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This is about Speedy's brother Joey Cerviche as he goes to X-Town to find the scoop of the century. While going to X-Town he encounters something strange happening in X-Town. It is overrun by zombies. Now he has 72 hours to get out of town, save survivors, solve cases and take pictures in order to go out of town and get back to Japan.

Samurai Pizza Cats (Doom of the Dead)Edit

While on the helicopter to X-Town Joey Cerviche is going to find out the riot in the town. In the flashback Joey is talking to his brother Speedy. "Speedy" says Joey. "Yes," Speedy answers. "I will be leaving little Tokyo, so take care." says Joey. "Okay," answers Speedy. Speedy, his wife Polly, and daughter Aiko says their goodbyes to Joey as he takes off with his friend John Camelont on his helicopter to X-Town in China. After the flashback he will go to X-Town to find the scoop of the century. After they made it to X-Town they saw a man being killed by rioters and eating him dead. John asks, "What's wrong with these rioters?" Joey answers, "I don't know, but I have to find out." After they landed John says, "I will pick you up after 3 days okay." Joey answers, "Okay." "Be careful," said John.

Joey enters the X-Town but there were no people in town. But then zombies appear out of the smoke. "What the?” asked Joey. So he started running until he met the survivor trying to get to the Safe House. "I better follow that guy,” said Joey. After following the survivor he enters the Safe House and saw a couple of survivors. The police guard says, "Welcome to the safe house, I hope all of you who will enjoy this company." The mayor says, "My dear citizens, I have come to warn you about what has happened to our town. Without warning there were zombies who overrun our citizens. But don't worry the military will come and rescues us to take us to the safe place. And further more... Hey who are you?" The mayor looks up at Joey. "Mysterious Cat with a camera who are you?" "My name is Joey Cerviche the brother of Speedy Cerviche and uncle of Aiko Cerviche." answered Joey. "You were the brother of the legendary hero Speedy Cerviche?” asked the mayor. "Yes," answered Joey. Everyone was cheering for the brother of the legendary hero Speedy Cerviche. "I can't believe it." says the police guard. The mayor said, "You are the brother of Speedy Cerviche. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hakashumaku the Mayor of X-Town." said Hakashumaku. "It’s nice to meet you.” said Joey. Everyone was happy that he could meet the brother of Speedy Cerviche.

At night the police guard talks to Joey. The police guard says, "Hi my name is Kantoku. It is nice to meet you Joey the brother of Speedy." Joey says, "It's nice to meet you too. So what’s the problem?" "We were out of food.” Kantoku replied. "Don't worry I will get some food.” says Joey. Joey found the air conditioning vent and got out of the Safe House and found a gun to shoot. Joey got the gun and found a forklift. While starting the forklift Joey saw zombies coming by. He uses the gun and shoots them on the head. "TAKE THAT YOU UNDEAD FREAKS!!!” yelled Joey. After killing zombies with a gun he is out of bullets. He is driving a forklift and found a store full of guns, food, soda and water. After entering the garage he sees a store manager tied up by bandits. "Come on we don't have all day." said the bandit. "Please don't take my stuff." said the store manager. "SHUT UP PIGGY JERK FACE!!!” said the other bandit. Just as Joey saw the whole thing he takes a picture. "Huh?” asked the bandit. "Uh oh.” said Joey. "Hey look it’s a spy. Let’s get him.” said the bandit. Joey dodges the bandits’ attacks and saw a chainsaw. Joey uses the chain saw to kill the bandits. "Wow that was a close one.” said Joey. Joey unties the store manager and asks, "Are you okay." "Yes. Thank you and allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bopigokankota." "Hello Bopigokankota. But why not go into the Safe House and help me bring in the supplies?” asks Joey. "Why sure,” said Bopigokankota. They put a box load of guns, a box load of food, a box load of soda and a box load of water on the forklift and carried it to the Safe House. After arriving in the Safe House the supplies made it along with the survivor Bopigokankota. Kantoku said, "Good work finding a way to get supplies and you’re not dead. That’s very good." "Sometimes I did a good job." said Joey. "One more thing, where and exactly do you find that survivor?" "I found him. He was not infected and not a zombie.” said Joey. Kantoku said, "Be careful there were more survivors out in the Town." Joey is lucky that he is not dead.

The 1st day starts when Joey is trying to find out about the outbreak in X-Town. Joey talks to Kantoku and asks, "How did zombies appear in the town?" Kantoku says, "Well the zombie outbreak started in the Chinakanko Lab inside X-Town's volcano named Makuneachonkatu." Joey asks, "Is that wear the zombie outbreak starts?" Kantoku says, "Yes, I will tell you more. The scientist was trying to find a cure for the old people who have a cancer and invented the cure that will make them last till they die in the age of 400 called Xenoscan." Joey asks, "Xenoscan?" "Yes," said Kantoku. "Xenoscan is the most powerful cure in the universe.” said Kantoku. Joey asks, "Why was Xenoscan behind the outbreak?" "Because there was an accident which damages the cure when an old citizen was injected it transforms into a zombie and began infecting people thus turning them into zombies.” said Kantoku. Joey says, "Well I am going to get to the bottom of this." After Joey goes out to find the source of the Xenoscan and find out who tampered with the formula. He found the key to the Work Shop and found the sword and chainsaw. He started making a fusion weapon after fusing the weapon he created a weapon called Chainsaw-sword the fusion weapon he ever created. Joey yells, "AWESOME!" After he gets out of the Work Shop and used the Chainsaw-sword to kill many zombies and reach the lab inside the volcano. Before entering he saw a female skunk and said, "Hello my name is Joey Cerviche. What is your name?" The female skunk said, "My name is Akanora Stinch." "Hello Akanora", said Joey. Joey says, "What are you doing outside there were zombies in X-Town don't you forget." "No," said Akanora. "I was looking for my brother Mokuta Stinch. He was lost in the lab." "Don't worry I will find him," said Joey. Joey enters the lab and see the scientist survivor dead. "Who was responsible for killing the scientist?” asks Joey. Joey took some pictures of a scientist who was killed, a lab experiment blueprints, a lava pressure which keeps the volcano from erupting thus destroying X-Town, 3 mysterious inventions sealed in three cases from Japan to show these three inventions for X-Town to have three heroes to protect, and a computer showing the warning sign that the experiment has been tampered in the formula. Joey saw the T.V. showing the news that X-Town was being invaded by zombies due to an experiment gone wrong. But the local authorities had to put X-Town in quarantine until the military arrives to rescue the survivors. "I better find any survivors in the lab." said Joey. Joey found zombies killing the scientist and eating him dead. Joey pulls out his Chainsaw-sword and began slicing the zombies. After killing the zombies Joey found the key card an opens the door to continue his search. While searching he encountered a renegade robot gone berserk and kill the scientist who was a survivor. "WHAT IN THE WORLD!?” yelled Joey. The robot senses his presence and began attacking him. "I guess I have no choice but to fight.” said Joey. He pulls out his Chainsaw-sword and began to attack the robot. "HIYAAA!” yelled Joey. But the robot was too powerful and indestructible. He begins to run and run until he found a dead end. "Crud." said Joey. The robot prepares to kill Joey until the male skunk came in and shoots the robot with a rocket launcher thus destroying the robot. "Hey are you alright?" Male skunk asked. "Why yes." said Joey. Male skunk said, "My name is Mokuta Stinch." Joey said, "It’s nice to meet you my name is Joey Cerviche." "Nice to meet you Joey.” said Mokuta. Joey said, "Your sister is waiting for you. So aren't you going to the Safe House?" Mokuta said, "No thanks I can take care of myself." Joey said, "Okay." After finding Mokuta, Joey goes and sees Akanora that his brother is fine. "Your brother is fine.” said Joey. Akanora asked, "Really?" Joey said, "Yes really. So are you going to the Safe House?" Akanora answered, "No thanks I could be okay." Joey said, "Be careful." After Akanora left she dropped a note for the cure. "HEY AKANORA YOU DROPPED THIS!” yelled Joey. But she didn't hear him. Joey picks up the note and saw the recipe for the cure. He needs to find the ingredients for the cure. The first ingredient is the tampered Xenoscan medicine. "I have to go back and get that Xenoscan medicine which was tampered with." said Joey. He went back into the lab and journeyed to the medicine research. He found the Xenoscan that was tampered with bad chemicals. After getting the first ingredient he found a scientist named Pegien. "Excuse me I want to fix the chemical.” said Pegien. Joey said, "Sorry but it was on the list. But you can go to the Safe House so you won't get killed." Pegien yelled, "NO, I WANT TO FIX THE XENOSCAN SO EVERYONE WANTS TO GET BETTER! SO HAND OVER THE XENOSCAN OR I WILL KILL YOU!" Pegien grabs the laser and is about to kill Joey. Joey grabs his Chainsaw-sword and is about to battle Pegien who was now a psychopath. Joey ducks the laser gun fired by Pegien. Pegien yelled, "GIVE IT BACK!" Joey uses the Chainsaw-sword and slices his arm and his leg thus making him bleed. After Joey defeated Pegien, Pegien started to cough blood and started to say his final words. Pegien said, "I will... (Hack) will get... (Hack) that Xenoscan...... (Hack)....." Joey said, "I guess Pegien is dead but he deserves to die for trying to steal that medicine as part of the ingredient." After killing the psychopath Pegien he found a penguin survivor name Penny locked in the cage. Joey asked, "Are you alright?" Penny said, "Yes." Joey asked, "What just happened?" Penny said, "I was locked up by Pegien who wants to fix the Xenoscan and make it worse. I tried to stop him but he just locked me in a cage." Joey unlocks the cage and said, "Well that’s just cruel. But will you go to the Safe House?" Penny said, "Why yes." So Penny joined Joey to escape the lab and go to the Safe House. Joey needs the second item called skunk berries. It was located near X-Town garden. Joey found the turtle survivor named Gardener Hoychock. Joey asked, "What are you planting?" Hoychock said, "Well I am planting strawberries in my own pot." Joey said, "You can bring your plant you are growing to the Safe House." Hoychock said, "Okay." Hoychock joined Joey to escape the garden and go to the Safe House. Joey found the skunk berries as a second ingredient for the cure. Joey found more supplies and brought them to the Safe House. Penny and Hoychock made it to the Safe House not infected and not dead. Joey talks to Hakashumaku. "Mayor I found more supplies and I found the survivors but the other two just can take care of themselves." Hakashumaku said, "Well these two survivors can be brave. Keep up the good work." Joey said, "Okay." Joey needs to find the third ingredient called the blood of the zombie. Joey left the Safe House and saw a zombie trying to kill a rabbit survivor. But Joey kill a zombie and took the got the empty injection and took the zombie blood and put it into an empty tube and sealed it. The third ingredient was found. A rabbit survivor name Genoska thanked him and went into the Safe House. Joey went to the Safe House and tries to find out how to survive the outbreak.

The 2nd day starts when Joey saw a survivor carrying a deadly bomb for something. Joey asked, "What is that man doing with the bomb?" Joey leaves the Safe House to find a survivor carrying a bomb. While searching the survivor with a bomb, he encountered a male pig survivor tying up the female wolf survivor. "Lancerto untie me this instant.” said the female wolf survivor. "Never." said Lancerto. "You will neve...mphh mphh.” said the female wolf survivor. Joey takes the picture of Lancerto tying up the female wolf survivor, until Lancerto saw the flash of the camera and began to attack him. Joey uses the Chainsaw-sword and cuts his arm. Lancerto lost an arm and been attacked by a zombie and has been devoured. Joey picks up a handgun that Lancerto dropped and shoot the zombie in the head. Joey came to the female wolf survivor and untied her up. Joey asked, "Are you okay?" A female wolf survivor said, "Yes, Oh I know you." Joey asked, "You know me?" A female wolf survivor said, "Yeah. You are the brother of Speedy Cerviche." Joey said, "Yes." A female wolf survivor said, "Your name is Joey Cerviche. My name is Dintacho." Joey said, "I will take you to the Safe House." Dintacho said, "Okay." Joey drops Dintacho to the Safe House. Joey continues his search for the survivor with the bomb. Joey saw a survivor putting the bomb in the volcano. Joey said, "If the bomb explodes the lab inside the volcano it will erupt thus destroying X-Town and the survivors in it. I better stop it." Joey searches the lab to find the bomb. Joey found the ladder and started to climb and sees the lion in the ninja uniform setting up the bomb to erupt the volcano. Joey yelled, "HEY YOU STOP RIGHT THERE!" Joey uses the Chainsaw-sword and kills the lion in the ninja uniform. Joey said, "I better get the bomb away from the volcano." Joey carries a bomb so he could get rid of it before the bomb explodes. He got 30 minutes to get rid of the bomb. Joey said, "I better hurry." Joey saw zombies chasing him while he was carrying the bomb. Joey escaped the zombies and encounters some ninjas who were not zombies. Joey dodges the zombies and has only 5 minutes left on the bomb. Joey got out of the volcano and began to tie the bomb on the firework and blast it off to the sky. The bomb is destroyed and the volcano didn't erupt. "That was the close one," said Joey. Joey needs to find the fourth ingredient called the rare green cherry blossom which is located in the Color Flower Restaurant. Joey saw 20 zombies surrounding the restaurant until he found the dynamite. Joey lights up the dynamite and throws it at the zombies. The dynamite explodes thus killing 20 zombies. Joey enters the restaurant and found the rare green cherry blossom. He found the fourth ingredient. Joey went out the restaurant and sees two male dog survivors fighting zombies in the video arcade. Joey comes with the handgun and kills the zombies attacking the two male dog survivors. The two dog survivors’ names were the Arcadento Brothers. Joey said, "Hello Arcadento Brothers. It’s nice to meet you." The Arcadento Brothers said, "It’s nice to meet a customer. But we were all out of customers due to the zombie outbreak." Joey said, "Why don't you go to the Safe House." The Arcadento Brothers said, "Okay." The Arcadento Brothers joined Joey to go to the Safe House. Joey needs to find the last ingredient known as the Green Tea. Joey went to the Tea House and found a tea shop owner killing the lion survivor who was a thief. Joey said, "The lion was not a thief. He was innocent." A tea shop owner said, "My name is Jokatu and I refuse to let thieves in." Joey slays Jokatu by shooting him with a handgun. Joey got the last ingredient the Green Tea. Joey returns to the Safe House with more supplies and brought in the Arcadento Brothers into the Safe House. Joey said, "Go talk to the survivors not to go look for food because I got some." The mutiny was stopped. Kantoku thanked Joey for stopping the mutiny.

The third day starts and the military was stopped by the ninja hawks. Joey was shocked that the ninja hawks sabotaged the military rescue. Joey started to pursue the ninja hawks and found Akanora trying to find the note and ingredients. Joey gave Akanora the note and ingredients. Akanora asked, "Joey, how in the town do you find these ingredients?" Joey said, "I found them on every place in X-Town with the help of your note." Akanora said, "Thank you Joey." Akanora left and Joey go and chase the ninja hawks. While chasing the ninja hawks Joey was ambushed and captured by the ninja hawk leader Brick Hawk. Joey wakes up and found himself in the cage in the ninja hawk helicopter. Joey asked, "Where am I?" Joey found the key. Joey will see that the timer will run out and the ninja hawks will return. Joey said, "I better get out of here." Joey uses the magnet to get the key. Joey unlocks the cage and escapes. Joey has to battle the ninja hawks before the timer runs out. Joey found the katana and ax and takes them into the Work Shop and fuses them together to make the Kantanax. Joey said, "Cool." Joey uses the Kantanax and slays the ninja hawks. Joey encounters the 4 generals of the ninja hawks. The 4 generals of the ninja hawks said "Hello Joey allow us to introduce ourselves; Billy Killy, Sawkan Blader, Dark Bark and Death Med. We are the Ninja Hawk Strikeforce." Joey said, "Well this fight is going to get better." Joey kills Billy Killy, Death Med, and Dark Bark. Sawkan Blader said "No, my friends they were all dead. Now it is time to kill myself.” Sawkan Blader holds out his sword and stabs himself and dies valiantly. Joey blows up the ninja hawks helicopter and escapes. Joey found Kantoku. Kantoku is trying to find out who was responsible for attempted to erupt a volcano. Joey said "I will find proof and you go call the Rescue Team to pick us up along with the survivors." Joey searches the ninja base full of lion ninjas and rhino ninjas. Joey inspects one of the survivors captive who know that Mokuta was behind this. Joey frees the captive survivors and kills the ninjas. Joey is helping the captive survivors escape until he saw a lot of zombies charging at them. Joey yelled, "GET THE MACHINE GUNS ITS ARE ONLY HOPE FOR KILLING THESE ZOMIBES WHO WERE CHARGING AT US!!" So the captive survivors use the machine guns to kill these zombies but they were too many of them. So half of the captive survivors made it to the Safe House but half of the captive survivors turned into zombies. After the escape Joey got half of the captive survivors to the Safe House and made it alive. Joey said, "Hakashumaku I found out that Mokuta was trying to destroy X-Town and kill the survivors in order to make a new amusement park." Hakashumaku said, "Well that’s horrible." Joey said, "I know. I better get Kantoku and capture Mokuta." Joey exits the Safe House and saw Akanora and talked to her. Akanora said, "How was my brother." Joey said, "Mokuta was evil." Akanora said, "I know he was evil and I want you to stop him with this weapon." Akanora gives Joey the Blakano Sword. Akanora said, "Make sure you stop my brother and kill him." Joey said, "Okay." Joey sets out to kill Mokuta. Joey saw 100 zombies coming at him and he uses the Blakano sword to disintegrate 100 zombies. Joey said, "Cool." Joey made it to Kantoku only to be killed by Mokuta. Mokuta said, "Joey I knew you would sabotage my plan to build an amusement park. I know that you killed my men and released my prisoners. But you will pay for it." Joey said, "Listen Mokuta you ruined everything. I know your plan and I know you were attempting to burst the volcano. But your plan will fail." Mokuta said, "But my plan never fails it has just begun. (Started and evil laugh)" The final battle begins with Joey and Mokuta. Joey said, "I will never fail." Mokuta yelled, "I WILL NEVER FAIL AND PREPARE TO DIE!" Mokuta raises his sword and Joey raises his Blakano Sword and the sword clashes. Joey ducks Mokuta sword and Mokuta punches him. Joey said, "Ouch." Joey avoids Mokuta's attacks and Joey slices Mokuta's leg. GAAAAH!” yelled Mokuta. Joey said, "You will never win." Mokuta gets up and prepares to stab Joey but Joey dodges it and sliced Mokuta's head off and Mokuta is dead. Joey calls John Camelont. Joey said, "Hello John it’s me Joey I want you to get the Rescue Team and meet us at the X-Town Safe House." John said, "Understood."

On the fourth day the Rescue Team came by and rescues the survivors and got them out of X-Town. As for Joey he got picked up by John. Joey said, "John I got these pictures." John said, "Good that will go great in today’s newspaper." Meanwhile at Little Tokyo, Speedy receives a call from his brother Joey and he will return home soon. Speedy said, "Aiko your uncle is heading back home." Aiko said, "Really that sounds great daddy. I can't believe my uncle is coming home I am so excited." Back at X-Town the helicopter takes off and heads home. John said, "We are coming home." While John prepares to leave X-Town with Joey the zombie attacks John and lost control of the helicopter and starts crashing into the building.

Joey wakes up after the helicopter crashed and got rescued by Akanora. Akanora asked, "Are you okay?" Joey said, "Why yes I am okay. What just happened and where is John?" Akanora said, "John is dead and you are in the Chinakanko Lab." Joey asked, "Is that a tea I saw?" Akanora said, "Yes. Why not take a sip." Joey asked, "Why?" Akanora said, "Because you were bitten by a zombie and you will transform. Luckily I made that tea to prevent the zombie transformation." Joey saw the zombie bite mark on his elbow and was shocked so he took a sip of tea and gives him more time so he won't become a zombie. Joey said, "Wow. What kind of tea that prevents the zombie transformation for one day." Akanora said, "It was Zomtea which stops the zombie transformation for one day." Joey asked, "Really how so?" Akanora said, "Since you collected the ingredients form me which makes it into a perfect remedy." Joey said, "Cool." Akanora enlists the help of Joey to mix the tea into the lifetime supply of tampered Xenoscan and create a cure for people to stop the zombie transformation for one day. Joey saw the three inventions in three cases and unlocked them. There were three samurai armors which have spiritual hyper mode and strong weapons. Joey and Akanora encountered zombies in the lab and used shotguns to kill zombies. After the zombies were all killed, they found the lifetime supply of tampered Xenoscan and mix them in to create a mixture of zombie stopping cure called Zomtea. Joey and Akanora take these three samurai armors and packages of Zomtea and place them on the truck to escape the erupting volcano. The volcano erupted and lava is going down to destroy X-Town. While trying to escape Brick Hawk attacks them by using the tank. Brick Hawk said, "You will pay for killing my friends." Joey said, "Oh yeah. You have to catch us first." Joey and Brick begins to fight on the tank. Joey dodges Brick's punches and he punches Brick. Brick is using his handgun but Joey dodges them. Joey asked, "Why not take a flash?" Joey pulls out his camera and takes a picture in front of Brick Hawk thus blinding him. Joey escapes and Brick crashes his tank into the lava and sinks. Brick jumps out and is being eaten by zombies. Brick said, "Well that’s how being dead looks like." Brick dies and X-Town was destroyed by lava. Joey made it back to Tokyo with 20 packages of Zomtea which stops the transformation for one day. The news reporter investigates the ashes of X-Town and discovers that pirates were behind the zombie outbreak and tampered the Xenoscan cure with radioactive formulas which caused the old citizen to become a zombie. Meanwhile, Bucky, Wally and Bucky's cousin Jacky received one of the samurai armor and became known as the Samurai Pizza Warriors.

The credits shows that Bucky saves Francine from the ninja crows while wearing his samurai armor in spiritual hyper form, Jacky and Wally wearing samurai armors and help the Pizza Cats fight the Seven Deadly Warriors, The Seven Deadly warriors were killed by the Pizza Cats, Bucky uses the ultimate move called Deer Ice Storm Blast, Wally uses the ultimate move called Water Tornado of Ram and Jacky uses the ultimate move called Deer Tree Trap of Punishment and Bucky, Jacky and Wally did their victory pose.

The End

Alternate Ending 1 (Good Ending)Edit

Joey did not pick up the note and find the ingredients. Joey had taken the three samurai armors with spiritual hyper mode and strong weapons. Joey had killed Mokuta and went back to the Safe House to be rescued along with the survivors.

On the fourth day the Rescue Team came by and rescues the survivors and got them out of X-Town. As for Joey he got picked up by John. Joe said, "I got these pictures." John said, "Good that will go great in today’s newspaper. Meanwhile at Little Tokyo, Speedy receives a call from his brother Joey and he will return home soon. Speedy said, "Aiko your uncle is heading back home." Aiko said, "Really that sounds great daddy. I can't believe my uncle is coming home I am so excited." Back at X-Town the helicopter takes off and heads home. John said, "We are coming home." John prepares to leave X-Town with Joey and the three samurai armors and left X-Town while the zombie watches the helicopter leaves X-Town. The text says "X-Town was now destroyed by the volcano and the zombies were now all killed."

The End

Alternate Ending 2 (Bad Ending)Edit

Joey failed to get the captive survivors to kill the zombies. So Joey decided to retreat.

On the fourth day John lands the helicopter and tries to look for Joey. John yelled, "JOEY WHERE ARE YOU!!" But there was no answer. He tried looking through his telescope but he was not here. John said, "Maybe Joey was dead?" John was attacked by a zombie and killed. John yelled, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The text says "Zombies, survivors, and Mokuta were killed by X-Town's destruction by the volcano."

The End

Alternate Ending 3 (Good Ending)Edit

Joey did not pick up the note and find the ingredients. Joey did not find Mokuta Stinch. Joey did not enter the lab. Joey tells Kantoku that he saved the survivors. Kantoku called the Rescue Team to rescue him and the survivors.

On the fourth day John lands the helicopter and found Joey and Kantoku and brings them to Tokyo while the Rescue Team comes and picks up the survivors and they started to leave X-Town. After the helicopters left X-Town the zombie watches the helicopters leave X-Town. The text says "Many have not known Mokuta has survived or died of the volcano erupted of X-Town.

The End

Alternate Ending 4 (Bad Ending)Edit

Joey fails to escape the ninja hawk team.

Joey got out of the cage. Joey fights hand to hand against the ninja hawks. The timer ran out and Brick Hawk comes and kills Joey. Brick said, "Ha Ha Ha. I knew how to kill the brother of Speedy Cerviche." So Brick left on the helicopter and left X-Town. The text says "The ninja hawks were the most deadly and killers of China."

The End

Alternate Ending 5 (Bad Ending)Edit

Joey fails to get rid of the bomb.

Joey fights the zombies and ninjas but the time bomb ran out of time. Joey yelled, "OH NO!!!" KAMBOOM!!! The bomb exploded in the volcano and erupted thus killing the zombies and survivors in X-Town as part of Mokuta's plans to build an amusement park. The text says "Mokuta finally destroys X-Town and created the amusement park. But the survivors of X-Town were all dead because of him."

The End


Joey has a flashback leaving Tokyo and saying good bye to Speedy and his family. Joey went to X-Town where he and his friend John see a couple blood and undead eating survivors. After Joey went to X-Town filled with zombies. Joey Cerviche was frightened and runs from the zombies and get to the Safe House. The mayor greeted the brother of Speedy Cerviche along with the police guard. There are no villains like Seymour Cheese and Jerry Atric. Joey yells at the zombies and kills them with a gun by shooting them in the head. Joey found supplies in the supply unit and rescues the survivor from three crooks. Joey takes a nap in the Safe House. He wakes up and found out that Xenoscan medicine was tampered just like the chemicals from Umbrella Co. in Resident Evil. The lab was located in the volcano just like Mojo Jojo's lab on top of the volcano in the Powerpuff Girls. He encountered Akanora and Mokuta Stinch in X-Town. Joey has to find ingredients to make the cure. After collecting the ingredients he gave them to Akanora to create some tea type thing. Joey got captured by the ninja hawks just like the ninja crows but different. Joey encountered some 4 generals of the ninja hawks and did their pose just like the Ginyu Force in Dragonball Z. Kantoku died from Mokuta with his sword and starts to battle Joey Cerviche. Joey uses the special sword just like the Ginzu Sword from Speedy but much more powerful and engaged in the battle with Mokuta just like the Cloud and Sephiroth battle in Final Fantasy VII. After the defeat of Mokuta Stinch the Rescue Team members General Catton, Bat Cat, Spritz T. Cat and Meowzma O Tool came here with helicopters that would transport the survivors out of the town. Joey and John got out of town but the helicopter crashed into the building by a zombie attack. Joey got rescued by Akanora and she found out that Joey is infected and give him a sip of Zomtea to stop his transformation for a little bit just like Zombrex from Dead Rising series. Joey found these three armors with spiritual hyper form and strong weapons to give to Bucky, Bucky's cousin Jacky and Wally to become the Samurai Pizza Warriors (SPW). Joey and Akanora began to put the tea in the tampered Xenoscan and all of the Xenoscan medicines became Zomtea. Joey and Akanora got into the truck and start driving away from the zombies. Brick Hawk ambushes them with a tank and Joey and Brick starts to fight in hand to hand combat. Joey blinds Brick and escapes from Brick. Brick escapes the tank sinking in lava and got devoured by zombies. Joey returns to his brother. The pirates were responsible for the outbreak just like the terrorists who were responsible for the outbreak in Dead Rising. The credits show the upcoming fan episodes which features the Samurai Pizza Warriors helping the Samurai Pizza Cats fight evil.


Joey Cerviche first appearance.

Hakashumaku first appearance.

Story takes place in X-Town.

Based on the hit video game Dead Rising.