Fan Episodes is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats episode that should be on TV. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these episodes will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this series, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Series. This page is season 16 (701-750). Warning this page is full to edit so go to the next Fan episode article to edit your story. Full up to only 50 episodes.

Episode 701: Seymour Cream Cheese, son of Seymour Big Cheese, wears a pink dress and he walks around the Ninja Crow Village. Cream Cheese decides to build a robot. Cream Cheese says, "This will be my first robot. My dad will be proud." Petey Atric shows up and he freaks out when he saw Cream Cheese wearing a pink dress. Petey Atric asked, "What's going on?" Cream Cheese says, "I'm building my first robot to attack Little Tokyo." Petey Atric says, "Let me help you." Meanwhile at Little Tokyo, the heroes are working at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Cream Cheese unleashes his robot on Little Tokyo. The robot attacks the city. Petey Atric supervises the robot and a group of Ninja Crows. Al Dente calls the heroes to stop the robot. The Samurai Pizza Cats head out. Aiko and Kazuma are on standby. The heroes head out to confront the robot. The heroes did their intro and they yell, "Samurai Pizza Cats!" Petey Atric yells, "Ninja Crows attack!" The Samurai Pizza Cats battle the Ninja Crows. Polly and Guido tag team to battle ten ninja crows while Speedy and Good Bird tag team to battle ten ninja crows. After the heroes defeat the group of Ninja Crows, they go up against the robot. Speedy summons the Goonie Birds while GB summons the Armor of Worc to battle the robot. Speedy and GB use their finisher move to destroy the robot. The four heroes did their pose. Later, Cream Cheese gets angry and he literally explodes in anger while Petey gets caught in the explosion. Petey says, "Like father, like son." Cream Cheese sighs and says, "I want to see my daddy." Meanwhile, Aiko and Kazuma saw Speedy and the others wear their upgrade armors and wonder when they'll get a chance to wear them. Francine tells the kids when their ready.

Episode 702: Sammo Hung comes to Little Tokyo for a vacation. Al Dente assigns the heroes to watch him. Meanwhile, Francine is shopping with her family until she saw four robbers trying to rob the store until four people show up. The four people are fat, a cat, a panda, a tanuki, and a bison. The four robbers were going to shot them until the four fat people display martial arts skills and their extremely fast. Francine is surprised. The four fat people defeat the four robbers. Everyone cheer for them. The four fat people left. Later, Francine searches for the fat people until she found them at the park. The fat people are exercising. Francine goes up to them to talk. The four people talk to Francine that long ago people made fun out of them because their fat until they saw a martial arts film starring Sammo Hung. Sammo Hung became their hero and they decided to learn martial arts. Francine says, "Your four are good." Meanwhile, a group of ninjas begin to attack the city. The heroes head out to fight these unknown ninjas. During the fight, Sammo Hung shows up and he fights the unknown ninja group. Sammo Hung takes out most of them. The heroes are amazed that Sammo and the four fat people defeat a group of ninjas with ease. Later, Sammo thank the four fat people. The four fat people were honor by it. Sammo decides to hire them to be in his movies. Meanwhile, one of the ninjas reports to his masters that he failed. The masters reveal to be the Zodiac Clan. The Zodiac Clan decides to send a clan to deal with the Samurai Pizza Cats. The Zodiac Clan decides to send the Horse clan to deal with them. The leader of the Dragon Clan says, "If you fail us Horse Clan, I'll send you all to the glue factory!" The Horse Clan understood and they head to Little Tokyo.

Episode 703: The Horse Clan made it to Little Tokyo. The Horse Clan sends out a strong horse to fight the heroes. This horse has super strength. Meanwhile, the heroes are working at the restaurant. Later, the horse begins to attack the city with his bare hands. Al Dente sends the Samurai Pizza Warriors to deal with the horse. The Samurai Pizza Warriors have trouble fighting the horse because of his super strength. Wally and Jacky were able to restrain the horse given Bucky a chance to finish him off. Bucky uses the Deer Ice Storm Blast to defeat the horse. The Samurai Pizza Warriors did their pose. Meanwhile, the leader of the Horse Clan is angry that his minion failed. He says, "This is just the beginning."

Episode 704: The Leader of the Horse Clan hires two horses, the black beauty and the black stallion to destroy the Samurai Pizza Cats. Meanwhile at the restaurant, Francine has an idea for the restaurant. Francine wants everyone to Cosplay every Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Speedy and the others wonder if it's a good idea. Francine manages to convince them to do it or else she'll deduct their salary. The next day, the heroes wear beach clothes to work. The boys wear a t-shirts and shorts while the girls wear bikinis. Speedy and the other boys begin to nosebleed. Meanwhile, the two horses begin their rampage on the city. Al Dente shows up to the restaurant and he's shocked to see the girls in bikinis. Al's nose begins to bleed. Al snaps out of it and he tells the heroes that the city is under attack. The heroes head to the back. Al takes a picture of the girls in their bikinis. Francine stands right in front of Al and she yells, "Give me the camera NOW!" Al mourns and he gives Francine the camera. Later, the heroes put on their fighting armors and head out. Meanwhile, the two horses continue their rampaging until the Samurai Pizza Cats including Good Bird show up. The two horses tell the heroes that they’re here to kill them. The heroes battle the two horses. Speedy calls the Samurai Pizza Angels to back them up. The Samurai Pizza Angels show up and they take on the black beauty while the Samurai Pizza Cats including Good Bird take on the black stallion. During the fight, the Samurai Pizza Angels decide to use their new weapons. Lucille now lunches homing ninja stars. These ninja stars can explode just like her missiles. Carla takes out a new weapon called three section staff. Carla picks that weapon up when she was at China. Francine takes out a whip. Francine learned from Dee-Dee, a member of the New York Pizza Cats. The Samurai Pizza Angels use these new weapons to defeat the black beauty. The Samurai Pizza Cats including Good Bird use their finisher moves to defeat the black stallion. All of the heroes did their pose. Meanwhile, the Leader of the Horse Clan is angry. He gets a call from the Dragon Clan. The Dragon Clan tells the Horse Clan that's strike two and one more strike their out. The Horse Clan decides to hire their secret weapon, the four horsemen. The question is how powerful the four horsemen really are and when they'll arrive?

Episode 705: During lunch time, Polly and Carla are feeding their children. While eating, Aiko notices her brother, Guido Sukashii Cerviche, is getting cranky. Kazuma notices that his brother, Birdy, is getting cranky as well. The kids tell their mothers about it. Polly and Carla put Guido and Birdy to bed. Polly and Carla said, "A good nap will help the boys out." Guido and Birdy sleep. They dream of evil forces attack Little Tokyo. The evil forces are Petey Atric's and Cream Cheese's Ninja Crows, Dr. Purple's Ninja Crows, Drake Slasher and Blaokanos Virus, the Zodiac Clan, a mysterious group that is going to take over the Neo Clan, and Dirty Bird. These villains attack Little Tokyo mercilessly and spare no one. The Samurai Pizza Cats, Good Bird, the Samurai Pizza Angels, the Samurai Pizza Warriors, and the Rescue team have fallen in battle. Aiko and Kazuma are the only survivors. The evil forces surround the two surviving warriors. Their fates are unknown. Guido and Birdy wake up from the dream and they cry. Polly and Carla show up and they try to calm them down. Guido and Birdy calm down and they went back to sleep. Polly and Carla wonder what kind of nightmare that Guido and Birdy dream of. Guido and Birdy dream again and they see a crow that is in his 30s. The crow is young and he's very powerful. A Ninja Crow shows up and he says, "Master Jerry Atric. You still got it." This young Jerry Atric says, "The age reversal formula works and it's great to be young again." Meanwhile, the Great Warrior saw Guido's and Birdy's dream and he's surprised when he saw this. The Great Warrior wonders if the boys are seeing the future and if it is when it will happen. The Great Warrior knows one thing, what Guido and Birdy are beginning to have Spiritual Hyper Mode powers. The Great Warrior says, "I amazed they have that power especially for their age."

Episode 706: General Catton trains his daughter, B.B. Gun Catton of being a member of the Rescue team. General Catton teaches his daughter how to be a member of the Rescue team. Meanwhile, Bat Cat teaches his son, Jet Cat how to fly. Meanwhile, Meowzma O' Tool trains his son, Digger O' Tool. Meanwhile at the Ninja Water Clan HQ, Spritz T. Cat trains his daughter, Kate T. Cat how to swim and how to fight. Spritz says, "Once my daughter becomes a full-fledged warrior, I'll retire as a warrior and permanently live here in Ninja Water Clan HQ." Meanwhile, Koga is training until Drake Slasher appears. Drake Slasher takes out his gun and shoots him in the heart. Koga dies instantly. Drake Slasher smiles and he says, "That's one Rescue team member that is taken care of." Drake Slasher takes Koga's body. Drake leaves a note and left. Later, Francine notices that Koga is gone. Francine found a note. The note says, "Dear, Francine and the Rescue team. I going away for a while, be back soon by your friend Koga."

Episode 707: Drake Slasher mutates Koga and turns him to Blaokanos Koga. Drake Slasher said, "I better wait longer for the Pizza Cats, Rescue Team, their children and their allies to come to the southern part of Africa." As the clock countdowns there were more to this mystery. Meanwhile, back at Little Tokyo the leader of the horse clan arrives with the four horse men name the four horses of the apocalypse. The four horses’ names are War, Famine, Death and Pestilence and they started to attack Little Tokyo. Speedy is beginning to upgrade his Supreme Catatonic and begins using it to defeat the four horses of apocalypse. Speedy yells, "Supreme Catatonic activates Spiritual Hyper Mode!!" The Supreme Catatonic changes its color to pure blue and pure gold and defeats the four horses of the apocalypse. The horse leader saw it and was amazed at their skills. The leader of the horse clan wants to leave the Zodiac Clan and joins the Pizza Cats to be teaching and fight for good. Meanwhile, the Dragon Clan is furious about it. Meanwhile, the leader of the Horse Clan went to his room and reveals to have a collection of My Little Pony dolls. The leader says, "I'm going to have a beautiful friendship with the Pizza Cats."

Episode 708: Part 1. Lucille is working until she gets a letter. She reads it and she's shock. Later, Guido shows up and he asked, "Lucille, what do need at the store?" Guido notices that Lucille is gone. Meanwhile, Lucille heads to Spritz's restaurant and she talks to her brother, Wally. Both Wally and Lucille nodded and the two left. Later that day, Jacky notice that Wally is gone. Meanwhile, Guido calls Lucille's cell phone, but no responds. Guido begins to get worry. Later, Lucille and Wally head to a building that said, "Tea House Inc." Lucille and Wally enter the building and their surrounded by a group of ninja rams and sheep. The leader shows up and tells everyone to stand down. The leader wants Lucille and Wally to come with him. Later, the leader tells Lucille and Wally that he's leader of a group called, Ram Clan. The Ram Clan is part of the Zodiac Clan. He wants Lucille and Wally to join them. Later, Francine gets a called for an order. Francine says, "Hey everybody, Tea House Inc. wants 300 pizzas. I want Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird to deliver them." Speedy and the others head to Tea House Inc. to deliver the pizzas. They go inside the building until their surrounded by a group of ninja rams and sheep. The leader of the Ram Clan yells, "You all walk right into my trap Pizza Cats!" The heroes get ready to fight until Lucille and Wally appear. The leader tells the heroes that Lucille and Wally have join the Ram Clan. The heroes are shocked.

Episode 709: Part 2. Guido saw Lucille joined the Ram Clan. Guido said, "Lucille you are my wife don't betray the Pizza Cats." The Ram Clan battles the heroes until Lucille starts to betray the Ram Clan along with Wally. The Ram Clan grows furious. Lucille said, "Love is important and you guys should be good." The Ram Clan accepts it and begins to join the good guys. Meanwhile, the leader of the Horse Clan is training the ninja horses until the Dragon Clan show up. The leader of the Dragon Clan says, "No one leaves the Zodiac Clan gets away with it." The Dragon Clan battles the Horse Clan. The Dragon Clan easily defeats the Horse Clan. The leader of the Dragon Clan sends the leader of the Horse Clan to the glue factory. Later, the leader of the Dragon Clan talks to the other members of the Zodiac Clan. The leader says, "The price you pay for betraying the clan, this will happen to you." The leader shows everyone animal glue. The leader says, "That pile of glue used to be the Horse Clan. I sold all of the ninja horses and their leader to the glue factory." One of the members asked, "What happen to his collection of My Little Pony dolls?" The leader says, "I don't know." Meanwhile, Al Dente, Bat Cat, General Catton, Meowzma, Francine, Polly, Lucille, and Wally have the My Little Pony Dolls and their playing with them. Bat Cat says, "I love you Rainbow Dash." General Catton says, "I love you Applejack." Meowzma says, "Rarity, you’re my favorite." Francine, Polly, and Lucille said, "There so cute!" Wally says, "You will always bring me good luck, Fluttershy." Al says, "Princess Celestia will always be at my side. I wish you were the ruler of Little Tokyo instead of Princess Vi." Meanwhile, Speedy, Guido, and GB watch the others play the My Little Pony dolls. Speedy says, "Let's get back to work." Guido and GB nodded and they head back to work. Guido says, "They need therapy." Speedy and GB nodded.

Episode 710: The Zodiac Clan sends the Pig Clan to kill the Ram Clan. The Pig Clan attacks the Ram Clan. The leader of the Ram Clan calls the Samurai Pizza Cats for help. The Samurai Pizza Cats, Good Bird, and the Samurai Pizza Angels head out to help the Ram Clan. When the heroes made it to the Ram Clan, they saw one fourth of the Ram Clan exterminate. The leader of the Ram Clan tells the heroes that the Pig Clan is the ones that are attacking them. The heroes battle the Pig Clan. Speedy and Francine battle the leader of the Pig Clan while the others fight off the Ninja Pigs and their generals. All of the heroes use their Spiritual Hyper Mode and their finisher moves to defeat the entire Pig Clan. Later, Speedy and the others interrogate the Pig Clan. The Pig Clan tells the heroes that the Dragon Clan will kill them for failing. Speedy offers his friendship, but the entire Pig Clan, including their leader committed seppuku to avoid punishment from the Dragon Clan. The heroes realize that the Dragon Clan is ruthless if this cause the Pig Clan to committed seppuku. Meanwhile, the Dragon Clan is furious about it. The leader of the Dragon Clan said, "One day, Pizza Cats! One Day!"

Episode 711: The Pizza Cats found the leader of the Dragon Clan's brother who was alone and hungry. The Pizza Cats tell the leader of the Dragon Clan's brother that he lost his older brother after the tornado starts and both of their parents are dead. The Dragon Clan and the rest of the Zodiac Clan start to attack but was stopped by the Pizza Cats and returned the leader of the Dragon Clan's brother. The Dragon Clan told the Zodiac Clan not to attack Little Tokyo and became allies of the Pizza Cats. The Zodiac Clan agrees and became allies of the Samurai Pizza Cats.

Episode 712: Part 1. Petey Atric and Cream Cheese heard about the Zodiac Clan joining the Pizza Cats and they find it unacceptable. Petey Atric calls the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows to kill the Zodiac Clan. Later, Petey Atric orders a few Ninja Crows to disconnect the communication to prevent the Zodiac Clan to call for the Pizza Cats. Petey Atric orders the Ninja Crows and the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows to kill the Zodiac Clan. The Ninja Crow Clan attack the Zodiac Clan. The leader of the Dragon Clan orders the Zodiac Clan to defend them-selves. The Ninja Crow Clan manages to kill the Dog Clan, Rat Clan, Ox Clan, Tiger Clan, and Rabbit Clan.

Episode 713: Part 2. The Ninja Crow Clan continues to attack the Zodiac Clan. The leader of the Dragon Clan tries to call the Pizza Cats for help, but no response. The Dragon Clan orders the Ram Clan, Rooster Clan, and Monkey Clan to escape, but the Ninja Crow Clan manages to kill the Ram Clan, Rooster Clan, and Monkey Clan. The Dragon Clan escapes from the Ninja Crow Clan. The Dragon Clan cries because the entire Zodiac Clan destroys. Suddenly, Drake Slasher, Blaokanos Ninja Crows, Blaokanos Big Cheese, and Blaokanos Jerry Atric show up. Drake orders the Blaokanos Ninja Crows, Blaokanos Big Cheese, and Blaokanos Jerry Atric to kill the Dragon Clan, but to leave the leader of the Dragon Clan to him. The Blaokanos Ninja Crows, Blaokanos Big Cheese, and Blaokanos Jerry Atric kill the entire Dragon Clan. The leader of the Dragon Clan fight Drake Slasher, but Drake Slasher is stronger than him. Drake Slasher says, "I just want you not your clan." Drake kills the leader of the Dragon Clan's brother. The leader of the Dragon Clan is sad. Drake captures the leader of the Dragon Clan and turns him into Blaokanos leader of the Dragon Clan. Drake says, "Mission Complete. Let's go home." Meanwhile, the Ninja Crow Clan succeeds of destroying the Zodiac Clan. Cream Cheese is wearing Princess Vi's dress. Petey Atric and Cream Cheese said, "Mission Complete. Let's go home." Cream Cheese says, "Daddy will be proud of me." Petey says, "Same here." Meanwhile, Blaokanos Big Cheese and Blaokanos Jerry Atric saw Petey and Cream Cheese and they feel like they want to hug them, but they can't and they head back with Drake Slasher. Petey and Cream head back to their village. Meanwhile, the Pizza Cats wonder what happen to the Zodiac Clan. Meanwhile, the African Pizza Cats heard what happened to the Zodiac Clan and what Drake did to the leader of the Dragon Clan. The African Pizza Cats said, "Drake!"

Episode 714: Petey Atric begins to train Cream Cheese in martial arts and swordsmanship. Cream Cheese wears a cheerleader outfit (mini-skirt and panty briefs), just like his father. Petey's mouth drop, but he gets his act together and he trains him. During the training, Cream Cheese unintentionally keeps exposing his panties. Petey can't focus and he asked, "How does my grandpa put up with Seymour?" Later, they have a lunch break. Cream Cheese asked, "What is my dad like?" Petey says, "He's kind of like you, but a little bit impatient and he never think things through. We swear our loyalty to you and your family." Later, they continue the training. Suddenly, Cream Cheese's body turns pure white and yellow. Petey yells, "You got Spiritual Hyper Mode!" Suddenly, Petey's body turns pure black, grey, and light purple. Cream Cheese yells, "You got Spiritual Hyper Mode too!" Petey says, "We need to go away for a while and learn how to master our new powers." Cream Cheese asked, "What about the Ninja Crows?" Petey says, "Roland Crow will take over." Later, Roland Crow takes over the Ninja Crows while Petey and Cream Cheese left for training.

Episode 715: Part 1. Captain Dragonfire Catton (General Catton's brother) sends five of his most highly trained military soldiers to capture the fugitives name Big Cheese, Jerry Atric and the rest of the Ninja Crow Clan. Soldier-A calls Captain and said, "Captain we found the fugitives in Africa. We are not sure who lets them escape but we would find them." Captain said, "Okay but be careful." The five soldiers have to stick together and find the fugitives. After arriving in Africa on the helicopter the soldiers encountered one of the Blaokanos Ninja Crow and killed him. Soldier-B said, "What is that?" Soldier-C said, "I don't know but we have to keep moving." But suddenly the helicopter was destroyed by the Blaokanos Ninja Crow carrying a rocket launcher. Soldier-D shoots the Blaokanos Ninja Crow with a shotgun and kills him. Soldier-E said, "I think we should call for help." Soldier-A said, "No time we have to keep moving." The soldiers keep on advancing until they see a chainsaw wielding Blaokanos Ninja Crow called a Croweestro. The soldiers managed to defeat that thing but the Croweestro killed Soldier-E by slicing his head with a chainsaw. Soldier-B shoots the Croweestro with a magnum and knocks him out. The four soldiers continued advancing but the Croweestro got up and swings his chainsaw crazily but Soldier-A uses his machine gun and killed the Croweestro.

Episode 716: Part 2: The four soldiers entered the lab and encounter the Blaokanos Jerry Atric. Soldier D said, "What in the world is that?" Soldier C said, "Gahh!!" Blaokanos Jerry Atric kills Soldier C. The three soldiers avoid Blaokanos Jerry Atric's attacks. Soldier A grabs Soldier C's rocket launcher and damages Blaokanos Jerry Atric. The parasites came out of Blaokanos Jerry's body. Soldier A said, "What are those?" Soldier B said, "I don't know but we have to shoot these things." Soldier B shoots the parasites with the magnum and kills the parasites and kills the Blaokanos Jerry Atric. Soldier B said, "This is just weird weren't the Das Vexos parasites from Monkey Chunkey Island incident?" Soldier A said, "Yes." Soldier D said, "Wait a minute I know Jerry Atric the fugitive crow. He turned into a monster a we killed him." Soldier A said, "Who was responsible for creating Jerry a monster like that?" Suddenly a masked person appears and the Soldier A said, "Who are you?" The masked person didn't answers and kills Soldier B and Soldier D. Soldier A shoots him with a machine gun but the masked person avoids it. The masked person kills Soldier A. The masked person talks to Drake Slasher that he has eliminated the targets. Drake Slasher said, "Excellent you did a good job killing these soldiers." Meanwhile, outside of the lab the Captain contacts the soldiers who were killed. Captain said, "Hello did you hear me hello?" The Captain fails to contact the soldiers and was presumed dead. Captain said, "I knew these soldiers failed the mission." The Captain talks to Al Dente that the soldiers were dead and the man hunt for Big Cheese and Jerry Atric were called off.

Episode 717: The evil person tells the half of the Neo Clan to destroy the other half of the Neo Clan and the leader Lokontey Cerviche. Lokonety calls the Pizza Cats and came here just in time. The Pizza Cats used their finisher moves and destroys the evil person. The evil person reveals to be a robot to who was created by a mysterious scientist but not Dr. Purple. The Neo Clan is restored and Lokontey Cerviche thanks them for but the mystery remains unknown on who created the robot.

Episode 718: Dirty Bird got killed and captured by Dr. Willioke and brought to the lab in the southern part of Africa. Drake Slasher saw Dirty Bird in the container. Drake said, "Well you did a good job on capturing the dead body of Dirty Bird. I think the Blaokanos virus could revive him and transform him." The Blaokanos Virus infects Dirty Bird and fused with the Blaokanos Dragon Clan leader. After the fusion is completed the Blaokanos Dirty Bird and the Blaokanos Dragon Clan leader has been fused together known as the Blaokanos Dragon Monster. Meanwhile, Good Bird senses something bad.

Episode 719: Part 1. Al Dente is shopping with his family until someone walk up to him and said, "Takayuki Lune." Al is shocked. Later, Al calls Speedy and the others that Takayuki Lune is alive. Later, Speedy and the others arrive at Al's place. Al is worry about it, because he and the others remembered that Takayuki Lune committed suicide when Al defeated him. Speedy and the others search all over Little Tokyo to find Takayuki Lune. Meanwhile, Al goes to work and he gets so nervous that he's afraid to eat and go to the bathroom. Al holds it in. Later, Al went back home until he saw his home a mess. Al found a note that said, "Al, come to the volcano or else your wife and your two children will die, sign, Takayuki Lune." Meanwhile, Takayuki Lune holds Al's wife, Momma Mutt Dente, Al's sons, Junior Mutt Dente and Ronso Dente hostages. Takayuki Lune says, "Revenge will be sweet."

Episode 720: Part 2. Al Dente, Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird head to the volcano to confront Takayuki Lune. Takayuki Lune saw Al and he says, "It's payback time!" Later, Al sees Takayuki and he demands to know where Takayuki is keeping his family. Takayuki shows Al his family. Al's family is in a cage. Takayuki summons three robots to fight the Pizza Cats while he settles the score with Al. During the fight, Al gains the upper hand against Takayuki. Takayuki says, "You gotten stronger, but so did I." Takayuki punches Al and Al hits the wall. Takayuki transforms and he's now Blaokanos Takayuki Lune. Al and the others are shock and wonder what he is. Speedy and the others were able to defeat the three robots and help Al fight this monster.

Episode 721: Part 3. Blaokanos Takayuki Lune fights the heroes. Al wonders what has happen to him. Blaokanos Takayuki tells him that someone found him and nursed him back to health and he gave him an upgrade, but in exchange he has to kill the Pizza Cats. Blaokanos Takayuki Lune continues his fight with the heroes. Speedy, Polly, Guido, and GB use their Spiritual Hyper Mode and their finisher move on Blaokanos Takayuki. Blaokanos Takayuki got hit and he fell of the cliff. Al and Speedy grabs Blaokanos Takayuki. Blaokanos Takayuki is shocked and wonder why their trying to save him. Al and Speedy tell him that he used to be one of them before he went badly. Last time they didn't save him and their going to save him this time. Blaokanos Takayuki is happy and he sheds a tear. Blaokanos Takayuki says, "Thank you and I'm sorry." Blaokanos Takayuki lets go of Speedy's and Al's hands and he fell into the lava. Speedy and Al watch in horror that Blaokanos Takayuki Lune fell into the lava and die. The next day, Al and the others give Takayuki Lune a proper funeral. Al cries the most. Later, everyone went home while Al looks at Takayuki's tombstone. Al says, "Rest in peace, Pizza Cat." Al went home with his family. Later, Speedy and the others wonder who and what did this to Takayuki Lune. Meanwhile, Drake Slasher heard that Takayuki Lune failed and he's destroyed. Drake Slasher says, "(Laugh) that was just one of my Blaokanos. There will be more."

Episode 722: The Great Warrior talks to Speedy and Good Bird in their dreams. He tells them that Guido Sukashii Cerviche and Birdy are in grave danger and they need to be somewhere safe. Speedy asked him who would harm them, but the Great Warrior didn't answer him. The Great Warrior says, "The one thing I'll tell you is that evil is getting stronger." The next day, Speedy gets worried. Good Bird says, "I know a place. Kyoto." Later, Speedy and the others take Guido and Birdy to Kyoto. Good Bird meets his old friends, Aruno, Carter, and Jing Peng. The three birds became the three bird masters of martial arts. Aruno says, "You'll always be part of our team, Good Bird." Aruno and the others promise Speedy and the others that they'll look after Guido and Birdy. Speedy, Polly, and Aiko say goodbye to Guido while GB, Carla, and Kazuma say goodbye to Birdy and they promise to see them on weekends after work. Aruno tells Speedy and GB that they'll train their children. As Speedy and the others went home, Speedy and GB said, "When this evil is defeated, we'll bring you home." Meanwhile, Guido and Lucille look at their children. Guido says, "One year from now, they'll begin their training as warriors."

Episode 723: Aiko and Kazuma are playing at the park until they saw a group of kids gathering in one spot. Aiko and Kazuma head out to check it out. They saw a girl and the boy fighting other kids. The girl and the boy bragged that they’re the best fighter kids ever. Aiko and Kazuma find them irritating. The girl and the boy yell, "Is there anyone who can challenge us?!" Aiko and Kazuma didn't say anything while the other kids challenge the girl and the boy. The girl and the boy defeated all of the kids except Aiko and Kazuma. The girl and the boy look at Aiko and Kazuma and they said, "Those two are weak and they won't be of a challenge." The girl and the boy left. Aiko and Kazuma help the kids who were defeated by the girl and the boy. One of the kids asked, "How come you didn't try to fight those two? And who are you guys?" Aiko and Kazuma said, "We're just kids trying to help people." Aiko and Kazuma treat the kids’ wounds and they head home. The next day, the girl and the boy head to a school and they pick a fight with the kids there. Meanwhile, Roland Crow orders a group of Ninja Crows to attack the school. Later, the Ninja Crows attack the school and hold everyone hostage. The girl and the boy try to fight the Ninja Crows, but the Ninja Crows easily beat them. Meanwhile, Aiko and Kazuma were training until they heard a scream. They check it out and they saw the school under attack. Aiko and Kazuma put on their fighting armors and they head to the school to rescue the hostages. Aiko and Kazuma challenge Roland Crow to a fight. Aiko and Kazuma tag team to fight Roland. Roland tries to hit them, but the two keep dodging his attack. Aiko and Kazuma use their finisher move and they defeat Roland. Roland got injured and he orders the Ninja Crows to retreat. The teachers and the students are grateful. Aiko and Kazuma left. Later, the girl and the boy regain consciousness and they got up. A kid said to them that their no longer the best fighter kids ever. The kid tells them those two samurai warriors that are kids and their very powerful. The girl and the boy got angry and they cry because two warriors finally put them in their place. The girl and the boy don't know that the two samurai warriors are Aiko and Kazuma. Meanwhile, an evil person talks to Drake Slasher. Drake says, "I'll help you become leader of the Neo Clan, but in return I want Lokontey Cerviche."

Episode 724: Lokontey Cerviche is working until Drake Slasher appears and he captures Lokontey. Later, an evil person reveals to be a dog named, Hide. Hide became leader of the Neo Clan. Meanwhile, Drake uses the Blaokanos Virus to infect on Lokontey Cerviche. Lokontey Cerviche is now Blaokanos Lokontey Cerviche. Drake smiles and he says, "This is getting better every day."

Episode 725: Albino Crow heads to Little Tokyo and she finds Carla Crow. Albino Crow tells her that she's getting married and she wants Carla to be the Maid of Honor. Carla says, "I'll do it." Albino Crow says, "First, I want to test out my skills against you." Later, Carla puts on her fighting armor and she fights Albino in a one-on-one fight. Both Carla and Albino Crow are evenly matched and they use their Spiritual Hyper Mode on each other. The fight is intense. Both Carla and Albino Crow use the Fanblade attack and their finisher moves on each other. When the smoke clear, Carla won the fight and Albino Crow admits defeat. Albino Crow says, "I'll train harder." Three days later, Albino Crow and Kuroi got married. Carla is the maid of honor while Good Bird is the Best Man. Later, Albino Crow and Kuroi head to their honeymoon. They got in the car and leave. However, Speedy got tangled up with the ropes at the back of car and he's being drag away at the back of Albino Crow's and Kuroi's car. Speedy screams while Albino Crow and Kuroi didn't hear him. Carla, GB, and the others saw Speedy being drag away at the back of Albino Crow's and Kuroi's car. Carla says, "We won't see Speedy until the honeymoon is over." GB and the others nodded.

Episode 726: Crossover with Megaman. Bucky visits his cousin Jacky at his comic store and is selling his mint condition Megaman action figure for 15,000 yen. Bucky said, Wow Jacky you are so very good that you could make a lot of money for that action figure." Meanwhile, Speedy won 300,000 yen by winning the scratch off lottery ticket and wins. Polly said, "Wow Speedy I am impressed." Speedy cashes in his lottery ticket and wants to spend something with his 300,000 yen. Speedy said, "I better buy a gift for Polly." Speedy went to Jacky's Comics, Video Games and Collectibles. Speedy saw the mint condition Roll action figure for 15,000 yen. Speedy said, "I want to buy a mint condition Roll and Megaman action figures." Jacky said, "What is it for." Speedy said, "A mint condition Roll action figure for Polly and a mint condition Megaman action figure for me." Jacky said, "Okay." Speedy pays 30,000 yen and said, "I won the scratch off lottery ticket." Jacky said, "Cool." Speedy is finished paying and went back to the restaurant. Speedy gives Polly a Roll action figure and said, "Thank you Speedy." Speedy said, "Why you’re welcome." Meanwhile at Mt. Coochie, a mysterious scientist sends a robot with a scissor on his head, a robot with a hood on which has ice breath and a robot which throws bombs. Speedy, Guido, Aiko, Polly, GB, and the other heroes put their armors on and sprang into action. The heroes are ready to defend Little Tokyo from a mysterious scientist. Jacky said, "Hey I know that guy from that video game I played." Speedy and the others are shocked and yelled, "YOU KNOW HIM!!!" Jacky said, "I know that guy from that video game that I beat and is Megaman's arch enemy. It’s Dr. Wily." Dr. Wily said, “You are correct." Dr. Wily wants to rule the world in the other dimension. Jacky also knows the robots that he has beaten on the video game, Cutman, Iceman and Bombman. Just as Cutman is about to attack a mysterious robot appears and destroys Cutman, Iceman and Bombman. A mysterious robot said, "It's over Dr. Wily." Jacky said, "Look it’s the living legend of the video game character that I played in my own video game. It’s Megaman." Speedy and the others yell, "Megaman!!" Dr. Wily said, "Well Megaman I guess you are trying to foil my plans. I guess it’s time to use my Wily Machine No. 1." Dr. Wily activates his machine. The Pizza Cats help Megaman by using the finisher moves and destroys the Wily Machine No. 1. Dr. Wily retreats and heads back to the portal to go back to his home world. Dr. Light calls Megaman and said, "Good job Megaman." Megaman said, "Thanks Pizza Cats." Dr. Light meets the Pizza Cats and said, "Hello Pizza Cats, I want to thank you for helping Megaman defeat Dr. Wily." Megaman went back to his home dimension and he saw Dr. Light, Roll, Rush, and Tango. Speedy went back home and he, Polly, Aiko, and the others are playing Megaman video game.

Episode 727: Princess Vi is angry and jealous because Polly and the Samurai Pizza Angels are in the front cover of Sexiest Women of Japan and the Sexiest Women of Asia. Princess Vi gets more angrier and more jealous. Meanwhile, Francine says, "Cosplay Day." Speedy and the others dress up as Megaman characters. Speedy is Megaman, Guido is Proto Man, Polly is Roll, Good Bird is Zero, Francine is Bass, Carla is Alia, and Francine is Axl. They serve the customers Megaman style. Meanwhile, Princess Vi leaves the palace to find a new look. Later, she meets a stranger and the stranger tells Princess Vi that he'll make her the sexiest woman of Japan. Princess Vi follows him. Later, the stranger tells Princess Vi to sit down and he'll get started of making her beautiful. Princess Vi asked, "When are you going to make me beautiful?" The stranger says, "Right now." The stranger puts Princess Vi to sleep. The stranger reveals to be Drake Slasher. Later, Drake takes the Princess to Africa and turns her into Blaokanos Princess Vi. Meanwhile, the African Pizza Cats discover that there's a cure of the Blaokanos virus. This cure will not only turn the victims back to normal, but they'll be alive once again for those who got killed. There is one problem, in order to create the cure; they need the Blaokanos virus sample to create the cure.

Episode 728: Al and the guards were searching for Princess Vi. She was missing for three weeks. Al and the Council have no choice but have Fredia Tokugawa and Jet Cat rule Little Tokyo until Princess Vi is found. Jet Cat doesn't want to leave his father, Bat Cat. Bat Cat tries to convince Al, but Al tells Bat Cat that it was an order by Princess Vi's mother, Empress Fredia. Later, Bat Cat says goodbye to his son, Jet Cat. Later, Empress Fredia crowned Princess Fredia Tokugawa and Prince Jet Cat. Meanwhile, Bat Cat heads out to search for Princess Vi. Bat Cat says, "I will see my son again. I swear it!"

Episode 729: Aiko and Kazuma visit their friends, Princess Fredia Tokugawa and Prince Jet Cat. Aiko and Kazuma try to comfort the two. Fredia and Jet Cat miss their mother and father. Kazuma says, "Your father is looking for your mother even as we speak." Aiko says, "Yeah, your father is tough, but I don't know about your mother though. Since Kazuma's mommy beat your mot..." Kazuma immediately covers Aiko's mouth with his hands. Kazuma says, "Your mother will be fine." Kazuma whispers to Aiko's ear. Kazuma says, "Fredia must not know that my mom beat up her mom Aiko. I think you have some of Speedy's bad habits." Aiko asked, "What kind of bad habits?" Kazuma says, "A blabbermouth." Aiko yells, "I'm not a blabbermouth. Last week I saw Mr. Al Dente hides his Playboy Magazines in his closet." Fredia and Jet Cat look at Al and Al blushes. Kazuma says, "I rest my case." Meanwhile, Bat Cat continues searching for Princess Vi and found nothing. Meanwhile, the Rude Noise heads to the palace to assassinate the royal children when they heard that Fredia and Jet Cat became Princess and Prince. The Rude Noise breaks into the palace and attacking everyone. Kazuma and Aiko saw this and tell Al to watch Fredia and Jet Cat. Aiko and Kazuma confront the Rude Noise. Bad Max laughs and he says, "These two are just children. What are you going to do bite us? (Laugh)" Aiko bites Bad Max's hand and Bad Max started to scream. Ronnie Geissmuller was going to attack Aiko until Jet Cat shows up and he throws hot coffee at Ronnie's face. Ronnie screams in pain. Cannonball Battery yells, "Why you little!" Kazuma does a slash attack and Cannonball hits the ground. Mojo Rojo was going to attack Aiko from behind until Fredia kicks him in the face Fredia yells, "No one hurts my friends!" Aiko and Kazuma use their finisher move to defeat Bad Max. Later, Aiko and Kazuma throw the Rude Noise out the palace. Aiko asked, "Princess Vi still in love with Bad Max?" Kazuma says, "Yes. Princess Vi is an obsessive princess. She is in love with Bat Cat and Bad Max. No wonder why my mom has to beat her up. I learned one rule that Princess Vi will never learn is that don't mess with my mother named Carla." Meanwhile, Drake Slasher saw the Rude Noise and he yells, "Those four are a disgrace! No way am I going to waste my Blaokanos virus on those losers! Besides, their music is horrible!"

Episode 730: Bat Cat found one of the soldiers that were already dead. Bat Cat found a rocket launcher, machine gun and a magnum that the soldiers had dropped after they died. Bat Cat said, "I hope I am not too late to find Princess Vi." Bat Cat enters the lab and found documents and a Blaokanos Virus in the container. After receiving the container Bat Cat encounters the Blaokanos Lokontey Cerviche. After defeating the Blaokanos Lokontey Cerviche, Bat Cat leaves the lab with the container containing the Blaokanos Virus and the Blaokanos Lokontey Cerviche. Bat Cat leaves the stuff at the African Pizza Cats Restaurant and left. The African Pizza Cats found the Blaokanos Virus example and the defeated Blaokanos Lokontey Cerviche.

Episode 731: Drake Slasher found out what happen to Blaokanos Lokontey Cerviche and what Bat Cat just did. He calls Hide and the Neo Clan to deal with the Pizza Cats. Hide sends thirty Neo Ninjas to kill the Pizza Cats. Hide says, "With thirty Neo Ninjas, I don't need the entire clan to get rid of those cats." Meanwhile, the heroes are working at the restaurant. Francine says, "Cosplay Day!" Speedy and the others dress up as Ouran High School Host Club. They all dress up as the Host Club members while all of the girls dress up as Haruhi Fujioka while Aiko and Kazuma are Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka. Meanwhile, the thirty Neo Ninjas attack the city. Later, Al Dente calls the heroes about this. Speedy, Polly, Guido, GB, the Samurai Pizza Angels, Aiko, and Kazuma head out while wearing their Host Club costumes. The thirty Neo Ninja saw the heroes and they think they’re the Host Club cast. Speedy and the others fight them while wearing the Host Club costumes. Speedy and the others use their finisher moves to defeat the thirty Neo Ninjas. Speedy and the others did their pose while wearing the Host Club costumes. Meanwhile, Hide is shocked that the thirty Neo Ninjas were defeated and he says, "This is just the beginning Pizza Cats. If I failed nine more times, Drake will kill me and turn me into one of his Blaokanos creatures!" Later, Speedy and the others continue wearing the Host Club costumes and serving the customers pizza. The customers find them cute and handsome.

Episode 732: Bat Cat continues his search for Princess Vi. Meanwhile, Aiko is doing a play called, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Speedy is at backstage and he wishes her luck. Just when Speedy was going to leave, he meets the Sundance Kid. The Sundance Kid came to Little Tokyo to visit. Suddenly, the stage director shows up and he mistaken Speedy and the Sundance Kid as actors and he forces them to wear the dwarf costumes. Meanwhile, Bat Cat stumbles upon an abandoned facility. He goes inside and he found a clue. When he was about to left, Blaokanos Princess Vi shows up. Bat Cat freaks out when he saw her. Blaokanos Princess Vi attacks Bat Cat. Bat Cat wanted to attack her, but he couldn't because he might kill her and his son and daughter will be sad and they'll hate him. Blaokanos Princess Vi defeats Bat Cat because he was holding back. Drake Slasher shows up and he says, "You’re a proper gentleman." Bat Cat is shocked when he saw Drake. Bat Cat yells, "DRAKE!!!" Drake knocks him out and he injects him with the Blaokanos virus. Bat Cat transforms into Blaokanos Bat Cat. Drake says, "It's great that you decide to join me again, Bat Cat. (Laugh)" Meanwhile during the play, Aiko is Snow White and she acting until she meets the Seven Dwarfs. Aiko is shocked to see her father and the Sundance Kid as Dwarfs. Meanwhile, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, Carla, Kazuma, Francine, and Lucille saw this and their laughing. Guido and Good Bird take out camcorders and film Speedy and the Sundance Kid as Dwarfs. Speedy and the Sundance Kid said, "I hate being a Dwarf." One of the kids who are playing the Dwarfs yell, "Sing!" Speedy yells, "NO!!!" The Sundance Kid yells, "What are you going to do anyway kid?" The kids attack both Speedy and the Sundance Kid. Aiko said, "WOW!" Polly and the others said, "That's got a hurt." Guido and GB still filming, they laugh, and they high five each other. Aiko says, "Oh well."

Episode 733: Hide, leader of the Neo Clan comes up with an idea to defeat the Pizza Cats. Hide calls Drake Slasher to borrow one of his Blaokanos creatures. Drake refuses and he tells him to use only the Neo Ninjas to defeat the Pizza Cats. Later, Hide went to Africa and he takes Blaokanos Princess Vi to deal with the Pizza Cats. While the Pizza Cats are working at the restaurant, Carla went out to deliver some pizzas. After, she deliver the pizzas, she gets ready to head back to the restaurant until she ran into Blaokanos Princess Vi. Carla is shocked when she saw Blaokanos Princess Vi. Carla says, "I always knew she was a monster, both inside and out." Blaokanos Princess Vi fights Carla, but Carla dodges her attacks. Carla hides and puts on her fighting armor. Carla fights Blaokanos Princess Vi. Blaokanos Princess Vi throws a punch, but Carla grabs the monster's punch and she throws the monster to the wall. Carla says, "Even if you’re a giant, a monster, or a zombie you'll always be the same spoiled rotten princess that I'll always beat in combat." Carla uses her Spiritual Hyper Mode and she beats up Blaokanos Princess Vi with ease. When Carla is about to finish her off until suddenly, a smoke screen appears. After the smoke cleared up, Carla notices that Blaokanos Princess Vi disappeared. Carla says, "Look like I won this fight. What happen to her and who did this to her?" Later, Drake Slasher was the one that used the smoke screen to save Blaokanos Princess Vi. Drake is angry that Hide took one his Blaokanos creatures after he told him no. Hide almost jeopardize Drake's plans. Drake confronts Hide and he strangles Hide. Drake threatened to kill Hide if he takes one of his creatures again. Now, Hide has eight chances to defeat the Pizza Cats or else he'll suffer the consequences.

Episode 734: Captain Dragonfire Catton sends the military's strongest assassin and spy name Kill Blan to investigate the lab in the southern part of Africa. Kill Blan made it to Africa and meets the African Pizza Cats who revived Lokontey Cerviche with a cure. Kill Blan received two cures from the African Pizza Cats and went to the lab. Lokontey Cerviche went back to Little Tokyo. Kill Blan found the Blaokanos Bat Cat and Blaokanos Princess Vi and fights them. Kill Blan successfully kills the Blaokanos Bat Cat and Blaokanos Princess Vi and injects them with two cures and revives them. Kill Blan contacted Captain Dragonfire Catton. Kill Blan made it to the helicopter and lets Bat Cat and Princess Vi escape with the help of Dragonfire Catton. After they escaped Africa Kill Blan encounters the masked person. The masked person kills Kill Blan. Princess Vi and Bat Cat made it to Little Tokyo safely.

Episode 735: Today is Guido Sukashii Cerviche's and Birdy's birthday. The two will be two years old. Speedy and the others head to Kyoto. They meet Aruno, Carter, Jing Peng, Shirokuma, and Asanuma. Later, they get ready for the party. Meanwhile, Hide orders five highly skilled assassins to kill the Pizza Cats. Later, the five highly skilled assassins made it to the party and they disguised themselves as birthday clowns. Speedy saw them and he says, "The birthday clowns are here." Speedy grabs them and he makes them entertain the kids. The bad guys try balloon tricks, but the balloons keep popping. They try jokes, but no one is laughing. Guido yells, "You Suck!" Later, the bad guys use everything the birthday clowns supposed to do, but they always failed. Later, Polly and Carla take out the birthday cakes. Everyone get ready to sing happy birthday. The five highly skilled assassins join in. During the song, the five highly skilled assassins take out knives to kill Speedy and the others. Aruno, Carter, Jing Peng, Shirokuma, and Asanuma saw this and they stop the bad guys during the song. Speedy and the others didn't notice it. Aruno says, "Mom, keep Speedy and the others distracted." Shirokuma says, "Okay. Be careful." Aruno, Carter, Jing Peng, and Asanuma throw the bad guys outside to fight while Shirokuma keeps Speedy and the others busy. Aruno and the others fight the assassins. Asanuma says, "Let's finish them quickly brother or I'll miss the cake." Aruno says, "Okay. We'll finish this quickly." Aruno, Carter, Jing Peng, and Asanuma use their Spiritual Hyper Mode and their finisher moves to defeat the assassins. Aruno, Carter, Jing Peng, and Asanuma did their pose. Later, Aruno and the others made it for cake and have a great time at the birthday party. Meanwhile, Hide hears that his assassins failed and he has seven chances left. Hide yells, "This can't be happening!"

Episode 736: Lokontey Cerviche heard that his clan, the Neo Clan, has been taken over by Hide. Lokontey tries to reclaim his clan, but failed miserably. Lokontey discovers that Hide gotten rid of most of Lokontey's loyal ninjas. Lokontey Cerviche decides to go into hiding until a solution can be found.

Episode 737: Three months later, Aiko and Kazuma continue their training to improve their skills. Kazuma notices that Aiko can jump so high that she can literally touch the clouds. Kazuma is impressed. Aiko says, "Your father made me wear weighted clothing when he was training me." Kazuma asked, "How much weight?" Aiko says, "Enough to carry five battleships." Kazuma flies up in the air and he went through twenty rings of fire and cut down twenty large boulders in two swings. Aiko is impressed. Kazuma says, "Your father trained me well. He used his Goonie Bird to teach me how to fly first and he made me go through obstacle course so many times. Your father got burned by the rings of fire in about twenty or thirty times." Aiko says, "Your father is a great teacher. When I went back in time, he was a bad guy who wanted to kill my dad, but he look after me like I was one of his own." Kazuma says, "Same here, but when I went back in time, your father tried to kill me. Your mother and Guido stop him and save me. Your mother is kind of strong since she's slapped your father to save me when he thought I was a spy. Your father is really a great guy and he made sure I stay in shape." Aiko is kind of surprised to hear that since she heard her father is kind of a slacker. Aiko says, "I think making our dads teachers was the best thing that has happen to us and them." Kazuma says, "My dad treated you like the daughter he never had." Aiko says, "My dad treated you like the son he never had." Kazuma says, "You were always like a sister to me." Aiko says, "You were always like a brother to me too." Later, the two spar with each other. During the sparring match, Aiko and Kazuma see a vision. Their vision is a world of Blaokanos creatures. Aiko and Kazuma stop their match. After seeing this vision, they feel scared and wonder if it's just a dream or a reality. If it's a reality, when will it happen? Meanwhile, the Great Warrior notices that Aiko and Kazuma have the same power as Guido Sukashii Cerviche and Birdy. The Great Warrior says, "If Drake Slasher finds out that Aiko's and Kazuma's power, he would definitely come after them."

Episode 738: Bat Cat and Princess Vi were reunited with their children. Princess Vi tried to marry Bat Cat, but he left. Lokontey told Speedy that his Neo Clan were taken over by Hide and needs his help. Speedy summons the Supreme Catatonic and calls the other Pizza Cats to defeat Hide. Speedy Cerviche activates the Spiritual Hyper Mode for the Supreme Catatonic and the other Pizza Cats activates the Spiritual Hyper Mode and killed Hide. Lokontey Cerviche was reunited with his clan. Lokontey thanks the Samurai Pizza Cats for all their help. The Neo Clan became allies of the Pizza Cats once again.

Episode 739: Drake Slasher finds Hide's body and he uses the Blaokanos virus to revive him. Hide became Blaokanos Hide. Drake says, "You got six chances left or else I'll kill you for good." Meanwhile, Francine's children are with Guido and Lucille. Francine and Bucky went out for dinner. Meanwhile, Roland Crow and his Ninja Crows terrorize the city. They were about to kidnap Princess Vi. But Bat Cat stops Roland Crow and his Ninja Crows. Blaokanos Hide begins to destroy the Neo Clan and Lokontey Cerviche. But Blaokanos Hide was destroyed Captain Dragonfire Catton. Roland Crow and his Ninja Crows were defeated. Drake saw Roland Crow and he said, "I think this could be a stupid idea to put the Blaokanos Virus on him." Drake disappears. Back at the lab in the southern part of Africa, Drake Slasher found out that Blaokanos Hide was killed. Drake Slasher said, "I will wait longer for Speedy and his friends and family to witness my plan for a new world order. Hide's fired for his incompetents no more chances for him."

Episode 740: Francine's daughter, Otama, has a crush on Jet Cat and she wants to go out on a date. Jet Cat tells his father Bat Cat that Otama wants to go on a date with Jet Cat. Bat Cat accepts and takes him to the amusement park. Francine and Bucky takes Otama to the amusement park to play with Jet Cat. They tried the rides and have fun to have a great time. At night Otama and her parents and Jet Cat and his father saw the fireworks. Francine, Bucky and Otama is about to go home and Bat Cat and Jet Cat is about to go home too. They both say good-bye and left.

Episode 741: Princess Vi wants to hire two bodyguards to watch her daughter, Fredia Tokugawa for the night. Al asked for Aiko and Kazuma to watch Fredia for the night. Al tells them that Princess Vi is going out for a meeting with a representative from another country and it's going to be a long night. Meanwhile, Princess Vi and the representative are having a tea party and playing games. Later that night, Aiko and Kazuma begin to look after Fredia. Meanwhile, Dr. Purple returns and he builds a robot to attack the palace. Meanwhile, Fredia and Aiko get to play while Kazuma is on the phone talking to his parents. Later, Dr. Purple orders the robot to attack the palace. The robot attacks the palace. Aiko and Kazuma tell Fredia to hide, but Fredia refuses. Fredia holds on to Aiko. This causes problems for Aiko. Kazuma has trouble fighting the robot. Kazuma calls for help. Meowzma shows up and he brings his son, Digger to help out. Meowzma asked, "Do you need help with the robot?" Aiko and Kazuma said, "No, get Fredia out of here so we can get rid of this robot." Meowzma and Digger drag Fredia away and they try to keep her from entering the battlefield. Meowzma and Digger find it difficult to suppress her. Aiko and Kazuma were able to use their finisher moves to destroy the robot. Aiko and Kazuma did their pose. Later, Princess Vi comes home. She asked, "How was your night?" Aiko and Kazuma said, "No problem." Princess Vi orders her servants to give Aiko and Kazuma their money to them. The servants yells, "That's our money and you should pay them!" Princess Vi yells, "Do you want to go the Prisoner Island?!" The servants immediately give Aiko and Kazuma the money. Aiko and Kazuma got 10,000 yen each and they went home. Meanwhile, Meowzma and Digger are still trying to keep Fredia out of trouble not knowing that the robot is destroyed and Aiko and Kazuma went home.

Episode 742: A teenage dog wonders around Little Tokyo. A teenager finds Speedy delivering pizzas. The teenager gets a chance to talk to Speedy. The teenager tells Speedy that he's from the Dog Clan, from the Zodiac Clan. The teenager also tells him that the entire Zodiac Clan is wiping out and he's one of the few people who managed to survive. The teenager also tells him that the leader of the Dragon Clan is missing and he and the others are searching for him. Speedy asked, "What about his brother?" The teenager says, "Dead." Speedy is shocked. The teenager asked Speedy to help find the leader of the Dragon Clan and he has a bad feeling that something terrible has happen. Speedy tells the teenager to that he and his team will find him someday. Speedy heads to the restaurant to tell the others while the teenager heads back home. Meanwhile, Drake Slasher trains his Blaokanos Dragon Monster to get stronger. The masked person tells Drake that found some of the survivors of the Zodiac Clan. Drake orders the masked person to kill them all and don't turn them into Blaokanos creatures after he kills them. The masked person understood and head out to kill the survivors of the Zodiac Clan. Later, the masked person kills all of the survivors of the Zodiac Clan.

Episode 743: Al Dente is working until he gets a letter from his childhood teacher. The childhood teacher writes that the royal guard academy has been a victim of sabotage. Al asked Aiko and Kazuma to go undercover and find out who's doing this. Al tells them that they need to look eight years old because in order to get in the academy, you have to be eight years old. Aiko and Kazuma are underage and they wear disguises to look eight years old and they head to the academy. Aiko and Kazuma saw Junior Mutt Dente. Junior is training to be a royal guard. Junior doesn't know that Aiko and Kazuma are in disguises. The three meet Al's childhood teacher and drill instructor. The new recruits were afraid of their teachers even Junior except Aiko and Kazuma because Polly Esther Cerviche was more frightened than those teachers. During the training, Aiko and Kazuma top everyone in class. Later, some of the training was sabotaged when some of the students were sparring. Later, other strange accidents happen and several students are beginning to be scared. Aiko and Kazuma found a clue and they realized that it's one of the students. They asked Junior to help out. Later, during the training, the culprit begins to commit sabotage until Aiko, Kazuma, Junior, and the teacher caught him in the act. The culprit reveals to be a student. The student tells everyone that he was paid to do this. The teacher demands to know who did this, but the student said nothing. Junior asked to fight the student. Aiko and Kazuma said, "He's all yours." Junior fights the student. Junior manages to win the fight. Aiko and Kazuma disappeared. Junior and the teacher never knew that the two students are Aiko and Kazuma in disguise. Later, Junior got promoted to cadet. The teacher says, "Junior Mutt Dente, your father will be proud you. Your training is just the beginning." Junior is happy to hear that. Meanwhile, Aiko and Kazuma tell Al that the mission was a success. Aiko and Kazuma return home. Later, Al looks at his other son, Ronso Dente. His says, "When you get older, I'll train you to be a royal guard just like your daddy and your brother." Meanwhile, Drake Slasher was the one that paid the student to sabotage the academy. Drake says, "Another failure."

Episode 744: Al Dente is working until Jeese the beagle shows up. Jeese tells Al that he formed his own group of samurai warriors that will do things by the book and listen to him. Jeese calls his three samurai warriors, the samurai obedient team. Jeese demonstrates what his team can do. The three warriors show off their skills and they do everything by the book. Al thinks this will be a problem and he warns the Samurai Pizza Cats about this. Speedy, however, grew overconfident and he thinks the samurai obedient team will not bring any trouble. Later, Speedy and the others were patrolling until the samurai obedient team show up. Speedy and the leader of the samurai obedient team began their bickering until the bad guys attack the city. Speedy and the others head out to fight the bad guys while the samurai obedient team read the book and wonder what they should do next. Speedy and the others fight the bad guys causing the bad guys to retreat. The samurai obedient team yells at Speedy and the others for not doing things by the book. Speedy and the others yell at them because the samurai obedient team was reading their rule book instead of stopping the villains. The next day, Speedy and the others are working until the bad guys attack the city again. Speedy and the others head out to deal with them until the samurai obedient team appears and they try to stop Speedy and the others until the bad guys capture the samurai obedient team. Speedy and the others wonder if they should rescue the samurai obedient team. Speedy does a coin toss. Heads, they rescue them, tails they don't. It landed on heads. Speedy and the others rescue the samurai obedient team. Speedy and the others defeat the bad guys and rescue the samurai obedient team. Later, Jeese finds out that the samurai obedient team was rescued by the Speedy and his friends. Princess Vi orders Jeese to disband the samurai obedient team and he must never interfere with the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies ever again. Princess Vi says, "I never like the samurai obedient team anyway and their name is horrible." Jeese is angry and he leaves Little Tokyo. Al is happy that Jeese is gone. Speedy and the others are glad that things are back to normal.

Episode 745: Speedy, Good Bird, Guido, and Bucky take Polly, Carla, Lucille, and Francine out to see a movie. They leave the kids at the palace. Princess Vi takes the kids to play with her children. Later, the heroes head to the movies. After watching a movie, they went out to find something to eat. Meanwhile, Drake Slasher is making more Blaokanos creatures for his army. Later, Drake comes up with a plan that will guarantee victory. Later, after Speedy and the others finish their dinner they head to a hotel to sleep for the night.

Episode 746: Drake hires an assassin to kill Speedy. If he success, Drake will make him one of his Blaokanos creatures, if he fails he'll die. The assassin comes to Little Tokyo until he was killed by Captain Dragonfire Catton. Drake sends another assassin, but the assassin gets killed by Captain Dragonfire Catton. Drake gets frustrated and he sends another assassin to do it, but another one failed as well. Drake says, "One more time." Drake sends another assassin to carry out the plan. This assassin was able to defeat Captain Dragonfire Catton. The assassin manages to find Speedy and the two fight each other. Speedy killed the assassin. Drake gets angry that the assassins failed. Drake needs a vacation to clear his head.

Episode 747: Oka, a member of the Ninja Crows and Ruby's apprentice, is making a kimono for a boy and another one for a girl. Oka walks around Little Tokyo for a while until he bumps into Aiko and Kazuma. Aiko and Kazuma saw Oka, not knowing he's one of the Ninja Crows. Oka saw Aiko and Kazuma and he says, "Those two are perfect. These two will help me finish my outfits." Later, Oka shows Aiko and Kazuma the kimono outfits that he's working on and he needs them to help finish making them. Later, Aiko and Kazuma did their poses for Oka and Oka takes pictures for inspiration. Later, Oka wears a sailor school uniform to be in the picture. Aiko and Kazuma find him cute wearing that outfit. Oka gets an idea and he says, "You two are geniuses!" Later, Oka finishes his outfits. Oka made twenty kimonos for boys and girls. Oka personally made two special kimonos for Aiko and Kazuma. The two like their new outfits. Later, Oka and Ruby are having lunch time until Ruby tells Oka that she's pregnant. Ruby is having a baby. Oka is so happy that his body turned pure pink and black. Oka reveals to have Spiritual Hyper Mode. Oka asked, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

Episode 748: Carla gets pick to be on the cover of Best Female Who Can Fly of the Year. Meanwhile, Princess Vi gets jealous when she heard about Carla and Princess Vi tries to learn how to fly, but the results are a disaster. She uses a jetpack to help her fly, but unintentionally puts herself in danger. The Samurai Pizza Cats have to rescue the jealous brat. After the heroes rescue her, Princess Vi was about to confront Carla, but Kazuma stops her. Kazuma shows Princess Vi a cover that said, "Little Tokyo's Best Princess of the Year." Princess Vi calms down and she's very happy to be on a cover of a magazine. Princess Vi hugs Kazuma and she heads back home to celebrate. Kazuma talks to Speedy. Kazuma tells him that Princess Vi has always been nice to him and she treats him like a second son and she treats Aiko like a second daughter. Speedy is jealous when he heard that. Kazuma also tells him that Princess Vi said Aiko and Kazuma are her favorite heroes. Kazuma doesn't want anything to happen to his mother, his father, his brother, his family, his friends, and the Princess. Kazuma tells Speedy that he likes Princess Vi and he regards her as a mother figure. Speedy says out of jealousy, "I wish she treated me like that."

Episode 749: Aiko and Speedy went out to deliver pizzas together. During the delivery, the two heard about a father and daughter dance. Meanwhile, Guido gets ready to take his daughter, Pururun, to the dance. Meanwhile, Bucky gets ready to take his daughters, Otama and Linda, to the dance. Meanwhile, Bat Cat wonders if he should take his daughter, Fredia Tokugawa, to the dance. Meanwhile, Roland Crow sets a trap at the dance. Later, the father and daughter dance began. During the dance, Speedy and Aiko begin their dance. Speedy have the DJ play a soft music while he and Aiko dance. Later, Roland and the Ninja Crows attack the dance. Speedy and the others fight off the Ninja Crows. Aiko got so angry that the bad guys ruin the dance. Aiko attacks the Ninja Crows. Guido says, "She is Polly's daughter." Speedy and the others got rid of rest of the Ninja Crows. Speedy defeats Roland. Roland was forced to retreat. Later, the dance resume and everyone had a great time. Meanwhile, Cream Cheese shows up wearing a red kimono and makeup. He makes Petey Atric wear a tuxedo for the party and made him dance with him. Petey sighs with grief while dancing.

Episode 750: A new group of villains come to Little Tokyo. They broke into a jewelry shop and rob the place clean. Meanwhile, Carrie Lust, a former member of the Seven Deadly Warriors and now a martial arts actress, comes to Little Tokyo to warn Speedy and the others about the new group. Carrie says, "I don't know what the name of this group, but I'll find out about them soon." Carrie returns home to the US. Meanwhile, this mysterious group broke into the palace and robs the Princess's jewelry and clothes. The next day, Princess Vi is outraged and demanded to know who stole her stuff since now her servant has more clothes and jewelry than her. Al Dente investigates this and found nothing. Al calls the heroes about this and he tells them about this. Later, Speedy found a clue at the crime scene. The clue is a heart shaped earring. Meanwhile, the mysterious group decides to find a place to stay, but they need a place that can be less suspicious. One of the members of this mysterious group smiles and says, "Soon, we'll be able to take on the Samurai Pizza Cats."