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Speedy found a young white lion cub boy, named Leo. Leo is being chased by assassins. After Speedy saves him, Speedy finds out about the boy and his secret. The boy is a prince of a powerful kingdom and the boy must reclaim his throne from evil forces. This evil force is a gang called, Felidae. This gang is a group of cats, lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards, cheetahs, wildcats, cougars, and panthers. Their leader is a lion, named Marc. Speedy gets help with his allies and they will face a dangerous group that will stop it nothing to kill the boy.

Samurai Pizza Cats (Rumble with the Felines)Edit

Ten miles away from Little Tokyo, a young white lion cub is running for his life from a group of unknown attackers. Meanwhile at Little Tokyo, our heroes, the Samurai Pizza Cats, are working at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Polly and Guido are giving the customers' their orders, Good Bird and Carla are working at the kitchen, Francine is working at the cash register, and Speedy is out making deliveries. Francine yells, "Speedy, you got a delivery!" Francine gives Speedy the pizza and the address to deliver the pizza. Speedy heads out to make a delivery. Later, Speedy goes out to make his deliveries. Speedy reach the house and deliver the pizza. The customer gives Speedy the money and tip. Later, Speedy heads home until he hears someone screaming. Speedy heads out to check it out. Speedy see a cat, a jaguar, and a panther attacking a young white lion cub. Speedy yells, "Leave the boy alone!" The three attackers yell, "Get loss!" Speedy gets angry and he yells, "I say again, leave the boy alone!" The three attacks turn around and the cat yells, "Do you want a beat down!?" Speedy yells, "You're making a big mistake!" The jaguar and the panther gain up on Speedy. Speedy whack the jaguar with the pizza container. The jaguar hits the floor. Speedy kicks the jaguar in the face. The jaguar is knockout. The panther attacks Speedy with his claws. Speedy dodges them. Speedy does an uppercut to the panther's face. The panther is knockout. The cat gets ready to fight Speedy until the young white lion cub grabs the cat's arm and he does a judo throw on the cat. The cat hits the floor. The cat retreats. Speedy asked, "Are you okay kid?" The young white lion cub didn't answer his question. Speedy says, "I'll see you later." The young white lion cub yells, "Wait!" Speedy stops and he turns around. The young white lion cub says, "Thank you. My name is Leo. I don't have a place to stay and do you have a spare room?" Speedy says, "Come with me." Meanwhile, the cat goes inside a hotel. The cat says, "Sir, we failed to do away with the boy." A dark figure gets angry and he bangs at the table. The dark figure yells, "We need to kill the boy or I'll lose everything!" The dark figures reveal to be a brown lion named Marc. Later, Speedy takes Leo to the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Speedy introduces everyone to Leo. Francine assigns Leo to do dishes and watch the children. Leo accepted without hesitation.

The next day, Leo begins to make breakfast for the children. Polly is impressed and she says, "I see you’re a good chef." Leo says, "I learned by myself." Later, Leo clean the dishes and he takes the children out for a walk. Later, Leo put the kids to bed for their nap. Leo says, "Since the kids are taking a nap, I can be able to finish the dishes." Speedy walks up to him and he asked, "Want to have lunch with me?" Leo says, "Okay." Later, Leo and Speedy have lunch. Speedy asked, "So, Leo, where did you come? Do you have a family?" Leo stops eating and he says, "My parents are dead." Speedy says, "Sorry about that." Leo says, "They died when I was a baby." Speedy asked, "How did you learn the fight?" Leo says, "It self-taught and I met a lot of people in my travel. I'm a pri..." Speedy asked, "Pri...?" Leo says, "Nothing. I need to get back to work." Leo heads back to the kitchen to work. Meanwhile, a group of tigers, leopards, cheetahs, wildcats, and cougars are at Little Tokyo and their looking for Leo. They begin to asked people around, but no one see him. Meanwhile, Speedy has to make deliveries and he asked, "Leo, can you come with me?" Leo says, "Okay." Speedy and Leo head out to deliver pizzas. Later, Speedy and Leo almost finish delivering the pizzas until a group of tigers, leopards, cheetahs, wildcats, and cougars surround Speedy and Leo. A cheetah yells, "You can't get away from us! Marc orders us to kill you white prince!" Speedy yells, "What's going on?!" The cheetah points at Speedy and he yells, "Don't lie to us white prince! Marc wants you dead so you won't reclaim your throne!" Speedy yells, "I am not a prince, I'm a Pizza Cat!" The cheetah yells, "You are a prince because you’re white!" Leo punches the cheetah and he yells, "Speedy, let's run!" Speedy and Leo run from the bad guys. Speedy rings his cat collar bell for help. Meanwhile, Francine hears the collar bell ringing. Francine yells, "Speedy's in trouble! Everyone, we have an emergency!" Polly and Guido go inside the oven chute to put on their armors while Good Bird puts on his fighting armor. The three heroes head to Speedy's location. Meanwhile, Speedy and Leo try to escape from the bad guys. Leo held his own against the bad guys. A wildcat throws a knockout gas. Speedy and Leo try to cover their nose, but Speedy and Leo inhale the gas. Both Speedy and Leo are knockout. Later, Leo wakes up and he sees Polly, Guido, and Good Bird. Polly asked, "Are you okay?" Leo gets and he says, "Ahhh, I'm okay. What about Speedy, is he okay?" Polly says, "Speedy's gone." Leo yells, "WHAT!?" Meanwhile, at the hotel, a group of tigers, leopards, cheetahs, wildcats, and cougars show up. Marc asked, "Did you all get him?" The bad guys said, "We got him and we want you to kill him." Marc says, "I like the way you guys think. Bring him here." The bad guys bring out Speedy. Speedy is handcuffed. The bad guys kick Speedy. Speedy hits the floor. Marc saw Speedy and Marc yells, "What is this?!" One of Marc's henchmen said, "The White Prince, sir." Marc yells, "This is not the white prince, you idiots!" Speedy gets up and he yells, "Who are you guys?! What are talking about?! Who is this white prince?!" Marc looks at Speedy and he says, "I'm Marc. I'm leader of a group called, Felidae. We're looking for the White Prince. He's a white lion cub." Speedy thinks about what Marc says and he realizes what Marc is talking about. Speedy says, "Leo." Marc says, "You could be useful. Since the cub will come to your rescue, we'll use you as bait. But first, you need to be clean." The bad guys drag Speedy away. Meanwhile, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Leo return to the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Polly tells Francine that Speedy is kidnapped. Leo says, "Everyone, I got a confession." Everyone look at Leo. Leo says, "I'm a Prince of a faraway land." Everyone is surprised to find out about it. Leo tells them that he comes from a royal family. He and his family are honor and respect family. His family always protects the people from evil. One fateful day, Leo's father died in battle because Leo's father wants to protect his family and his people. Few months later, Leo's mother gave birth to Leo. A year later, Leo's mother passed away. Leo has to live all by himself. He learned how fend for himself, he learned martial arts, and he traveled the world to understand the world. Leo returned to his home and became the Prince of his kingdom until an evil lion named Marc and his gang called Felidae. Leo tries to fight them, but he was outnumbered and he had to retreat. Leo was on the run ever since. After Leo finishes telling every the story, Leo says, "I think Marc has your friend Speedy. They think Speedy is me." Polly says, "There's no way they think Speedy is you! You’re a lion and he's a cat. You two don't look alike!" Leo says, "It's because we're white Polly." Guido says, "I wonder what they’re doing to him. I think it's something bad to him." Meanwhile, a bathtub is filling with water. Speedy is naked and he's still handcuffed. A female cheetah is naked and she throws him in the bathtub. She goes in the tub also. She shampoos his hair and scrubs him with soap. During the bath, Speedy grabs the cheetah's breast. The cheetah blushes and she punches Speedy. Later, the female cheetah made Speedy wear a Kimono robe. She takes Speedy to a room. She tells him that he'll be sleeping in this room tonight. She also tells him that there guards everywhere in the hotel and he can't escape. Speedy yells, "Get these handcuffs off of me!" She says, "No, besides I don't have the key." She leaves Speedy and she locks the door. Speedy tries to break the handcuffs, but nothing works. Marc decides to use Speedy as bait to lure Leo since Leo wouldn't resist of rescuing Speedy. Joey walks in the room to take pictures of assassins and found Speedy's armor and sword and found Speedy wearing handcuffs. Joey destroys the handcuffs and frees Speedy. Speedy takes off his Kimono robe and he's naked. Speedy was about to wears his armor, but the bad guys stops them. Speedy carries his armor and sword. Speedy asked, "Joey what are you doing here?" Joey said, "To find some evidence of the assassins." Speedy said, "We better get out of here." Joey said, "Let’s get out of here." Joey takes a picture of a lion guard sleeping and runs away. The lions, cougars and cheetahs saw Speedy escaped and called Marc. Joey and Speedy escapes the hideout while being naked and went back to the restaurant. Joey said, "Take care Speedy." Speedy said, "Okay." Joey left and Speedy made it back safely. Polly, Guido, Good Bird, Carla, Francine, Aiko, Kazuma, and Lucille see Speedy naked and they laugh. Speedy blushes and covers himself with his helmet. Meanwhile, back at H.Q. Marc was furiously angry about Speedy's escape and kills the lion guard for sleeping on the job. Meanwhile, Speedy tells everyone what happen to him. Polly gets angry and Speedy unintentionally told them about the bathtub incident. Polly punches Speedy. Leo apologizes for letting the bad guys take Speedy. Speedy finds out that Leo is a Prince. Leo tells Speedy everything. Speedy tells Leo to hide in the restaurant for the meantime.

The next day, Speedy calls the Rescue team to spy on Marc and the Felidae. The Rescue team saw Joey. Joey tells the heroes that he found some evidence that Marc had Leo's father killed and he tried to kill Leo when he was a baby. Joey gives them the evidence and Joey left. Later, the Rescue team returns to the Pizza Cat Restaurant and they give Speedy the evidence. Leo looks at the evidence and he becomes furious. Leo says, "Marc murders my family for the throne! I'm going to kill him!" Speedy tries to stop the enrage Leo. Leo throws Speedy through the wall. Speedy went through the wall. Speedy says, "This boy is strong." Polly and Guido grab Leo. Surprisingly, Good Bird takes out his sword and placed the tip of his katana's blade at Leo's throat. Good Bird yells, "If you don't stop and calm down Leo, I'll have my sword go through your throat, so calm down!" The tip of the sword touches Leo's throat causing it to bleed a little. Leo begins to be frightened and he calms down a little. Good Bird yells, "You’re the legitimate heir of the royal family, if anything happens to you all hope is lost to your people! If you want your revenge is patience!" Good Bird sheathed his sword. Leo begins to think about what Good Bird said to him. Speedy walks up to Leo. Speedy asked, "Are you okay?" Leo says, "Yes. I just couldn't control my temper. I just couldn't think straight." Speedy says, "It happens. I did same thing. You do pack a punch." Leo says, "As a Prince I need to defend myself." Speedy says, "I promise you that we'll get you back to the throne." Leo says, "But first, we need to deal with Marc and the Felidae." Speedy nodded. Meanwhile, Marc and the Felidae are tracking Leo down. Marc says, "Make sure you find the boy this time!" The bad guys search for the boy. Meanwhile, Speedy takes a bath and he thinks about how to deal with Marc and the Felidae. Suddenly, Speedy hears an explosion. Speedy jumps out of the shower to check it out. Speedy see a bunch of jaguars destroying the city. Speedy yells, "Stop right now!" One of the jaguars attack Speedy, but Speedy jump kicks the jaguar. Speedy gets on top of the roof. One of the jaguars said, "If you come down here, I'll give a towel." Speedy asked, "Towel?" Speedy realizes that he's naked. Speedy is embarrassed. However, Speedy refuses and he picks up bricks to throw them at the jaguars. The jaguars got hit and they retreated. Speedy is relief until the townspeople saw Speedy naked. The townspeople took pictures. Speedy blush and he ran back to the restaurant to put on some clothes. Meanwhile, Marc heard that the jaguars were defeated by Speedy and Speedy was naked when that happened. Marc yells, "I can't stand this humiliation!" Meanwhile back at the restaurant, Speedy yells, "I can't stand this humiliation! Twice those Felidaes got me naked and everyone laughs at me and took pictures." Polly giggles and she says, "Cheer up, it's not like it's going to be on the news." Francine yells, "Look at the TV News!" On the TV News, it shows Speedy naked and throws bricks at the jaguars. Everyone is calling Speedy, the Naked Samurai Cat. Speedy blushes while Polly, Francine, Guido, Good Bird, Carla, and Leo laugh. Meanwhile, Joey continues to spy on Marc until Felidae spots him. Joey tries to get away, but the leopards and cheetahs capture him. Marc says, "This guy could be useful. (Evil Laugh)" The leopards throw Joey in the cage.

The next day, Speedy and the others get ready to open up the restaurant until they saw a tiger walking around the street. The tiger yells, "SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!!!" Speedy puts on his fighting armor and he sneaks out the back door and he confronts the tiger. The tiger gives Speedy a yellow envelope and the tiger leaves. Speedy opens the yellow envelope and he sees a note and a picture. The note says, "Leo, come to the countryside and turn yourself in or else I'll have my men kill one of your friends." Speedy looks at the picture and he see Joey. Joey is wearing handcuffs and a Kimono robe. Speedy is shocked. Leo reads it. Speedy gets ready to leave, but Leo stops Speedy. Leo yells, "It's a trap!" Speedy yells, "I don't care! My brother is in danger!" Leo grabs Speedy's Ginzu sword and he stops Speedy, by placed the tip of the blade at Speedy's throat. Leo yells, "CALM DOWN SPEEDY!!!" The tip of the sword touches Speedy's throat causing it to bleed a little. Speedy begins to be frightened and he calms down a little. Polly, Guido, Good Bird, Carla, and Francine are shocked of what Leo just did. Polly says, "Man GB, you taught Leo well." GB says, "I must have overdone it." Leo says, "Speedy, we'll rescue your brother, but we need to be patient." GB says, "I guess I didn't overdo it after all. Leo is becoming a mature prince. I'm so proud." Leo says, "Marc wants us to come tonight and we need a plan." Speedy takes a deep breath and he says, "I got an idea. Francine gets on the phone. We're going to need some friends to help us." Later that night at the countryside, Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Leo show up and their wearing black male kimonos (Polly wears a black female kimono) and their also wearing sunglasses while Leo wears a white male kimono and sunglasses. Leo yells, "I'm right here Marc! Show yourself!" Marc shows up and his entire army of Felidae. Marc looks at Leo and the others. Marc asked, "Just you and those guys? I'm underwhelmed." Leo says, "You haven't seen anything yet!" Suddenly, three more people show up. They reveal to be Carla, Francine, and Lucille. They’re wearing black female kimonos and their also wearing sunglasses. Marc asked, "Is that it?" Leo says, "Not yet." Three more people show up. They reveal to be Bucky, Jacky, and Wally. They’re wearing black male kimonos and their also wearing sunglasses. Leo says, "One more group left." Five more people show up. They reveal to be General Catton, Meowzma, Spritz, Bat Cat, and Koga. They’re wearing black male kimonos and their also wearing sunglasses. Marc counts how many people are with Leo. Marc says, "You brought fifteen people with you." Leo says, "They're my bodyguards and their also my friends! Where is Joey Cerviche?" Marc points at the lake and he says, "Over there." Leo and the others look and they see Joey Cerviche. Joey Cerviche is wearing handcuffs, a kimono robe, and he's lock in a cage. Marc says, "I will have my Felidae gang drop that cat at the bottom of the lake and he will sleep with the fishes. It can be avoided unless you surrender and die Leo." Leo says, "I'm not here to surrender." Leo takes off his white kimono revealing to be wearing a white armor just like Speedy's armor. Leo yells, "By the way, I'm Emperor Leo! As Emperor, I order you to surrender now or we'll use force!" Marc says, "Your outnumbered Emperor Leo! KILL HIM!!!" The entire Felidae charged at Leo and the others. Emperor Leo yells, "ATTACK!!!" All of the heroes take off their kimonos revealing to be wearing fighting armors. All of the heroes battle Felidae. The Rescue team battles the wildcats and the cougars. The Samurai Pizza Warriors battle the leopards and the panthers. The Samurai Pizza Angels battle the jaguars and the cheetahs. Emperor Leo and the Samurai Pizza Cats including Good Bird battle the cats, the lions, and the tigers. The Rescue team uses their attacks on the wildcats and the cougars. During the fight, they went up against the general wildcat and the general cougar. Meanwhile, the Samurai Pizza Warriors use their special attacks on the leopards and the panthers. During the fight, a general leopard and a general panther show up and fight the Samurai Pizza Warriors. Meanwhile, the Samurai Pizza Angel uses their martial arts skills on the jaguars and cheetahs. A general jaguar and a general cheetah appear during the fight. Meanwhile, Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Leo fight against the cats, the lion, and the tigers. Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Leo use their special attacks to defeat the cats, the lion, and the tigers. Four generals show up to the fight, a general cat, two general lions, and a general tigers. Emperor Leo yells, "Handle the generals! I'm going after Marc!" Speedy and the others nodded. Guido fights the general tiger, Polly and Good Bird fight the two general lions, and Speedy fights the general cat. Speedy takes a real good look at the general cat. Speedy asked, "You got to be kidding me? This general cat is adorable." The general cat kicks Speedy's leg so hard that Speedy hits the floor and he screams in pain. Speedy yells, "Adorable is overrated! This cat can fight!" Meanwhile, Emperor Leo confronts Marc. Emperor Leo says, "It's you and me, Marc." Emperor Leo unsheathed his sword. Marc unsheathed his sword. The two lions clash swords. During the fight, Marc yells, "Drop the cage to the lake!" The wildcats drop the cage in the lake. Joey takes a deep breath while the cage sinks underwater. Speedy yells, "JOEY!!!" Spritz yells, "I'll get him!" Spritz jumps into the lake and he swims underwater to rescue Joey. Meanwhile, General Catton, Meowzma, Bat Cat, and Koga combine their powers to defeat the wildcats, the general wildcat, the cougars, and the general cougar. The Rescue team help Spritz rescue Joey. They combine their attacks to break the cage. Joey is out of the cage and they take him out of the water. They break the handcuffs and Joey is free. The Rescue team did their pose. Meanwhile, Bucky and Jacky combine their powers. Bucky yells, "Deer Ice Storm Blast!" Jacky yells, "Deer Tree Trap of Punishment!" Those attacks defeat the leopards and the general leopard. Wally uses his finisher move. Wally yells, "Water Tornado of Ram!" The attack defeated the panthers and the general panthers. The Samurai Pizza Warriors did their pose. Meanwhile, Emperor Leo kicks Marc. Marc dodges it and he does a Judo throw. Leo gets back up and he charges at Marc. Meanwhile, Lucille uses her homing missiles to defeat the jaguars. Francine and Carla use their martial art skills to defeat the cheetahs. Lucille uses her Spiritual Hyper Mode and her finisher move. Lucille yells, "Ultimate Missile Blast!" The blast defeats the general jaguar. Francine and Carla use their Spiritual Hyper Mode and their finisher moves. Carla yells, "Talon Slash!" Francine yells, "Jade Dragon Fire-GO!" Their combine finisher moves defeat the general cheetah. The Samurai Pizza Angel did their pose. Meanwhile, Guido uses his Spiritual Hyper Mode. Guido attacks the general tiger until Guido uses his finisher move. Guido yells, "Azure Dragon Fire!" Guido defeats the general tiger. Polly uses her Spiritual Hyper Mode. Polly uses her scratch attack on the general lion. Polly uses her finisher move. Polly yells, "Heartbreaker!" Polly defeats the general lion. Good Bird uses his Spiritual Hyper Mode. Good Bird kicks the general lion in the stomach and he throws him up in the air. Good Bird uses his finisher move. Good Bird yells, "PHOENIX RISING- FIRE AWAY! HYAH!" Good Bird defeats the general lion. Meanwhile, Emperor Leo grabs Marc. Leo does a handstand and grabs Marc with his feet, then slams him to the ground. Meanwhile, Speedy continues his fight with the general cat. The general cat got Speedy in a chokehold. Speedy gets up and tries to break free from the chokehold. Joey yells, "Speedy, try to calm down and use his strength against him!" Speedy calms down and he thinks of a way to break free from the chokehold. Speedy bites the general cat arm. The general cat screams and he lets go of Speedy. Speedy uses his Spiritual Hyper Mode and his finisher move. Speedy yells, "CAT EYE SLASH! HYAH!" Speedy defeats the general cat. Speedy wants to help Emperor Leo, but Joey stops him. Joey says, "Don't interfere Speedy, let Emperor Leo fight Marc." Speedy hesitates, but Speedy lets Emperor Leo fight Marc alone. Speedy and the others watch Emperor Leo fight Marc. Marc punches Emperor Leo. Leo gets hurt. Marc pins him down. Emperor Leo struggles to break free. Suddenly, Leo's body and armor turn pure silver and white. Speedy and the others are surprised. Speedy yells, "He has the Spiritual Hyper Mode just like us!" Emperor Leo uses his Spiritual Hyper Mode to breaks free from Marc's grip. Emperor Leo uses his claws to shattered Marc's sword. Emperor Leo yells, "Your crimes are unforgivable! You will pay for your crimes!" Emperor Leo uses his finisher move. Emperor Leo yells, "WHITE EMPEROR SLASH! HYAH!" Emperor Leo defeats Marc. Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Emperor Leo did their pose. Later, Joey says, "Thank you all for rescuing me." Speedy says, "Anytime." Emperor Leo bows to Speedy and the others. Emperor Leo says, "Thank you all for helping me." Speedy says, "For helping us, we decide to make you one of us. Welcome to our team." Everyone cheer. Emperor Leo says, "I'm honored to be part of this team."

The next day, Emperor Leo takes Marc and his Felidae gang to stand trial. Marc and his Felidae gang were found guilty. Emperor Leo sentences them to life in prison. Later, Emperor Leo tells Speedy and the others that he needs to return to his kingdom. Speedy and the others say goodbye to Emperor Leo. Speedy says, "We're all going to miss you, Leo. You're always welcome here with us." Leo sheds a tear and he says, "Thank you my friends." Speedy gives Leo a Samurai Pizza Cat symbol. Speedy says, "You’re a better Emperor than Emperor Fred. You're nicer than that spoiled rotten sad excuse for a princess a named Princess Vi. You’re a warrior emperor. This symbol means that you’re a member of the Samurai Pizza Cats. Please visit us from time to time." Leo says, "Visit my kingdom when you get a chance. All of you are now my honorary knights. My father and my mother will be proud of us." Speedy and the others feel honored. Emperor Leo left Little Tokyo to return to his kingdom. Speedy and the others said goodbye to Emperor Leo. Emperor Leo, an Emperor, a friend, a warrior, a samurai, and a hero.

The End


I saw Kimba the White Lion also known as Jungle Emperor Series. I did alot of research on it and I saw every episode on YouTube. The show is great. I deeply hate the Lion King, sorry but I hated it, because it was a rip off. I saw the Jungle Emperor and it was awesome and I saw the 2009 film and it was great. I thought why not have film where the Pizza Cats help a prince reclaim the throne and the humor will be where some of the bad guys will mistake Speedy for Leo because their white. Speedy yells, that they don't look alike because Speedy is a cat and Leo is a lion. Leo is a good fighter. I wanted a story about the Samurai Pizza Cats take on a group of villains that are an army of felines. Speedy getting naked and everyone see him and laughing equals funny. Speedy and the others wear black kimonos and wearing sunglasses, I wanted them to look cool.


Leo first appearance.

Leo joins the Samurai Pizza Cats and becomes an honorary member.

Felidae are the main antagonist.

Speedy gets naked a few times in this movie.

The Samurai Pizza Cats including Good Bird, the Samurai Pizza Angels, the Samurai Pizza Warriors, and the Rescue team wear black kimonos and wear sunglasses.