vi's doorstep", and then the two of them removed their costumes. Polly said, "That worked great, Speedy…those dimwits never knew what hit 'em!" Guido and Good Bird joined them, and the four heroes made their way into the entrance door. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese was getting bored, and was having a hard time keeping his hands off of the presents. He said, "Oh…I can't stand it! All of these beautiful presents, right in front of me…I've had it! I'm just gonna take one for myself…who cares…they can always buy another one!" He ripped open one of the presents, and found the lovely necklace that Speedy had purchased for Polly. He said, "Hmmm…I can sell this, and make a ton of money for it…let's open one more…" He picked up another gift, and read the tag. It said, "To Speedy…Love Always, Polly." He said, "Ugh…that little hairball isn't worth the wrapping paper, much less what's inside!" He tore the gift open, and saw the new whetstone, obviously meant for Speedy's swords. He said, "Hmm…I'll give this to one of the Ninja Crows…sorry, Pizza Cats…Christmas is cancelled for you…hahaha…" Jerry muttered, "Yep…he's lost it…" Cheese yells, "I HEARD THAT!" The Sundance Kid had managed to crawl back to the building. He said, "Can you guys wait to open the presents until Christmas Day!" Cheese screamed, "THAT DOES IT…YOU MAKE ME SO ANGRY…AAARRRGGGHHH!" The Big Cheese literally exploded, Sundance flew out of the building, and then the Big Cheese fell over. Guido saw the Sundance Kid fly out of the building, and he said, "You just don't learn, do you?" Sundance said, "I wouldn't talk, Mr. 'I insult the cat I call my quote-unquote best friend, beat him up all the time, and then laugh at him. You treated him like dirt, and yet you still call him your FRIEND! I'm glad I'M not your friend, 'cuz with friends like you, who needs enemies?" Guido said, "Shut up, Sundance Dwarf! Just…SHUT UP!" Sundance kept pressing, however. He said, "What's the matter? You don't want to admit that you're nothing but a vain, egotistical, womanizing hypocrite? You yell at me for insulting Speedy, but I've NEVER called him a 'Neo-Fascist Feline', 'Couldn't pound the fuzz off a pussy willow', or beat him up over a pizza delivery, not to mention yanking a stool out from under him, and making him hit his head, or hit on his girlfriend, after she thought he'd bought the farm. Face it…you're as guilty as sin…so admit it, Guido Anchovy…you don't deserve to call Speedy your friend." Guido was horrified, as everything that he'd ever said and done to Speedy came flooding back. He dropped to his knees, and started crying. He sobbed out, "Its true…I don't deserve to be Speedy's friend…I don't deserve to be a Samurai…I don't even deserve Lucille …" Speedy rushed to Guido's defense, and shouted, "SUNDANCE KID! YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE! GUIDO AND I MAY HAVE HAD OUR DIFFERENCES, BUT THAT'S ALL IN THE PAST NOW! I'VE FORGIVEN HIM, AND HE'S BECOME A TOTALLY DIFFERENT CAT…YOU, ON THE OTHER HAND…YOU DON'T DESERVE TO EVEN HAVE BIG CHEESE AS A FRIEND…OR A ROCK, FOR THAT MATTER!" The Sundance Kid said, "Just how stupid are you, Cerviche...that Cassanova cat there used to beat you up, call you names, play mean pranks on you, and he hit on Polly any chance he got…AND YOU'RE WILLING TO FORGIVE HIM?" Polly jumped in, and said, "Sundance Kid, I swear…you're gonna regret the day that you chose to tick me off!" Good Bird replied, "Yeah…same here!" Sundance said, "You…hah…look at you, Mr. Traitor Bird. You used to lead the Ninja Crows, and you vowed to kill these three. Now, you're running around helping them. You're nothing but a traitor!" Good Bird shouted, "IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY…SHUT UP!" Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird blasted Sundance with their finishing moves, and then Speedy said, "Guido…I want you to know this…you and I may have gotten into some pretty nasty fights, but I know that you've changed, ever since the comet incident, and marrying Lucille. You're a much better cat now, and I'm proud to be your friend." Polly added, "Same here, Guido. You really help add some spice to life at the restaurant." Good Bird said, "You're also a really great fighter, and I'm proud to fight at your side." Guido said, "After all I've done to you, Speedy…you're still willing to forgive me…Why?" Speedy said, "Easy…I'm your friend, and friends are always there for each other. If I didn't consider you my friend, would I have chosen you to be Aiko's and little Guido's godfather?" Guido stood up and smiled, and then he replied, "Thanks, Speedy…" Speedy hugged him, and so did Polly. Good Bird said, "Come on…we've got a Christmas to save!" The four heroes move forward to the building, and Polly became angry when she saw the Big Cheese with Speedy's present. She screamed, "YOU LOUSY CROSSDRESSING FOX! THAT WAS MY GIFT FOR MY HUSBAND! I'M GONNA SKIN YOU ALIVE!" Speedy saw the necklace that he'd purchased for Polly, and shouted, "THAT DOES IT! NOBODY MESSES WITH POLLY'S PRESENT AND LIVES! PREPARE TO DIE!" The Ninja Crows try to fight the four heroes, but they were defeated. The Big Cheese orders his robot to fight the heroes. The robot uses his revolver gun and a Niuweidao to fight them. Speedy clash his swords with the robot. The robot uses his gun to fire at Speedy, but Guido grabs the gun and he tries to pull it off, but the robot's grip is strong. Guido manages to push the robot's arm up to the air. The robot fires his gun at the air. Polly and GB cut the robot's legs off. The robot tries to fire a gun at Polly and GB, but they dodge the robot's bullets. Guido uses his Samurai Sunspot Umbrella to disarm the robot. The robot loses his gun. Speedy says, "Thanks you guys! Let’s finish this robot!" Polly, Guido, and GB yell, "Yeah!" Speedy, Polly, Guido, and GB use their Spiritual Hyper Mode. Good Bird yells, "THUNDERBIRD!" Guido yells, "AZURE DRAGON FIRE!" Polly yells, "HEARTBREAKER!" Speedy yells, "CAT'S EYE SLASH! HIYA!" The robot is destroyed. The four heroes did their pose. The Big Cheese and Jerry Atric try to get away with the presents, but Speedy and the others surround them and they beat the Big Cheese and Jerry up for stealing the presents. Later, the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies carry the Christmas presents and a sack full on bad guys inside back to the palace. The heroes put the sack under the Princess's Christmas tree. The heroes pick up their Christmas presents and head home.

The next day, today is Christmas Day. Speedy wakes up. Polly wakes up as well. Later, Speedy and Polly head to their children's room to wake them up for Christmas. Later that morning, Speedy and his family open their Christmas presents. Meanwhile, Guido and his family are opening their Christmas presents and having a great time. Meanwhile, Good Bird and his family are opening their Christmas presents and having a great time also. Meanwhile, Francine and her family are opening their Christmas presents and having a great time. Meanwhile, the Rescue team, Jacky, Wally, and the others are opening Christmas presents and having a great time. Meanwhile, Dr. Purple and the others got coal for Christmas. Later at the palace, Princess Vi and her family see so many presents under the Christmas tree. Princess Vi sees a sack. Princess Vi opens the sack and it reveals to be the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, the Sundance Kid, and a group of Ninja Crows are hogtied and each of them has Christmas bow on top of their heads. Later, Speedy and the others head to the palace to see the Big Cheese and his gang stand trial. The trial begins. Princess Vi said, "Seymour Cheese, Jerry Atric, Ninja Crows, and Sundance Whatever your name is…you three stand accused of attempting to ruin a national holiday, you've once again defied my orders to never return for next few years, and you, Sundance Whatever your name is…you tried to cause one of our finest heroes, Guido, to doubt himself. For these crimes, I, Princess Violet of Little Tokyo, do hereby extend your sentences for all of you, five more years of Prisoner Island." The Sundance Kid said, "Hey, it's not MY fault that Mr. Cassanova Kitty over there used to beat up his 'best friend', just to get a laugh, or call him every name in the book, not to mention he'd always fight him tooth and nail, over a girl that's so dumb, I'm surprised that she knows how to breathe." Lucille began to tear up, and Polly kicked the Sundance Kid between the legs, while Guido took Lucille outside. He said, "Lucille…Sundance Kid is right…I really did say and do some mean and horrible things to Speedy…I know he's forgiven me…but I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself…" Guido began crying, until Lucille gently wrapped her arms around him. She said, "Guido…that was all in the past. You've changed a lot since then. I want you to remember this, Guido…you're better than Sundance Kid is, and you've got a lot of things that he doesn't have, and he'll never have. You've got your status as a Samurai, you're an honest-to-god hero, you've got your friends, you've got me, and…" she patted her stomach "We have wonderful twins, Yattaro and Pururun. I love you, Guido." Guido looked into Lucille's big, beautiful brown eyes, before gently hugging her. He said, "I love you too, my sweet Lucille. You're a lot smarter than people give you credit for, so don't ever let anyone call you stupid, understand?" Lucille's eyes tear up, and her missiles fired off. Once she'd fired her barrage of missiles, Guido walked her back inside. Sundance Kid opened his mouth for another comment, but Speedy cut him off at the pass. He said, "I've had it with you insulting my friend, Sundance Kid. Now, you're gonna pay." Speedy drew out his swords, and Sundance grabbed one from the wall. The two felines began dueling, both trying to disarm the other. Sundance Kid was trying every move he knew, but Speedy was not only a master swordsman, but he was also faster than Sundance, and he practiced daily. Speedy soon disarmed Sundance Kid, and placed the tip of his katana's blade at Sundance's throat. He said, "Today, Sundance Kid, I'll let you live, since I don't want to upset Lucille, or traumatize my children. Next time, however, I'll finish you off myself, since I AM still a Samurai, meaning that I have EVERY right to kill you on sight. Remember, if I ever see you again, you're history." Speedy punched Sundance in the face, knocking him out. Polly ran up and hugged him, and said, "Speedy, you're wonderful!" Guido said, "Speedy, I really want to thank you, honest. You've stuck up for me so many times, even after all that I used to say and do to you. I wanna give you one more gift here." Guido presented Speedy with a small box, and Speedy opened it up, to find a brand new men's watch. Speedy said, "Hey, thanks a bunch, Guido! My old one bit the dust recently and I've been looking for a new one. Guido, you really are a great friend, and I'm proud to know you." Guido said, "Thanks a bunch, buddy. Thank you for the Christmas present you gave me." Guido shows Polly the gift that Speedy gave him, an upgraded Samurai Sunspot Umbrella and a punching bag that has the Big Cheese's face on it. Princess Vi announced, "GUARDS! TAKE THOSE IDIOTS TO PRISONERS' ISLAND!" Seymour Cheese laughed insanely, and said, "Hahaha…I just love being punished…" They were tossed onto the raft, and set adrift. The Big Cheese began screaming, "NOT AGAIN! NOT AGAIN! NOT AGAIN! I PRACTICALLY HAD LITTLE TOKYO IN MY CLUTCHES THIS TIME, AND YOU IDIOTS MESSED UP AGAIN! WHY CAN'T I EVER BEAT THOSE LOUSY PIZZA CATS?" Jerry muttered, "It might help, if you had more than two or three brain cells that knew one another…oops…" Seymour screamed, "ARE YOU CALLING ME A MORON? (SCREAMING)" The Big Cheese went red in the face, and Jerry said, "Oh no…not again…" The Big Cheese literally exploded, and those stupid villains were blasted clean across the ocean, right onto Prisoners' Island. The Big Cheese stood up for a minute, and said, "Someday, I'll get those lousy Pizza Cats…but first…I need a nap…ugh…" The Big Cheese fell over, and all was quiet, at least for a little while. Later, all of the heroes have a Christmas Dinner at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Speedy and the others sit at the long table while the children eat at the children's table. Later, Speedy, GB, and Guido have a great conversation as friends and they play video games, Polly, Carla, Francine, and Lucille have a great conversation as friends and they play video games, the children play video games, and the Rescue team and the Samurai Pizza Warriors play video games. All the heroes announced, "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!"

The End


After watching many holiday specials, why not have a film that takes place during the holidays. Christmas is the most popular holiday. The Three King Robots is a reference three kings of Christmas. Part of the story will be about Speedy and Guido wonder if they're not good friends to each other; however, despite all that Speedy and Guido realize they are good friends despite their differences and their history. Sundance Kid insults everyone including his allies in this story. All of the heroes fight the bad guys in this movie.


It's a Christmas Special.

Dr. Purple, Jerry Atric, the Big Cheese, and the Sundance Kid are the main antagonists.

This story centers around Speedy and a little bit of Guido.