Fan Episodes is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats episode that should be on TV. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these episodes will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this series, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Series. This page is season 13 (551-600). Warning this page is full to edit so go to the next Fan episode article to edit your story. Full up to only 50 episodes

Episode 551: The Reptile Clan has made it to Little Tokyo. The leader of the Reptile Clan is a komodo dragon. The leader's name is Daigo. Daigo orders the Ninja Lizards to scout the Ninja Crows. The Ninja Lizards spy on the Ninja Crows and they head back to their leader. The Ninja Lizards give the report to Daigo. Daigo orders the Ninja Lizards to battle the Ninja Crows to test out their strength. The Ninja Lizards send a message to the Ninja Crows that they want a battle. The Ninja Crows accept the challenge. Later, Lucille is doing shopping until she saw a Ninja Crow. Lucille follows the crow. The crow meets up with the other Ninja Crows. The Ninja Crows get ready to fight the Ninja Lizards. Lucille sees the Ninja Crows and the Ninja Lizards. Jerry Atric shows up and he sits at the side lines to coach the Ninja Crows. A ninja master of the Reptile Clan appears. The ninja master is a snapping turtle named Biter. Jerry says, "So that's Biter. There are ten ninja masters of the Reptile Clan and they serve their leader. Their very powerful and they command a squad of Ninja Lizards and with them are four officers on each squad and they answer to their commander. I see that Biter didn't bring his four officers with him. Try again next time." The Big Cheese shows up and he accidentally knocks out Jerry and he sits at the side lines to watch the fight. The fight beings, the Ninja Crows and the Ninja Lizards battle each other. Lucille watches the fight and she was horrified that she accidentally launches her homing missiles at the battlefield causing the battlefield to explode. After the smoke clear, both the Ninja Crows and the Ninja Lizards are knocking out and unconscious. Biter, the Big Cheese, and Jerry are shock and their mouths drop. Lucille says, "Oops." Later, Biter tells Daigo that both the Ninja Crows and the Ninja Lizards were defeated by an unknown attacker. Daigo tells Biter that the war is just beginning. Meanwhile, Speedy meets up with Master Hang. Master Hang says, "Here is your trial."

Episode 552: Francine is an island to being her trial. She saw a small girl. Francine says, "Hello." The girl approaches Francine. The girl takes out her hand. Francine takes out her hand to shake the girl's hand. Francine says, "I'm Francine. Who are you?" The girl says, "Your opponent." The girl grabs Francine’s hand and she throws her to a tree. Francine is in pain. Francine saw the girl charging at her. Francine gets up and she runs away. Meanwhile, Guido begins his trial. Guido saw his weapons across the room. Guido heads there to get his weapons, but Guido steps on a block that activate the room defenses. Arrows begin to shot at Guido. Guido dodges them easily. Guido says, "That’s child's play." Guido was about to grab his weapons until his hand went through his weapons. He realizes his weapons were holograms. A note falls from the ceiling. Guido reads the note and it said, "Think Fast." Guido gets confused and asks, "What?" A black ninja appears and he kicks Guido. Guido went through a wall. Guido gets up and he notices that he's in a cold room. Guido looks at the thermometer and it says, "-100 Fahrenheit." Guido is so cold he can't move while the black ninja moves around and attacks Guido. Meanwhile, Polly is at a castle. Polly walks to the castle drawbridge. Suddenly, the drawbridge went up and Polly slides down the drawbridge and crashes to the front door. The front door opens and a black hooded woman appears. Polly gets up and she sees the woman. The woman takes out a giant scythe. Polly asked, "Are you the grim reaper?" The woman charges at Polly. Polly screams and she yells, "I'll take that as a yes!" Meanwhile, Good Bird is giving a note. The note has a name and address. Good Bird heads there. Good Bird sees a farm. GB sees a farmer. The farmer is a duck. GB says, "hey you. I'm looking for a Chinese boxing master." The famer says, "That’s me." GB tells the famer about the trial he has to go through. The farmer says, "So Master Yun is starting the trial again. Okay, be ready at 6:00 P.M. tonight to begin the fight." Later that night, GB gets ready for his match. The farmer puts on his fighting gi outfit. GB and the farmer bow to each other and they begin to fight. The farmer gains the upper hand against GB until GB manages to grab the famer's feet and pins him down to submission. The famer gives up and he congratulates GB. The farmer gives him a note to the next address to fight the next opponent. The farmer tells GB that all one hundred fighters (including him) are all birds. GB says, "Thank you for this information. I'll keep that in mind." Meanwhile, Francine manages to defeat small girl. The small girl tells Francine that she would need to increase her skills if she wants to survive the island. Meanwhile, Guido found a heater and he turns it on. The room became 100 Fahrenheit. The black ninja is so hot he took off his clothes. Guido punches the ninja in the stomach. The ninja says, "You win." The ninja gives Guido his weapons. The ninja says, "You’re going to need them for you trial. During the trial you will need to adapt to different environments. Guido nodded. As Guido walk away, the black ninja says, "Wait you forgot something." Guido is long gone. The black ninja says, "He’ll be back." Meanwhile, Polly uses her shuriken heart to disarm the black hooded woman. Polly does her scratch attack to defeat the black hooded woman. The black hooded woman tells Polly that the castle is filled women. Polly nodded. Meanwhile, Master Hang takes Speedy to a room. Master Hang shows Speedy a machine. Speedy asked, "What is this?" Master Hang says, "Your trial. Let's begin." Master Hang turns on the machine and he puts a scroll inside the machine. The machine creates a portal. Master Hang throws Speedy inside the portal and Master Hang jumps inside it.

Episode 553: Part 1. Speedy and Master Hang go through a portal. Speedy and Master Hang get transported to Little Tokyo. Master Hang says, "here is your mission Speedy." Speedy looks at Master Hang and he asks, "what is it?" Master Hang says, "Little Tokyo is in terrible danger. In order to save this town and the world, you'll have to get Princess Vi bond with a child." Speedy says, "That will be easy. I'll have the Princess bond with Fredia Tokugawa in no time." Master Hang says, "I forgot to tell you something Speedy. This isn't your Little Tokyo." Speedy asked, "What are you talking about? This is Little Tokyo." Master Hang says, "You and I are in a parallel universe. This is World RS 25." Speedy is shock and he yells, "A parallel universe!" Master Hang tells Speedy that long ago parallel universe travels became part of the trial. Speedy's trial will take him to different worlds and perform tasks that will help different worlds. Master Hang also tells him that once he complete all task he will get stronger. Speedy asks, "what about the others?" Master Hang tells Speedy that all of his friends will get stronger when they finish their trials. Master Hang says, "let's focus on your trial. Princess Vi doesn't have a daughter in this world. She didn't meet Bat Cat and Bad Max. In this world she's still in love with Good Bird." Speedy asks, "what are you talking about?" Let me tell you a story about this world. Long ago..." (Flashback) Good Bird and Carla were taking their three year old son, Kazuma, out for a walk. Suddenly, a group of unknown attackers appear. Carla hides Kazuma in a big hole in a tree. Carla hugs Kazuma and she says, "stay here. I love you." Carla covers the big hole with bushes. Kazuma hears sword clashing to each other and yelling. One hour later, Kazuma hears nothing. Kazuma gets out of the big hole, he goes through the bushes, and his eyes are in shock. Kazuma see his father and mother dead. Good Bird and Carla got stabbed a few times. All of the unknown attackers are found dead as well. Kazuma breaks down crying. Meanwhile, Princess Vi sneaks out of the palace to have fun and she walks into town. Princess Vi hears someone crying and she ran to check it out. She found dead bodies and she is shock. She found Kazuma crying and she also found Good Bird and Carla dead. She walks up to Good Bird. Princess Vi sheds a tear and she says, "I'm sorry I couldn't save you darling." Good Bird's hand grabs Princess Vi's arm. Good Bird coughs and he gives her his sword. Good Bird says, "I'm...leaving my son, Kazuma, your hands now." Good Bird's arms hit the floor and Good Bird dies for good. Princess Vi sees Kazuma. Kazuma still crying. Princess Vi picks him up and she cradled him in her arms. Princess Vi says, "it's okay. Your safe now." Kazuma fell asleep while Princess Vi cradled him. Princess Vi takes Kazuma back to the palace. Princess Vi tells Al Dente about the incident. Few days later, Good Bird and Carla are given a proper funeral. Princess Vi adopts Kazuma. She treats Kazuma as her son. She gives him a room, toys, and money. Kazuma is still sad because he lost his parents. Princess Vi pampered and protected him. (Flashback Ends) Master Hang says, "for two years, Kazuma is five years old now and he's still depressed. Your mission is to help Kazuma heal and bond with Princess Vi. Jerry will try to kidnap the boy. If Jerry Atric bonds with Kazuma Little Tokyo will be doom." Speedy cries after hearing the sad story. Speedy says, "I'll do it."

Episode 554: Part 2. At night, Speedy heads to the palace. Speedy sneaks inside the palace to find Kazuma. He found Kazuma is his room. Kazuma is asleep. Speedy says to himself, "I should have sneaked in the palace at noon instead of 10:00 P.M." Speedy see someone coming and he hides in a clothes hamper. The person that enters Kazuma's room is Princess Vi. Princess Vi takes out a cup of warm milk, a lid, and a straw. She picks up the sleeping Kazuma and she cuddles him in her arms. She pulls the straw in Kazuma's mouth. Kazuma begins to drink the warm milk while sleeping causing Kazuma to smile while sleeping. Princess Vi smiles and she says, "sleep tight." Princess Vi leaves the room. Speedy is touch by this moment and he gets out of the clothes hamper and he leaves the room. He ran into Al Dente. Al asks, "what are you doing here?" Speedy says, "I'm here to check on the palace." Al says, "okay." Speedy asks, "How is Kazuma doing?" Al says, "He's okay, but still sad." Speedy says, "I saw Princess Vi went into his room and gives him a drink of milk." Al says, "two years ago, I saw Kazuma cried in his sleep until Princess Vi cuddled him causing him to stop crying and he smiles. Princess Vi was never been so happy since then. She even said to me that Kazuma said mommy while he was sleeping." Speedy is surprise and he says, "Princess Vi comforts him. Anything else?" Al said, "one time Princess Vi wore a yellow kimono. Kazuma was walking at the hallway, he saw her wearing that kimono, and he hugged her so much that he didn't let go." Speedy says, "He must of think Princess Vi was Carla. Al, I hear the Big Cheese is planning a kidnapping plot. I need you to double the guards while I find him and stop him." Al says, "okay." Speedy left and he hides inside the ceiling of the palace. The next morning, Al doubles the guards of the palace. Speedy finds Kazuma alone and he walks in to talk to Kazuma. Kazuma was hostile towards Speedy. Kazuma threw toys at Speedy and he hits Speedy with a bat. Speedy shows Kazuma a picture of him and Good Bird and Kazuma stops hitting Speedy with a bat. Speedy tells Kazuma that he was once a rival and a friend with his father and he helped him reunite with his mother. Speedy tells Kazuma that his father and mother want him to live happy life. Kazuma begins to cry. Speedy hugs him and he says, "It's okay Kazuma. Princess Vi is taking real good care of you. You should spend some time with her." Kazuma says, "she doesn't know me Mr. Speedy." Speedy says, "every night while you sleep Princess Vi goes to your room and she cuddles you and gives you a drink of warm milk." Kazuma is surprise and he says, "that explains my dreams I have every day. Every night, I dream where my mother cuddle me and feeds me milk to help me sleep." Speedy says, "Just give Princess Vi a try." Al Dente shows up to the room and he yells, "A group of Ninja Crows are attacking the palace!" Speedy says, "don't leave this room." Speedy leaves the room. Speedy says, "Al stay with him and guard him with your life." Al yells, "Okay Speedy." Speedy fights the Ninja Crows until the Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 show up and their shock when they saw Speedy. The Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 attack Speedy thinking that he's an imposter. Speedy dodges their attack and he tries to tell them that the Ninja Crows are going to kidnap Kazuma. Meanwhile, Al is with Kazuma until a robot appears. Kazuma is shock because that robot looks a lot like the one that took Good Bird's life and Carla's life. The robot knocks out Al and grabs Kazuma. The robot leaves the palace while holding Kazuma. Speedy and the Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 saw the robot taking Kazuma. Speedy tries to go after the robot, but the Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 capture him.

Episode 555: Part 3. The Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 interrogate Speedy. Speedy tells them that he's from another world and he's here to save Little Tokyo and this world by having Kazuma bond with Princess Vi before Jerry Atric bonds with Kazuma. The Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 wonder what will happen if Kazuma bonds with Jerry. Speedy tells them that Kazuma will become evil just like his father once was if he bonds with Jerry. The Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 decide to let Speedy go and they go out to find Kazuma. Speedy of World RS 25 orders Speedy to come with him because he doesn't trust him. The heroes search for Kazuma. Meanwhile, Kazuma wakes up and he's in a room. Jerry appears and he greets him. Jerry shows Kazuma a picture of him and Bad Bird. Jerry tells him that his father wanted him to be with him and the Ninja Crows. Speedy and the others saw a Ninja Crow walking and they decide to follow him. The Ninja Crow heads to the hideout. Speedy and the others sneak inside and they found the Big Cheese, the Ninja Crows, and the robot. Speedy wonders where Kazuma and Jerry are at. The Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 tell Speedy that they'll distract the bad guys while he finds Kazuma. The Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 attack the bad guys while Speedy searches for Kazuma. Meanwhile, Jerry almost convinced Kazuma into joining him until Speedy shows up and he yells, "Don't believe that old crow! He's the one that built a group of robots that murdered you parents!" Speedy shows Kazuma the robot. The robot is fighting the Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25. Kazuma is shock when he saw the robot. Jerry tells Speedy and Kazuma that this isn't the same robot. Jerry says, "it's a version 2.0." Jerry also tells them that long ago he tried to get Good Bird and Carla to rejoin the clan, but they refused so he ordered the robots to capture them. He never expected that Good Bird and Carla put up a fight and destroyed all of the robots. However, Good Bird and Carla suffered horrible wounds. Good Bird and Carla told Jerry that he'll never win no matter what. Jerry hears the Princess coming so he flees. Kazuma gets real angry and he begins to cry. Kazuma says, "You killed my momma and my papa. (sob)" Kazuma picks up a big rock and he throws it at Jerry. Jerry gets hit and he falls down screaming in pain. Speedy reveals to Jerry that he's wearing a wire and he tells him that Princess Vi now knows who murdered Good Bird and Carla. A wall explodes and after the smoke cleared it reveals to be Princess Vi and Empress Fredia. The two girls brought along bazookas and they fire at the building. Speedy grabs Kazuma and he takes him to safety. The Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 destroy the robot and they did their pose. Later, Princess Vi banishes the Big Cheese and his gang to Prisoner Island. Speedy gives Kazuma back to Princess Vi. Kazuma cries and he hugs Princess Vi. Kazuma says, "I miss you mommy." Princess Vi smiles and she says, "This is the first time you ever call me mommy." Kazuma fell asleep. Princess Vi carries Kazuma back home. Princess Vi cuddles him in her arms. A few days later, Princess Vi and Kazuma bond with each other and they never been so happy. Speedy says, "I did it. These two are so happy." The Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 thank Speedy for helping them and apologize to him. Speedy accepts apology and he asks them to train Kazuma as a warrior and a protector. The Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 tell Speedy that they'll train Kazuma when he gets older. Speedy gives them the sword that was once belonging to Good Bird and he says, "Princess Vi gives this to me as a reward. I want you all to give this to Kazuma when he gets older and when his training is complete." The Samurai Pizza Cats of World RS 25 nodded. Master Hang shows up and he takes Speedy back home to his world. Master Hang says, "In our world Speedy, Kazuma and Princess Vi get along great. Princess Vi treats Kazuma as a son. Kazuma regards her as a second mother." Speedy smiles and he says, "it's no surprise. In our world Princess Vi will always comfort Kazuma."

Episode 556: At Little Tokyo, the Rescue team decides to join the Reptile Clan. Lucille overhears this and she asks them to come with them. Later, the Rescue team search for the Reptile Clan all over town. Lucille asked a few people on the street and they tell her that they saw a group of Ninja Lizards heading south. Lucille and the Rescue team head south and they found a group of Ninja Lizards. General Catton walks up to them and he asks, "we're here to see your leader, can we see him?" The Ninja Lizards inhale their breaths and throw smoke bombs. The smoke bombs reveal to be knockout gas, the Rescue team and Lucille are knocking out by it. Later, the Rescue team and Lucille wake up and there in a room. A Ninja Lizard opens the door and he says, "my master wants to see you all now." Lucille and the Rescue team look around and they are amaze that there so many reptiles of the Reptile Clan. Daigo appears and he asks, "Do you like what you see?" Lucille bows her head as a sign of respect. Lucille says, "I'm Lucille." The Rescue team bows their heads too. General Catton tells Daigo that they want to help the Reptile Clan fight a common enemy, the Ninja Crows. Daigo tells General Catton that he knows about them and their exploits, however, Daigo wanted to know what happen to the Samurai Pizza Cats. Lucille tells him that their out training to get stronger. Daigo says, "if you all want to help us, there is something I want in return." General Catton asks, "what is it?" Daigo says, "I want you all to become part of this clan. I will assign you each a master that works for me. The masters will train you all. Once their done, you all be strong warriors." The Rescue team and Lucille are shock, however, Lucille is so shock she accidentally launches her homing missiles at the room. The Rescue team and Daigo got hit. The Rescue team is unconscious. Daigo says, "I got a master that will teach her how to control her emotions." Daigo passes out.

Episode 557: At the Big Cheese's HQ, the Big Cheese orders a group of Ninja Crows to counterattack a group Ninja Lizards at the north. Meanwhile, Pride spies on the Big Cheese and he decides to get information on the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows. Yen Sloth disguises herself as a Ninja Crow. Yen meets three members of the Third in Commanders; Gyokuro, Mean Bird, and Blind2d. Yen falls asleep. Pride, however, knew Yen will fall asleep and he placed a wire on her to get the information. Pride is very pleased after getting the information. Pride is even more pleased when he saw those three fights the Ninja Lizards. Gyokuro battles them with his sword and his mace. Mean Bird uses his sword and a naginata. Blind2d throws his giant shuriken at his enemies. After those three defeated the Ninja Lizards, those three went to a bar to have a drink. Yen wakes up and she joins them for a drink. Pride says, "(sigh) Yen can't resist a drink."

Episode 558: At the island, Francine defeated most of the children of the island. One teenager shows up and he says, "Now let's see if you get fight a teenager girl." The teenager does a thrust kick and his kick destroys a giant rock. Francine sweats nervously. Meanwhile, Guido is at a desert room and he's sweating. Unknown to him that a group of ninjas are hiding in the sand. Meanwhile, at the castle, Polly gets caught and they place her in an isolated cell where everything is nothing but pitch black. Meanwhile, Good Bird is at a freezing mountain. Good Bird is never been so cold in his life. Good Bird encounters a penguin. The penguin says, "hello mister. Want to skate?" GB says, "sorry I don't have time." The penguin says, "that's too bad." The penguin puts on his ice skating shoes and he begins to figure skating. The penguin attacks GB with the sharp blades of the ice skating shoes. The penguin says, "My fighting style is Toso Kune Do. Put on ice skating shoes and we'll begin out fight." GB puts on the ice skating shoes and he beings his fight. Meanwhile, Speedy and Master Hang are in another world and their being chased by a group of Godzillas calling themselves the Samurai Pizza Godzillas. Speedy yells, "We need to find a place to hide!" Master Hang yells, "You think!" Later, Francine manages to trick the teenager by giving him a Playboy Magazine. Meanwhile, Guido found shade and he goes to it. Guido rest for a while until he notices shadows are around him. Guido yells, "Come on out!" A group of sand ninjas reveal themselves and they attack Guido. Guido uses his sword to perform the Neko Damashi. Guido swings the umbrella at the sand ninjas. Meanwhile, Polly found the way to escape from the cell without losing her sanity by digging her way out of the cell. Polly got out, but she is at a swamp. Meanwhile, GB does a figure skating somersault move to dodge the penguin's sweep kick. GB palm attack at the penguin's chest. The penguin is defeated. The penguin says, "only five people passed this trial while the others failed. I think you can be the sixth person to pass this trial." GB says, "thank you." GB leaves the mountain. Meanwhile, Speedy and Master Hang figure out a way to stop the Samurai Pizza Godzillas from chasing them. Speedy and Master Hang decide to find Mothra. Speedy and Master Hang found Mothra, but Mothra is in larva form. The Samurai Pizza Godzillas get ready to stomp on Speedy and Master Hang until Mothra uses her silken spray to wrap and immobilize the entire Samurai Pizza Godzillas. Once that done the day is saved. Speedy asks, "what is this supposed to teach me?" Master Hang hesitates and he says, "to use your head." Speedy says, "we got here by mistake." Master Hang says, "don't get angry. Accidents happen all the time." Speedy walks away. Master Hang follows him and he yells, "Don't get angry! I'll make it up to you!"

Episode 559: At the Reptile Clan's HQ, the Rescue team and Lucille get a tour around the Reptile Clan HQ. Daigo gives them the tour. After the tour, Daigo introduced them to the ten ninja masters that served under him. The first master is Biter the male snapping turtle. The second master is a male gecko named Seth. The third master is a female iguana named Treelo. The fourth master is a female viper named Venom. The fifth master is a male gharial named Dylan. The sixth master is a male sea turtle named Will. The seventh master is a female tuatara named Soo. The eighth and ninth masters are twins and their anole lizards names Mary and Max. Finally, the tenth master is a female cottonmouth snake named Arcy. The ten ninja masters welcome the Rescue team and Lucille. Daigo tells the ten ninja masters that the Rescue team and Lucille will be their new students and they'll also be working for them. The ten ninja masters understood their leader's decision and they begin to train the Rescue team and Lucille.

Episode 560: At the Big Cheese's HQ, Pride orders Van Envy to spy on the Third in Commanders to get information. Van spies on Bad Bird 2, the Sundance Kid, Cailen Crow, and Dr. Purple. Van sees the Sundance Kid doing target practice. The Sundance Kid draws his guns in about 1.1 seconds and he shoots 20 targets. The Sundance Kid says, "I got to do better." Later, Van sees Cailen Crow trains to improve his skills. Later, he sees Bad Bird 2 and Dr. Purple spending time together and coming up with plans to defeat the Reptile Clan. Van says, "these two are like father and son. I envy them." Later, Van makes his report to Pride. After hearing the report, Pride says, "I think these four might be useful in the future. (Evil Laugh)"

Episode 561: Pride decides to attack Daigo, leader of the Reptile Clan alone. It took 12 hours to find the Reptile Clan's HQ until he found it. Pride sneaks inside and searches for Daigo. He found the Ninja Lizards at the cafeteria. He sneaks pass them. Later, Pride notices a dark green door. Pride opens it and he found Daigo. Pride confronts Daigo. Daigo asks, "Who are you?" Pride says, "I'm here to beat you to satisfy my pride." Daigo asks, "Do you have a name?" Pride says, "My name won't matter since you’re going to die!" Pride attacks Daigo. Daigo dodges him and throws a punch at Pride. Pride hits the wall. Daigo charges at Pride. Pride gets up and dodges Daigo's attack. Daigo does a Taekwondo Spinning Hook Kick at Pride's head. After getting hit, Pride hits the ground hard. Pride says, "Your fighting style is Taekwondo." Daigo says, "Taekwondo, boxing, bajiquan, ninjutsu, and zen ki bo." Pride says, "impressive." Pride gets ready to attack him until the ten ninja masters of the Reptile Clan appear and they attack Pride. Pride is angry and he yells, "You win this round!" Pride retreats. Daigo says, "I got a feeling he'll pose as a threat let's not underestimate him. Tell everyone to be on guard." The ten master says, "yes, sir." Later, Pride returns to the Big Cheese's HQ. Pride is very angry and he punches through the wall. Wrath says, "looks like someone had a bad day." Pride says, "Daigo and the ten masters are strong and they beat me." Van Envy says, "you’re so not invincible after all." Pride punches Van. Carrie Lust says, "Don't feel bad Pride." Doctor Gluttony says, "Daigo and the Reptile Clan will check in the morgue." Greed says, "After we beat them, their money and power will belong to us, but I keep the money." Yen Sloth says, "yeah...(snoring)"

Episode 562: Speedy manages to pass five missions of his trial. Speedy says, "Those last five missions were horrible." Master Hang asks, "which one the prison world, the Tron world, the hula world, the silent world, or the Martian Successor Nadesico World?" (Showing scenes of each world they visit and did.) Speedy says, "the silent world is horrible. The prison world is okay, the Tron world is fun, I get to dance on hula world, and the Martian Successor Nadesico World was not bad." (Showing scenes of each world Speedy experiences and what he did.) Meanwhile, Polly found a room for her to sleep for the night. Polly thinks about the places she's been. (Showing scenes where Polly has been and what she did.) The mirror room, the oven room (where the room is a giant oven and it can cook people), the barbed wire room (a dangerous room), the ballet room (a dancing room), and knives room (just like where the entire room is cover with knives and it's dangerous). Polly sleeps and she says, "it wasn't so bad." Meanwhile, Guido found a tent and he set up camp for the night. Guido thinks about the places he's been. Showing scenes where Guido has been and what he did.) The tornado fight, the snow fight, the ice fight, the swamp fight, and the volcano fight. Meanwhile, Good Bird finished fighting five masters. Later, he found shelter for the night. GB thinks about the five masters he defeated. (Showing scenes where GB has been and what he did.) A Canadian red-necked grebe and her fighting style are wrestling. An Italian clamator cuckoo and his fighting style is Italian school of swordsmanship. A South Island Moa and his fighting style is mau rakau. A southern cassowary and her fighting style is Zen Do Kai. Good Bird says, "each fighter I faced is more tougher than the last." Meanwhile, Francine found a shack to sleep for the night. Francine thinks about the day she went through. She fought five teenagers that are highly skilled fighters. Later that night, Speedy, Polly, Guido, GB, and Francine are asleep.

Episode 563: At the Big Cheese's HQ, the Big Cheese notices that the Seven Deadly Warriors are gone. Cailen Crow tells him that they gone out to train. The Big Cheese says, "training sounds good. I'm going out to do some shopping." The Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and a four ninja crows (posing as bodyguards and chauffeurs) went out to do some shopping. Meanwhile, a crow named Oka, a Ninja Crow and a member of the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows, shows up wearing a pink kimono and he's painting his nails red. A group of Ninja Crows tell Oka that the Big Cheese left to do some shopping. Oka brushes his hair and he says, "my nails are so fine. If Seymour is in danger let me know." A Ninja Crow says, "understood, sir." Oka goes to his closet. Oka wears a grey gown to go out. A group of men saw Oka and they think Oka's a girl. A group of men ask Oka if he wants to eat lunch. Oka accepts the offer as long they pay for the meal. Later, Oka goes to the mall. Oka notices beautiful dresses at the store. Oka is drawn by them. The store manager tells Oka that those dresses were made by a girl named Ruby. Oka heads out to track her down. Oka found Ruby's home. Oka calls for Ruby, but her father answers instead. Oka asks Ruby's father when Ruby will come home. Ruby's father tells him to wait since she'll be home in about one minute. Ruby shows up and Oka bows his head. Oka says, "I'm Oka and I'm here to ask you something." Ruby asks, "what is it?" Oka asks, "Can you make me your apprentice?" Ruby is surprised and she asks, "why do you want me to take you in as my apprentice?" Oka says, "I love the dresses you made and you even one time made a dress for the Big Cheese...I mean the Big Cheese's niece." Ruby feels flatter and she asks, "If I take you as my apprentice will you be able to listen what I tell you?" Oka bows his head and he says, "I'll do what you say." Ruby says, "tomorrow will begin." Oka bows his head again and he says, "thank you." Oka leaves. Ruby says, "she'll be an excellent apprentice." Ruby's father says, "I don't know if that girl is a boy or a girl. What do you think?" Ruby says, "she's a girl." Oka is very excited that Ruby accepted him as her apprentice. A group of muggers surround Oka. One of mugger yelled, "Give me your money woman!" Oka says, "you call me a woman, thank you. Your defeat will be swift." One of the muggers asked, "what are you talking about woman?" Oka pulls out a sword underneath his gown skirt and he says, "let's fight." Oka easily defeated the muggers and Oka says, "time to finish this." Oka forced the muggers to wear gowns. Oka yells, "next time I'll either make you guys wear hula outfits or end your life!" The muggers ran for their lives. Oka does his pose. The next day, Oka wears a kimono and he heads to Ruby's house. Ruby begins to teach Oka how to make an outfit.

Episode 564: At the Reptile Clan's HQ, the Rescue team and Lucille begin their training. Treelo trains General Catton, Will trains Bat Cat, Soo trains Spritz, Dylan trains Meowzma, and Arcy trains Lucille. The Rescue team and Lucille realize that the training is more difficult than they expected. Daigo tells them that the training is supposed to be difficult. The Rescue team and Lucille need to find a way to endure the harsh training. Lucille remembers something she learned from Polly. Polly taught her to do meditation. Lucille and the Rescue team begin to meditate. The next day, Lucille and the Rescue team were able to get through the first training. Daigo is impressed. Daigo tells them that they got a long way to go. Later that night, Lucille and the Rescue team do meditation. Meanwhile, Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Carla are also doing meditation.

Episode 565: Guido has trouble fighting ninjas underwater. Guido tries to summon his scuba suit armor, but nothing happen. A ninja reveals that they have his scuba suit armor and he must earn it. Guido inhales his breath before going underwater. Meanwhile at Ninja Tech Industries, the Big Cheese orders the Ninja Crows to build a missile armed with poison gas. Jerry asks, "what are going to do with it?" The Big Cheese says, "on the Reptile Clan." Jerry is shock and he yells, "you can't do that you'll destroy everything like you did before!" The Big Cheese says, "I know what I'm doing. We'll get the Reptile Clan at one spot and then when I give the signal fire the weapon. We'll get rid of them in one strike." Jerry feels reluctant to do it. Later, the Ninja Crows lured an entire group of Ninja Lizards to a place that is far away from the city. The Ninja Crows disappeared and the Big Cheese gives Jerry the signal. Jerry fires the missile. The missile heads straight towards the Ninja Lizards. The missile hits the Ninja Lizards, however, the missile didn't exploded. The Big Cheese demand to know what happen. A Ninja Crow tells the Big Cheese and Jerry that they forgot to load the poison gas in the missile. The Big Cheese literally explodes in anger while Jerry gets caught in the explosion. The Ninja Lizards found a logo on the missile. The logo says, "Ninja Tech Industries." One of the Ninja Lizards said, "we got to report this to Daigo." Meanwhile, Guido was able to defeat the underwater ninjas and he earns his scuba suit armor. Guido puts on his scuba suit armor and he swims to an underwater cave to sleep.

Episode 566: Francine gets lost in the jungle and she's being chased by a hunter. Meanwhile back at Little Tokyo, Princess Vi hires an investigator named Jeese. Jeese is a beagle. Jeese shows up. Al asked the Princess why he hired him. The Princess tells him that Jeese is a great investigator and she needs him to find the masked geisha girl that attacked her a few months ago. Al says, "let it go princess she's long gone and we never found her. She must of escaped the country." Princess Vi yells, "I'll find her and make her pay!" Jeese says, "Don't worry I'll find her. We don't need those Samurai Pizza Cats to find her." Al asks, "What are you implying?" Jeese tells Al that the Samurai Pizza Cats are worthless, they never do anything by the book, not under the princess's control, unpredictable, and they’re quitters because they haven't been seen for months. Al gets angry and he was going to hit Jeese until a servant accidentally bumps into Al and Al hits the floor. Later, Al heads to the Pizza Cat Restaurant and he tells the Rescue team about Jeese. The Rescue team tells Al that the people in Little Tokyo are beginning to think that the Samurai Pizza Cats have deserted them and given up on them. Al says, "Come home soon cats. We're all counting on you." Meanwhile, Francine hides from the hunter and she sets up a trap for him. Francine uses herself as bait and she manages to lure the hunter into a trap. After the hunter fell into Francine's trap, Francine is able to get away. One of the islanders saw this and he says, "she managed to outsmart the hunter. We need to try something more dangerous."

Episode 567: Polly begins to feel cramps because of her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Carla is also feels the cramps because of her pregnancy. Conall calls his father, Master Hang, about Carla's condition. Master Hang tells Conall to take Carla to the hospital. Master Hang thinks about Polly and he calls Master Lin to check on Polly. Master Lin checks on Polly. Polly is getting the cramps on the trial. Master Lin steps in and she tells Polly that she needs to head to the hospital. She also tells Polly that her trial will be postponed. Later, Polly and Carla are at the hospital. The doctors tell the girls that they need to stay at the hospital because the babies will be ready to be born anytime now. Master Hang tells the other masters to call Speedy, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine to postpone their trials to come to the hospital. Later, Speedy and the others head to the hospital. The doctors tell them that Polly's and Carla's delivery will come anytime now. Speedy and Good Bird got so worry about them that they drink a lot of sake. Guido and Francine stop them from drinking too much. Meanwhile at the Reptile Clan, Daigo looks at the missile that has a logo that says, "Ninja Tech Industries." Daigo says, "we need to investigate Ninja Tech Industries. If the Ninja Crows are involved in this we need evidence." Meanwhile, Polly and Carla are screaming. The doctors hurry. Both Polly and Carla yell, "IT'S COMING!!" The doctors ask, "what?" Both Polly and Carla yell, "THE BABIES!!!" The doctors are frightened by these two girls. One of the doctors said, "We need to call their husbands." Later, Speedy and Good Bird hear their cell phones and they answer it. Speedy and Good Bird tell Francine and Guido that they need to head to the hospital immediately.

Episode 568: At the hospital, Polly and Carla are getting ready to have their babies. Speedy and Guido try to comfort Polly while Good Bird and Francine try to comfort Carla. Meanwhile at the Reptile Clan, Daigo asked the Rescue team to investigate Ninja Tech Industries. The Rescue team head to Ninja Tech Industries. At the lobby, they talk to a receptionist. The receptionist is wearing a dress. The receptionist is really a ninja crow disguises himself as a female receptionist. The Rescue team was unable to see through the disguise. The Rescue team asked a tour around the building. The receptionist calls a tour guide to give the Rescue team the tour around the building. The tour guide is wearing a green shirt and brown skirt. The tour guide is really a ninja crow disguise. The tour guide gives the Rescue team a tour around the building. The Rescue team learns that Ninja Tech Industries sell videogames, promote movies, make game systems, videos, computers, DVDs, washer machines and dryers, cameras, and other technology stuff. After the tour, the Rescue team went to the gift shop and they brought gifts to take home. The Rescue team went back to Reptile Clan's HQ. The Rescue team saw Al Dente talking to Daigo. The Rescue team tells Al and Daigo that they took a tour around Ninja Tech Industries, but they saw no weapons nor the Ninja Crows. Al and Daigo asked them if they saw signs that said employees only. The Rescue team said that they saw lots of them during the tour. Al and Daigo got very angry that the Rescue team didn't check the employees only places so Al and Daigo take out fans and whack them with it. Meanwhile, the doctors get ready to make the deliveries. Polly and Carla are in pain. Speedy, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine stay at their side. The doctors tell Polly and Carla to push. Polly grabs Speedy arm while Carla grabs Good Bird's arm. The two girls are squeezing Speedy's and Good Bird's arms real hard. Speedy and Good Bird are screaming in pain. The two girls push one more time until the babies are born. One of the doctors said, "Polly, it's a boy. Carla, it's a boy." Polly and Carla are happy of their new children. Later, Polly and Carla are asleep while Speedy and Good Bird have to check in the hospital again because Polly and Carla unintentionally break their arms again and they have to stay in the hospital to heal. Francine and Guido head to Master Hang's place for the night. Guido says, "I remember when Lucille broke my arm when she gave birth to the twins." Francine asked, "Did she also you know have her episodes?" Guido remembers when Lucille gave birth, she launches her homing missiles at the hospital destroying the building. The only people that didn't get hurt are Lucille and her babies. Meanwhile, Pride was watching Speedy and the others and he smiles. Pride says, "the babies are born. We got plans for their children real soon."

Episode 569: At the Big Cheese's HQ, the Big Cheese heard that the people of Little Tokyo are beginning to lose faith on the Samurai Pizza Cats. The Big Cheese see an opportunity to have the people of Little Tokyo see him as the town's protector. Meanwhile, the Seven Deadly Warriors continue with their training. Pride gets a call from his cell phone. He picks it up. Pride asks, "who is this?" The caller reveals to be one of the 14 Ninja Crows that served Seven Deadly Warriors. He tells Pride that the Big Cheese is planning to become popular again. Pride tells the Ninja Crow to let the Big Cheese do whatever he wants since it's not going to ruin their plans anyway. Meanwhile, Al and Daigo still think that Ninja Tech Industries has something to do with the Ninja Crows so they decide send Lucille to sneak inside the building. Lucille sneaks inside the building while the workers and security guards (Ninja Crows in disguise) were taking a lunch break. Lucille sneaks inside the "employees only" areas. Lucille saw a bunch of Ninja Crows building a robot and she saw the Big Cheese telling Jerry Atric about his next plan. Lucille sneaks out and just when she was about to leave the building a security guard spots her and tells her to stop. Lucille panic and she was about to launch her homing missiles until she remembers a lesson from Master Arcy to take deep breaths to calm down. Lucille takes a deep breath and she calm down it causes her to control her homing missiles and she stops them from firing uncontrollably. Lucille looks at the security guard and she asks, "Is there a problem?" The security guard says, "You drop your bag ma'am." The security guard gives the bag to Lucille and she says, "thank you." Lucille heads to Al's place and she tells him that the Big Cheese is planning to unleash a robot to the town. Al calls the Rescue team to deal with this and he calls Daigo about this. Daigo sends three ninja masters to help out the Rescue team. The Big Cheese unleashes the robot to attack Little Tokyo. The Big Cheese takes out a self-destruct button to destroy the robot so people will think he did it and everyone will think he's a hero. The Rescue team and the three ninja master of the Reptile Clan appear. The heroes battle the robot. The Big Cheese isn't very pleased when the people are rooting for the heroes. The Rescue team and the three ninja masters combine their powers to destroy the robot. The Big Cheese literally explodes in anger while Jerry gets caught in the explosion. Later, Al and Daigo talk to each other about the Big Cheese activities in Ninja Tech Industries and they need evidence to expose him and the company. Daigo, however, begins to suspect that the Big Cheese is too incompetent to create Ninja Tech Industries and wonders who is really behind this. Daigo asked Lucille if anyone see her sneaking in the building, but Lucille tells him that no one suspect a thing. Meanwhile, the Seven Deadly Warriors continue with their training. Pride gets a call from his cell phone. Pride answers it and he saw a video on his cell phone. The video shows Lucille sneaking in the building and she saw the Big Cheese building a robot. Pride says, "we need to return to Little Tokyo as soon as possible. That cross-dressing fox Seymour and that sheep girl will ruin everything."

Episode 570: At the hospital, Guido and Francine check on Polly, Carla, Speedy, and Good Bird. Polly and Carla are resting while Speedy and GB recover after their wives put them in the hospital unintentionally. Speedy and GB check on their newborn sons. Speedy and GB are happy to see them. Speedy says, "Aiko has a baby brother." GB says, "same here. Kazuma has a baby brother." Guido asks, "What are you guys going to name them?" GB says, "Birdy. My little Birdy Karamaru Crow Bird." Speedy says, "easy, Guido Sukashii Cerviche." Guido is shock and surprised that Speedy named his son after him. Guido bows his head to Speedy and he says, "it's an honor, Speedy." Master Hang shows up and he brought followers and candy for Polly and Carla. Later, Master Hang goes to Polly's and Carla's room to check on them. Master Hang congratulates them for the newborns. Master Hang says, "I'm glad that you two are okay and you two have children." Polly and Carla blush and they tell him that it was nothing. Master Hang says, "You guys are almost halfway done with the trials. Very good." Speedy and the others feel happy to hear that. Master Hang warns them that the second half will be very difficult and dangerous. Carla feels worry, but GB tells Carla not to worry. Polly wonders about Little Tokyo, but Master Hang tells them that the city is okay. Master Hang says, "The doctors said to me that you all are out in two days. Your two sons will live at my son's home until the trials are over." Speedy and the others understood him. Two days later, Speedy and the others left the hospital. Speedy and the others said goodbye to each other and they'll see each other again when they finish the trials. The heroes' trials resume. Meanwhile, Pride and the Seven Deadly Warriors finish their training and they head back to Little Tokyo. Pride says, "We got to beat the Reptile Clan before the Samurai Pizza Cats return to Little Tokyo." This episode is the introduction of Birdy and Guido Sukashii Cerviche.

Episode 571: At Little Tokyo, the Seven Deadly Warriors appear. They head to Ninja Tech Industries. They talk to the Big Cheese. They tell him that they got a plan that will help them stand a chance against the Reptile Clan, they need to take out the four officers on each squad of the Reptile Clan. The Big Cheese asks, "How many of them?" Pride says, "forty." The Big Cheese is shock and he yells, "That's impossible to get rid of them!" Pride says, "You got the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows. With their help the officers won't stand a chance." Later, Jerry Atric summons all of the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows to a meeting. He tells them that their mission is to get rid of the officers of the Reptile Clan. The Third in Commanders understood the objective and they head out. Jerry grabs the Sundance Kid and Cailen Crow. He tells the two keep a close eye on Seven Deadly Warriors because he being to distrust them. Later, the Seven Deadly Warriors give the Third in Commanders the pictures and names of the officers on each squad of the Reptile Clan. They tell the Third in Commanders to take them out quietly without letting the Ninja Lizards know, the ten ninja masters know, and Daigo know. The Third in Commanders secretly take out thirty three out of forty officers. The last seven officers try to escape, but the Seven Deadly Warriors surround them. The seven officers try to fight them, but the Seven Deadly Warriors defeat them. The Third in Commanders notice that the Seven Deadly Warriors gotten a little bit stronger. Later, Daigo notices that all of the forty officers disappeared. Meanwhile, Polly faces an opponent that has six arms.

Episode 572: Polly battles a female opponent that has six arms. The opponent is not only good in fighting, but she's quick. Meanwhile, Al and Daigo know that Ninja Tech Industries is secretly making illegal weapons, so they ask the Rescue team and Lucille try to gather evidence to expose the company. The Rescue team and Lucille head to Ninja Tech Industries. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and Jerry build a robot that launches missiles. The bad guys unleash it on Little Tokyo. Later, the Rescue team and Lucille open the file cabinet and found a file that contains blue prints of illegal weapons. The Rescue team and Lucille were about to head back to Al's place until they saw the robot attacking the city. The Rescue team and Lucille decide to battle the robot first. During the fight, the robot destroys the file causing the mission to expose the bad guys failed. The Rescue team and Lucille got angry and they use their finisher attack moves to destroy the robot. Later, the Rescue team and Lucille head back to Al's place and they report to him that the mission failed. Al and Daigo tell them that stopping the robot first was the right choice and they also tell them not to give up and one day the world will know what kind of company Ninja Tech Industries really is. Meanwhile, Polly manages to outsmart the six armed opponent. Polly uses her finisher attack move and defeats her opponent. Polly says, "ever since I got out of the hospital, I feel stronger. Maybe the trial is making me stronger."

Episode 573: Guido is at hot area. Guido, however, notice this place doesn't bother him. Guido says, "I feel like I'm getting stronger." A ninja appears and he says, "let's find out." The ninja takes off his shoes and he steps on the hot floor. The ninja feels pain and he says, "this...(ouch)...isn't...bad. (ouch)" Guido takes off his shoes and he steps on the floor. Guido and the ninja begin their battle. Meanwhile, the ten ninja masters of the Reptile Clan train the Rescue team and Lucille. They blindfolded them for the lesson. They want the Rescue team and Lucille to travel Little Tokyo to do some shopping and head back to Reptile Clan HQ. The lesson proves to be difficult. Later, Guido defeats the ninja by using his finisher attack move. The ninja accepted his defeat. Guido leaves the area, but he forgot to put his shoes back on. Guido steps on a freezing floor. Guido is so cold. Meanwhile, the Rescue team and Lucille are still blindfolded and they don't know that they're at Mt. Coochie.

Episode 574: Francine faces a hurricane while battling a female archer. During the fight, the archer's bows were able to go straight at Francine despite having the hurricane. Francine wonders how the archer was able to do it. The archer tells her that she uses nature to help her fight. Meanwhile, Daigo checks on the Rescue team and Lucille. He notices that they are getting stronger because of the training the ten ninja masters are giving them. The Rescue team develops new techniques while Lucille develops new technique as well, but mostly she is able to control her overwhelming emotions. Daigo is pleased. Lucille is so happy that she accidentally launches her homing missiles in the area. Everyone got caught by the missiles. Lucille says, "Sorry everyone, I haven't yet fully control myself." Meanwhile, Francine thinks about what the archer said and she takes a deep breath and she begins to use the hurricane to her advantage. Francine uses her finisher attack move and she uses on the hurricane. The archer wonders what Francine is doing. The hurricane causes Francine's finisher attack move to go out control and out of dumb luck hit the archer causing Francine to defeat the archer. Later, the archer tells Francine that she has a long way to go and she must learn to adapt to the environment. Francine understood the archer and she found shelter for the night. The archer tells Francine that they'll have to stay until the hurricane stops. Francine agrees with her. Francine notices that she's getting stronger and she wonders about Speedy and the others.

Episode 575: Carla is training with the five masters; Master Conall, Master Holly, Master Alaina, Master Suzaku, and Master Snowfinch. The five masters train her in Tahtib, Capoeira, Chinese swordsmanship styles, Tibetan White Crane, Fujian White Crane, Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Kempo, Aikido, taekwondo, and Japanese swordsmanship styles. Master Snowfinch challenges Carla to a fight to test out her new skills. Master Conall referees the match and he says, "Being!" Carla and Master Snowfinch battle each other. During the fight, Master Snowfinch gives Carla a hard time. Carla never expected to face such a strong opponent. Master Snowfinch says, "I don't know what your husband see in you, but you always be weak." Carla gets angry and she yells, "Take that back!" Master Snowfinch says, "Make me." Carla gets ready angry and she uses her finisher attack move. Carla yells, "Talon Slash!" Master Snowfinch block the attack, however, the attack injured Master Snowfinch's left arm. Carla gets ready to use her finisher attack move again until Master Snowfinch forfeits the match. Master Snowfinch says, "well done." Carla is confused. Master Snowfinch says, "What I said about your husband I really didn't mean it. I did that so you can attack me with everything you got." Carla beings to understand that. Master Snowfinch says, "since I forfeit the fight you won. I'll teach you a fighting style called, Krav Maga. It's country of origin is Israel." Carla bows to Master Snowfinch and she says, "thank you." Meanwhile, Good Bird defeats a darter and his fighting style is Kurash. The darter gives GB an address to the next fighter and an envelope. GB thanks the darter and he leaves. GB opens the envelope, he reads the note, and he's shock of what he read.

Episode 576: At night, Good Bird found a shack to sleep for the night and he reads the note. The note tells GB that a long time ago...(Flashback) five people passed this trial. The first person to pass was Master Yun. Alaina (Master Yun's daughter) was the second person to pass. The third person who passed the trial really shock GB. The third person is Jerry Atric. When he was young Jerry went through the trial and he passed it with ease. Another person that passed the trial that shock GB is his father, Dirty Bird (or Super Bad Bird). Dirty Bird passed the trial a long time ago. The fifth person who passed the trial is a mystery. (Flashback Ends) GB wonders why Jerry and his father didn't tell him about the trial. Master Yun appears and he tells him that he was young when he trained Jerry and Dirty Bird. Master Yun says, "If your father was alive he would have crush Pride and the Seven Deadly Warriors and you." GB gets nervous. Master Yun says, "If you would have faced Jerry when he was young not only he'll kill you, he'll kill the Seven Deadly Warriors with ease." GB realizes why Jerry became the master of the Ninja Crows and his father was feared by everyone. GB asked, "Why didn't you tell me that you trained Jerry and my father?" Master Yun says, "I didn't want you to hate me. I trained Jerry and your father because long ago I was Master Hang's rival and I needed students to compete against him. I didn't know that these two were criminals. I wasn't thinking back then until I was too late. Jerry, Dirty Bird, and..." GB interrupts him and he says, "You’re a lot like me. You want redemption to atone for the mistakes you made. I made a lot of mistakes in the pass too. What makes us the same is that we have friends that we can protect." Master Yun feels delighted by GB's words and he thanks GB for helping him. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese is working on a machine that will perform age reversal. However, the experiments failed three times. The Big Cheese uses it on three Ninja Crows. The first one turned into a baby, the second one turn really old, and the third one turned a year younger. The Big Cheese is so frustrated and he yells, "There has to be a way to get the machine to work so I can make Jerry young again." The Big Cheese literally explodes in anger. Meanwhile, Pride saw the Big Cheese working on the machine and he says, "One day he'll get it working. Good Luck."

Episode 577: Pride orders Carrie Lust to spy on the Third in Commanders to get information. Carrie spies on Albino Crow, Oka, Kuroi, and Blue Gunner. Carrie saw Oka putting on makeup. Lot of guys in Little Tokyo think Oka is a girl and they ask him out for a date. The Big Cheese wears makeup and wearing a dress and he goes out, however, a lot guys are disgusted by him. Carrie says, "Oka is more beautiful than Seymour." Later, Carrie saw Blue Gunner doing target practice. Blue Gunner is just as good as the Sundance Kid. Later, Carrie saw Albino Crow and Kuroi sparring. During the sparring the two begin to fell in love with each other. Carrie says, "That is so romantic. I think these two will make a great couple." Later, Carrie gives Pride the report. Pride says, "It's no surprise. Are we ready for the next stage of the plan?" Carrie says, "everything is ready." Pride says, "Good. Daigo, it's time to settle the score."

Episode 578: Good Bird notices he's getting stronger. Good Bird battles an Andean Condor and his fighting style is bokator. Meanwhile, Pride shows the Wrath and the others a plan to defeat the Reptile Clan. Pride's plan is to take out the ten ninja masters first and then take out Daigo. However, it won't be easy and they need the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows to help them out. Pride tells them they need to spy on the rest of the Third in Commanders to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Wrath says, "Let me spy on the Third in Commanders." Wrath spy’s on Roland Crow, Falcone Bladewing, Petey Atric, and Terrabell. Roland trains. Terrabell is cold to everyone except Petey Atric. She asks, "How are you?" Surprisingly, Falcone Bladewing yells, "Bad Bird is gone because the Big Cheese is incompetent!" Jerry yells at Falcone not to say that again, but Falcone says, "So! I miss him so much!" Later, Wrath gives Pride the report. Pride is satisfied. Pride says, "We need to tell the Big Cheese the plan." Meanwhile, Good Bird manages to defeat Andean Condor. She says, "Well done. I want you to break this rock over there." She pointed out a huge boulder. GB says, "I can't do that." The Andean Condor says, "Do it." GB takes a deep breath and he unintentionally uses a bokator knee strike to destroy the huge boulder. GB is surprised. The Andean Condor says, "In this trial each time you defeat a master you learn a new move." GB says, "I'm starting to like this trial." Meanwhile, Daigo summons the Rescue team and Lucille. He tells them that he going to train them personally. The entire Reptile Clan including the Rescue team and Lucille are shock of what Daigo just said and what he's going to do. Daigo tells everyone that the Rescue team and Lucille are part of the Reptile Clan and that's his decision. The Reptile Clan respects his decision. Daigo beings to train the Rescue team and Lucille.

Episode 579: Master Hang tells Speedy that the world he's going will be difficult and he has to do this alone. Speedy goes inside the portal. Speedy is transported to another world. In this world, it's apocalyptic world. Speedy is shock to the world become a wasteland. Speedy found a survivor. The survivor tells Speedy that a long time ago. A princess named Princess Vi banished an important man to Prisoner Island because the man tried to stop the Big Cheese from unleashing a dangerous robot to the world. The robot turns on the Big Cheese and destroys most of the world. The survivors blame Princess Vi for dooming everyone and the world. Speedy says, "I knew her spoiled rotten ways will be the end of us all." Suddenly, the robot that destroyed appears and it attacks Speedy and the survivor. The robot looks at Speedy and he says, "I thought the Princess banished you a long time ago." Speedy realizes that the man that tried to stop the robot and try to save this world was Speedy in this world. Speedy takes out his sword and he battles the robot. Speedy notices that he's getting stronger. The robot uses his claws to attack Speedy, but Speedy destroys those claws and he uses his Ginzu sword power to destroy the robot. With the robot destroyed, the world is saved. The survivors are grateful to Speedy and they tell him that they’re going to rebuild their world. Speedy returns to his world.

Episode 580: The Rescue team and Lucille learn martial arts from Daigo, leader of the Reptile Clan. Meanwhile, Carla battles Master Holly. Meanwhile, Daigo teaches the Rescue team and Lucille Taekwondo, boxing, bajiquan, ninjutsu, Zen Do Kai, and zen ki bo. The Rescue team and Lucille are becoming Daigo's best students. Meanwhile, Carla manages to defeat Master Holly. Master Holly teaches Carla a new fighting style called, Wushu. It's country of origin is China. Carla looks forward to it. Meanwhile, Master Hang and the other masters check on Samurai Pizza Cats' records. Master Hang notices that Polly learned Muay Thai and Guido learned sumo. He also notices that the Samurai Pizza Cats learned mix martial arts and Capoeira. Master Hang says, "Speedy, Good Bird, and Francine need to learn a new fighting style." Master Lin says, "We can't interrupt the trial Hang." Master Hang says, "I got an idea that will work."

Episode 581: Master Hang sends Speedy to another world. Speedy goes inside the portal and he's transported to another world. In this world, everything is peaceful until a panther appears and he defeated Speedy. The panther tells Speedy that he's a martial arts master and he wants to teach Speedy. The panther says, "My fighting style is Jeet Kune Do. Prepare yourself!" Speedy is so nervous he gulps. The panther makes Speedy to change his clothes. Speedy now wears a tank top shirt and short jeans. Meanwhile, Francine encounters a coyote. He tells her that if he beats her, she'll become his student. Francine and the coyote battle each other. The coyote does a powerful kick and he defeats Francine. The coyote says, "You are now my student. The fighting style that I'm going to teach you is Chun Kuk Do." The coyote orders Francine to change clothes. Francine now wears a jade shirt and a jade feather skirt. Meanwhile, Good Bird encounters a martial arts master, a female peacock. The female peacock tells GB that if he wants to challenge her, he must learn her fighting style and defeat her five students. GB refuses until her students beat him up. GB changes his mind and he says, "I'll do it." The female peacock says, "The fighting style you’re going to learn is xingyiquan, but first you need a change of clothes." The five students drag GB to the dressing room to change. GB now wears a shaolin monk outfit, (GB still wears his helmet) but the outfit has peacock crest on the outfit. Speedy, Francine, and GB sigh at the same time. Meanwhile, Master Hang observes Speedy and the others. Master Hang says, "the plan work, now they'll become better warriors."

Episode 582: Daigo finish training the Rescue team and Lucille. The Rescue team and Lucille bow to their master and friend. Daigo says, "there is someone here to meet you." Daigo opens the door and a crow enters the room. The crow is Koga. The Rescue team and Lucille are happy to see their friend. Koga tells his friends that he finally stopped his family and their now in jail. Koga also tells them that he's going to stay with them for good. Daigo tells everyone to get ready because the Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows will get ready for an all-out war. Meanwhile, Speedy masters the Jeet Kune Do and he test out his skills on his master panther. Master Panther is impressed, he bows to Speedy for being a great student. Speedy returns to his world. Meanwhile, Francine manages to master the Chun Kuk Do. Master Coyote is so proud he said, "You have become the daughter that I never had." Francine says, "thanks I think." Master Coyote gives her a file. The file contains a map to this island. Master Coyote says, "this will help you." Francine hugs Master Coyote and she says, "You’re like the father I never had." Master Coyote cries with joy and he wishes her luck. Meanwhile, Good Bird masters xingyiquan and he challenges Master Peacock's five students. GB defeats Master Peacock's five students. Master Peacock is impressed and she challenges GB to a fight. GB and Master Peacock are evenly matched. GB uses the crane technique to defeat Master Peacock. After GB defeats Master Peacock, she says, "well done." She bows to GB. GB takes off the peacock shaolin monk outfit and puts on his ninja outfit. Meanwhile, Speedy puts on his white samurai armor back on. Meanwhile, Francine on her jade samurai armor, but she keeps the jade shirt and the jade feather skirt because she likes it.

Episode 583: The Big Cheese orders the ninja crows to build ten giant robots to battle the Reptile Clan. Meanwhile, Al still tries to tell Princess Vi about the war, but Princess Vi still obsess of finding the masked geisha girl. Things gotten worse when someone broadcast Princess Vi's humiliation and the masked geisha girl on TV causing Princess Vi to get even more angrier. Empress Fredia orders the guards to find the masked geisha girl right now. Later, Al tells the Reptile Clan that he was unable to get the Princess to stop. Daigo says, "I think the masked geisha girl is really a distraction and I believe the Ninja Crow are behind this." Al begins to realize that he didn't see this sooner. Meanwhile, Pride notices that Speedy and the others are seventy percent done with the trials and he needs something to distract a little bit longer. Wrath says, "You leave that up to me." Meanwhile, Francine continues her trial until, suddenly a rock slide is coming down towards her. Francine ran into the cave. The rock slide causes a cave-in. Francine is trap inside. Wrath appears and it reveals he caused the rock slide. Wrath says, "One down, four to go." Suddenly, Speedy feels a bad omen.

Episode 584: Wrath begins to sabotage Speedy and the others' trials in secret. He puts super glue on the floor. Polly steps on and she's stuck. To make matters worse a group of female archers appear and they took Polly prisoner. Later, Wrath lures Guido to a droughts area where there's no water anywhere. This causes Guido to be dehydrated. Next, Wrath talks to four birds dress in black hoods. Wrath says, "If you do this job, you will never regret it." Later, Good Bird is surrounded by the four black hooded birds. The black hooded birds attack GB and they throw him in the river. Wrath says, "A deal's a deal." Wrath gives them a scroll and they are very happy. Later, Wrath saw Speedy getting ready to go inside the portal until Wrath attacks Speedy from behind and Wrath does a slash attack on him. Speedy got hurt and he escapes inside the portal before Wrath has a chance to finish him off. Speedy is wounded and he's transported to another world. Speedy collapses on the floor. A group of travelers found Speedy. Meanwhile, Master Hang and the other masters heard about Speedy and the others from one of Master Lin's students. Master Hang is furious about this. Master Hang yells, "Damn it Pride and Wrath! Is this how you two going to play now after we trained you two!? Master Lin, you and the others check on Polly and the others to see if they survive while I find Speedy." Master Lin and the others understood and they head out.

Episode 585: The Big Cheese is almost finishing building the ten giant robots. Meanwhile, Master Hang tells his son, Master Conall, not to tell Carla what happen to her husband and her friends. Master Conall understood. Master Hang and the others head out to find Speedy and the others. Master Conall watches Carla battle Master Suzaku. After Carla defeated Master Suzaku, Master Suzaku teaches Carla a new fighting style called, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (or MCMAP). Meanwhile, Speedy wakes up and he notices that he's cover in bandages and he's at a tent. A little girl saw him wake up and she tells her father about it. The girl's father tells Speedy that he and the other travelers found him. Speedy thank the man for helping him. Meanwhile, Good Bird wakes up and he found himself at a jungle. GB wonders around the jungle, but unknown to him that he's being followed by a person that looks like a vulture. Meanwhile, Guido found a river and he immediately rushes to it to drink water. Meanwhile, Francine wonders around the cave looking for a way out. Meanwhile, Polly is at a cell. Polly keeps on screaming and yelling for someone to let her out, this causes the guards to be so irritated by her. Suddenly, Master Lin and her students rescue Polly. Later, Master Lin tells Polly that Wrath sabotaged the trial and she'll fix this. Master Lin tells Polly that Master Hang and the other masters are checking to see if Speedy and the others are okay. Meanwhile, Master Wu found Guido and he calls Master Hang that Guido is okay and he doesn't have to help him. Meanwhile, Master Sparrow leaves a trail of money for Francine to escape the cave. Master Sparrow says, "Money is the only thing that works for her." Meanwhile, Master Yun found GB and he notices that a vulture is following him. Master Yun says, "GB does know that he's being followed by a martial arts master. He'll figure it out eventually." Master Yun heads home and he calls Master Hang to see if he found Speedy, but no response. Master Hang continues to search for Speedy. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese finishes building the ten giant robots.

Episode 586: The Big Cheese orders the ten giant robots to attack the Reptile Clan HQ. The Big Cheese orders the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows to be on standby. The ten giant robots attack the Reptile Clan HQ. Daigo orders the ten ninja masters and the Ninja Lizards to attack. Daigo calls the Rescue team and Lucille to help out. The Rescue team, Lucille, and Koga head out to help. The Rescue team, Lucille, and Koga help the Reptile Clan battle the ten giants robots. The ten ninja masters destroy two giant robots with ease. The Rescue team destroys one giant robot, Lucille destroys one giant robot, and Koga destroys one giant robot. Jerry Atric says, "These guys destroy five robots." The Big Cheese gets angry and he orders the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows to attack. The Third in Commanders give the Reptile Clan a hard time. Surprisingly, Cailen Crow defeats Seth. The Reptile Clan, Daigo, Lucille, and the Rescue team are shock of what Cailen just did. The Ninja Crows cheer for Cailen. Daigo gets real angry and he fires 1,000 missiles at the Ninja Crows. The Seven Deadly Warriors use the last five giant robots to shield them from the missiles. The five giant robots are destroyed, but the Ninja Crows are safe and all of the missiles are gone. The Big Cheese says, "I'm going to wear my battle uniform that Oka made for me." The Big Cheese changes his clothes and he's wearing his battle uniform. His battle uniform is a pink princess dress gown and he wears a long blonde wig. Jerry says, "You look like Princess Peach from Mario Brothers." The Big Cheese laughs with joy. Oka is happy that the Big Cheese is enjoying his new dress that he made. The Big Cheese orders everyone to retreat for now. Daigo and the others mourned because they lost Seth.

Episode 587: Master Hang continues to search for Speedy. Meanwhile, Polly decides to settle the score with the female archers that captured her. Polly found the female archers and she battles them. Meanwhile, Guido encounters a drought ninja. Guido challenges the ninja to a fight. Meanwhile, GB notices that the vulture is following him. The vulture tells GB that he's a martial arts masters and his fighting style is silat. GB challenges the vulture to a fight. Meanwhile, Francine is deep sea diving to fish. She encounters a giant fish and she decides to eat it. Meanwhile, Speedy is trying to recover from Wrath's attack. The girl gives Speedy soup. Later, a group of bandits get ready to attack the camp. The bandits attack the camp. The girl hides Speedy from the bandits. The bandits took the girl hostage. Speedy hears the girl screaming and he comes out of hiding and he battles the bandits in order to save the girl. Speedy hasn't recovered from his wounds. The bandits beat Speedy severely. The girl's father and the others defend themselves and they fought the bandits. They save Speedy, but the leader of the bandits ran off with the girl. However, Master Hang appears and he stops the leader of the bandits and save the girl. Master Hang found Speedy. Later, Speedy says goodbye to the girl and everyone. Speedy and Master Hang return to their world. Master Hang says, "I'm impressed that you were able to help the people find the courage to stand up for themselves." Speedy blush and he says, "They help me so I help them in return. (Laugh)" Meanwhile, Polly defeats the female archer. Meanwhile, Guido defeats the drought ninja. Meanwhile, Francine eats the giant fish that she finally caught. Meanwhile, GB defeats the vulture and the vulture gives GB an address to the next martial arts master.

Episode 588: At the Reptile Clan HQ, Daigo gives the Rescue team and Lucille some weapons and technology that belongs to the Reptile Clan. The Rescue team and Lucille notice these weapons and technology is advance. Daigo tells them that he thinks the Ninja Crows are really after the advance weapons and technology and this war was started by them. Daigo also thinks that the Big Cheese isn't behind this. Daigo says, "The Big Cheese thinks he's pulling the string , but someone else is pulling the string and that person is using the Big Cheese as a puppet. But who?" Meanwhile, all of the Seven Deadly Warriors sneeze. Pride blows his nose and he says, "Someone is talking about us." Meanwhile, the Big Cheese still wearing his uniform which is really a pink princess dress gown (he looks like Princess Peach) is admiring his outfit. Jerry Atric shows up to talk to the Big Cheese. Jerry tells the Big Cheese that he deeply doesn't trust Seven Deadly Warriors because their making decisions without consulting them. Jerry suspects that the Seven Deadly Warriors started the war and their planning something big. The Big Cheese, however, doesn't listen to Jerry and he tells him that the Seven Deadly Warriors are great allies to the Ninja Crows. Jerry gets angry and he left. Jerry orders Cailen Crow to keep a close eye on the Seven Deadly Warriors and report back to him if the Seven Deadly Warriors do something suspicious. Meanwhile, the Rescue team and Lucille finishing upgrading themselves and they try out their new powers. Daigo secretly puts a compact disc inside Lucille's kimono.

Episode 589: Master Hang notices that Speedy and the others have finished almost ninety percent of the trials. Master Hang is so proud. Speedy gets ready to go inside the portal until one of Master Lin's students yell, "The Ninja Crows killed one of the Reptile's Ninja Masters!" Speedy hears this and he asked, "What going on?" Master Hang says, "This is none of your concern." Speedy demands to know what's really going and he wants to know what the Ninja Crows are up to, but Master Hang orders him to finish the trial. Speedy disobeys Master Hang. Master Hang got so angry that he punches Speedy out of anger. Speedy hits the floor and he gets real angry at Master Hang and he attack Master Hang. Speedy and Master Hang are fighting each other. Master Lin's student calls Master Lin and the others masters about this and they head over to stop the fight. Speedy demands to know what is happening at Little Tokyo and what are the Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows are doing. Master Hang says nothing to Speedy. Master Lin and the others decide to tell Speedy the truth. They tell Speedy that the Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows declared war on the Reptile Clan and the Rescue team and Lucille joined them to help fight the Ninja Crows. Speedy looks at Master Hang and he yells, "You didn't tell me about this! You should have told me about this!" Master Hang says, "You need to stay focused on your training." Speedy gets angry and he yells, "I need to return home and protect my friends!" Master Hang yells, "You can't. You will finish your training and that's an order!" Speedy yells, "Your being selfish!" Speedy ran off. Speedy says to himself, "I coming home you guys." Master Hang and the other masters surround Speedy. Master Hang says, "We can't let you leave." Speedy yells, "Want a bet?!" Speedy gets ready to fight the five masters, but the five masters overwhelm him. Speedy gets back up and he yells, "I'm not giving up!" Master Hang punches Speedy in the stomach, it knocks the wind out of Speedy and Speedy is out cold.

Episode 590: Speedy wakes up and he's tied up. Master Hang tells Speedy that he's not going to untie him until he hears him out. Master Hang tells him that if he goes back home now without finishing the training he'll get killed. Speedy, however, is too stubborn to listen to him. Master Hang says, "if I'm selfish, why did I stop you from returning home?" Speedy didn't answer his question. Master Hang says, "Until you answer my question I will not untie you." Master Hang leaves. Speedy tries to break free, but no use. Meanwhile, Carla battles Master Alaina. Master Alaina is very powerful opponent. Master Conall tells Carla that she's as strong as her father, Master Yun. Carla wonders if she can defeat Master Alaina. Master Conall says, "if it makes you feel any better, I'm just as strong as my father, Hang." Carla gulps out of nervous. Master Holly, Master Suzaku, and Master Snowfinch hit Master Conall on the head. Master Holly says, "You’re not helping Conall." Meanwhile, Speedy begins to calm down and he thinks about the training he went through with Master Hang, the good times, the bad times, and the funny times. Speedy says to himself, "I was being stupid. If I head back home, I would be killed. The Rescue team and Lucille are doing just fine. Their protecting the city. Wait for me my friends. I'll be home soon." Later, Master Hang shows up to give Speedy some food. Speedy apologizes to Master Hang for being so stubborn and he understands why Master Hang did what he did. Master Hang accepts his apology and he tells Speedy that he must finish the trial if wants to go home. Master Hang also tells him that he'll resume first thing in the morning. Master Hang left Speedy, but forgot to untie him. Meanwhile, Carla and Master Alaina continue to battle each other until the fight ends in a draw. Later, Master Alaina teaches Carla street fighting.

Episode 591: Polly has ten opponents left before she can conquer the castle to complete her trial. Polly gets ready to face her first opponent. The female warrior carries a battle axe. Meanwhile, Guido has to through ten areas. The first one is a lava area and he encounters a robot. Guido is confused until the robot tells him that the last ten areas he will battle robots. Meanwhile, Francine encounters the leader of the island. The leader tells Francine if she wants to fight him, she will have to fight nine people, but there's a twist. She must play by their game. Francine says, "I accept. You got a deal." Meanwhile, Good Bird sharpens his sword and he stretches his body. Good Bird says, "Just ten left." Meanwhile, Master Hang talks to Speedy. Master Hang says, "Just ten missions and you’re done." Speedy says, "yeah." Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine all said at the same time, "Let's do this. SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!"

Episode 592: The Big Cheese orders the Ninja Crows to attack the Reptile Clan HQ. The Seven Deadly Warriors get ready for battle. The Reptile Clan and allies set traps for the bad guys. The bad guys fell for every trap. The bad guys never been so humiliated. The Ninja Lizards were able to make the Ninja Crows retreat. The Big Cheese, Jerry, and the Third in Commanders continue their attack on the Reptile Clan. The Reptile Clan gains the upper hand against them. Meanwhile, Doctor Gluttony battles Master Will. The Doctor attacks Will with a scalpel. The Doctor says, "Your body is unhealthy. You need an operation." Master Will says, "You need the operation once I'm done with you." Master Will does a roundhouse kick while the Doctor does a spin kick. The two are evenly match until Greed steps in and he helps the Doctor fight Will. The Doctor and Greed team up to fight Will and they defeat Master Will. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and the other bad guys were defeated and they retreated. The Big Cheese literally explodes in anger while Jerry got caught in the explosion. Oka saw the dress he made for the Big Cheese is ruined. Oka says, "Now I have to start all over again. (Sigh)" Oka sheds some tears. Later, Daigo finds out that Master Will has fallen. Daigo says, "He sacrificed himself to help us. You are an honorable warrior." Later, Pride says, "Only eight masters left before we can go after Daigo. Their weapons and technology will be ours."

Episode 593: Polly battles a female warrior that carries a battle axe. Meanwhile, Guido tries to fight a robot without falling off the bridge. If he does, he'll fall into the lava. Meanwhile, Francine battles a blind swordsman. The blind swordsman wants Francine to wear a blindfold so they can be on equal grounds. Francine wears the blindfold and she has to battle the blind swordsman without using her eyes. Francine yells, "Prepare yourself. (Screaming)" Francine doesn't know that she's attacking a tree while the blind swordsman hears her doing that. The blind swordsman drinks tea. Meanwhile, Good Bird encounters a strange creature. The strange creature reveals to be a griffin. Good Bird asks, "Are you a bird or a lion?" The griffin says, "I'm a rare hybrid." GB says, "So you’re a freak." The griffin hits the floor (comical way) and he took that as an insult. The griffin yells, "I'm not a freak! I'm a rare hybrid that has been respected for generations!" GB says, "I'm sorry I just never seen someone like you before." The griffin says, "I accept your apology." GB asks, "I'm looking for a martial arts master so I can challenge him to a fight." The griffin says, "I hope you find him...Wait a minute, I'm a martial arts master. You can challenge me." The griffin shows off his skills. The griffin tells Good Bird that his fighting style is pankration. GB gets ready to fight the griffin. Meanwhile, Speedy goes through the portal and he's transported to another world. In this world, what surprises Speedy is that he's in the future and he saw that his daughter Aiko is the new Pride.

Episode 594: Speedy is shocked that he's in the future and his daughter, Aiko Cerviche is the new Pride. Speedy saw Kazuma is the new Wrath, Birdy is the new Sloth, the Anchovy twins are Gluttony and Lust, Otama (KNT version Otama Jr.) is the new Greed, and Speedy's son, Guido Sukashii Cerviche is the new Envy. Speedy is still shocked that the children are the new Seven Deadly Warriors. Aiko Pride tells him that long ago Pride and the other Seven Deadly Warriors took them in as their own children. Speedy demands to know what happen to this world. She tells him that the Seven Deadly Warriors took over the world. However, the people in this world think the Big Cheese and his family is the ruler, but really the Seven Deadly Warriors are the ones in charge and their using the Big Cheese and his family as a front. Speedy can't believe what he's hearing this. Aiko Pride says, "I'm afraid that you need to be eliminated." Aiko Pride and the others attack Speedy. Speedy ran away from them. Master Hang observes Speedy and he calls Speedy a coward. Speedy hears this and he yells, "Take that back!" Master Hang says, "You'll never finish the trial if you’re a coward." Speedy gets angry and he confronts Aiko and the others. Speedy yells, "I'm your father and you must stop this right now!" Speedy uses his Ginzu sword power and he attacks Aiko and the others. The attack didn't work. Just when Aiko and the others were about to attack Speedy, Master Hang saves Speedy's life and transport him back to their world. Speedy says, "I didn't finish the trial and you call me a coward!" Master Hang says, "This world I sent you is to test your courage and you did well. However, the world you just saw will happen if you and the other failed to defeat the Seven Deadly Warriors. Remember what the Great Warrior told you, it's teamwork. This will help you and your friends defeat them." Speedy remembers what the Great Warrior told him and now his teacher, Master Hang, is telling him about teamwork. Speedy understands him and he says, "I'm ready for the next world." Master Hang smiles and he says, "I like your enthusiasm, but first we need to fix the machine." Speedy hit the floor (comical way).

Episode 595: After defeating the female warrior that carries a battle axe, Polly heads to tallest tower of the castle. Polly gets to the front door of the tower, but she encounters a female guard that guards the front door of the tower. The guard says, "If you want to get inside, you must defeat me." Polly easily beats the guard with one punch. Polly says, "That was easy." Polly enters the tower and she saw long stairway up the tower and it's a very long one. Polly yells, "You got to be kidding me?!" Meanwhile, Guido defeats the robot and he heads to an empty area. A robot appears and tells Guido that he'll be his opponent. The robot attacks Guido with tornado attack. Meanwhile, Francine still wearing a blindfold continues to fight the blind swordsman. Francine was able to touch the blind swordsman's sword and she uses the reverse side sword attack to hit him. The blind swordsman hits the floor. The blind swordsman is impressed. The blind swordsman forfeits the fight. Later, Francine encounters a female obese pig. The pig challenges Francine to a race, but she must walk through the fire walking. The pig takes off her shoes. Francine takes off her shoes. The two begin to race through the fire walking. Francine screams because her feet are on fire. Meanwhile, Good Bird defeats the griffin. The griffin tells GB that Master Yun and Master Hang were rivals and they are now friends and friendly rivalry. The griffin also tells GB that he has nine opponents left. Later, GB encounters Blue Jay and this Blue Jay is a master of all grappling styles. The Blue Jay grabs GB and he puts GB in a strangle hold, however, GB escapes from the move. The Blue Jay tells GB that the fight has just begun. GB says, "When this fight is over, I'll be the victor."

Episode 596: Marie and Zan get ready to fight the Reptile Clan. Carrie Lust shows up and she tells the girls that Pride needs their help. Carrie tells them that Pride is going to infiltrate the Reptile Clan HQ to steal their secrets. The Ninja Crows battle the Ninja Lizards at the middle of Little Tokyo. Meanwhile, Marie and Zan confront Master Mary and Master Max of the Reptile Clan. Meanwhile, Pride infiltrates the Reptile Clan HQ, and he found Daigo's computer. He puts an usb flash drive in the computer to download information. Meanwhile, Marie and Zan combine their strength to defeat Master Mary and Master Max. Marie and Zan defeat the two masters and they yell, "We're the female Ninja Crows!" Later, the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric are proud of Marie and Zan accomplishment and they promote Marie and Zan as the new members of the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows. The Big Cheese, Jerry, Marie, Zan, the Ninja Crows, and the members of the Third in Commanders celebrate. Later, Pride goes to his room and his uploads his usb flash drive to his computer. What he found is nothing only a message. Pride opens the message and it said, "I knew you would try to steal our secrets and I hid it where you can't find it. Sign, Daigo." Pride gets angry and he punches through his desk causing the desk to break. Pride says, "This isn't over!"

Episode 597: Carla gets ready to face her final opponent, Master Conall, the son of Master Hang. Carla says, "Birdie, Where ever you are, I need your help." Later, Carla and Master Conall enter the ring and their fight begins. Meanwhile, Polly manages to make it to the top of the tower. Polly is so exhausted that she collapses. One female warrior and she challenge Polly to a fight. Polly gets and she was about to yell at the girl to leave her alone because she spent all day climbing up the stairs until Polly lost her footing and fell down the stairs and kept falling down until she reach the ground. The female warrior says, "Look like she has to start all over again." Meanwhile, Guido defeats the robot that can used tornado attacks. Guido asks, "Who's next?" A robot appears and it turns invisible. The invisible robot gives Guido a hard time. Meanwhile, Francine manages to beat the female obese pig in fire walking race. Francine's feet are in fire and she ran to the beach to put out the fire. The next person to appear is a fisherman. He challenges Francine to a fishing contest. Whoever gets 100 fishes at the end of the day first wins. Francine and the fish man do a deep sea diving to fish. Meanwhile, Speedy goes to parallel world and he encounters a group of kitsune. They called themselves the Samurai Pizza Kitsunes. Meanwhile, GB defeats the Blue Jay. GB thinks about Carla and he says, "I hope you’re okay Carla." GB encounters his next opponent. His opponent is a hummingbird and his fighting style is Savate. Meanwhile, Carla and Master Conall continue fighting each other. Master Alaina and Master Holly wear cheerleader outfits to cheer for the fight. Carla feels more confident and she says, "I'm going to win." Carla and Master Conall continue fight like never before.

Episode 598: The Seven Deadly Warriors orders their 14 Ninja Crows to handle the Rescue team and Lucille while they handle the Reptile Clan's ninja masters. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others manage to pass three challenges of the final trials and they have only five challenges to go to finish the trials. Meanwhile, the 14 Ninja Crows battle the Rescue team and Lucille. The Rescue team and Lucille use their new powers to defeat the 14 Ninja Crows. With the 14 Ninja Crows defeated, the Seven Deadly Warriors retreated. Later, the 14 Ninja Crows are now comatose which causes the Seven Deadly Warriors to be furious. Pride says, "We trained those crows. How could we lose?" Jerry over hears this and he laughs at them for failing. Pride says, "We got to win this war and get their secrets before those Samurai Pizza Cats return." Wrath says, "After I took care of Speedy and the others, I sabotaged the final stages of the trials just in case Speedy and the others survive. This will buy us some time." Meanwhile, Speedy and the others have a bad feeling what's ahead of them.

Episode 599: Guido gets ready to face another robot. When he encounters it, the robot begins to act strange. The robot begins to attack the area instead of Guido. Guido wonders if the robot pretending to act crazy or if there's a malfunction. Meanwhile, Polly found herself trap in a room. The room is running out of oxygen. Polly needs to find a way out before she suffocates. Meanwhile, Francine steps into a bear trap and her leg get stuck and she's injured. To make matters worse, she has to carry 100 pounds of buckets of water with her hands while being injured. Meanwhile, Good Bird heads to a house until he saw the house is destroyed. GB found an owl. GB notices this owl is different and he's not like any owl is seen in his life. GB notices that the owl's wings and talons look like falcon's wings and talons. GB also notices that the owl is crying. The owl tells GB that his mother, his brother, and his girlfriend are kidnapped. Meanwhile, Speedy is in a world filled with lions, tigers, and bears. They want to kill Speedy and their highly skilled swordsmen. Master Hang and the others notice that the trials are sabotaged and they realize that Wrath is behind this and he sabotaged the final stages of the trials when he was here before. Master Hang and the others notice that they can't do anything about it.

Episode 600: Guido tries to battle an out of control robot. Meanwhile, Polly manages to escape a room without air. Meanwhile, Francine has an injured leg, but she manages to bring the 100 pounds of buckets of water to the village. Meanwhile, GB comforts the young owl. GB tells the young owl that he's looking for a martial arts master. The young owl tells GB that he and his brother are martial arts masters. The young owl makes a deal with GB if he can help him rescue his family, he'll fight GB. GB accepts the deal without hesitation. The owl tells GB that his name is Aruno. Meanwhile, Speedy hides from the lions, the tigers, and the bears. Speedy comes up with a plan to survive this world. Meanwhile, Carla uses her finisher attack move to defeat Master Conall. Carla and Master Conall bow to each other out of respect. Carla bows to the other masters out of respect. Master Conall gets ready to teach Carla what his father taught him honor and the Wolf Style Kung Fu. Meanwhile, the Seven Deadly Warriors show the Big Cheese a robot that can help them win the war.