Fan Episodes is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats episode that should be on TV. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these episodes will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this series, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Series. This page is season 12 (501-550). Warning this page is full to edit so go to the next Fan episode article to edit your story. Full up to only 50 episodes

Episode 501: In the morning at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Naoko's father (leader of the Akari clan) still upset about Naoko's death. Lucille, Carla and the Rescue team get ready to ask him what happen. He tells everyone that his daughter was in her room when it happens. When he entered the room, he saw the window open and he found Naoko dead. The doctors told him that she was poisoned. Naoko's father asked, "How?" The doctors told him that she was stab on her left leg. The doctors stated that she was stabbed by a knife. The killer put the poison on the knife and stabbed her. The investigators tell Naoko's father that they found wet footprints at the scene of the crime. After he finishes telling Carla and the others about the incident and he asked, "Can you tell your other comrades about this?" Carla and the others nodded. Naoko's father says, "Whoever did this will pay!" Meanwhile at Mount Song, Speedy manages to complete his first lesson. Master Hang tells Speedy good work and Master Hang tells him to get ready for the second lesson. Meanwhile, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine manage to complete their first lessons. Their masters are very pleased. The masters give them their second lessons as well. The second lesson for them is to do farming while wearing 100 lbs. weighted clothing. Speedy and the other mouths drop. Master Hang says, "Get started." Later, the heroes have trouble moving an inch because of the weighted clothing their wearing. Meanwhile back at Little Tokyo, Pride tells the Big Cheese that he heard about the leader of the Akari clan's daughter being murdered. The Big Cheese and Jerry Atric are shock to hear that. Jerry yells, "Whoever murdered his daughter will feel the Akari clan's wrath!" Wrath shows up and he asked, "Did you call my name?" Jerry yells, "NO!!!" Meanwhile at the Akari clan's home, one of Akari ninja tells his leader that they got a clue of who killed Naoko. The clue is a wet footprint is covered with saltwater and the saltwater came from the ocean. Naoko's father tells the ninjas to continue the investigation.

Episode 502: Part 1. At Mount Song, Master Hang tells Speedy that there's trouble at Hong Kong and he wants Speedy to check it out. Master Hang tells Speedy to take Polly and the others with him. Later, Speedy and the others made it to Hong Kong and they begin to investigate any bad activities. Speedy tells the others to split up and if they find anything wrong call them through their cat collar bells. Good Bird says, "I don't have a cat collar bell." Speedy pulls out a spare cat collar bell and he gives it to GB. Speedy says, "Now you have one." The heroes split up. The heroes begin to search all over Hong Kong. Speedy hears a scream and he checks it out. Speedy see a girl being chase by a monster. Speedy saves the girl and he battles the monster. The monster retreated. The girl thanks Speedy for saving her life. However, the girl tells Speedy that there are other monsters in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Polly and the others encounter four other monsters and they battle them. Later, the four other monsters retreated. Polly tells the others to continue the investigation. Meanwhile, the girl takes Speedy to her apartment building. When they got inside her apartment, she tells Speedy about the monsters' attacks. Speedy tells the girl that he and his team will stop them. Meanwhile, the monsters are at a shopping mall and they get ready to attack.

Episode 503: Part 2. The monsters attack the shopping mall. Meanwhile, the girl saw the attack on the TV News and she tells Speedy about it. Speedy calls the others. Later, they head to the shopping mall. The heroes confront the monsters. The heroes did their intro first and they all yell, "Samurai Pizza Cats!!!" The heroes battle the monsters. The five heroes use their finisher attack powers and they defeated the monsters. The monsters hit the wall and their out cold. The five heroes did their pose. Someone yells, "CUT!! THAT'S A WRAP!!" The five heroes are confuse and they yell, "WHAT?!" The five heroes see a movie camera and they also see the film director and the film crew. The film director says, "Great job! Thank you for helping us makes the movie." The heroes get confused. The monsters got up and they reveal to be stunt performers. The girl shows up and she reveals to be a child actress. Master Hang shows up as well and he tells them that the film director is a friend of his. The film director needed some heroes for his movie so Master Hang decided to help him out. The film director says, "This is going to be the best action/horror/adventure movie since 'Aliens' starring Sigourney Weaver." The five heroes get very angry and they demanded that they get pay for making the movie. The film director says, "Okay, I'll give you the money." Master Hang tells the heroes to return to the temple to continue the training.

Episode 504: At Heng Shan, Polly continues training with Master Lin. Master Lin says, "Come with Polly." Polly says, "Okay." Master Lin takes Polly to a room. Master Lin takes out a remote control and she presses the button. The room lights up and the room turn into a snow mountain. Polly asked, "What is this?" Master Lin presses the button and the room turns into a desert. Polly asked, "What's going on?" Master Lin presses the button again and the room turns into a forest. Master Lin says, "What I'm showing you are nature. Nature is part of our lives since the beginning of time. Everything must be balance." Polly says, "Your right. Nature is very important to us." Master Lin says, "Balance can be altered if left unchecked. The Seven Deadly Warriors are known for altering the balance." Polly listens to Master Lin. Polly asked, "What do you mean?" Master Lin says, "What you need to know is that the Seven Deadly Warriors will alter the balance." Polly eyes are wide open. Meanwhile at Little Tokyo, at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, the restaurant is finish rebuilding. Carla, Lucille, and the Rescue team are happy. A mailman shows up and he gives the letter to General Catton. General Catton says, "The letter is from the Ninja Water Clan." General Catton opens the letter and he reads it. General Catton's eyes are wide open and squeeze the paper real hard. Spritz grabs the letter and he reads it. Spritz's eyes are wide open and he says, "It can't be!!" Bat Cat asked, "What's going on?" Spritz says, "The Ninja Water Clan is the prime suspect of murdering the leader of the Akari clan's daughter!!!" Bat Cat and the others are shock to hear that. Spritz says, "The trial will begin at the end of the week!!!" Meowzma says, "If the Ninja Water Clan is found responsible, war will come out." Everyone is shock. Spritz yells, "The Ninja Water Clan will never do such a thing!!! There has to be an explanation!" Meanwhile at the Big Cheese's home, Jerry Atric is shock when one of the Ninja Crows told Jerry about the Ninja Water Clan and the trial. Jerry heads to the Big Cheese to warn him about this, but Big Cheese is doing his weekly boxing lesson and he's wearing the woman outfit. Jerry interrupted the Big Cheese's boxing lesson. He chooses the wrong moment but he obtains boxing gloves to defend himself. Both Jerry and the Big Cheese knocked each other out. Few hours later, the Big Cheese and Jerry regain consciousness. Jerry tells the Big Cheese about the Ninja Water Clan and the trial, but the Big Cheese says, "As long it hasn't nothing to do with us, I don't care." Jerry says, "If war gets out, we'll be caught in the middle of this! Little Tokyo will be destroy!" The Big Cheese says, "This gives me an idea." The Big Cheese whispers to Jerry's ear. Jerry asked, "Are you sure this plan will work?" The Big Cheese says, "If war does come out, this plan will take care of it. (Evil laugh)" Few days later, the Ninja Water Clan and the Akari clan are outside Little Tokyo and they get ready to begin the trial. Carla, Lucille, Al Dente, and the Rescue team are watching the trial through the television.

Episode 505: Part 1. (This episode takes place between Episode 450 and Episode 451.) Tonight on Little Tokyo's Scare Tactics (Edoropolis's Scare Tactics in the KNT version), six unsuspecting victims will be put into terrifying situations while their friends/family set them up with producers. The first one is Lucille. Lucille is working at her tea shop. Her brother, Wally, came home from work and he tells her that he's going to bed. Later, Lucille hears a noise and she checks it out. Lucille sees a sushi monster. The sushi monster grabs her brother and takes him away. Lucille screams and she ran into her room. Lucille found her homing missiles ammunition and she loads them into her hair and body. When the sushi monster shows up, Lucille launched her homing missiles at the monster. After the smoke clear, the monster says, "You’re on Scare Tactics and your brother set you up." The monster reveals to be an actor and the actor collapse. Wally saw the actor on the floor and he says, "Sorry." Lucille says, "That’s a good one Wally." The second one is Al Dente. Al Dente is at his room and he's secretly reading a playboy magazine. A ninja breaks into Al's room. A ninja takes out a sword and he demands Al to take off his clothes. Al takes off his clothes until Al is wearing his Fundoshi. The Ninja yells, "Are you scared?" Al yells, "I am!" The Ninja yells, "You shouldn't be! You're on Scare Tactics!" Al yells, "You’re kidding!!" The Ninja says, "These three cats set you up." Speedy, Polly, and Guido show up and they laugh. Al laughs and he walks up to them and says, "That's a good one cats." Al takes out a hand-held fan and he begins to whack Speedy, Polly, and Guido with the hand-held fan. The third one is Princess Vi. Princess Vi and the council are working until a messenger shows up. The messenger tells everyone that a killer is in the palace. The council panics while the Princess smiles and she says, "I want to meet this killer." The council looks at her and they said, "she's nuts. She is crazy just like her father." Emperor Fred does his scat singing. Later, Princess Vi is at her room until she saw someone coming into her room. A figure is wearing a hooded jacket. Princess Vi can't see the person's face. The figure takes out a knife and he tells Princess Vi that he's the killer. Princess Vi yells, "You’re the killer?! GREAT!! Wait here, let me get my camera." The killer gets confused. Princess Vi takes out the camera. Just when she was about to take the picture until the killer accidently steps on Princess Vi's irreplaceable dolls and breaks them. Princess Vi gets very angry and she yells, "Guards kill him!!!" The killer escapes while Princess Vi cries over her dolls. The killer yells, "I'm an actor and this is Scare Tactics!" Princess Vi yells, "You’re not a KILLER. Kill him!!!" The actor runs away from the guards.

Episode 506: Part 2. (This episode takes place between Episode 450 and Episode 451.) Tonight on Little Tokyo's Scare Tactics (Edoropolis's Scare Tactics in the KNT version), six unsuspecting victims will be put into terrifying situations while their friends/family set them up with producers. The fourth one is Seymour Big Cheese. At Seymour's home, the Big Cheese is wearing his kimono. Jerry Atric shows up and he asked the boss if anything is okay and Seymour says, "Everything is fine." Jerry begins to cough until he begins to cough out blood. The Big Cheese begins to freak out. A group of Ninja Crows tells their leader that a virus outbreak in this area and everyone will be in quarantine. The Ninja Crows barricade the place leaving the Big Cheese trap inside. The Big Cheese saw Jerry Atric got up and Jerry turned into a rabid crow. Jerry attacks the Big Cheese. The Big Cheese screams until Jerry yells, "You’re on Scare Tactics! The Ninja Crows and I set you up." Jerry and the Ninja Crows laugh while the Big Cheese literally explodes in anger while Jerry and the Ninja Crows get caught in the explosion. The fifth one is Francine. Francine counting the money out of the cash registers. Later that night during closing time, Francine checks the cash register again and she started to scream. Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird show up to see what's going on. Francine tells them that the money is gone. (That's her worst fear. Money disappeared.) Francine screams for a few minutes until a producer of Scare Tactics shows up and he says, "You’re on Scare Tactics! The money is under the counter." Francine found the money and she yells, "Whoever set me, I'll cut 90% of that person's salary!" Polly's eyes, Guido's eyes, and GB's eyes are wide open with guilt and they pointed at Speedy and they yelled, "He did it!" Speedy yells, "WHAT?!" Francine grabs Speedy and she says, "I'm cutting 90% of your salary for the next two months!" Speedy mourns in grief. The sixth one is Polly. Polly is out delivery pizza until she heard something. Polly hears footsteps. Polly continues to make her deliveries until she heard footsteps again. Polly gets nervous until she saw someone. Polly yells, "Who are you?!" The figure stays silent. Polly gets angry and she threatens him. The figure charges at Polly. Polly puts the pizza down and she grabs the figure. Polly beats the living daylights out of him. The figure is covered with cuts and bruises and says, "You’re on Scare Tactics." The figure reveals to be the producer of Scare Tactics and he pass out. Speedy shows up and he says, "I set you up Polly. Sorry." Polly and Speedy see the producer on the floor. Polly says, "Let’s get out of here." Speedy nodded and the two left leaving the producer alone. Later, Speedy, Polly, Guido, and GB show up and they said, "We hope you enjoy Scare Tactics since the producer of the show is in the hospital, we have to say, Goodnight!"

Episode 507: Part 1. (Halloween Special) (This episode takes place between Episode 473 and Episode 474.) At the Pizza Cat Restaurant, the heroes decorate the restaurant for Halloween. Later, the heroes put on their Halloween costumes. Guido dresses up as Frankenstein's monster. Polly dresses up as a fairy princess. Francine dresses up as Nina Williams. Otama (Otama Jr. to the KNT version and she's the daughter of Francine a.k.a. Otama in the KNT version.) dress up as her mother. Lucille dresses up as a pirate. Guido's kids dress up as salt and pepper. Carla dresses up as a Ninja Crow. Guido saw Carla in the Ninja Crow costume and he attacks her, but Carla grabs his hand and throws Guido across the restaurant. Carla yells, "It's me Carla, you idiot!" Guido on the floor and he says, "Oh, sorry." Francine says, "You beat up Guido like he was nothing." Carla says, "I have great teachers and one of them is here." Carla winks at Polly and Polly winks at Carla. Aiko dress up as a baby vampire (with red dress and fangs). Kazuma dress up as a Japanese Warrior Monk. Good Bird dresses up as Arbiter (from the Halo games). The heroes wonder where Speedy is until Speedy yells, "I'm coming out!" Speedy reveals to everyone that he's wearing Polly Esther's Samurai Pizza Cat armor. Everyone is surprise. Speedy says, "Let’s go treat or treating." Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and his gang are building a robot. Jerry asked, "What is your plan Seymour?" Seymour says, "I'll tell after you and everyone put on their Halloween costumes." The bad guys put on their Halloween costumes. The Ninja Crows dress up as clowns, geishas, maids, waitresses, zombies, and other costumes. Jerry dresses up as Gandalf. The Sundance Kid dresses up as Dee-Dee (Madonna in the KNT version.) The Big Cheese dresses up as a cheerleader (with mini-skirt with the girls' white panty briefs). The Sundance Kid says, "Nice costume Seymour." The Big Cheese says, "This isn't a costume." The Sundance Kid freaks out by it. The Big Cheese gets ready to tell his gang what his plan is going to be.

Episode 508: Part 2. (Halloween Special) (This episode takes place between Episode 473 and Episode 474.) The heroes are out treat or treating. The heroes got so much candy that they visit the Rescue team's homes. They visit General Catton. General Catton wears his cheerleader outfit and he gives treats to the heroes. The heroes went to Bat Cat's home, but they saw kids throwing toilet paper at his restaurant. Bat Cat is wearing a princess outfit and he's crying. The heroes decided to skip his house. The heroes head to Meowzma's home. Meowzma is wearing a waitress outfit. They saw Meowzma throwing rocks at his house. Everyone including the people in the neighborhood watch him. Meowzma yells very loud, "You better be home!" Speedy says, "That’s your restaurant!" Everyone (including the heroes) laugh at Meowzma while Meowzma is embarrassed. The heroes head to Spritz's home. Spritz's is wearing a mermaid costume. Spritz is giving out squids, but the heroes and everyone want candy. Later, the heroes head to the palace. Al Dente dresses up as the Lone Wolf while his son, Ronso Dente dresses up as the Cub. Al welcomes the heroes and he gives them the treats. Emperor Fred, Princess Vi, and her daughter dress up as the Munsters. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and his henchmen begin to steal candy from other treat or treaters until the Big Cheese took candy from Speedy. Speedy yells, "Give me back my candy!" The Big Cheese summons a robot. The robot attacks Speedy. Speedy dodge the attack. Speedy calls his friends by ringing his collar bell. Polly, Guido, and Good Bird show up. Polly says, "Francine and the others are looking after the kids." The heroes did their introduction while wearing their Halloween costumes. The heroes and the villains battle each other while wearing their Halloween costumes. The four heroes use their finisher attack moves (while wearing their Halloween costumes) and they defeated the bad guys. The Big Cheese (still wearing his cheerleader outfit) literally explodes in anger while all his henchmen (still wearing their Halloween costumes) get caught in the explosion. The heroes did their pose while wearing their Halloween costumes. Later, the heroes have a Halloween party at the pizza parlor. The heroes and everyone else have a great time. The heroes yell, "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!"

Episode 509: At Mount Hua, Guido is training with Master Wu. Master Wu says, "I got a new lesson for you Guido." Guido says, "Okay." Master Wu takes him to a room. Guido asked, "What is this place?" Master Wu says, "I'll tell you after the others show up." Speedy, Polly, Good Bird, and Francine show up. Meanwhile at Little Tokyo, the Ninja Water Clan and the Akari clan begin the trial. Surprisingly, three hooded figures show up and they claim to be representatives from other ninja clans. One of the hooded figures tells everyone that they're here to see the trial and if anything happens to them the consequences will be horrible. Everyone in the trial understands and they begin. Meanwhile back at Mount Hua, Master Wu tells the heroes to sit down. The heroes sat down. Wu says, "There is a video that I need to show you." Wu puts the video on and the heroes watch. Wu says, "This video is 'Titanic' the movie." The Titanic movie is on and the heroes immediately fell asleep after the first few minutes movie begin. Master Wu takes out his cell phone and he says, "Master Hang, their asleep." Meanwhile, Master Hang says, "good, they must not know about the trial yet." Master Wu asked, "Why keep this from them?" Master Hang says, "They must stay focused on the training and if they know about the trial they'll never finish the training." Master Wu says, "I understand." Master Hang says, "Make sure they stay asleep until I tell you the trial is over." Master Wu says, "Okay." Meanwhile, the Ninja Water Clan and the Akari clan plead their case in court. The Akari clan accused the Ninja Water Clan of attempted to flood the planet while the Ninja Water Clan accused them of letting Dozel take over the clan and turned them into the Kuro Ninja Clan. The Akari clan accused the clan of kidnapping one of the members of Samurai Pizza Cats while the Ninja Water clan accused the clan of turning the SPC into monsters. Meanwhile, Al and the others watch the trial on TV and they remember two ninja clans that were once their enemies became allies to the Samurai Pizza Cats and now the two allied ninja clans are against each other. Later, the two clans finish their bickering the judge tells them that the trial is about the murder of Naoko and the Ninja Water Clan are accused of murder.

Episode 510: The trial continues between the Ninja Water Clan and the Akari clan. The Ninja Water Clan is accused of murdering Naoko. The evidences are a wet footprint at the scene of the crime and a poisoned knife. Investigators trace the knife back to the Ninja Water Clan. The Ninja Water Clan pleaded not guilty. Later, the Ninja Water Clan tells the Akari clan that they could never attack them without a reason. One of the Ninja Water clan members accidentally said that the Akari clan thinks the Samurai Pizza Cats are a threat. The Akari clan tells everyone in the court that this is true, but they formed a truce after the Pizza Cats saved them from Dozel. Later, the jury tells everyone that they came out undecided and Princess Vi shows up and she tells everyone that case is drop because the jury is undecided. Later, just when the Ninja Water Clan was about to head home until a member of the Akari clan attacks the Ninja Water clan. A ninja from the Akari clan yells, "They killed Naoko and they must pay!" The Akari clan and the Ninja Water clan attack each other. The leader of the Akari clan yells, "This is WAR!" The representatives from other ninja clans flee the scene. Meanwhile, Lucille and the others watch the fighting in TV. Lucille got upset and she launches her homing missiles at the TV. With the TV destroyed Lucille says, "Sorry about that I'll buy a new one." Meanwhile at Mount Hua, Master Wu got a call from Master Hang. Master Hang tells Wu that the war is going to happen and Speedy and the others must not know about this no matter what.

Episode 511: At Mount Heng, Master Sparrow trains Francine in acrobats. Francine says, "I wish Carla train me since she does this stuff." Master Sparrow yells, "Less talking more training!" Meanwhile back at Little Tokyo. Lucille and the others are working. Lucille notice that Meowzma and Spritz are not around. General Catton tells Lucille that Spritz went to the Ninja Water clan's village to stop them from going to war while Meowzma went to the Akari clan's village to stop them from going to war. Meanwhile, Spritz pleaded Dolph and the Ninja Water clan not to go the war, but Dolph says, "I know your second-in-command of this clan, but this is inevitable." Spritz says, "But..." Dolph interrupts him and he says, "I know we're friends, but we can't stop this war even if we tried." Spritz yells, "Then I can't let you leave!" Dolph says, "Looks like I have no choice." Dolph snapped his fingers and Itashizame shows up and he knocks out Spritz. Meanwhile, Meowzma talks to the leader of the Akari clan. Meowzma tells the leader that the war will not bring Naoko back. The leader of the Akari clan orders his ninjas to restrain Meowzma. The ninjas restrain the cat. The leader orders him ninjas to lock Meowzma in a cell. The ninjas drag Meowzma away. Meanwhile back at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. The heroes are working while Lucille is working at the tea house. The heroes are wondering about Spritz and Meowzma until Yard Choinaa Nana Gou Bird throws newspapers around the city. The people in Little Tokyo read the paper and they are all scream in shock. The heroes are shock as well. General Catton says, "The news says that the war will begin in two days." Bat Cat says, "Spritz and Meowzma were unable to talk them out of this war after all." Meanwhile, the Big Cheese smiles and he asked, "Jerry is everything in order?" Jerry smiles and he says, "Yes sir and their ready for you to give them the word." The Big Cheese smiles and he says, "Excellent."

Episode 512: At the palace of Little Tokyo, reporters are at the palace and they want to know what Princess Vi is going to do about the war. Princess Vi says, "Seymour has a plan to deal with it." The reporters yell, "Him! Didn't he try to destroy the city by using a comet? How come he's not at Prisoner Island?" Princess Vi says, "His records were clean and he says that this plan will protect Little Tokyo and us." Meanwhile, Al Dente gets suspicious when Princess Vi mentions Seymour's plan. Later, Al heads to the Pizza Cat Restaurant and he tells the heroes about Seymour's plan. Bat Cat thinks this is a trick while General Catton wonders about Spritz and Meowzma because the two left to talk to the two ninjas clans yesterday. Meanwhile, Spritz wakes up and he's at a holding cell. Dolph shows up and he says, "I'm sorry Spritz, but we have to do this. You'll be let out after the war is over." Spritz yells at Dolph for being stubborn and holding him against his will. Meanwhile, Meowzma is chained to the wall. The leader of the Akari clan tells Meowzma that he'll be release after the war is over. Meowzma yells at the leader of the Akari clan that they'll get killed. Meanwhile back at the pizza parlor. Lucille and the others are worry about Spritz and Meowzma. The next day outside Little Tokyo, Dolph gives a speech to his fellow comrades and he tells them to fight with everything they got. Dolph talks to Itashizame. Dolph says, "If anything happens to me Itashizame, Spritz will be leader of this clan and I want you to follow him." Itashizame says, "I'll do it." Meanwhile the Akari clan approaches the Ninja Water clan. The two ninja clans get ready to fight and they charge at each other.

Episode 513: At Mount Song, Master Hang calls the other masters and he tells them that the war between the Ninja Water clan and the Akari clan has begun. Master Hang tells the others masters that Speedy and the others must not know about this. Master Lin says, "They'll find out about this eventually." Master Hang says, "We need to keep them in the dark for now and I got an idea." Meanwhile, the Ninja Water clan and the Akari clan battle each other. Meanwhile, Lucille, Carla, General Catton, and Bat Cat head out to stop them until they saw the Big Cheese. The Big Cheese brought along Princess Vi, Emperor Fred, Empress Frieda, the council, and TV news team. The Big Cheese says, "The war has begun and I got a plan that will protect our city." The heroes wonder what he's talking about until they saw a group of Ninja Crows putting pole sticks on the ground. Jerry Atric tells the Big Cheese that all of the pole sticks are in place. The Big Cheese pushes the button and the pole sticks begin to glow. The pole sticks create an electric force field around the battlefield. The electric force field covers 10 miles. The Ninja Water clan and the Akari clan haven't realize that their trap inside the electric force field. Princess Vi and the others are impressed. Meanwhile, Lucille and the others notice the force field. Bat Cat touches the force field only to be repelled by the force field. Bat Cat is burned and he passes out. General Catton says, "We can't get in." Meanwhile, the Big Cheese says, "Little Tokyo is safe." The Big Cheese does an evil smile. The Big Cheese speaks in thought, "<This is the first phase of the plan.>" Meanwhile; Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine are taken to an island. Master Yun says, "You five must survive the island for the next 30 days." Master Yun throws them a knife and he leaves. Master Yun says, "I'll pick you guys up in 30 days." Speedy and the others felt this training is crazy. Speedy says, "Good Bird you can fly us out of this island." GB says, "Master Yun took my wings and I'm stuck here with you guys." Speedy gets upset and he says, "This is going to be a long month for us."

Episode 514: The next day, the war between the Ninja Water clan and the Akari clan continues. The two ninja clans don't know that the Big Cheese trapped them inside the electric force field. The generals of the Ninja Water clan battle the generals of the Akari clan. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others tried to survive the island for the next 30 days. Speedy and the others gather food and they are building a shelter. However, a thunderstorm began and lightning strikes at the heroes. Meanwhile, the Ninja Water clan's foot soldiers battle the Akari clan's foot soldiers. Both leaders of the ninja clans order their ninjas to attack each other in different directions. Meanwhile, General Catton tries to destroy the electric force field with his cannon. Lucille joins him and she uses her homing missiles as well. However, the two heroes didn't succeed. Meanwhile, Jerry Atric tells the Big Cheese that their ready for phase two, but the Big Cheese tells Jerry and the Ninja Crows to wait because the war is getting good.

Episode 515: Speedy and the others finished building a shelter and they gather food. Speedy and the others begin to train in the island. Speedy wonders why their masters send them to the island. Polly says, "That's part of our training." Meanwhile, the war continues. Dolph orders his generals to assist the ninjas. The Ninja Water clan manages to push the Akari clan back until the leader of the Akari clan orders his generals to unleash the secret weapon. The ninjas of the Akari clan take out bazookas, machine guns, and poison arrows. The Akari clan manages to eliminate half of the Ninja Water clan's ninjas. Dolph orders his ninjas to regroup. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese says, "Good thing I sold these weapons to them." Jerry says, "Your making money selling arms to ninjas." The Big Cheese says, "Money is money. In seven days, phase two will end this war." Jerry asked, "why seven days?" The Big Cheese says, "I want to see if they can last in seven days. If not then we won't need to go through phase two." Meanwhile, Speedy and the others are training until Francine found a book and a note. The note says, "I promise that you will need to know about the Seven Deadly Warriors. We got information about them. You'll be training in this island and you will learn about these seven fighters. I suggest you guys train first then you read about them during dinner time." Guido says, "three hours till dinner time. We'll train right now and when we eat will read about these guys." Speedy and the others agree and they resume the training. Later that night during dinner time, Speedy and the others begin to read the book. Speedy says, "Chapter One: Greed."

Episode 516: Chapter One: Greed. In Australia, a martial arts crocodile won the martial arts tournament. He won 75,000 Australian dollars. The crocodile immediately heads to the next martial arts tournament to win some more money. After entering ten martial arts tournaments he made 945,000 Australian dollars. The crocodile says, "I need more money." Few weeks later, the crocodile begin to rob banks and racketeering until he got arrested. During his time in prison, the crocodile begin to fight prisoners. One day, he has visitors. The visitors are a cat and a taka (hawk in Japanese). They offer him an early release in exchange that he'll work for them. The crocodile refuses at first until the cat says, "I promise you money." The crocodile yells, "DEAL!" Later that day, the two people broke crocodile out of prison. The cat gives the crocodile a cup of water. When he drank the water the crocodile began to feel different. The cat says, "This is an upgrade." After a while the crocodile fells different. The cat says, "I'm Pride." The hawk says, "I'm Hawk Wrath." The crocodile says, "I'm Greed." Chapter One Ends. Speedy and the others finish reading the chapter. Speedy and the others were surprise. Polly says, "This guy has been a criminal all his life." Guido says, "I can't wait to know the other guys." Speedy says, "We'll find out about them soon."

Episode 517: While the war between the between the Ninja Water clan and the Akari clan continues, Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine are training. Francine has trouble cutting down a tree with her sword. Speedy and the others train her how to cut a tree. Later, Francine manages to cut down the tree, but the tree landed on Speedy, Polly, Guido, and GB. Francine says, "Sorry." Later, Speedy and the others wonder what's going on back home. Meanwhile, the Ninja Water clan and the Akari clan reach a statement. However, neither side is going to give up. Later that night, back at the island Speedy and the others get ready to read chapter two.

Episode 518: Chapter Two: Yen Sloth. Yen is the middle child of the chameleon clan. Yen has a special ability of turning invisibility. Yen uses her skills to infiltrate enemy lines and assassinate the target. After she finishes a mission Yen goes to sleep. One day, Yen wanted to try something new. Yen wanted to try disguises. However, her disguises were no good. Yen falls asleep until someone throws a rock at her window and the rock hit her. Yen notice a note tied to the rock. Yen reads the note and the note says, "Do you want to improve your skills, go to the airport immediately." Yen says, "I go after my nap." Yen goes back to sleep until another rock hits her and the note says, "NOW!!" Yen heads to the airport. Yen meets a cat. The cat says, "I came here to recruit you to our team." Yen asked, "Why me?" The cat tells her that her skills are so amazing that he wants her in his team. Yen says, "I'm part of the chameleon clan." The cat says, "You were part of the clan look." Yen saw the TV and the TV news says, "The chameleon clan is apprehended today when an anonymous tip told the police where the clan is and their crimes. The police said that the chameleon clan is finish and their assassination days are over." After seeing the TV news, Yen realizes that she has nowhere else to go, but join the cat's new team. Few days later, Yen became the master of disguise by using her ninja arts. The cat gives her the man that is responsible for selling out her clan. Yen kills the man and she got her revenge. Yen can be able to become anyone she wants. Yen says, "I want to go the bed." The cat says, "You just got out of bed 20 minutes ago." Yen says, "I know I'm tired." The cat says, "What a sloth!" Chapter Two Ends. Speedy and the others finish reading the chapter. Speedy notices Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine are sleeping. Speedy says, "What a bunch of sloths!"

Episode 519: The war between the between the Ninja Water clan (NWC) and the Akari clan continues. The Big Cheese calls Jerry Atric. The Big Cheese asked, "How's the war?" Jerry tells the Big Cheese that both sides are taking heavy losses. The Big Cheese says, "I think it's time for phase two. Do it." Jerry takes out a remote control and pushes the red button. An electronic device activates and numbers appear. The numbers are 24:00 and it's counting down. Jerry says, "It’s done Seymour." The Big Cheese smiles and he says, "Soon the two clans will be finish." Meanwhile, Lucille, Carla, General Catton, and Bat Cat try to destroy the electric force field. General Catton says, "We need something that can destroy the field." Lucille asks, "With what?" Carla says, "Spritz and Meowzma haven't return. Meowzma could dig a tunnel." Bat Cat says, "That’s a great idea. Only if we knew where he is and Spritz too." Lucille says, "I think Spritz is at the Ninja Water clan's HQ while Meowzma is at the Akari clan HQ since they said they were heading to those places." General Catton says, "I'll call Spritz's wife and ask her to go to the Ninja Water Clan HQ to see if Spritz is there." Bat Cat asked, "What about Meowzma?" General Catton says, "The only way we can find him if he can activate his tracking device then we'll find him." General Catton begins to call Meyrin. General Catton asked Meyrin to check the NWC to see if Spritz is there. Meyrin heads out to see if her husband is there. Meanwhile, Meowzma barely reach his tracking device and he is able to activate it. Bat Cat got the signal and he tells the others that he got a trace on Meowzma's position. The heroes head out to get Meowzma. Meanwhile at the island, Speedy and the others get ready to read chapter three.

Episode 520: Chapter Three: Doctor Gluttony. There was a disgrace doctor that does nothing but sits on his chair and eats food. When a patient comes to see him, he says, "Just take some medication." The patient says, "You haven't checked what’s wrong with me." The next patient had a car accident and the patient is cover in blood. The doctor says, "You’re okay." The patient yells, "I'm hurt and you’re not going to treat my wounds!" Few days later, the doctor got a letter and the letter says that he's fired from his job. The doctor gets ready angry and he went home. Few days later, he sitting on the couch eating and drinking alcohol. He hears a knock at his door and he checks it out. A hawk is at the door. The hawk offers him a job because the doctor is going to lose his house. The doctor asked, "What kind of job?" The hawk says, "A job that you can do whatever you want." The doctor says, "I'm listening." Five days later, the doctor is studying medicine and kickboxing. The hawk gives the doctor a new book. The doctor says, "This book is black magic." The hawk says, "Yes, you can perform these skills. These skills will help you as well." The doctor opens the book and he saw a potion that can make him thin no matter how much he can eat. The doctor says, "I'm going to enjoy my new job." When the doctor drinks the potion he became Doctor Gluttony. Chapter Three Ends. Speedy says, "Wow, a potion that can make you thin no matter how much food you can eat!" Speedy daydreams all the food he can eat and never become fat. Polly and the others look away and their embarrassed. Polly and the others yell, "He's hopeless!"

Episode 521: At the Ninja Water Clan HQ, Spritz is being held captive. Meyrin heads to NWC HQ. When she got there she notice the place is deserted until she saw 50 ninjas. She follows them straight to the prison house. She saw Spritz lock up in the cell. Meyrin distracts the guards by using bird calls. The guards notice this and one of them said, "there are no birds in HQ, let's check it out." When the guards were gone, Meyrin was able to break Spritz out of the holding cell. Spritz and Meyrin escape the NWC HQ. Meyrin tells her husband everything of what just happen. Spritz yells, "I must hurry before Dolph and the others die a meaningless battle." Meanwhile, Lucille and the others made it to Akari clan HQ. Lucille and the others search for Meowzma. Carla found Meowzma and she tells the others where he's at. Lucille and General Catton use their missiles attack to free Meowzma. Meowzma is free, but rocks collapsed on him. General Catton and Lucille said, "We must have overdone it a little." Bat Cat yells, "a little?!" General Catton says, "With Meowzma free, we can be able to stop both ninja leaders from destroying each other." The heroes head back to the war zone. The heroes including Spritz and Meyrin made it to the war zone. Meowzma digs a tunnel to get through the electric force field. The heroes got inside the war zone. General Catton yells, "Let’s stop this fight." Meanwhile, the electronic device's numbers are 5:59. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others get ready to read chapter four.

Episode 522: Chapter Four: Van Envy. At the United Kingdom, a martial artist named Van won the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Van is very proud of himself. A month later, Van notice a new martial artist made it to the Hall of Fame and replace Van's position. Van gets very angry. Van nominates himself for as Vice President of the Martial Arts Federation; however, someone else got the job causing Van to get even angrier. Later, Van tries to be Martial Artist of the Year, but someone else beat him and took the title. Van finally snaps and goes berserk. He destroys towns until the Samurai British Cats stopped him. Van was sent to prison. Later, Van got bailed. Van wonders who and why he got bailed. A cat and a hawk show up and tell him that they’re the ones that bailed him out and they pull a few strings. The cat tells Van that they want him on his team. Van asked, "Do I be leader?" The cat says, "No." Later, Van drank a potion and he became Van Envy. Chapter Four Ends. Speedy and the others notice that in this chapter had the Samurai British Cats. Speedy says, "Our friends, the Samurai British Cats, knew Van Envy. We should have called them about this and they could have helped us." Meanwhile back at Little Tokyo, Japan. Lucille and the others are trying to stop the war between the Ninja Water Clan and the Akari clan. Meanwhile, the electronic device's numbers are 1:45.

Episode 523: Lucille and the others are trying to stop the war between the Ninja Water Clan (NWC) and the Akari clan. However, both leaders won't listen. Meowzma uses his digging skills to create holes in order to stop the Akari ninjas. Meowzma notices an electronic device with numbers. Meowzma notices the numbers said, 1:00 and it's counting down. Meowzma asked, "What's this device supposed to mean?" Meanwhile, General Catton and the others manage to subdue one-fourth of the NWC's ninjas. Dolph orders Itashizame to fight Lucille and the others, but not to kill them. Itashizame fights the heroes. During the fight, Meowzma tells General Catton about the electronic device he found. General Catton asked, "What’s this have to do with the war?" Carla and Lucille notice the electronic device and they yell, "THAT’S A BOMB!!!" General Catton, Bat Cat, and Itashizame yell, "BOMB!!!" Itashizame heads to Dolph to warn him about the news. Carla and the others notice the bomb will go off in 45 minutes. General Catton asked, "Can someone be able to disarm the bomb?" Bat Cat asked, "you don't know how Catton?" General Catton yells, "I only know how to blow stuff up not stop them!" Carla yells, "If this bomb goes off we're finish!" Meanwhile, Jerry Atric calls the Big Cheese and he tells him that the heroes found the bomb. The Big Cheese says, "Don’t worry if they move it the bomb will explode. (Evil laugh)" Jerry says, "very clever." Jerry hangs up the phone. Jerry gives a suspicious look and he says, "Too clever Seymour." Meanwhile, the heroes try to disarm the bomb. Bat Cat takes out a pair of scissors and he cuts the red wire.

Episode 524: After Bat Cat cuts the red wire, the bomb is disarm. Bat Cat and the others give a huge sigh of relief. Jerry Atric calls the Big Cheese and he tells him that the heroes disarm the bomb. The Big Cheese says, "The war isn't over yet Jerry, so we haven't lost yet." Meanwhile, the heroes tell Dolph that they disarm the bomb. However, Dolph continues to fight the Akari Clan. Dolph yells, "Spritz, you and the others get out of here! This is not your fight!" Spritz yells, "You’re my best friend and I don't want to see you and this clan throw your life away!" Dolph says, "If anything happens to me, you'll be leader of this clan." Spritz yells, "don't say things like that!" Meanwhile, the Big Cheese calls Jerry and he says, "Push the black button." Jerry pushes the black button. Suddenly, the bomb went back on and the bomb will explode in 5 minutes. Carla and the others notice the bomb and they panic. Meanwhile, Jerry looks at the watch and he says, "one minute left." Meanwhile, the Big Cheese watches the war through his binocular and he gives a ballet spin. Meanwhile, the bomb counts down and it says, "10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0." The bomb explodes destroying 12 mile radius. Meanwhile at the island, Francine is cooking dinner. Francine yells, "Okay, dinner's almost ready! Come and get it!" Francine notices that Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird are not around. Francine yells, "Speedy! Polly! Guido! Birdie! Where are you guys?!" Francine hears a sound coming from the bushes. Francine yells, "If that's you Speedy, quit it right..." Suddenly, a white saber tooth tiger jumps out. Francine screams and she runs away from the saber tooth tiger.

Episode 525: Francine hides from the white saber tooth tiger. Francine saw the saber tooth tiger at camp and it's eating the food that Francine made. The saber tooth tiger ate entire pot. Francine yells, "That food wasn't meant for you!" Francine throws her shoe at the saber tooth tiger. The saber tooth tiger whimper. The saber tooth tiger found an apple and gives it to Francine. Francine reluctantly takes the apple. Francine yells, "That apple is not going to feed five people!" Francine notices a collar bell around the saber tooth tiger's neck. Francine asked herself, "is this thing someone's pet?" Francine walks up to the saber tooth tiger and takes out her hand. Francine says, "Come girl." The saber tooth tiger didn't come. Francine lift one of the saber tooth tiger's legs and she looks between its legs. She says, "You’re a boy. Sorry. Come boy." The saber tooth tiger comes towards Francine. The saber tooth tiger licks Francine's hand. Francine pets the saber tooth tiger's head. The saber tooth tiger enjoys it until Francine and the saber tooth tiger hear a whistle. The saber tooth tiger leaves. Francine decides to follow it until she saw a shack. Francine sees someone come out of the shack. It turns out to be a woman. Francine decides to hide. The woman walks up to the saber tooth tiger. She asked, "Is everything taken care of?" The saber tooth tiger nodded. The woman says, "With the girl dead everything will be okay." Francine overhears this and she realizes that the saber tooth tiger was trying to kill her, but the saber tooth tiger didn't. Francine asked herself, "<Why didn't the tiger eat me?>" Two more saber tooth tigers show up. One's blue and the other one is red. A green Archaeopteryx shows up as well. The woman pets her animals. The woman says, "Very soon I will take over the world." Francine whispers, "I got to find Speedy and the others before that crazy lady finds me." Francine tries to escape, but she steps on a twig causing a sound. The woman and her pets hear the sound. The woman yells, "check it out now!" Her pets head out to find the intruder. Francine runs as fast as she can until the woman's pets surrounded her. Francine yells, "SPEEDY HELP ME!!!" The woman appears and she says, "It won't work." Francine looks at the woman. The woman says, "My pets are you’re..." The woman smirks and she says, "Friends." Francine's eyes are wide open and she yells, "what do you mean?!" The woman says, "The three saber tooth tigers and the Archaeopteryx are your friends." Francine looks at her pets and she looks at the white saber tooth tiger and its familiar eyes. Francine realizes that the white saber tooth tiger is her friend Speedy. Francine sheds a tear and she yells, "Speedy! Polly! Guido! Birdie! What did she do to you all?" The woman says, "I'm a witch. (Evil laugh)"

Episode 526: Francine is still shock when she found out that the three saber tooth tigers and the Archaeopteryx are Speedy, Polly, Guido, and Good Bird. The witch tells Francine that early afternoon the witch lured Speedy and the others to her shack. When they got there she uses her sleeping potion on them. When the heroes were asleep, the witch cast a spell on them and turns them into her pets. The reason is because she wants the most powerful warriors under her control by turning them into dangerous beast. Francine demands to know why the witch didn't turn her into one of her dangerous pets. The witch says, "You’re not a warrior. You’re a weakling." Francine gets offended. The witch orders her pets to attack Francine. The beasts chase Francine. Francine manages to find a hiding place from the beasts. Francine tries to think of a way to save her friends and defeat the witch. The white saber tooth tiger found Francine. Francine yells, "Speedy, it's me, Francine!" The white saber tooth tiger growls at Francine. Frightened by her predicament, the beast gets closer towards her. Francine sees an apple and she throws it at the beast. The white saber tooth tiger picks it up with his mouth and gives it to Francine. Francine is surprise that the white saber tooth tiger remembers the apple. Francine takes out her hand and she says, "Come Speedy." The white saber tooth tiger came to Francine and licks her. Francine says, "Speedy, you remember me. Stop! That tickles! (Laugh)" The other two saber tooth tigers and the Archaeopteryx appear. Speedy the white saber tooth tiger defends Francine from the others. Speedy the white saber tooth tiger was able to hold his own, but he’s outnumbered. Francine decides to help him. Francine comes up with an idea. Francine sneaks behind the blue saber tooth tiger and she pet the blue saber tooth tiger's head. The blue saber tooth tiger enjoys it and lies on the floor. Francine says, "I know you like it Guido." Francine did the same thing to the red saber tooth tiger. Francine says, "You like that don't you Polly." Francine notices that Speedy the white saber tooth tiger is having trouble with GB the green Archaeopteryx. Francine comes up with an idea. Francine distracts the flying beast giving Speedy the white saber tooth tiger to leap on it and the two beasts hit the ground. The two beasts are fighting on the ground. Francine was about to help Speedy until the witch confronts her. Francine and the witch battle each other. Francine says, "If I had my weapons with me I would have gain the upper hand." The witch uses her spells to control the tree vines and tied up Francine. The witch was about to kill Francine until Speedy the white saber tooth tiger attacks the witch. Speedy unties Francine by biting the vines giving Francine delivers the final blow on the witch. Francine spare the witch's life in exchange that she turns them back to normal. The witch turns Speedy and the others back to normal, however, Speedy and the others are naked. Francine found their clothes and gives the clothes to them. The witch tells Francine and the others that they should go to another island if they want to continue their training. Francine asked, "How are we going to get their?" The witch uses her spell to transport them to another island. Francine yells, "If you ever do that again I'll kill you witch!" The heroes are now at another island.

Episode 527: Five days have passed after the war between the Ninja Water Clan (NWC) and the Akari clan. No one seen Carla and the others for a while until Carla and the others are appear, alive, and they survive the explosion. Surprisingly, Dolph, Itashizame, three of the NWC generals, and 20 Ninja Water ninjas survive as well. Princess Vi sees Dolph and she tells everyone in Little Tokyo that the Ninja Water Clan won the war. Dolph and the other Ninja Water clan members felt that their victory is nothing more but a hollow victory. As for the Akari clan, they didn't survive the explosion. Al Dente asked, "How did you survive the blast?" (Flashback Carla narrates the events to Al) Meowzma used his digging skills to create a giant hole. Carla and the others got inside while a few members of the NWC jump in the hole as well. However, Dolph noticed that entire Akari clan refused to jump inside the hole. Dolph yelled, "Jump inside now or you and your clan will die!" The leader of the Akari clan said, "I want to be with daughter. The Akari clan is finished." The leader of the Akari clan pushed Dolph in the hole, a moment later the bomb went off causing a big explosion. (Flashback Ends) After Carla finishing telling Al the story, Al says, "Thank goodness that you all are safe." Dolph thanks the heroes for saving them and apologies to the heroes, especially to Spritz T. Cat. Spritz accept his apology. Meyrin kisses Spritz for to be her hero, while the aquatic feline blushed. Dolph and his clan head home. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others get ready to read chapter five.

Episode 528: Chapter Five: Carrie Lust. Carrie goes to the beauty shop to get her hair done. Later, Carrie heads to the gym to workout. Later, Carrie reads the beauty magazines. She saw Dee-Dee (KNT version Madonna) on the magazine and she decided to tries to be as beautiful as Dee-Dee. The next day, Carrie practiced her martial arts. Later, Carrie noticed a man and she tries to be near him. Days later, she became more obsess and she wanted to have sexual intercourse with him. Carrie also became insane. The man filed a restraining order against her. Carrie got so angry that she killed him for not loving her. Few days later, Carrie admires her own beauty and she tells women to admire their own beauty. One day, Carrie was looking at herself in the mirror until she got a visitor. The visitor is a cat. The cat asked her to join him and his team. She asked, "Why should I join you?" The cat tells her that he admires her beauty, her martial arts skills, and she should expand her horizon. Carrie is convinced and she joins the team. Few days later, Carrie is on the cover of a beauty magazine and she tells women to always admire their own beauty. Chapter Five Ends. Polly was reading a beauty magazine where Carrie's face is on the front cover. Polly says (out of jealousy), "I wanted to be on the cover." Meanwhile, the Big Cheese saw Pride. The Big Cheese asked, "Can I sleep now?" Pride says, "Yes since he's back." The Big Cheese says, "Finally." The Big Cheese shape shifts into a female chameleon name Yen Sloth. Yen says, "The war between the Ninja Water Clan and the Akari clan was a brilliant plan. (Yawning)" Pride says, "I tell Seymour what happen while you sleep." Pride sees the Big Cheese and he begins to tell him everything what happened.

Episode 529: Pride tells the Big Cheese what happen while he was away. Pride ordered Van Envy to murder Naoko and frame the Ninja Water clan (NWC) for the crime. During the trial, Pride ordered Yan Sloth to transform into a member of the Akari clan and attacked the Ninja Water clan in order to cause the war to happen. Pride also ordered Yan to transform into the Big Cheese before the war got started. During the time when Yan was with the Big Cheese, she fooled everyone including Jerry Atric and the Ninja Crows and she ordered them to plant the bomb while the NWC and the Akari clan battle each other. The bomb killed the Akari clan causing the NWC to win the war. Pride says, "That's the end of the story." The Big Cheese says, "Wow." Jerry Atric shows up and he says, "I heard the whole thing. Seymour, where were you this whole time?" The Big Cheese answers, "I was with my son, Little Cream Cheese. I took him to spa house." Jerry asked, "Where is he now?" The Big Cheese answers, "He's back at the Flying Skull's Nursery Home." Later, Pride is talking to Wrath. Wrath says, "Those two girls and the four cats interfered with our plan to eliminate both the Ninja Water clan and the Akari clan." Pride says, "Your right. We need to teach them a lesson." Greed and Doctor Gluttony take out the spinner. The spinner has the pictures of Carla, Lucille, Bat Cat, General Catton, Spritz and Meowzma. Pride says, "What the arrow lands will be will be severely punished." Pride spins the wheel. The wheel has stopped spinning. Pride says, "Looks like that person will be punished." Who is going to be punished? What are they going to do to that person? Will that person be able to survive?

Episode 530: At the island, Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine are fishing. They were fishing all day and they couldn't catch one fish. Francine gets frustrated and she throws her fishing pole at the water. Polly tells her to calm down. Francine calms down and she picks up her fishing pole. When she picks it up a fish got stab by the fishing pole. Speedy and the others drop their mouths in shock because Francine unintentionally did spearfishing. Speedy and the others tried to do the same thing by throwing their fishing pole out of frustration. Meanwhile, Master Hang is watching TV until two visitors appear. Master Hang says, "I was wondering when you two will show up, ‘the Cat and the Hawk.’ Or should I call you..." Master Hang turns around and he looks at the two visitors and says, "Pride and Wrath?" Pride and Wrath appears in front of Hang. Pride and Wrath bow their heads in respect. Pride says, "It’s been a long time Sensei." Wrath says, "I see that you’re training new students Sifu." Master Hang says, "I remember a long time ago when the other masters and I took you two in and you two became our disciples." Pride says, "I remember it like it was yesterday." (Flashback) Pride and Wrath were training with Master Hang and the other master when Pride and Wrath were young. Pride and Wrath were happy and their masters were very proud of them. (Flashback Ends) Pride asked, "Did you tell them that we were your students long ago?" Master Hang stop moving and sweat appears on his head. Wrath says, "So you didn't tell them?" Master Hang yells, "What are you two really doing here?!" Pride says, "we're just wanted to say hi to our old masters that all. I see that you made sure that Speedy Yattaro Cerviche and the others don't know about the war. They will find out eventually along with the 'new world' coming." Master Hang looks at Pride and he asked, "What do you mean the 'new world' Pride?" Pride tells Master Hang that the world is going to change and they’re the ones doing it. Pride says, "The next war will help our cause." Master Hang gets nervous. Pride and Wrath left. Meanwhile back at the island, Speedy and the others are cooking a fish that Francine caught. Speedy says, "One fish can't feed all five of us." Speedy and GB glare at each other while Polly and Francine glare at each other. A tree branch fell from the tree causing Speedy and the others attention. Guido takes the opportunity to grab the fish and he eats the whole thing. Speedy and the others are shock of what Guido just did and they attack him. Guido runs away and he yells, "What’s done is done!" Speedy caught Guido and he begins to beat him up. Polly, GB, and Francine join Speedy beating up Guido.

Episode 531: At the morning, Speedy and the others look for food. Polly found a coconut tree and grabs five coconuts. Francine found a banana tree and took a few bananas. Good Bird found herbs and he takes as much as he can. Speedy found a snake. He kills it and cooks it. Guido found nothing. Speedy, Polly, GB, and Francine return to camp with food and they share. Francine says, "Speedy, Polly, and Birdie, you three did a lot." Polly says, "same here, we're not like 'someone' who steals food from his friends." Guido says, "yeah...WAIT, ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME?!" Speedy and the others glare at Guido. Meanwhile at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, General Catton shows up after he made his deliveries. He says, "Things are going to be okay." He saw Carla crying. Lucille is trying to comfort Carla. Catton asked, "What happen?" Carla still crying and she say, "My dad... (sob)...are dead." Carla continues to cry while Lucille continues to comfort her. General Catton asked Carla, "When did it happen?" Carla says, "last night." Catton tells Carla to go home. Meanwhile at the island, GB drops his coconut. Speedy says, "You drop your coconut." GB didn't pay attention and he stood frozen. Speedy asked, "Are you okay?" GB snaps out of it and he says, "I'm okay." GB asked himself, "What is this feeling?" Polly says, "Maybe a sign of bad omen." GB says, "This feeling I'm having feels awful." Meanwhile, Carla continues to cry over her parents' death. Carla looks at the picture of her family photo where she was a little girl along with her parents. Carla says, "I'll have to tell Birdie about this when he gets home." Carla makes her son, Kazuma, lunch. Carla looks at her son. Carla says, "I named you after my father." Carla puts her on hand on top of Kazuma's head. Carla sheds a tear. Kazuma looks at his mother and he is concerned about her. A few days later, Carla, Kazuma, Al Dente, Lucille, and the Rescue team are at the funeral. Lucille tells everyone that Aiko and the other children are with Sylvia. The preacher shows up and he does his eulogy. Carla says a few words about her parents. She cried throughout the whole funeral. After the funeral, Carla and the others return home. Carla says, "thank you, mama...(sob)...papa...for raising me and you two were happy that I got marry to the man I love." Meanwhile, GB suddenly sheds a tear. Speedy asked, "Are you okay?" GB says, "I'm fine. I don't know why I'm feeling like this. Something must have happen at home." Later, Speedy and the others went to sleep. During the night, GB's tears coming out of his eyes while he's sleeping.

Episode 532: Flashback when Good Bird and Carla were children. Carla was walking home until a group of kids show up. The kids pick on her until a young crow shows up. The young crow saves Carla by beating up the kids. The kids ran away. The young crow takes out is hand to help her. The young crow asked, "Are you okay?" Carla says, "I'm fine and thank you." The young crow asked, "Can I walk you home?" Carla says, "Yes." Later, the young crow and Carla made it to the house. Carla's parents saw Carla and they open the door for her. Her father says, "Hello Carla. Who's your friend?" Carla says, "I didn't ask him." The young crow says, "I'm Karamaru Bad Bird." Carla says, "I'm Carla Okara. This is my papa, Kazuma, and my mama, Kasumi." Bad Bird bows his head to Carla's parents and he says, "Hi." Kazuma Okara asked, "Carla is he your boyfriend?" Both Bad Bird and Carla blush and yell in unison, "No, we just meant!" Carla parents laugh. Bad Bird heads home. The next day, Bad Bird is playing at the field until Carla shows up. Carla says, "Hello Birdie." Bad Bird looks at her and he asked, "Are you talking to me?" Carla says, "You’re the only one here so yes." Carla sits right next to Bad Bird. Bad Bird looks at her and he begins to feel different. Meanwhile, Carla's parents are watching Bad Bird and Carla behind the tree. Kazuma Okara says, "That boy is looking at my daughter the same way I'm looking at you right now." Kasumi says, "I think our daughter may have found love." The two saw Bad Bird and Carla playing. Carla says, "Birdie Bad Bird, I want you to know that I'll gonna love you just as long as I live." Carla's parents overhear this and their very happy with the two. Over the few months, Bad Bird and Carla were spending so much time together while Carla's parents watch them. Kazuma Okara spends time with Bad Bird. He tells the young crow that Carla is a kind girl and he's very lucky that Carla is interest in him. Bad Bird blushed. Kasumi tells Carla that Kazuma Okara is a lot like Bad Bird. Carla blushed and she said, "I didn't notice he's a lot like my papa." A few weeks later, Bad Bird brought Carla a birthday present. Carla hugs him and she kisses him on cheek. Bad Bird blushed, smile, and the kiss so passionate that he fainted. Kazuma Okara says, "He is a lot like me." Few months later, Carla notices that Bad Bird hasn't shown up for a while. Carla's parents get worry. Kazuma Okara looks around the village until someone told him that Bad Bird's father took his son to the ninja crow academy. Kazuma Okara realizes that Bad Bird's father took Bad Bird away. Kazuma Okara says, "Dirty Bird, I should have known." Later, Kazuma Okara went home and he tells Carla what happen to Bad Bird. Carla begins to cry until Kazuma Okara says, "Don't cry Carla. I used to be part of the Ninja Crows until I met your mother. If it wasn't for her, I would have remained a Ninja Crow." Carla calms down a little. Kazuma Okara says, "Don't give up Carla. You will see him again." Carla smiles with hope. 15 years later, Carla and Bad Bird reunited and Bad Bird change his name to Good Bird. Later, the two got married. Carla's parents were at the wedding when it happens. Kazuma Okara says, "I knew the two will get marry." Kasumi asked, "When will the two give us grandchildren?" Carla and Good Bird blush and they said in unison, "Please mom and dad, your embarrassing us!" GB, Carla, and her parents laugh. GB says, "It’s an honor to be your son-in-law." Carla's parents said in unison, "we are honor that you are taking care of our daughter." GB bows his head to them while Carla's parents bow their heads to him. Flashback Ends. GB wakes up and it's morning at the island. GB says, "When I get home I'll visit my in-laws. They treated me so nicely. Carla loves them very much. I love them too. Those two are my father and mother."

Episode 533: Speedy and the others are training at the island. Later that night, Polly is making dinner. Polly says, "I hope you like banana soup." Speedy and the others aren't enthusiastic about the banana soup. Polly gives Speedy and the others the banana soup. Speedy and the others are disgusted by the banana soup. When Polly turns around Speedy and the others immediately get rid of the banana soup. When Polly turned around she saw Speedy and the others' bows empty. Polly says, "That was fast. I hope you like." Speedy and the others lied in unison, "mmm...good." Polly sits down and eats her banana soup, however, she gets disgusted and she throws it away. Polly yells, "How can you guys like this stuff it is horrible!" Speedy and the others sigh. Later that night, Speedy looks at the fireplace and he says, "At the beginning, we protected Little Tokyo from the Big Cheese and his Ninja Crows." Guido says, "We always kicked their butts." Guido pokes fun at Good Bird. Good Bird says, "Speedy always have to save you guy when you get in trouble." GB gets back at Guido. Polly says, "Long ago, we always head out to fight while you, Francine stay at the pizza parlor taking the customer's order or counting money. Polly pokes fun at Francine. Francine says, "You guys always call the Rescue team when you guys do something stupid." Francine pokes fun at Speedy, Polly, and Guido. Speedy says, "Look at us right now, four cats and one crow on this island training to battle a powerful group." Polly says, "This group managed to put all five of us in the hospital." Guido says, "That group burned the pizza parlor down to the ground." Francine says, "We need a strategy to beat these guys." GB says, "I suggest that we pick them off one by one." Speedy says, "That’s a great idea." Polly and the others nodded. Polly asked, "What about Pride and Wrath? Those two manage to beat you, Speedy, with ease." Speedy remembers that fight, he feels uneasy; he sighs and says, "Your right, Polly. Those two are very powerful. Pride and Wrath were the ones that recruited Carrie Lust and the others. Carrie Lust is an obsessed pretty girl who wants love, sex, and beauty and she's also a murderer. Greed was a greedy criminal now a greedy fighter. Doctor Gluttony was a disgrace now he became an accomplish doctor. Yen Sloth is a lazy assassin. Van Envy is a jealous fighter. These five people are rogues and a disgrace to society before Pride and Wrath recruited them." Guido says, "We need to learn about Pride and Wrath." Polly says, "Let’s read about them right now." The heroes get ready to read the chapter until they found an envelope. Speedy opens it and he reads it. The letter says, "Go to the final chapter and read about the history of the Seven Deadly Warriors after you read that then you'll read about Pride and Wrath." Speedy says, "Okay." Speedy goes to the final chapter of the book.

Episode 534: Final Chapter. A long time ago, a group of seven people called themselves the Seven Deadly Warriors. This group destroyed cities until a warrior appears. The warrior challenges the group. Six people show up. Three people are cats and the other three are crows. They team up with the warrior and they battle the Seven Deadly Warriors. The warrior and his team defeated the Seven Deadly Warriors. The warrior is a cat and people call him the Great Warrior. 100 years later, a new group called themselves the Seven Deadly Warriors. Meanwhile, a group of heroes defeated them as well. For the past 1,000 years, five generations people took the name of the Seven Deadly Warriors and they caused destruction throughout the world. The third, fourth, and fifth generation were defeated while the sixth and seventh generation retired and died of old age. 50 years ago, the eighth generation was just as dangerous as the very first group. A young Master Hang along with the other young masters (Master Lin, Master Wu, Master Yun, and Master Sparrow) battle the eighth generation of the Seven Deadly Warriors and won. 30 years later, a ninth generation called themselves the Seven Deadly Warriors. This group destroyed cities until seven warriors appear and they challenged them. The five warriors died in battle but they managed to defeat five members of the Seven Deadly Warriors. The two warriors battle the ninth generation's Pride and Wrath. The two warriors managed to defeat them. The two warriors are a cat and a hawk. 20 years later, the cat and the hawk became the new Pride and Wrath and they formed the new generation of the Seven Deadly Warriors. Final chapter ends. Speedy and the others realizes that the people their facing are the tenth generation of the Seven Deadly Warriors. They noticed in the story the Great Warrior defeated the very first group of the Seven Deadly Warriors and Master Hang and the other masters defeated the eighth generation of the Seven Deadly Warriors. Speedy asked, "how come Master Hang and the others didn't mention this?" Polly and the others don't know. Speedy says, "We’ll have to ask them about this." Master Yun appears and he says, "We’ll tell you about this when we get back to the temple, your 30 days in this island are up time to leave." Speedy says, "We haven't read about Wrath and Pride." Master Yun says, "we'll tell you about Wrath and Pride and we get back to the temple. Now, get on the boat and we'll go home." Speedy and the others got on the boat and they head home. Master Yun says, "For a moment, I thought I accidentally dropped you guys to an island where the witch was at since she turns people who trespass her island into her pets. Thank goodness that's you didn't ran into her." Speedy and the others look at each other and they remember the witch and they realize that Master Yun screw up. Speedy says, "The 30 days on the island wasn't bad."

Episode 535: At Little Tokyo, the Sundance Kid hasn't seen or heard from Speedy and the others for like almost three months. The Sundance Kid disguises himself as an old lady and he goes to the Pizza Cat Restaurant. The Sundance Kid notices that the Pizza Cat Restaurant is new and improve. He saw Carla and the Rescue team working. He notices that Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine aren't around. He over hears Bat Cat talking about Speedy and the others. Bat Cat says, "Speedy called me yesterday and told me that the training is difficult, but he and the others are doing okay. He asked me how things are going here." General Catton asked, "Did you tell him about the war?" Bat Cat says, "No, I couldn't tell him about it." General Catton understands why Bat Cat didn't tell Speedy about the war. Lucille shows up and she asked, "I heard that Speedy called from China, is he, Guido, and the others alright?" Bat Cat tells her that their alright and they don't know about the war. Meanwhile the Sundance Kid overhears Lucille and he says, "Speedy is at China. I'm going to China." Carla stops him and she says, "You forgot to pay for the pizza ma'am." The Sundance Kid speaks in an old lady voice and he says, "Sorry about that sweetie, I forgot that I'm old." The Sundance Kid gives Carla the money and he leaves the restaurant. Later, the Sundance Kid heads to China. Meanwhile, Wrath spies on the Sundance Kid leaving Little Tokyo and he tells Pride about this. Pride says, "As long he's not in our way let him leave. Get ready for the next phase of our plan." Meanwhile, the Sundance Kid made it to China and he begins to search for Speedy. He asked a few people where Speedy is, but no one knows. For the past few days the Sundance Kid wonders around China and he's unable to find Speedy until he noticed Polly. He follows her to the temple. The Sundance Kid notices that the temple is filled with Master Lin's students. One of Master Lin's students spots the Sundance Kid. The Sundance Kid asked one of Master Lin's students where Speedy is. Master Lin shows up and she tells him that if he can defeat all of her students, she'll tell him where Speedy is. The Sundance Kid accepts the challenge. The Sundance Kid battles Master Lin's students. The Sundance Kid manages to defeat most of Master Lin's students. The Sundance Kid gets ready for another opponent. The Sundance Kid and another of Master Lin's students fight. Lin's student gains the upper hand against the Sundance Kid. The Sundance Kid uses his finisher move and he defeats Lin's student. The Sundance Kid is exhausted and he collapse. Another of Master Lin's students appears. This student is a new student and she's ten years old. The girl sees the Sundance Kid on the floor and she asks, "Did I win?" Master Lin says, "Yes, sweetie. We win." The Sundance Kid is still on the floor and he hears Master Lin's words and he says, "I was so close." Master Lin says, "Just train a little bit longer and you get a second chance. Come back in about six months." Few days later, the Sundance Kid is lying in the hospital bed at the Ninja Crows' HQ. The Sundance Kid says, "I got to get stronger if I want to know where that little pipsqueak Speedy is at." A Ninja Crow wearing a nurse outfit (a female nurse outfit) appears and he says, "Time to your sponge bath." The Ninja Crow gives the Sundance Kid a sponge bath.

Episode 536: Master Hang and the other masters tell Speedy and the others to sit down and meditate for an hour. Speedy and the others have trouble meditating; however, Francine is able to meditate. Master Hang says, "If you all want to learn about Pride and Wrath you must learn meditation. You all need to be more like her." Master Hang points his finger at Francine. Speedy and the others feel embarrassed and they try to meditate. Meanwhile, Pride builds a robot and gives it to the Big Cheese. The Big Cheese unleashes it on Little Tokyo. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others are having trouble meditating. Speedy and the others try different ways to meditate. Meanwhile, the robot attacks Little Tokyo. Meanwhile, Al Dente calls the Pizza Cat Restaurant; the Rescue team heads out while Carla operates the launching cannon. Carla announces to everyone at Little Tokyo that the Rescue team is getting ready for a mission. Carla blasts the heroes in the air toward their destination, however, she miscalculating the destination. The Rescue team yells, "FRANCINE!!!" Momma Mutt and Junior yell, "She not here remembers!" The Rescue team yells, "Sorry force of habit. CARLA!!!" The Rescue team crash to a building. Later, the robot continues to attack the city until the Rescue team appears. The Rescue team battles the Ninja Crows first and defeated them. The robot battles the Rescue team. The Rescue team uses their finisher attack power and destroys the robot. The Rescue team did their pose. The Big Cheese literally explodes in anger while Jerry Atric gets caught in the explosion. Meanwhile, Pride and Wrath were watching the fight. Pride says, "Now we know how strong the Rescue team is, now we'll have to make a robot to battle Carla and Lucille." Meanwhile, Carla and Lucille sneeze while their working. Carla and Lucille say (in unison), "Someone is talking about me." Meanwhile, Speedy and the others found a way to meditate. GB flaps his wings and he meditates while he's off the ground. Guido meditates by sitting on top of an umbrella. Polly meditates by having her tail lift her up. Finally, Speedy meditates by meditating upside down. Master Hang says, "Well as least their meditating."

Episode 537: Pride builds a robot and gives it to the Big Cheese. The Big Cheese unleashes it on Little Tokyo. Pride says, "Let’s see how Carla and Lucille handle the robot." Meanwhile, Master Hang and the other masters order Speedy and the others to wear weighted clothing and they must stand one leg while holding two buckets filled with water. Speedy and the others are having a hard time. Meanwhile, the robot attacks the city and she demands to fight the Samurai Pizza Angels. Carla and Lucille put on their fighting armors and they head out. Meanwhile, Master Sparrow orders Speedy and the others to walk through hot stones while carrying the two buckets. Meanwhile, Carla and Lucille did their introduction and they battle the robot. Lucille uses her homing missiles at the robot. Carla uses her acrobatic skills and martial arts skills at the robot. The robot manages to gain the upper hand against the two warriors. Carla and Lucille use their finisher attack power and they destroy the robot. Just when Carla and Lucille were about to do their pose, Pride appears. Pride introduced himself to the girls and he tells them that he's the leader of the Seven Deadly Warriors. Pride attacks the girls. Carla and Lucille fought Pride with everything they got, but Pride defeated them both. Lucille got up and she launches her powerful missile. (The missile she launched that destroyed Edoropolis/Little Tokyo in the SPC version 'The Big Comet Caper (Part 2) / KNT Version 'Ashita mo zettai nihonbare!' means tomorrow will be Absolute Beautiful!') She launches her missile at Pride. Pride kicks the missile and the missile landed on Little Tokyo. The missile explodes destroying Little Tokyo. After the smoke clears, Little Tokyo is in ruins again and surprisingly, the only building is unscratched is Ninja Tech Industries. Pride laughs and he says, "That plan work perfectly. The new cloth shield work." Pride left. Later, Al Dente yells at Lucille for destroying Little Tokyo again. Lucille cries and she launches her homing missile at Al. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese tells Princess Vi that Ninja Tech Industries will rebuild the city. Princess Vi gives the Big Cheese a check. The Big Cheese looks at the check and he fainted. Princess Vi tells him that the check will go to the Ninja Tech Industries. Meanwhile, Pride smiles and he says, "everything is going according to plan." Meanwhile, Speedy and the others pass the masters' lesson. Speedy and the others are now soaking their feet in buckets of cold water.

Episode 538: Little Tokyo is being rebuilt, the Big Cheese orders his Ninja Crows to rebuilt is home first. Jerry Atric tells the Big Cheese that a few Ninja Crows have been recently taken territories for the clan. The Big Cheese asked, "So?" Jerry says, "One of the territories they took over was once belonging to the Ninja Bat clan." The Big Cheese asked, "Really? Why is bad?" Jerry says, "The other territory they took over once belongs to the Akari clan. The Ninja Crows have now taken over the Ninja Water clan's territory." The Big Cheese is shock and he asked, "How?" Jerry tells him that because of the war the Ninja Water clan lost most of their fighting strength. The Big Cheese asked, "What happen to the Ninja Water clan members?" Jerry says, "Well..." Meanwhile, the Ninja Water clan is taken prisoner and their lock in a prison underneath Ninja Tech Industries. Pride visits Dolph's cell and he tells him that he ordered his men to murder Naoko, cause a war, and set off the bomb that killed the Akari clan. Dolph gets real angry after hearing the truth. Pride tells him that there's going to be another war. Pride whispers to Dolph. Dolph's mouth drops and he yells, "They're the third strongest ninja clan in Japan!" Pride says, "Soon they'll be... (Laugh)...history." Pride left. Pride orders Wrath and the others to help rebuild the city. Pride orders a few Ninja Crows to confiscate the Ninja Bats clan's, the Akari's, and the Ninja Water clan's weapons and technology. Later, a few Ninja Crows drop a few weapons and technology. Later, Pride orders a pizza. Bat Cat delivers the pizza to the Ninja Tech Industries. Pride gives him the money and tip and Pride says, "take care." Just when Bat Cat was about to leave the building, Pride says, "Tell Speedy and the others that China is great." Bat Cat is shock and he noticed that Pride knew where Speedy and the others were at, Pride says, "When Speedy and the others get back from training, the city will be different." Bat Cat looks at him and he says, "The Samurai Pizza Cats will defeat you." Pride says, "They better hurry before it's too late." Bat Cat heads home. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others are training with the masters. Speedy sneezes and he says, "Someone is talking about me." Master Hang hits Speedy's head and he yells, "Get back to training!" Speedy says, "Okay master."

Episode 539: (Christmas Special) Part 1. Master Hang and the other masters invite Speedy and the others to the dinner table. Master Hang says, "We got something for all." Speedy asked, "What is it?" Master Hang yells, "come in!" The door opens and it reveals Carla, Lucille, Bucky, the children, Al Dente (along with his family), and the Rescue team (along with their family) appear. Master Hang says, "I called them to come here, so we can all celebrate Christmas." Speedy and the others are grateful. Speedy and Polly hug their daughter, Good Bird hugs Carla and Kazuma, Guido hugs Lucille and his children, and Francine hugs Bucky and her daughter. Speedy talks to Al and the Rescue team. Speedy asks, "How’s Little Tokyo?" Al and the Rescue team hesitate. Al says, "Things are okay." Speedy and the others tell Al and the others about the training. Al and the others are amaze. Carla tells GB that she'll train harder. Lucille and the Rescue team said that they'll do the same thing. The heroes celebrate Christmas together. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and his henchmen celebrate Christmas. The Big Cheese and the others are having a good time. Meanwhile, the Seven Deadly Warriors celebrate Christmas. The seven villains got tons of presents. Pride opens his gift and he smiles. The present he opened reveals to be a missile. (The missile Lucille used to destroy Edoropolis/Little Tokyo.) Pride says, "Let’s play with it." Pride and the others take out giant cannon. Pride loads the missile and he aims at a city that is five hours away from Little Tokyo. Pride fires the weapon. The missile hits the city and explodes. The city is destroying. Pride smiles and he says, "Merry Christmas." Meanwhile, Master Hang says, "There something I want for Christmas, I want to see the girls fight." Everyone yell, "WHAT!?!?" Master Hang says, "I like to see how strong the girls are. I want to see Polly, Francine, Carla, and Lucille fights each other." Everyone think he's crazy. Master Hang says, "If you girls don't do it, I'll expel you all." Speedy says, "You girls should do what he asks. It's Christmas." Later, the girls put on their fighting armors and they to the ring. Speedy, Guido, and GB are sitting with Master Hang and the other masters while the others watch the fight up close. Master Hang says, "This will be a tournament. The first fight will be Polly vs. Francine. So step in the ring." Polly and Francine got up to the ring. Polly and Francine bow to each other. Master Hang says, "Begin!"

Episode 540: (Christmas Special) Part 2. Polly and Francine fight each other. Master Lin and Master Sparrow rooted for Polly and Francine. Master Lin yells, "come on Polly! Beat her! Kick Her!" Lin grabs Master Wu and started to punch him. Master Sparrow yells, "Francine doesn’t let me down!!" Master Sparrow grabs Master Yun's hand and she squeezes his hand. Master Yun yells, "You’re hurting my hand!" Speedy and GB notice this and they said, "Those masters are crazy." Polly and Francine clash their swords at each other. Francine says, "You’re good." Polly says, "You improved." Francine says, "I should thank you and Master Sparrow." Polly uses her scratch attack. Francine counters it with her sword. Guido says, "This is the best cat fight I have ever seen." Speedy and GB nodded. Carla says, "Those girls are good. Maybe I should have a lesson with them." Polly says, "let's see how strong we’re." Polly and Francine use their finisher attack power on each other causing a huge explosion. After the smoke clear, Polly and Francine are both knock out. Master Lin unintentionally knocks out Master Wu while Master Sparrow unintentionally injuries Master Yun's hand. Master Hang yells, "This fight is a draw!" Speedy and Guido pick up Polly and Francine and place them on the bench. Carla and Lucille wonder if Polly and Francine are okay. Master Hang says, "The girls will be okay." Later, Carla and Lucille enter the ring. Master Hang says, "Begin!" Carla and Lucille fight each other. Lucille launches missiles at Carla. Carla evades them. Carla throws a punch. Lucille dodges it. Carla punches through the wall. GB says, "Carla gotten stronger." Guido says, "Same here." Master Wu and Master Yun regain consciousness, but GB and Guido unintentionally grab the two masters and they punch them. GB yells, "Come on Carla Win!" GB unintentionally punches Master Yun. Guido yells, "You Can Do It Lucille!" Guido unintentionally punches Master Wu. Carla takes out her Bo staff and she attacks Lucille. Carla gains the upper hand. Lucille throws a small ball. The small ball explodes. Carla hits the wall, but Carla got up. Carla says, "I didn't see that coming." Speedy says, "Lucille got a new trick." Carla uses her wings and flies up in the air. Carla yells, "FANBLADE!" Suddenly, energy feathers appear and they have sharp points. Carla yells, "THOUSAND FEATHER DAGGERS!" The attack destroys the ring. Lucille got hit and she hit the floor. Lucille launches one missile. Just when Carla is about to dodge it, the missile blow up prematurely, Carla hits the floor. Both Carla and Lucille are knocked out. Master Hang yells, "This fight is a draw!" GB and Guido unintentionally knock out Master Wu and Master Yun unconscious. Master Hang announces that no one wins the tournament. Later, Polly, Francine, Carla, and Lucille recover, while Master Wu and Master Yun is cover with bandages. Polly says, "We need to give the kids their Christmas presents." Carla says, "Don’t worry Polly. We take care of it right about now." Suddenly, Santa Claus appears with his sleigh and reindeers. Speedy and the others notice that Al Dente is Santa Clause while General Catton and the other Rescue team are the reindeers. Speedy and the others try not to laugh at the Rescue team's reindeer costumes, however, Master Hang and the other masters laugh causing Speedy and the others to laugh. Santa Al gives the children their Christmas presents. Santa Al yells, "MERRY CHIRSTMAS!" Santa Al takes out a whip and he whips the Rescue team to pull the sleigh. The Rescue team is in pain and they pull the sleigh. Speedy and the others watch Santa fly in the sky.

Episode 541: (New Year Special) Speedy and the others are spending time with Carla, Al, Lucille, and the others are celebrating the New Year. Master Hang and the others throw them a party. Meanwhile, Pride and the other members of the Seven Deadly Warriors get ready to celebrate New Year's Day with the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and the other Ninja Crows. Pride notices a group of turtles are approaching to the Big Cheese's HQ. Pride calls the 14 Ninja Crows to handle 25 turtles while he and the other members of the Seven Deadly Warriors handle the other 25 turtles. The 14 Ninja Crows battle the 25 turtles. Just when the other 25 turtles were about to help them; Pride and the other members of the Seven Deadly Warriors stop them. Pride asked, "Why are you attack us?" One of the turtles says, "Our city was destroyed during Christmas and the missile came from here." Pride says, "Our boss would never do that. He's too stupid to come up with something like that." One of the turtles yells, "Your boss is evil! He's the leader of the Ninja Crows and we know it's his doing!" Wrath says, "What my partner is saying is that he didn't do it, because we did it." The turtles yell, "IT WAS YOU?!!" Pride says, "You got that right. Now, I'm afraid I can't let you all live." The 14 Ninja Crows fought and killed the 25 turtles while Pride and the others get ready to fight the other 25 turtles. The 14 Ninja Crows watch their masters battle the turtles. Greed and Lust team up and they perform powerful kicks at two turtles. Greed asked, "Painful?" Meanwhile, Sloth grabs two turtles and she kills them by breaking their necks. Envy uses his martial arts skills to take out five turtles. Dr. Gluttony takes out five acupuncture needles. Dr. Gluttony says, "Time to see the doctor." The Doctor throws the acupuncture needles at few turtles. The turtles are paralyzing. The Doctor moves in to finish them off. Wrath punches a turtle and he kicks another turtle. Pride did a roundhouse kick to a turtle and he grabs two turtles. Pride performs a grappling technique. Pride gets the turtles into a submission and then he does the takedown. The rest of the turtles watched in horror that Pride and the others are killing the turtles. Pride says, "I hope you all had a great year, because this will be your final year." One of the turtles yells, "You all made a mistake provoking the Reptile Clan! Our leaders will retaliate!" Pride says, "In the New Year, it will be their last." Pride and the others finish off the rest of the turtles. Pride says, "In the New Year, everything will change." Later, Speedy and the others get ready to countdown to the New Year. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese and the others are counting countdown to the New Year too. Everyone yells, "10...9...8...7...6...5...4..." Polly and Carla interrupt Speedy and Good Bird. Polly and Carla yell, "We're pregnant!" Speedy and Good Bird yell, "WHAT!!!" Everyone yells, "1...0 HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Fireworks came out of Lucille and the fireworks hit the sky. Everyone celebrates the New Year.

Episode 542: Polly and Carla are eating ice cream. Guido says, "I can't believe Polly and Carla are pregnant." Speedy and Good Bird are still shock of the news. Master Hang asked, "when did this happen?" Speedy and Good Bird answer him, "It happens during Christmas." (Flashback at Christmas) Speedy and Polly are in a room. Speedy and Polly are lying in bed and they look at each other. Speedy and Polly begin to kiss each other and then they took off their clothes. Meanwhile, Good Bird and Carla are in a room. Carla and GB are laughing and then they stare at each other for a while until they begin to kiss each other and they got on the bed. Speedy and Polly make love while GB and Carla make love as well. (Flashback Ends) Carla says, "Looks like Kazuma is getting a sibling." Polly says, "Aiko will have someone to play with." Meanwhile at Little Tokyo, Jerry Atric got a letter. When he reads the letter he is shock and he begins to sweat. Jerry immediately head to the Big Cheese to tell him the news, however, Big Cheese is wearing the woman outfit during weekly boxing lesson, which was interrupted by Jerry. Big Cheese punches Jerry during the lesson. Jerry put on boxing gloves to defend himself and this time the Big Cheese defeats Jerry Atric. Moments later, Jerry tells the Big Cheese about the letter. Jerry tells him that the letter came from the Reptile Clan. The Big Cheese asked, "Who are they?" Jerry yells, "You don't know them! Their part of the seven dangerous ninja clans like us! These guys are the third strongest of the seven dangerous ninja clans while we're the fourth strongest. We used to be the last place until the Ninja Bats were defeated by the Pizza Cats and the Ninja Water clan and the Akari clan fought each other at the war causing us to be in fourth place." The Big Cheese says, "I should thank the Pizza Cats for helping us." Jerry yells, "This is serious, the Reptile Clan has declare war on us!" The Big Cheese asked, "Why would they declare war on us?" Jerry says, "I don't know, maybe they’re afraid we might take their spot or we must have gotten too powerful or we got more money than them." The Big Cheese asked, "When they’re going to fight us?" Jerry says, "I don't know, we must get our forces. We need to call my old village that’s where the rest of the Ninja Crows were at, but more importantly we need the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows." The Big Cheese yells, "We can't afford them!" Pride appears and he interrupts Big Cheese and Jerry. Pride says, "You can afford them, because Ninja Tech Industries is making a lot of money. The company just made fifteen billion dollars." The Big Cheese says, "Jerry start calling your village." Pride says, "There’s one problem, Princess Vi and her family." The Big Cheese asked, "How can they be a problem?" Pride says, "The city is still being rebuilt and the princess will sent both us and the Reptile clan to Prisoner Island if we fight. Unless something terrible happen." Jerry asked, "Do you have a plan?" Pride says, "I got an idea, let me and the others take care the Princess while you guys get ready for war." Meanwhile, Master Hang tells Polly that her training will be more difficult for her because she's pregnant while Carla must not go in to battle while she's pregnant. Both Polly and Carla feel bad. Master Hang says, "you girls can train, however, you girls must be careful understand?" Polly and Carla say, "Yes." A few days later, Carla, Lucille, Bucky, the children, Al Dente (along with his family), and the Rescue team (along with their family) say goodbye to Speedy and the others and return to Little Tokyo. Good Bird hugs and kisses Carla goodbye. Carla says, "Come home when you’re training is complete." GB says, "I will." Carla left with Lucille and the others. Later, Al thanks the Rescue team for not telling Speedy and the others what's really happen at Little Tokyo. General Catton tells Al that Speedy and the others will know about the war and the city when they get home.

Episode 543: Two months later, Little Tokyo is almost rebuilt. Carla is two months pregnant. Bat Cat helps her out in the restaurant while the other Rescue team members do delivery and taking customers' orders. Meanwhile, Master Lin makes Polly wear a blindfold while carrying a heavy teapot. Master Lin says, "You must use your other senses to pour me a cup of tea." Polly accidentally drops the teapot. The teapot lands on Master Lin and he yells, "AHHHH HOT!!!" Meanwhile, for the past two months the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric were on the phone calling crows all over Japan. Most of the crows show up except the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows. The Big Cheese says, "Only a few members of the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows are Cailen Crow, the Sundance Kid, an honorary member, and the Seven Deadly Warriors, a group of honorary members." Suddenly, Dr. Purple and Bad Bird 2 appear. Jerry says, "Bad Bird 2 is here." Bad Bird 2 says, "I can't wait to fight those reptiles." Jerry says, "Like the enthusiastic Bad Bird 2, but not all of the crows are here." Dr. Purple says, "don't worry they'll show up." The Big Cheese says, "even if all of the crows show up, we got a huge problem, Princess Vi!" Pride shows up and he says, "doesn’t worry, the Princess will be taken care of." Meanwhile, Master Hang gets Speedy and the others to walk through the forest while being blindfolded. Speedy and the others got lost in the forest. Meanwhile, a Ninja Crow wonders around the city. Meowzma, who was delivering pizzas, saw him. Meowzma heads to the pizza restaurant and he alerts his teammates. The Rescue team head out and they confront the Ninja Crow. The Ninja Crow waves the white flag and he tells the Rescue team that he surrenders and he wants to talk to them. Later that night, the Rescue team calls Al Dente. Al tells them to take the Ninja Crow to a shack. Al tells the Rescue team to talk to the Ninja Crow. A Ninja Crow tells the Rescue team of the upcoming war between the Ninja Crows and the Reptile Clan. General Catton asked, "Why are you telling us about this?" The Ninja Crow says, "ever since the Seven Deadly Warriors appeared things started to change...both good and bad. I overheard Pride talking about the three steps." Bat Cat asked, "Do you know what the three steps are?" The Ninja Crow says, "I don't know." Spritz says, "We need to tell our boss." The other members of the Rescue team nodded. General Catton says, "You need to be at a safe house Ninja Crow." The Ninja Crow stood silently. Bat Cat puts his hand on the Ninja Crow's shoulder and he shakes him. The Ninja Crow hits the floor revealing a knife in his back. The Rescue team is shock. Bat Cat examines the crow and Bat Cat says, "He’s dead." Meowzma notices a hole in the wall and he says, "The knife went through the wall." Bat Cat says, "He got kill for talking so there's a sinister plot within the Ninja Crows and the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric are not calling shots." General Catton asked, "Do you think the Seven Deadly Warriors are behind this?" Bat Cat says, "maybe, but we need to know if it's true. If it is true then the Big Cheese is becoming a puppet and they're the puppet masters." Meanwhile, Jerry Atric walks in the hallway until he enters the Big Cheese's room. Jerry notices the Big Cheese is wearing a puppet costume. Jerry freaks out. The Big Cheese says, "I'm getting ready for the play tonight and I get to play the puppet." Pride says, "I get to play the puppet master and I get to control him." Jerry feels uncomfortable. Later that night, the play begins and the Big Cheese plays the puppet while Pride plays the puppet master. Everyone in the crowd cheer for the performance. Meanwhile, Speedy and the others made it back to Master Hang and the others and they pass out. Meanwhile, Polly is scrubbing the floor while blindfolded. Master Lin notices that Polly is scrubbing outside the dojo and Polly is now scrubbing the dirt.

Episode 544: Carla is working at the Pizza Cat Restaurant until she gets a letter. She opens it and she is shock. Lucille shows up and she saw Carla leave the restaurant. Meanwhile, the Rescue team tells Al Dente about the upcoming war that the Ninja Crow told them before the crow was murdered. Al feels worry and he tells the Rescue team to be on standby. Meanwhile, Princess Vi is at her room until a mysterious figure appears in her room. The mysterious figure reveals to be a masked geisha girl. The masked geisha girl approaches Princess Vi. The masked geisha girl says, "Princess Vi. You have brought disgrace to your nation. You’re spoiled, rotten, and selfish." Princess Vi says, "so." The masked geisha girl takes out a card and she reads it. The masked geisha girl says out of the card, "You comment..." The masked geisha girl looks closely to the card and she says, "Seven sins." Princess Vi asked, "What are my seven sins?" The masked geisha girl says, "Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, and Pride." Princess Vi says, "I didn't do these things." The masked geisha girl brings out the TV and she shows the Princess a video. The video is Princess Vi screaming, sending people to Prisoner Island, getting jealous when people have more clothes than her and better boyfriends, not doing school work, and other horrible acts that proves that she did comment seven sins. After the video is done, the TV is turn off. Princess Vi says, "Okay, so I did a few bad things." The masked geisha girl interrupts her and she yells, "You did a lot!" The masked geisha girl pulls out a pile of Princess Vi's clothes, toys, magazines, and CDs. Princess Vi yells, "those are my stuff!" The masked geisha girl says, "I know." The masked geisha girl takes out a match and she lights the match. Princess Vi yells, "What are you doing?!" The masked geisha girl yells, "Time to pay the price." The masked geisha girl throws the lighted match at the Princess Vi's stuff. Princess Vi's stuff is now on fire. Princess Vi screams in horror. The masked geisha girl did a palm strike to Princess Vi's stomach causing the Princess to hit the floor. Princess Vi is unconscious. Later, Princess Vi wakes up and she sees her mother and father. Empress Frieda tells Princess Vi that her stuff was burned. Princess Vi cries for a while. Later, Princess Vi orders the guards to find the masked geisha girl, but the guards ask her what the he masked geisha girl look like. Princess Vi yells, "Just find the masked geisha girl!" The guards head out. One of the guards said, "Without a description will never find the person who attacked the Princess." One of the guards said, "This is going to be one of those days." Meanwhile, the masked geisha girl is at a warehouse. The masked geisha girl enters the building. The masked geisha girl says, "I did what you asked me to do now leave my son alone." The masked geisha girl reveals to be Carla. Pride shows up and he says, "You done well." Pride gives Carla back her son. Pride says, "See you three later." Carla is shock and she asked herself, "How did he know I was pregnant?" Pride says, "It’s noticeable and I can't wait to see you and Polly give." Carla is shock when Pride also knows about Polly being pregnant. Carla says, "I got to warn Birdie, Polly, and the rest." Meanwhile, Master Hang and the others masters take Speedy, Good Bird, Polly, Guido, and Francine to a prison. Speedy asked, "Why are you taking us to a prison?" Master Hang says, "There is something that you all need to see." Master Hang shows Speedy and the others a cell and inside the cell is a prisoner. The prisoner is an old cheetah. Master Hang says, "All of you meet Pride." Speedy and the others are shock. Pride Cheetah says, "Hi Hang Wolf."

Episode 545: Pride Cheetah introduces himself to Speedy and the others. Master Hang tells them that Pride Cheetah used to be leader of eighth and ninth generation of the Seven Deadly Warriors. Pride Cheetah says, "Ahh, memories. I remember you and Cat beat my group long ago. How is he?" Master Hang didn't answer. Pride Cheetah looks at Speedy and he says, "He looks so much like Cat, too bad he turned rogue." Master Hang looks at Pride Cheetah. Pride Cheetah says, "I know what happen to him. You better hope your new students don't end up like Cat and Hawk or should I call them Pride and Wrath." Master Hang yells, "We're leaving!" Pride Cheetah says, "You all don't need to leave, do you guys want to learn a thing or two from me?" Master Hang yells, "NO!" Pride Cheetah says, "I'll tell you anyway, the new Pride is really the descendant of the very first Pride of the very first group of the Seven Deadly Warriors." Master Hang and the others look at Pride Cheetah. Master Hang is surprise and he says, "I didn't know about that." Pride Cheetah explains to them that Pride visited him several months ago. (Flashback) Pride told Pride Cheetah that he's the new Pride and Hawk is the new Wrath. Pride says, "My ancestors will be so proud." Pride Cheetah is confused and he asked, "What are you talking about?" Pride tells him that he read his family tree and discovered that his ancestors were members of the Seven Deadly Warriors. Pride tells him that his family was leaders of the very first group, the second group, and the third group. Pride Cheetah is very surprised and he said, "I didn't know." Pride told him that during that his family didn't become leaders of the fourth generation because they thought the Seven Deadly Warriors were disbanded for good that cause someone else to take up the mantle. Pride Cheetah asked, "Did you break up my group so you are leader?" Pride says, "No, I found out about family heritage after I defeated you." Pride Cheetah asked, "Why did you decide to become the new Pride?" Pride didn't answer him. Pride Cheetah says, "something happen to you and I'm right am I?" Pride says, "I was here to let you know I'm the new Pride and I will form the new Seven Deadly Warriors. That is all." Pride left. (Flashback Ends) Pride Cheetah says, "That’s what happens." Speedy asked, "How did Pride become evil?" Master Hang says, "Pride Cheetah said that Pride didn't become evil because of the family heritage. It's something else, but what?" Pride Cheetah says, "you should ask him yourself, if he's willing to talk." Speedy and the others left the prison. Speedy says, "Pride and Wrath were two heroes turned villains. Wait a minute, we didn't hear Wrath's story." Master Hang says, "I'll tell you about him later." Later, Speedy and the others talk to each other. Speedy says, "So far five members of the Seven Deadly Warriors were criminals before they met Pride and Wrath." Polly says, "Pride and Wrath are the only two that were never criminals until now." Guido says, "Pride Cheetah said that Pride and Wrath used to be called Cat and Hawk." Good Bird says, "Pride Cheetah also mentioned that Pride turn evil and it wasn't because he found out he's the descendant of the very first Pride of the very first group of the Seven Deadly Warriors." Francine asked, "What happen to them?" Pride appears and he yells, "Hello! It's been awhile." Speedy and the others get ready to fight until Master Hang and the others stop them. Pride says, "Hello Master, Happy Birthday." Speedy and the others yell, "IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!?" Master Hang says, "I forgot."

Episode 546: Pride confronts Speedy and the others. Pride asked, "Is it wrong to say happy birthday to my master?" Master Hang yells, "Is that the reason why your here?!" Pride says, "Wrath wanted to come, but he have to take care a few things back at Little Tokyo. Speedy says, "Leave my master alone!" Master Hang says, "You are no longer my student." Pride says, "it's no surprise that I get expel from a half-breed." Master Hang gets angry and he was about to attack Pride until Master Lin and the other masters restrain Master Hang. Speedy and the others were surprise that they never see Master Hang so angry. (Speedy and the others back up to the wall like kids are emotionally harmed when parents fight.) Pride says, "I'm stronger than you." Master Hang yells, "Want a fight?!" Pride says, "Some other time, here's your birthday card." Pride throws a birthday card to Master Hang and he leaves. Speedy asked, "Are you okay Master?" Master Hang opens the birthday card and he reads it. His eyes are wide open and he tells everyone that he wants to be left alone. Master Lin and the other masters take Speedy and the others to the mall to find Master Hang a cake. Master Lin tells Speedy and the others about Master Hang. (Flashback) Master Hang was Hang the Wolf, he was born in China. Both of his parents were wolves. His father was Chinese while his mother was a Native American. Hang spent his childhood studying. Kids laugh at him calling him names like Indian cub and other ridicule names. They put a feather on his head and call him names. Later, he meets Lin, Yun, Wu, and Sparrow. Lin and the others saw Hang as a person and they became friends. Lin and the others introduced him to martial arts. Later, Hang became a martial arts master along with Lin and the others. Hang battled the eighth generation of the Seven Deadly Warriors and won. Master Hang and the other masters became heroes of China. Later, they meet Cat and Hawk and they trained them. Cat looked up to Master Hang. Years later, they battled the ninth generation of the Seven Deadly Warriors and won. Later, Cat and Hawk left. Master Hang and the others open dojos to other students. (Flashback Ends) Master Lin and the others got a birthday cake. After hearing the story, Speedy feels sympathetic to Master Hang. Later, Speedy and the others give Master Hang the birthday cake. Surprise, a 30 year old wolf appears along with four other people. Master Hang says, "Conall." Conall says, "Happy birthday father." Speedy and the others are shock that Master Hang has a son. Master Hang says, "This is my son, Conall. This is my apprentice Speedy Yattaro Cerviche." Speedy shakes his hand to Conall. Speedy asked, "Who are the other guys that are with Conall?" Master Lin says, "This is my daughter, Holly." Holly blushes and she says, "Hi." Master Yun says, "This is my daughter, Alaina." Alaina says, "Hi." Master Wu says, "This is my son, Suzaku." Suzaku says, "Please to meet you." Master Sparrow says, "This is my son, Snowfinch." Snowfinch says, "Hi and mom please don't embarrass me." Master Sparrow says, "I would never embarrass you sweetie." Speedy and the others meet the children of the masters. Master Hang says, "Very soon, they'll be our successors." Meanwhile back at Little Tokyo, two crows appear. Jerry Atric says, "So you two came after all Mean Bird and Roland Crow of the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows." The three crows did an evil laugh.

Episode 547: At the palace, Princess Vi is screaming. Al Dente tries everything to calm her down. Princess Vi screams, "My toys! My clothes! My makeup! Their all burn! Because of the masked geisha girl! How come she hasn't been caught yet?" Al explains to her that because none of the girls match the description and also none of them are wearing a mask. Princess Vi yells, "I'll find her even if I have to waste my life!" Al rolls his eyes out of grief. Meanwhile, Pride overhears the Princess's screaming and he says, "I love to hear the Princess's scream in the morning." Wrath says, "Carla left Little Tokyo to warn her husband and the others." Pride says, "Let her do what she wants. We need to make sure all of the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows show up so the war between the Ninja Crows and the Reptile Clan can begin." Meanwhile, Carla and Kazuma made it to China and she heads to Heng Shan. Master Lin saw her and she talks to Carla. Carla tells Master Lin that she needs to see Good Bird and the others. Master Lin tells her that Good Bird must not be interrupted. Master Lin calls Master Hang and the other masters. Master Hang and the other masters show up. Master Hang noticed Carla's stomach getting a little bit bigger. Master Lin says, "She’s a lot like Polly." Master Hang asked, "why your here?" Carla tells Master Hang that Pride found out about Carla and Polly being pregnant and Pride made her dressed as the masked geisha girl and attacks the Princess. Master Hang gets curious about Carla's story. Master Hang says, "This is interesting. Pride is up to something, but what?" Master Lin and the other masters wonder what Pride is up to also. Master Hang says, "Carla, you will stay here with us due to the fact you’re pregnant." Master Lin says, "You will stay at a cabin near my temple." Carla is happy and she says, "Thank you very much." Master Hang says, "in return..." Carla asked, "What?" Master Hang says, "Conall." Conall shows up. Master Hang says, "Conall this is Carla. She'll be your first student. You, Holly, Alaina, Suzaku, and Snowfinch will train her. This is your test to become a master Conall." Conall is honor and he asked, "Will Holly and the others be masters as well?" Master Hang says, "I said that you and the others must train Carla in martial arts. Do this and you and the others will be our successors." Conall bows to his father. Carla bows to Master Hang. Master Hang says, "Carla, during your training you must not see Good Bird and the others for a while. Your son will be with you." Carla says, "Ok." Carla picks up his son and she goes with Conall. When Carla and Kazuma made it to the cabin, the cabin is huge and it's a three story cabin. Conall introduces Carla to Holly and the others and he shows her a room that she and Kazuma will stay for the time being. The next day, Conall says, "Carla tries to take the stone out of my hand." Carla tries to grab the stone but Conall is too quick for her. Carla realizes this is her first lesson. Carla steps on Conall's foot and Conall drops the stone. Carla grabs it and she says, "Looks like I pass." Holly says, "That first lesson was easy. My lesson will be difficult." Meanwhile, most of the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows show up. Jerry says, "Just three left and then will get started with the meeting." The Big Cheese asked, "Who are the last three?" Jerry says, "Tyler, Oka, and the newest member Fahky-oo." The Big Cheese says, "I'm concern that the Pizza Cats might stop us." Pride says, "Don’t worry Seymour, if any of them try to stop us my group will take care of them." Jerry looks at Pride and he says, "You and the others start setting up the chairs for the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows." The Big Cheese says, "You don't have to be rude to them." Jerry says, "They have work to do and so do we." The Big Cheese says, "ahh your jealous Jerry." Jerry yells, "NO I'M NOT!" The Big Cheese smiles and he says, "(laughs) sure you are. (Laugh)" Meanwhile, Carla passes Holly's test. Meanwhile, Master Lin watches Carla and the others. Master Lin says, "Looks like Conall and the others got their work cut out for them." One of Master Lin's students shows up and she yells, "Master Lin! Master Lin! I got bad news. At Little Tokyo the Ninja Crows is getting ready for another war with the Reptile Clan!" Master Lin says, "I got to tell Master Hang and the others." Later, Master Lin tells Master Hang and the others about the Ninja Crows going to another war. Master Hang tells everyone not to let Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine know about it. Carla yells, "don't worry I won't tell Birdie and others about this!" Conall and the others said that they won't tell as well and they left with Carla. Master Lin's students vow not to tell Speedy and the others about too. Speedy appears and he asked, "Don't tell me and the others what?" Everyone is surprised.

Episode 548: Master Hang tells Speedy that everyone is planning a big surprise and he must not tell Polly and the others about it. Speedy smiles and he says, "A surprise. I like surprises." Master Hang says, "Go and do dishes as the next lesson." Speedy complains, "That's really a chore not a lesson of getting me stronger." Master Hang says, "okay then you should clean the bathrooms and..." Speedy says, "I'll do the dishes." Speedy does the dishes. Master Hang says, "Works every time." Master Wu asked, "Is Pride behind this?" Master Hang says, "No doubt about it." Master Sparrow asked, "Should we give Speedy and the others the trials?" Everyone but Master Hang is shock when Master Sparrow said that. Master Hang says, "I think we have to do it." Master Lin says, "They’re not yet ready for it." Master Yun says, "These trials will take a long time for them to complete." Master Wu says, "When we went through the trials it took us three days to do it." Master Hang says, "These trials will keep them occupied. These trials will take them a few months." Master Lin asked, "what about Carla?" Master Hang says, "She will not be part of the trials because she's being train by Conall and the others. We need to send a message to the Rescue team, the New York Pizza Cats, and the Samurai British Cats not to get involved in the war." The next day at New York, the New York Pizza Cats got a letter. They read it and their shock. Dee-Dee yells, "Going the war with the Reptile Clan! They have a dangerous reputation!" Meanwhile in London, the Samurai British Cats got a letter. Lancelot, Spice, and Beckham are worry about Speedy and the others. Lancelot says, "Let’s just hope the Samurai Pizza Cats stay out of this war." Meanwhile at Little Tokyo, the Rescue team got the letter and they told Al Dente about it. Al Dente says, "I'll try to tell Princess Vi about this. She'll help us stop the war." Later, Al goes to Princess Vi. Al says, "Your highness I got news." Princess Vi asked, "Did you find the masked geisha girl?" Al says, "No." Princess Vi yells, "until we find that the masked geisha girl nothing else matters!" Al says to himself, "there goes any help from the Princess." Meanwhile, Pride overhears the Princess scream and he says, "Things are going according to plan." The next day, Master Hang summons Speedy. Speedy appears. Speedy saw Polly, Guido, Good Bird, and Francine sitting at a table. Master Hang tells Speedy to sit down. Master Hang and the other masters sat down as well. Master Hang says, "You five have been with us for a few months now and we think you all are ready for one final test before you all return to Little Tokyo." Speedy and the others are excited. Master Hang says, "The final test will be the trials." Speedy and the others are curious of what the trials are.

Episode 549: Master Hang and the others master explain to Speedy and the others that the trials are the ultimate test. The trials will test their strength, endurance, loyalty, sacrifice, and mostly honor. Master Hang says, "There are five trials and five of you. The other masters and I went through these trials and those trials were difficult for us." Speedy and the others feel uneasy about this. Master Hang says, "Don’t worry you guys; these trials will take you a few months." Speedy and the others are shock and they yell, "Few months!" Master Hang says, "Once you guys finish these trials you all will go home." Master Sparrow stands up and she says, "Francine, your trial will be at an island. This island is filling with warriors with super strength. You will need to be stronger than them and smarter than them." Master Wu stands up and he says, "Guido, your trial will have you perform missions." Guido asked, "What kind of missions?" Master Wu says, "These missions you’re going to do by yourself." Master Lin stands up and she says, "Polly, you trial will be at a castle." Polly asked, "Really?" Master Lin says, "Inside the castle will be a big surprise." Master Yun stands up and he says, "Good Bird, your trial will be that you will face one hundred fighters. These fighters have different fighting styles and each one is more difficult than the last." Master Hang stands up and he says, "Speedy, your trial is with me. I'll take you places and I'll tell you what you need to do." Speedy gets confused. Master Hang says, "Tomorrow, your trials will begin. You all get some rest, you'll need it." The next day, the five heroes went with their masters and their trials begin.

Episode 550: At the Big Cheese's HQ, Jerry Atric orders the Ninja Crows to clean up the dining room because the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows will have their meeting. Cailen Crow appears and he says, "Kuroi, Oka, and Albino Crow finally arrive." Jerry says, "Good. Now we can get the meeting started and get ready for the war." Later, the Third in Commanders of the Ninja Crows enter the dining room. The Rude Noise try to enter the dining room, but the Ninja Crows grab them and throw them out. Jerry Atric says, "Sorry Rude Noise, you guys are not members of the Third in Commanders so you four will have to wait outside." Jerry slams the door on the Rude Noise. Ninja Crows guard the door and they make sure the Rude Noise stays out. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese shows up at the dining room and he's wearing a geisha outfit. Jerry and all of the members of the Third in Commanders freak out except a crow named Oka. Oka is wearing a geisha outfit too and he says, "There’s nothing wrong wearing a geisha outfit. Besides, he and I look cute in those outfits." Gyokuro says, "Oka, you haven't changed one bit." Oka says, "That's why I'm called the Cross-dressing Ninja." Bad Bird 2 asked, "How you doing Mean Bird?" Mean Bird says nothing. Bad Bird 2 says, "Same old Mean Bird." Bad Bird 2 takes out a small microphone. He asked, "Are you hearing this?" Dr. Purple is in a room and he's listening to Bad Bird 2 and everyone else. Dr. Purple says, "I'm listening son. Make sure I hear everything in the meeting." Meanwhile, Cailen Crow and Michael the Sundance Kid are sitting down and their eating food. Roland Crow and Blue Gunner are having a conversation to each other and their drinking sake. Terrabell and Petey Atric are having a conversation. Terrabell flirts with Petey Atric. Petey begins to blush. Blind2d begins to throw his giant shuriken around the room. Falcone Bladewing is reading a manga book. Kuroi sharpens his knife. Albino Crow is wearing her tank top shirt and jeans. She looks around the room and the members of the Third in Commanders. Albino Crow says, "So this is the elite group." Jerry asked, "Is everyone here?" Pride shows up and he yells, "We’re all here now!" The Seven Deadly Warriors appear and they took their seats. The Seven Deadly Warriors draw attention to the Third in Commanders. Bad Bird 2 says, "So those are the Seven Deadly Warriors I heard so much about." Other members of the Third in Commanders begin to talk about the Seven Deadly Warriors. The Big Cheese orders everyone to sit down and get the meeting started. The Big Cheese and Jerry begin to tell everyone about the upcoming war between the Ninja Crows and the Reptile Clan. The members of the Third in Commanders feel worry about, but Pride tells everyone that if they work together and they can defeat them. Jerry says, "The Reptile Clan is very powerful. Even if we do work together we still are no match for them." Wrath says, "We have the technology that will give us the edge." Carrie Lust says, "If you guys can't beat the Reptile Clan, us ladies will. Am I right Yen Sloth, Terrabell, Albino Crow, Oka, and Big Cheese?" Yen Sloth says, "ri...ght. (Snoring)" Yen Sloth sleeps. Terrabell, Albino Crow, Oka, and the Big Cheese blush and they said together, "We never thought the Blonde Tiger will say something that sweet." Van Envy says, "Oka and Big Cheese are really men, their queers, and their cross dressers." Carrie Lust blushes and she says, "Oops." Doctor Gluttony eats 100 bananas. Members of the Third in Commanders are surprise that Doctor Gluttony hasn't gained any pounds after eating so much. Van Envy says, "I envy him. No matter how much he eats, he'll always stay thin." Blind2d says, "I heard he drank a potion that will make him thin no matter how much he eats." Greed is counting money and money signs in his eyes. Pride says, "The Ninja Tech Industries will be able to help out since the public doesn't know we make weapons and robots. We can use that to our advantage." Jerry notices that Seven Deadly Warriors are becoming the center of attention. Jerry asked, "What do these guys have that we don't?" Falcone Bladewing says, "Because they have a smart idea and you guys don't." Jerry feels insulted and he yells, "Me and the Big Cheese's ideas are great!" Mean Bird says, "You and Seymour's ideas cost us Karamaru Bad Bird." Jerry yells, "Are you saying it's me and Seymour's fault that Karamaru Bad Bird betray us?!" Pride yells, "Yes!" Wrath says, "All that's in the past, we need to forces on the destruction the Reptile Clan." Pride says, "Yeah." Meanwhile, Master Hang and the other masters bring Speedy and the others to Hong Kong. Master Hang says, "this is where you all part ways to begin the trials." Speedy and the others say goodbye to each other and they promise each other that they'll see each other again once the trials are over. Master Hang whispers, "Let's hope the trials don't kill them." Speedy and the others look at each other one last time and they left. Speedy says, "I'll be back my friends."