Fan Episodes is where fans write their Samurai Pizza Cats episode that should be on TV. The fans can tell their own Samurai Pizza Cats Story. Hope that one day these episodes will come to life. Hope that someone will bring the show back to life. New music opening and closing just like the Gundams series. Almost faithful to the Japanese version including the Japanese music score. This Big Cheese is a fox. For now on in this series, this will have "No More Breaking the Fourth Wall." This will have Comedy, Serious, Mecha, Action, Uncut, Unedited, and Uncensored. The show will have some light and dark moments. It is now a Web Series. This page is season 1 (1-18) and season 2 (19-50). Warning this page is full to edit so go to the next Fan episode article to edit your story. Full up to only 50 episodes.

Episode 1: This story will be the origins of the Rescue Team. This episode takes place after the "No Talent Guido" episode.

Episode 2: The Rescue Team has split up and don't want to work as a team anymore. The Pizza Cats must find out way before they lose their allies for good. This episode takes place after the "No Talent Guido" episode.

Episode 3: The whole episode tells the story of The New York Pizza Cats, what they do, how they handle pizzas, and fight the bad guys. In this episode the Pizza Cats appeared only in beginning of the story they just left New York, but they don't show up for the rest of the story. This is the first appearance of the New York Bad Guys and The New York Big Cheese. This episode takes place after the "A Mission in Manhattan" episode.

Episode 4: This episode will be Carla meets Princess Vi. The two become good friends, but Carla doesn't know that Princess Vi is in love with her boyfriend Bad Bird and Princess Vi doesn't know Carla is in love with Bad Bird either. This episode also tell about Speedy tries to make sure Princess Vi doesn't discovers that Carla is Bad Bird's girlfriend and tries to make Princess Vi happy even if he has to go through humiliation to protect Carla. The story begins when Princess Vi sneaks out of the palace again. She explores Little Tokyo until she met a female crow. Princess Vi introduces herself to her. Princess Vi says, "My name is Princess Vi, but don't tell anyone I left the palace." The female crow says, "I'm Carla Crow and I promise I won't tell." The girls decided to go have lunch at the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Speedy sees the two of them and alerted the other Pizza Cats. Polly tells Speedy that Princess Vi must not know that Bad Bird is in love with Carla or Princess Vi will send her to Prisoner Island. Al Dente calls the Pizza Cats about a robot attacking Little Tokyo and they must find Princess Vi. Francine tells Al that Princess Vi is in the restaurant and they'll be on their way. Al orders Speedy to remain at the restaurant because Princess Vi is in the restaurant and he must protect her. Meanwhile, Princess Vi tells Carla about her boyfriend and also tells her that she tried so many times to marry him by force even with help of her mother, he manage to escape from her. Carla explains the reason he's avoiding her is that he doesn't love the Princess and she can't marry him by force because that's not how love works. Princess Vi gets angry but Speedy immediately calms her down with some pizza. The Princess calms down and asks Carla if she has a boyfriend too. Carla tells her boyfriend's name is Birdie and she's in love with him since they were children. Carla says I have a picture of him when he's a child. Carla shows Princess Vi a picture of Bad Bird when he's a child. The Princess doesn't recognize Bad Bird as a child. She first thought it was Carla's child or her little brother. Carla tells her that's her boyfriend when he's a child. The Princess apologizes for her mistake. Carla asks the Princess if she has a picture of her darling but the Princess tells her she doesn't have one. Carla tells the Princess about Birdie, and she'll wait for him. Princess Vi says, "I hope Birdie comes back to you, because I hope my darling will come back to me." At the end of the day, Polly and Guido return home after they defeat the bad guys. They tell Speedy, it was hard defeating the bad guys without him. Speedy tells the others that Princess Vi doesn't know Carla is in love with Bad Bird and Carla doesn't know Princess Vi is in love with Bad Bird. They don't know they're in love with the same bird. Polly and Guido worry if one of them finds out. Speedy says, "I never thought about it. Bad Bird will kill us if we told Princess Vi about Carla." The Pizza Cats see Carla and Princess Vi getting along with each other and Princess Vi returns to the palace and hopes to see her darling again and get marry. Carla leaves the restaurant happy and she hopes to see Birdie Bad Bird again. This episode takes place after the "Emperor Fred Does Hard Time" episode.

Episode 5: A robot attacks Little Tokyo until the Pizza Cats came and destroy the robot. The Big Cheese explodes with anger, he says how the Pizza Cats knew where the robot will attack and also, know his weak point. He starts to suspect that one of the Ninja Crows is a traitor. He begins to interrogate every Ninja Crow, and he couldn't find the traitor. So he made a robot that not even Jerry and Bad Bird will never know and starts to attack Little Tokyo all by himself with the robot. The Pizza Cats show up and battle the robot. The Big Cheese uses the robot to grab Polly and demands to know who their spy is and where he/she is. Polly says she knows nothing of the spy. The Big Cheese says his plan was to find the spy, but the Pizza Cats though he was crazy and they destroy the robot. Big Cheese literally explodes with anger. Back at the Big Cheese's place, the Big Cheese realizes there was no spy and he decides to go the bed. Later that night a mysterious figure says it was a close call, but he was never even close into finding out I was the one who gave him up to the Pizza Cats. The mysterious figure turns out to be Bad Bird, the reason he sold him out because the Big Cheese didn't give him a raise. This episode takes place after the "Emperor Fred Does Hard Time" episode.

Episode 6: Polly borrows a bracelet that once belongs to Speedy's mother. Speedy tells Polly to give it back when she's done. She tells Speedy not to worry and she went out to have fun. Later, Polly challenged a few street girls to a fight which they accepted. Polly takes off the bracelet before she fights them. Later, she won the fight against the girls and she celebrated, but she accidentally steps on the bracelet. The bracelet had a little scratch and Polly says, "Speedy will not notice it." A car drove by and ran it over. The bracelet is broken into pieces and Polly is shock and stood there for one minute. Later, Polly returns to the Pizza Cat Restaurant and Speedy asks for the bracelet back. Polly gives what’s left of the bracelet and Speedy gets upset. Speedy asks, "Did you do this?" Polly cries and she says, "No, it was Bad Bird." Speedy yells, "Bad Bird will PAY! I'm going to find him right now." Polly is shock and says, "Speedy don't go it's dangerous." Speedy says, "Why? You should get angry of what Bad Bird did and he should be taught a lesson because you never lie to me." Polly feels guilty but she didn't stop Speedy. Speedy heads to the Big Cheese's place and Polly and Guido follows him. Meanwhile at the Big Cheese's place, Seymour and Jerry Atric wonders what their next plan will be to take over Little Tokyo until the Pizza Cats show up. Seymour and Jerry are surprise and they tell the Pizza Cats that they didn't do anything yet. Speedy demands to know where Bad Bird is. Seymour and Jerry tell them they don't know where he is. Bad Bird saw this and he says to himself, "I must protect my boss and my checks." Bad Bird reveals himself and demands to know what's going on. Speedy tells Bad Bird that he destroyed a bracelet. Bad Bird says, "I done many bad deeds but I didn't break your bracelet." Speedy says, "Polly, since this guy hurt you. You will be the one to fight him." Speedy forces Polly to fight Bad Bird. Polly hesitates at first, but she battles Bad Bird anyway. The battle takes hours and Bad Bird notice that Polly isn't trying to fight back. Bad Bird gains the upper hand and Polly surrenders. Bad Bird demands to know why Polly wasn't fighting with all her strength. Polly answers, "Because I'm a lair. I was the one who destroy the bracelet and I blame it on you, Bad Bird. I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry Speedy." Bad Bird says, "You’re worse than me, Polly." Polly says, "I know." Bad Bird and the Ninja Crows get Polly tarred and feathered for lying. Bad Bird leaves the arena and he is declaring the winner. Polly is ashamed of herself and Speedy walks up to her. Polly says, "I should have told you the truth sooner." Speedy says, "It just so happens that the bracelet was a fake and the real one was under my bed the whole time." Polly asks, "When did you found out the bracelet that broke was a fake." Speedy answers, "Before you borrow it. I was testing your responsibility and your honesty, Polly." Polly gets angry and yells, "You should have told me this sooner. Now, the bad guys now think I'm worse than them thanks to you." Polly gets angrier and attacks Speedy. A few minutes later, Polly finishes beaten up Speedy and she left to go home. Speedy is lying down on the floor and he is all beaten up. Speedy says, "I should have been honest to her and she would have never giving me a beaten." Guido says, "It serves you right." Speedy says, "Guess you’re right." Speedy went out cold. This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 7: The Samurai Pizza Cats meets The New York Pizza Cats again and they are competing for the Hero of the Year Awards and Speedy and the Sundance Kid are trying to win that award but the Big Cheese decided to ruin their chances. During the Big Cheese plans, Bad Bird reacquainted with Carla again. The two went on a date. Bad Bird went out for a minute. Carla meets Lucille, the two became quick friends. When one of Seymour's robots attacks Little Tokyo, Carla and Lucille are in danger. When a building was going to collapse on Carla and Lucille, Bad Bird immediately rescues them. Carla kisses Bad Bird for his heroics. Lucille asks Bad Bird, "Did you save my life?" Bad Bird hesitates and leaves without answering her question. Meanwhile, Speedy and the Sundance Kid decide to put aside their differences again and save the day. Later, at the Awards, Speedy and The Sundance Kid bickers again who is the greater hero until the award was given out. Lucille presents The Hero of the Year award and gives it to Bad Bird for saving her and Carla. The Samurai Pizza Cats, The New York Pizza Cats, Bad Bird, The Rescue Team, Seymour, Jerry Atric, and The Ninja Crows were shock. Everyone in Little Tokyo including Carla was cheering for Bad Bird for winning the award, while Speedy and the Sundance Kid started to cry. Bad Bird is being congratulated by Seymour; The Big Cheese thinks Bad Bird came up with the idea of preventing the Pizza Cats from winning the Hero Award. Bad Bird gets confused but decided to play along and claims it was his idea the whole time. Speedy and the Sundance Kid literally exploding with anger for not winning award and the entire Pizza Cats got caught in the explosion. This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 8: The story tells how the Samurai Pizza Cats were formed and how they lived their lives before they became the heroes of today. This episode shows Speedy and Bad Bird cross paths before they knew each other as rivals, enemies, and friends when they were children. This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 9: After losing another battle with the Pizza Cats, he orders Jerry and Bad Bird to come up with the next plan. The Big Cheese orders the Ninja Crows to clean up his home. Half of the Ninja Crows wear butlers’ outfits, and the other half wears maids outfit. One of the maid ninja crow was using a feather duster, wiping the bookshelves until a ninja crow in a butler outfit found a book. He read it and begins to get angry. One Ninja Crow called #5 yells at the Big Cheese. He says that he was embezzling their training equipment for makeup and dresses. #5 punches the Big Cheese in the face shocking Jerry, Bad Bird, and the other Ninja Crows. The Big Cheese says arrest him and they did. Jerry and Bad Bird suggest that what #5 did is immediate expel from the Ninja Crow Clan, but the Big Cheese orders his execution shocking Jerry, Bad Bird, and the other Ninja Crows. Jerry, Bad Bird, and the other Ninja Crows get worried since they never kill one of their own ever. They came up with a plan to use the robot they built to lure the Pizza Cats to his execution day and save him. They agree and got start with the plan. Meanwhile at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, the Pizza Cats hear a report of a robot attacking Little Tokyo. The Pizza Cats get ready for battle. When the Pizza Cats found the robot, the robot retreat all of a sudden, the Pizza Cats chase the robot until they reach the location of the Ninja Crow #5 being held to be executed. Jerry Atric manipulate the Pizza Cats into saving Ninja Crow #5 from execution, Jerry, Bad Bird, and the other Ninja Crows can't believe this is working. Jerry, Bad Bird, and the rest of the Ninja Crows retreat so Big Cheese won't find out they were behind it. The Big Cheese shows up only to find the Pizza Cats battle the robot and saving Ninja Crow #5. The Pizza Cats accuses the Big Cheese using the robot to destroy Little Tokyo and trying to kill one of his own men. Speedy uses his Ginzu sword and destroy the robot and save the Ninja Crow #5 from execution. The Big Cheese literally explodes with anger, while Jerry, Bad Bird, and the other Ninja Crows were cheering for the Pizza Cats. Ninja Crow #5 thank the Pizza Cats and he says he'll go to be a stunt double for movies. The Pizza Cats wave goodbye to him when he got on the boat, #5 sees Jerry, Bad Bird, and the other Ninja Crows wave goodbye to him and says good luck. This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 10: Part 1. The Big Cheese creates a monster that will turn the Pizza Cats into old cats. During the battle Speedy short circuit the machine and accidentally turn Bad Bird into a baby. Little Bad Bird thinks Speedy and Polly are his mother and father. Speedy decided to take him in and raise him to make him to be a good guy. Guido is force to play horsey with the baby while the baby keeps kicking him. Guido asks, "Listen kid; will stop kicking your killing me." Guido was feeding Little Bad Bird until Little Bad Bird grabs Guido’s whiskers and pulls it. Guido gets angry and when he tries to hit him, Francine stops him and tells him that Bad Bird is only a baby. Later, Little Bad Bird grabs Guido's tail and Guido gets angry and was about to hit him until Polly interferes and says, "You should be ashamed of yourself." Polly takes Little Bad Bird to his crib. Later, little Bad Bird starts to draw on walls until Guido catches him. The Rescue team shows up and tells Guido to leave the child alone. Later, Guido takes Little Bad Bird out for a walk until Lucille comes by and says, "That baby is so cute." Little Bad Bird says, "Lucille." Lucille is surprise and hugs him. Lucille says, "You know my name." Lucille kisses him. Guido says, "Can you name Guido." Little Bad Bird says, "Loser." Guido gets angry and yells, "Wait till I get my hands on you." Lucille gets angry and launches her homing missiles at him and she says, "You should be ashamed of yourself. He's just a baby." Five days later, Speedy and Polly begins to bond with little Bad Bird, until when Guido was supposed to watch him, but he didn't because he was flirting with some ladies. Little Bad Bird wonders off in Little Tokyo. Speedy gets angry at Guido for not watching the baby and starts to search for him. Guido says to himself, "is it me or Speedy has grown attached to the little monster." Speedy hits him and he searches for the baby until he found him, but he was too late when the monster changes Bad Bird back to normal. Speedy uses his Ginzu power to destroy the monster. Speedy was sad until later on he tells Polly he has what it takes to be a father and Polly agrees and they agree Guido is unfit to be a babysitter. At the end Bad Bird was holding a pacifier that Polly gave him when he was a baby and decided to put it in his memory book. This episode would be the sequel of "Son of Big Cheese." This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 11: Part 2. The monster survives Speedy's Ginzu attack and wants revenge. During the battle between Speedy and Bad Bird the monster turns Speedy and Bad Bird into 8 year olds. The Big Cheese orders the Ninja Crows to kidnapped Speedy. The Ninja Crows tied Speedy in the sack while Bad Bird is carried away back to their hideout. The Big Cheese decided to use Speedy as a hostage. 8 year old Bad Bird found Speedy and got him out of the sack and they start to become friends. The Big Cheese unaware that the sack is empty and threatened he'll harm Speedy until he look in the sack and realize that Speedy is gone. Meanwhile Bad Bird and Speedy started to pull pranks on Jerry Atric and the Ninja Crows and the two bonded and started calling each other brothers. Jerry found out about the pranks and decided to turn Bad Bird and Speedy back to normal but the monster wouldn't allow it and took Speedy and Bad Bird hostage. Polly and Guido use their finisher attack powers to destroy the monster for good, they rescue Speedy and Bad Bird, and they were turning back to normal. Speedy and Bad Bird don't remember about their bonded in front of the Pizza Cats and The Big Cheese. The two decided not to fight each other. The two went home. Later that night, Speedy and Bad Bird do remember their bonding when they were kids and hold a special bracelet they made and it said "BROTHERS." This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 12: Speedy wants to operate The Supreme Catatonic but he needs a partner in order for him to use it so he starts looking for a partner. He tried almost everybody in Little Tokyo but they have partners of their own including Momma Mutt and Junior, Lucille and Wally, The Big Cheese and Jerry Atric, and the Ninja Crows are partners. Speedy starts to give up until the Big Cheese sends a robot to destroy Little Tokyo until the Supreme Catatonic took him in and he saw a mysterious figure and he says to the figure you are my partner. The mysterious figure turns out to be Bad Bird. The both of them were shock about it that they are partners, and they use the robot to defeat the bad guys and save the day. Speedy and Bad Bird agree to keep this partnership a secret from the Pizza Cats, the Big Cheese, and the Ninja Crow Clan. In the end Speedy decided that his goal is now "to find a way to get Bad Bird on our side." This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 13: Bad Bird trains in order to develop his own Ginzu power. While the Pizza Cats are working and The Big Cheese is plotting. Bad Bird trains day in and day out. Until the end he is able to achieve his goal. At the end of the episode he is able to develop his own Ginzu power and now he is ready to take on Speedy. Also, at the end the Pizza Cats defeated another Big Cheese's robot and Speedy fall off the bridge. The Pizza Cats and The Big Cheese wonder where Bad Bird went while they were doing their usual day. This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 14: Part 1, Speedy, Polly, and Guido were on their way home after they battle the bad guys a thunder storm hits them and transported into a different world. At first they don't know what’s going on until they meet other samurai warriors; they called themselves The Samurai Pizza Dogs. They help the pizza dogs battle their bad guys in this world and they found a portal and went in. This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 15: Part 2, Speedy, Polly, and Guido are transported to a different world they think its home until they meet the other Samurai Pizza Cats, Speedy sees a female version of him, Polly sees the male version of her, and Guido sees the female version of him. Everyone in Little Tokyo is opposite gender. Can the Pizza Cats get along with their opposites genders? They begin to fall in love with their opposite selves. Until they came to their senses and fight the bad guys in this world and says goodbye to them before they went to the portal. This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 16: Part 3, Speedy, Polly, and Guido are transported to a different world and this time the Evil Speedy is The Big Cheese, Evil Polly is Jerry Atric, and Evil Guido is Bad Bird. Evil The Rescue Team is the Rude Noise. While the heroes are Good Bad Bird is Speedy, Good the Big Cheese is Polly, and Good Jerry Atric is Guido. The Rude Noise is the Rescue Team. Good Bad Bird is in love with Princess Vi is caring, kind, and selfless but she is not in love with Good Bad Bird. Emperor Fred is sane. The real Pizza Cats needs to convince the other heroes that they're from a parallel world. During their "visit" the real Speedy is shock when he sees his evil self-acting like the Big Cheese including the cross-dressing (a cheerleader outfit with a mini-skirt and girls' white underwear panty briefs). The real Pizza Cats including the other Pizza Heroes defeat their evil Pizza Cats with Good Speedy and Good Bad Bird using the power of Ginzu Sword. Evil Speedy literally explodes in anger while Evil Polly and Evil Guido get caught in the explosion. The heroes finally return to their real world. Speedy hugs Bad Bird and says he miss him so much. Polly cries with joy that she is home. Guido starts to kiss the floor, the restaurant, the bathroom, and Francine. Francine asks what happen, and the Pizza Cats says "It’s great to be home." This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 17: The Pizza Cats go to the beach for "The Swimsuit Contest." Polly and Lucille have entered the contest. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese enters the contest and he disguises himself as a swimsuit contestant. Seymour asks Jerry to give Bad Bird the day off, because he might mess this up. Jerry tells Bad Bird to take the day off and Bad Bird did. Polly and Lucille put on their swimsuits and Speedy and Guido look at them and they like it. Bad Bird sits in the crowd watching the contest until he see Carla and he notice she enter the swimsuit contest. Bad Bird decided not to walk to her and say hi. Bad Bird says, "Carla. How much I wanted to say sorry to you. I hope you win the contest." Polly notice Carla has entered the contest and she walks up to and asks, "What’s going on?" Carla tells Polly she enter the contest in hopes that her Birdie will show up. Polly tells her good luck and Carla says, "Same here." Later the contest begins and the contestants are ready. Lucille went first and everyone was fascinated including Bad Bird, Jerry Atric, and the Ninja Crows. Speedy and Guido cheers for Lucille and tries to get her attention but Lucille gets embarrass and launches her homing missiles at Speedy and Guido. After the missiles exploded at them Speedy says, "Next contestant please." Later after looking at ten contestants, Polly went up and her swimsuit matches her red hair. Speedy cries with joy and says, "Please win Polly." Next Seymour went up next, when he show everyone his makeup and his swimsuit almost everyone including Speedy, Guido, Bad Bird, Jerry, and the Ninja Crows are disgusted by it. Final contestant is Carla, she show up in her civilian outfit until she rips her clothes off and reveals her swimsuit. Bad Bird says, "Oh Carla, you always like the theatrical approach." Carla's swimsuit is fascinating as Lucille's and Polly's. Meanwhile, Seymour decides to cheat after he was rejected by the crowd. He sends out a robot to distract everyone while he sabotages the votes by getting rid of the voting box and replacing it with a phony one that will make him the winner. During the robot attacks, the robot accidentally hit the Big Cheese, the voting box, and the phony one. The Pizza Cats battle the Ninja Crows and the robot, while Bad Bird stands in the sidelines. Bad Bird says, "Big Cheese gave me a day off, so I'll stay out of this. I almost forgot to vote." Bad Bird saw the voting box burn and he decided to make a new one and he voted one of the contestants and put the paper in the box and left. Bad Bird says, "At lease the crowd can vote again." Meanwhile, after the Pizza Cats defeated the Ninja Crows, Speedy uses his Ginzu sword power and destroy the robot. Later, the Swimsuit Contest resumes and the votes are in. There was only one vote and everyone was shock and thought for sure they put their votes in the right box, not knowing the Big Cheese sabotage it. The host announced the winner. He says, "The winner of the Swimsuit Contest and she only won by one vote while the other contestants didn't get any votes is...Carla Crow." Carla is surprise and she sees Bad Bird in the crowd. Carla says in her thought, "Birdie, I knew you would be here and you’re the only one who voted for me." Carla gets the trophy and she cries with joy. Bad Bird waves to her and he went home while Seymour (still wearing his swimsuit) literally explodes in anger. The Pizza Cats and Lucille are surprise as well. Polly and Lucille think Speedy and Guido didn't vote for any of them and demanded to know why. Speedy and Guido tell them that they did vote. Polly asks, "Which one? “Both Speedy and Guido says out of hesitation, "Well...oh...well..." Polly gets angry and hits the both of them while Lucille gets upset and launches her homing missiles at Speedy and Guido. After the explosion, Speedy and Guido are on the floor and their out cold while Polly and Lucille go to congratulate Carla for winning the contest. This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" episode.

Episode 18: These story beings at night when Bad Bird has a nightmare that Seymour manage to defeat the Pizza Cats and Carla says she never wants to see him again. Bad Bird wakes up from that nightmare. Bad Bird goes to the bathroom and looks at the mirror. He says to himself, “Why am I having nightmares about the Pizza Cats' defeat? It should have been a good dream. My nightmares I usually have are marrying Princess Vi and I can't get away. Do I really care what happens to my enemies? Do I look at them as "friends"?" Later that morning, Seymour comes up with a trap to destroy the Pizza Cats he tells Jerry Atric and Bad Bird to lure them outside of town, when the Pizza Cats walk into the trap, the robot will come in and capture the heroes. Bad Bird starts to hesitate about the plan and he tells Seymour not to worry, he'll pull it off. Bad Bird starts to attack Little Tokyo until the Pizza Cats shows up and they defeated the Ninja Crows. Bad Bird insults Speedy by calling him a loser, he can't fight, and no girl will ever date him. Speedy gets angry and chases Bad Bird across Little Tokyo while Polly and Guido follows Speedy. Speedy is able to catch up with Bad Bird. The Pizza Cats surrounded Bad Bird. Speedy is ready to use his Ginzu Sword on him until Speedy gets hit with a tranquilizer dart. Polly and Guido takes out their weapons and looks around to see where the dart did came from but they get hit by the tranquilizer dart from above. The Pizza Cats hit the floor and the robot and the Ninja Crows have subdued the Pizza Cats. Seymour comes out of hiding and he tells Bad Bird, "Good Job." Bad Bird see the Pizza Cats down and their being taking by the Ninja Crows in which this starts to remain him of the nightmare he had. Later that night the Pizza Cats are being held at Seymour's secret prison and the Pizza Cats are chain to the wall. Polly tries to break free from her shackles. Seymour shows up and he says, "I'll give you three options: swear your loyalty to me, face execution, or spend the rest of your life chain in the wall in the cell." Speedy says, "Can you let us go?" Seymour says, "That is not one of the three options I give you." Polly asks, "Can you give time to think about it?" Seymour says, "Okay." Seymour left the prison. Polly says, "What an idiot. We got to get out of here before he decides for us." Guido says, "I beginning to lose hope." Someone comes in to the prison; it is a mysterious man in a Japanese straw mask. Speedy yell, "Hey, I know you. You’re that guy from the Kung Fu tournament. What are you doing here?" The mysterious man says nothing and breaks the Pizza Cats free from their shackles. The Pizza Cats thank him and they tell him that Seymour got their weapons. The Mysterious man pulls out their weapons out of his backpack. The Pizza Cats thank him so much Polly kisses him, the Mysterious man blush. The Ninja Crows show up and they attack. The Pizza Cats and the Mysterious man defeat the Ninja Crows and they got out of the prison. The heroes confront the robot. Before the heroes fight the robot, the Mysterious man holds Seymour hostage. Seymour tells the robot and the Ninja Crows to stand down. The bad guys stand down and the Pizza Cats escape. The Mysterious man throws Seymour in the mud and he escapes with the heroes. Seymour gets out of the mud and out of anger; he orders the robot to go after the heroes. He also orders the robot to bring the Mysterious man back here so he can torture the Mysterious man himself. The robot attacks the heroes. The robot is about to kill Speedy, until the Mysterious man saves Speedy and the robot hits the Mysterious man and he went flying until he hits the wall. The Mysterious man fell unconscious. Speedy gets angry and uses his Ginzu Sword and destroys the robot. The Pizza Cats tries to help the unconscious Mysterious man until the mask breaks into pieces and reveals to be Bad Bird. The Pizza Cats are surprise about it and wonders if they should help him or not. Polly says, "He help us and I think we should help him." The Pizza Cats patched Bad Bird's head with bandages and they sneak him back to villain headquarters and take him to his room. They place him in his bed and left. Speedy wonders why Bad Bird helped them escape and if the Big Cheese and the Ninja Crow Clan found out about this he would be in serious trouble. Polly says to keep this a secret. Meanwhile, Seymour finds out the plan failed and curses the Mysterious man. Seymour literally explodes in anger while Jerry gets caught in the explosion. Meanwhile at Bad Bird's room, Bad Bird is still unconscious and he dreams that he marries Carla and the Pizza Cats were there at the wedding. Carla kicks Princess Vi and Empress Frieda so hard they went flying across the country. Bad Bird talks in his sleep and says, "That is a good dream and I hope it comes true." This episode takes place after the "Quake Rattle and Roll" and right before the "The Big Comet Caper" episodes.

Episode 19: Part 1. Two years later after "The Big Comet Caper" story, The Big Cheese and Jerry Atric return to Little Tokyo and The Big Cheese resumes his job as Prime Minister, he got all the Ninja Crows back together but they think Bad Bird is dead. Al Dente was shock about this and found out Emperor Fred and Princess Vi forgot all about the Big Cheese being evil and they though he went on vacation. Back at the Pizza Cat Restaurant business went so great they were able to build a playground in the Pizza Cats Restaurant. In the wall of the restaurant there is a sign that says "Employee of the Year" Good Bird became Employee of the Year two years in a roll. Guido is flirting with the ladies, Polly is making the pizza, and Good Bird is out making a delivery, while Speedy is slacking off. Speedy is reading a magazine in front of it says Good Bird helps old ladies cross the street, delivering can foods to the poor, and other good deeds. Speedy ask where is ME? I did good deeds. Polly says that was a long time ago. Guido says move on. Good Bird says I'm going through redemption after all the years of bad deeds Speedy. A phone call and Francine answer it; she says Big Al call and says the Big Cheese is back. The entire Pizza Cats and Good Bird are shocked. They demand what’s going on. Big Al explains about it. The Big Cheese makes a comeback by unleashing a robot on Little Tokyo as a welcome home party. The Pizza Cats gets ready for battle while Good Bird continues working in the Pizza Cat Restaurant. They say welcome home bad guys here are the welcome home present a beating. The Ninja Crows beat the Pizza Cats easily and Speedy can't make a dent the robot. Just when they are about to be defeat a mysterious man in a mask defeats the Ninja Crows and uses the power of Ginzu sword to destroy the robot. The Big Cheese literally explodes with anger as a welcome home gift to Jerry. The Pizza Cats found out why they lose so badly is that they are so out of shape they didn't even exercise for two years. The mysterious man says he'll get you guys back into shape. Speedy ask, "Who are you?" The mysterious man takes off his mask and it's Good Bird. The Pizza Cats ask how you were able to fight the Ninja Crows and the robot with ease. Good Bird says, "I trained every day before I go to work." New chapter begins after the "The Big Comet Caper," "The Pizza Cats Cop Cartoon Careers!" episodes and "The Samurai Pizza Cats Movie."

Episode 20: Part 2. Good Bird takes them to his village where he was born and train. Speedy says he too was born in this village, The Pizza Cats and Good Bird are surprise about it and Good Bird wonders how come he didn't see him in the village years ago, Speedy answer that he only live there for five years before his parents move to Little Tokyo. Good Bird makes them wear Ninja Crow training uniforms. He explains that until they become strong again, they need to be retraining. The training became so difficult Good Bird decide to get Lucille to help the Pizza Cats. She uses her homing missiles on the Pizza Cats and accidentally hit hurt the Pizza Cats and Good Bird. After a while the team finally masters the training. Good Bird says "Excellent that is the heroes I know." Lucille gets overly-emotional and her homing missiles destroy the Pizza Cats fighting uniforms. Lucille says sorry and she'll start sewing their uniforms. They get a call from Francine that the Big Cheese unleashes another robot. The Pizza Cats have to fight the bad guys while they wear Ninja Crow training uniforms. The Pizza Cats shows up and the Ninja Crows ask, "Are they the Pizza Cats because they are wearing Ninja Crow uniforms?" The Ninja Crows think those are crazy birds thinking that they are Pizza Cats. The Pizza Cats are embarrassed that they're not in their normal fighting uniform. The Pizza Cats decide to attack and beaten the Ninja Crows. A new robot attacks them and the Pizza Cats uses their finisher attack powers to destroy the robot. The Pizza Cats did their pose while wearing Ninja Crow training uniforms. The Big Cheese literally explodes in anger. Good Bird congratulated them and the Pizza Cats thank him for helping them getting back in shape. Speedy ask Good Bird if he wants to join the Samurai Pizza Cats. Good Bird says, "Yes, you guys need a new member of team anyway."

Episode 21: Big Al Dente puts Good Bird on trial: to see if he can join the Pizza Cats. Al calls the Samurai Pizza Cats, Francine, and the Rescue Team to the stand. He orders them to be as honest as possible. Al Dente recalls all the terrible crimes he did as Bad Bird. Al Dente shows clips of Bad Bird's evil deeds when he was working with the Big Cheese. Good Bird says he has no comments. Francine says he was doing community service for the past two years to undo the damages he has done for years and he became Employee of the Year for two years in the roll for his hard work. Good Bird tells them he did some good deeds behind the Big Cheese's back while he was Bad Bird. Long ago He warned them about the water being contaminated, he tried to save the Princess Vi from marrying the Big Cheese, and he saved Speedy by deflecting Jerry Atric's cheating attempt against Speedy (in the form of a dart) during a Kung Fu tournament, and helped them save the world from the comet. Speedy asked, "You save me from Jerry during a Kung Fu tournament?" Good Bird says, "Yes." Speedy yells at Good Bird because he had to go on a date with Princess Vi and he can't invite any of his friends on a date. Good Bird says "now you know how I feel about the Princess." Al Dente says he'll think about it. Before Al makes his decision a robot attacks Little Tokyo. The Pizza Cats says postpone your decision we have to stop the robot. Good Bird decides to remain here with Al Dente and Francine. The Pizza Cats defeats the Ninja Crows, but they have trouble battling the robot. Good Bird jumps in helps the Pizza Cats battle the robot. Good Bird and Speedy combine their Ginzu sword power and destroys the robot. Meanwhile at the Big Cheese's place, Seymour literally explodes in anger while Jerry Atric gets caught in the explosion. Meanwhile, Al Dente decision resumes and he decides that Good Bird is welcome to the team, and he'll be Speedy's new Partner. Speedy and the other Pizza Cats are happy with the decision and Good Bird says, "It is an honor." Good Bird and Speedy shakes their hands to their new partnership and as a new member of the team.

Episode 22: It is Polly Esther's birthday, Good Bird, Guido, Francine, Carla, Lucille, Wally, the Rescue Team, Guru, and Al Dente has gotten Polly a gift expect Speedy. Now, Speedy has 24 hours to find her a gift for her birthday and stop the Big Cheese from ruining the party.

Episode 23: The Samurai Pizza Cats are dealing with a robot that can go underground, when Speedy calls for Meowzma O' Tool, he wouldn't answer his call and found out he is with his wife for their anniversary. Things get worse when the robot is close by to them. Will the robot ruin the Meowzma O' Tool's anniversary dinner? Not if his wife has something to say about it.

Episode 24: Lucille needs a boyfriend since Speedy falls in love with Polly and (Good Bird) Bad Bird is in love with Carla. Guido is also looking for a girlfriend. Speedy and Polly decided to have the both of them together. Is Guido and Lucille the perfect match? Lucille says she'll accept Guido as her boyfriend only if he finds her brother Wally a girlfriend.

Episode 25: The Big Cheese and his pirates of Ninja Crows begins to start hijacking ships across the sea and it’s up to Captain Speedy, first-mate Good Bird, second mate Polly, and cleaning crew of Guido and the Rescue Team to stop Big Cheese's piracy. Speedy, Good Bird, Polly, and Guido use their finisher attack powers to destroy four of Big Cheese's battle ships.

Episode 26: Good Bird tells the story about how he meets Carla when he was a child and how they spend their time together and how, when, and why Good Bird left Carla. Until the end of the story he is reunited with Carla. During the story he tells how he got hook up with The Big Cheese and the Ninja Crow Clan. This story tells it was The Big Cheese and (Good Bird's) Bad Bird's father took (Good Bird) Bad Bird away from Carla when he was a child so they can make him bad and (Good Bird) Bad Bird doesn't even know it. While he tries to tell his story Speedy keeps interrupting his story, and the Pizza Cats are doing everything to keep him quiet including Lucille and Carla. At the end of the story Good Bird ask Carla to marry him and she says "Yes Birdie, I will marry you. Birdie there is something I need to tell. I'm pregnant. You’re going to be a father." Good Bird, the Pizza Cats, Francine, and Lucille are surprise about the news. Guido and Francine fainted when they hear the news. Speedy congratulates Good Bird and Carla. Birdie and Carla say, "Thank you Speedy."

Episode 27: A vampire comes to Little Tokyo and he turns the Big Cheese into a vampire and Jerry Atric into a mindless slave. The vampire is looking for a queen (He rejects Princess Vi because she was a spoiled dumb brat) and he picks Polly. Later that night he turns Polly into a vampire. The Pizza Cats starts to notices Polly is acting weird and can't put their finger in it even it was right in front of their faces. Until Speedy notice that Polly doesn't have a reflection and she starts to attack Speedy, Polly was about to bite Speedy until Francine throw garlic at her and Polly escape from the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Good Bird says the only way for her to change back is to kill the leader of the vampire. While The Big Cheese Vampire tries to flirt with the main vampire, but the main vampire was preparing for the ceremony for Polly to be his queen. The Pizza Cats bust opens the wall and battle the main vampire and his vampire ninja crows. (Good Bird) Bad Bird brought a lot of garlic, Guido brought crosses, and Speedy battles the main vampire. The main vampire uses Polly as a shield. Speedy tries to talk to Polly and tells her to fight it. Polly doesn't listen and she finally bites Speedy until the sunrises came and Speedy grabs the main vampire and throws him to the sun. The main vampire vaporizes to ashes, Polly, Speedy, The Big Cheese, Jerry, and the Ninja Crows turn back to normal. Seymour and the bad guys are unconscious. Later that night, Speedy was cleaning the floor until the power went off, and he sees Polly, Good Bird, Guido, and Francine became vampires, and he screams and ran out of the Pizza Cats Restaurant. Polly, Good Bird, Guido, and Francine laugh out loud because it was a prank. Polly says he'll come back first thing in the morning.

Episode 28: It is Good Bird and Carla's wedding. Speedy unintentionally invites Princess Vi to the wedding. To make matters worse the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and the Ninja Crows Clan decided to crash the wedding but they don't know that Bad Bird's wedding. Speedy must fix this mess or he'll be uninvited to the wedding as Good Bird's Best Man. Birdie says to Speedy and the other Pizza Cats, "Don't tell Princess Vi about me and Carla. If any of you do, I'll make your life a living hell." The Pizza Cats say, "Okay, we won't tell her." Speedy says, "Go and marry Carla while we handle some wedding crashers." The Pizza Cats and the Rescue team battles the bad guys while Good Bird and Carla are with Al Dente, not knowing what’s going on. Polly asks Speedy if they should get Good Bird to help them, but Speedy tells Polly and the others not to interrupt their wedding. During the wedding, Lucille gets overly-emotional, she launches her homing missiles and hit people, expects Good Bird and Carla. Al Dente does the vows, "Do you Good Bird take Carla to be her Husband? Carla do you take Good Bird to be his wife?" The two says, "I do." Al Dente says, "By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." The two got marry. At the end of the episode Speedy tricks Princess Vi into taking the wrong turn and she miss the wedding, she sends her chauffeurs to Prisoner Island. He and the other Pizza Cats stop the Big Cheese and his thugs from ruining the wedding. Also, the wedding went great, Good Bird and Carla got marry, Good Bird's secret from the bad guys is safe, and the Big Cheese has to pay for the wedding plans. Seymour literally explodes in anger. In the end Good Bird and Carla were on their way to their honeymoon, Speedy got tangle up in the back of the car while he was tying up strings at the back of the newlyweds' car. Now, he found himself being drag on the road while the newlyweds are driving to their honeymoon. This episode ends with Birdie Good Bird marries Carla Crow.

Episode 29: Carla is pregnant. Good Bird is preparing to be a father. Carla tells Good Bird that the baby will come anytime. Good Bird went work. Meanwhile, The Big Cheese is looking for someone to replace Bad Bird. The Big Cheese found his replacement. This person claims to be Bad Bird's brother and he calls himself Bad Bird 2, Bad Bird 2's armor is like Bad Bird 1 but the color of it is black and he is evil as The Big Cheese and Jerry Atric. Jerry lies to Bad Bird 2 that the Pizza Cats kill his brother Bad Bird 1. Bad Bird 2 thought the Pizza Cats killed his brother Bad Bird 1. Bad Bird 2 introduces himself to the Pizza Cats and he almost defeats them until Good Bird steps in and stops his brother. Good Bird says, "Francine told him about situation and I came to help." Good Bird looks at Bad Bird 2 and is shock to see him. Good Bird says, "Hello Brother." The Pizza Cats and Francine are shock that Good Bird and Bad Bird 2 are brothers. Bad Bird 2 was shock that Good Bird is alive but now he is a traitor. Good Bird says his name is Birdie Good Bird, but bad guys can call him Good Bird and I got marry. Bad Bird 2 says were no longer brothers, Good Bird uses the power of Ginzu on Bad Bird 2 and he is defeat. The Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and the Ninja Crows are shock that Bad Bird 1 is a traitor and he’s marrying. Seymour literally explodes in anger because Bad Bird 1 is a traitor. The Pizza Cats thank Good Bird for saving them, but he says Bad Bird 2 will be back and he is now working for the Big Cheese. Bad Bird 2 freaks out when he sees the Big Cheese cross-dressing and wears makeup. In the end of the episode Carla says the baby is coming and Good Bird takes Carla to the hospital for the delivery. This episode is the introduction of Bad Bird 2.

Episode 30: While Good Bird is with Carla at the hospital delivering the baby, the Pizza Cats faces spider robot and her robot babies that want the Pizza Cats for dinner. While the Pizza Cats deal with the threat, Good Bird and Carla is trap in the elevator, Good Bird has no choice but to make the delivery in the elevator. The Pizza Cats defeated the spider robot and her babies. The Pizza Cats made it back to the hospital and they see Good Bird's and Carla's baby bird. "It's a boy, we name him Kazuma. Name after Carla's father," they said. Speedy held the baby up, but the baby vomit on Speedy's face. Everyone laughs at the end. This episode is the introduction of Kazuma.

Episode 31: Carla has to go away for a while, Good Bird looks after Kazuma. Good Bird takes his son to work at the Pizza Cat Restaurant; he places his son at the guestroom of the restaurant. Guido was assign to watch the child. Francine tells Guido to make a delivery, so Guido takes the pizza and baby Kazuma along. Guido notices a girl and starts to flirt with a girl until he loses the baby. Kazuma wonders Little Tokyo until he was found by Princess Vi, (she sneak out of the palace to have fun.) Princess Vi sees the baby and recognizes the child. She finds out the child is her darling Bad Bird's (Good Bird's) because of the resemblance. She takes the child back home. She orders her servants to feed the baby and take care of the child. Al Dente catches Kazuma drawing on Emperor Fred's face. Al Dente tells the servants to watch the child and Kazuma needs a diaper change, (because he wet his diaper) and a bath. The servants give Kazuma a bath. Big Al recognizes the child and finds out that's Good Bird's child and Princess Vi wants to adopt the child in order to find Good Bird and marry him so Kazuma will have Princess Vi for a mother. Meanwhile, back at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Good Bird yells at Guido for losing the child. Polly is going to hit Guido with a frying pan, but Good Bird hits him with the frying pan first. Speedy sees this and says out of fear, "Another Polly Esther. Imagine that." (Daydream) Good Bird is wearing Polly's civilian outfit (red and pink helmet and shirt, pink mini-skirt, and the white girls' panty briefs) and he is bossing Speedy and Guido around and he hits them with a frying pan. (Daydream Ends) Both Polly and Good Bird treated each other as sisters and Speedy and Guido scream until Speedy snaps out of the daydream when Polly hits him with a frying pan. Al Dente calls the Pizza Cats and tells them he found Good Bird's child, he is with Princess Vi. Good Bird is shocked and he hits Guido with the frying pan again. Meanwhile, Princess Vi wants the child to call her mommy but the child is asleep. Back at the restaurant, Good Bird asks the Pizza Cats to get his son back from the Princess. They need to come up with an idea. Good Bird daydreams that Kazuma will be raise by the Princess, he'll be a lot like her, Carla is sent to Prisoner Island, Good Bird force to marry Princess Vi, and Kazuma calls Princess Vi, mommy. Good Bird snaps out of the daydream and he has to get his son back before his son becomes Princess Vi's son. The Big Cheese got when of Princess Vi plan, he decided to build a robot that should look like the Princess to replace her and raise the child to be evil. The Pizza Cats sneaks into the palace and starts searching for the baby. The Pizza Cats disguise themselves as palace servants. While looking for the child, the robot found baby Kazuma but the child is still asleep. Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird have no luck finding the child but Guido found the Princess with the baby not knowing it is a robot. Guido tries to take the child but the real Princess Vi shows up and causes confusion. The Pizza Cats battle the robot while Good Bird carries Kazuma and escape the palace before Princess Vi notice anything. Guido uses his finisher attack power to destroy the robot. Meanwhile, Seymour literally explodes in anger for failing while Jerry Atric gets caught in the explosion. Later that night, Good Bird hits Guido with a frying pan and call Guido stupid. Later, Carla came home and asks her husband Birdie how things went between him and the baby, and he says no problem. Guido loses fifty percent of his salary for two weeks. The reasons are losing the baby and Princess Vi almost became Kazuma's new mom. Guido deals with it and decided to go to a daycare center in order for him to learn responsibility of looking after a child and learning how to change diapers too. Later at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Good Bird shows up wearing Polly's civilian outfit (red and pink shirt, pink mini-skirt, and the white girls' underwear 'panties'.), because his clothes are at the laundry and Polly was kind of enough to lend him some of her clothes (because her clothes can fit Good Bird). Speedy and Guido freak out (thinking Good Bird turn into Polly) and say, "We get back to work, please don't hit us." Polly, Carla, and Francine show up and Francine says, "Birdie looks cute in your outfit, Polly." Polly and Carla laugh and Polly says, "He does look cute wearing a skirt." Carla says, "Birdie does look cute wearing your outfit Polly." Good Bird blushes while he works.

Episode 32: The Rude Noise comes up with an idea that will destroy the Pizza Cats, also they are shock to find out that Bad Bird has joins the Samurai Pizza Cats and he change his name to Good Bird. During their battle with the Pizza Cats, Crow Magnon tells the Pizza Cats a story of how the Rude Noise was formed by training hard, but Good Bird tells them how the Rude Noise really was formed (Flashback) that they were once homeless beggars until they found musical instruments and fighting armor that made them the Rude Noise. (Flashback Ends) Crow Magnon admits his story was a lie and Good Bird story is true. Crow lie because his origin story is horrible and he wanted to make it cool. Speedy, Good Bird, Polly, and Guido uses their finisher attack powers on the Rude Noise and the bad guys are defeated. Seymour literally explodes in anger. Speedy starts to show off by walking home backwards until he falls down by a pothole cover with mud.

Episode 33: Part 1. The Pizza Cats were inviting to go the Egypt. Francine tells Good Bird to watch the restaurant since he is not invited and he has to be with his family. The Samurai Pizza Cats, Francine, The Rescue Team, and The New York Pizza Cats went to Egypt. When Speedy and his friends got to Egypt, The heroes found the lost city full of cats and foxes. The people give Speedy the prophecy. Speedy reads the prophecy of the cat from Japan comes to Egypt in the city full of foxes and cats so Speedy could become the Pharaoh. Everyone welcome them as their special guests. Speedy looks at the Sphinx and the Sphinx looks almost like him. Speedy is shocked. Meanwhile, Good Bird and Carla have no problem running the Pizza Cat Restaurant and wonders how the Pizza Cats are doing in Egypt. Later, the Pizza Cats are ready for a party. The guest of honor arrives she calls herself Foxapatra. Foxapatra wear an Egyptian women's clothing, an ankh necklace, the gold bracelet that has the fox symbol, and the Egyptian headdress that is gold and has the fox symbol on it. Foxapatra made Speedy Cerviche pharaoh. Her servants crowned Speedy Cerviche as the pharaoh. Speedy takes off his armor and clothes. Speedy wears an Egyptian skirt, a white headdress (as a crown), a white pharaoh beard, and white Egyptian sandals. Speedy is holding an Egyptian royal scepter. Speedy sits on the throne and wears the Egyptian crown and the pharaoh beard. While Speedy is crowned pharaoh, Polly and the others became the royal servants. The males wear Egyptian headdresses, Egyptian skirts, and Egyptian sandals. The females wear female Egyptian dresses. The servant of Pharaoh Speedy shows him the room. Polly and the others dress up as servants. The Sundance Kid is jealous. Meowzma takes his wife Elizabeth to Egypt. Meowzma asked Pharaoh Speedy if he can take a day off of work to be with his wife. Pharaoh Speedy says, "Sure." Later, Polly tells Elizabeth that Pharaoh Speedy approved. Later, the Sundance Kid gives Pharaoh Speedy message. The Sundance Kid says, "Here's the message, sire." Polly joins Speedy for a massage. Pharaoh Speedy reads the message. The message says, "Pharaoh Speedy should be called Pharaoh dwarf." The servants are laughing. Pharaoh Speedy blushes and he rips the message up. Polly laughs when she heard the message and she says, "That was kind of funny." Later, Pharaoh Speedy is given a feast along with his friends. The Sundance Kid is giving Pharaoh Speedy a massage in the morning while Cosmo is giving Pharaoh Speedy some water to drink. General Catton is eating some nice meals with Speedy. Francine gives Pharaoh Speedy a royal bath along with Dee-Dee. Francine gives milk to Pharaoh Speedy and Bat Cat feeds Pharaoh Speedy some fruit. Pharaoh Speedy went to his royal bathroom. The bathroom is big, has a big bed, has a lamp, an alarm clock, a big screen TV, a window, and has the master bathroom. The master bed and the sheets are white it has four pillows are gold. The tube and sink are gold and the rest the bathroom is white. Foxapatra's servants clean Pharaoh Speedy's toilet and bathroom. Later, Pharaoh Speedy takes a bath. Francine gives Pharaoh Speedy a bath and she asked, "You want me to shampoo your hair or scrub your back" Speedy says, "Do my hair first." Francine shampoos Speedy's hair. Foxapatra's servants brushed Pharaoh Speedy's teeth for his bed time. Guido and Meowzma are guarding the Pharaoh Speedy. Spritz T. Cat gives Pharaoh Speedy some water to relax his feet. Foxapatra and her servants shower Pharaoh Speedy with some gifts like a royal pet fox, a golden royal yarn to play with, a jeweled encrusted scarab beetle, fruit, vegetables and some gold and rubies. They put the gifts at the treasure room. Foxapatra and Pharaoh Speedy went to Pharaoh Speedy's treasure room. The treasure room has tons of piles of money, jewels, ruby’s, and other treasure that will make you faint with joy and overwhelming. Speedy says, "Being a Pharaoh is cool!"

Episode 34: Part 2. Polly and the others go to their servants' rooms and them the place empty. They see their beds don't have sheets. Polly and the others have a feeling that they’re not going to have good time as servants. They see the other servants got better rooms. The servants tell them that they need to be promoted to get the better servants' rooms. The next day, Polly and the others begin to serve the Pharaoh. Dee-Dee feeds Pharaoh Speedy some grapes and she says, "Here's your grapes (sigh of grief) sire." Speedy is eating the grapes. Later, Polly and the others serve Pharaoh Speedy dinner. They serve him fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, pizzas, water, sodas, juices, and sakes. Later, Pharaoh Speedy sleeps in his bed, but Speedy feels he needs a queen to sleep with. He also sleeps with his weapons. Two weeks later, the servant comes up and shows Speedy the pyramid is completed and told them that he will be buried. Everyone in the kingdom worships Pharaoh Speedy. Later, Pharaoh Speedy is driving his chariot. His chariot has a white Egyptian chariot and has cat symbols on it. Abigail and Francine uses long sticks to wave at the Pharaoh called Egyptian fan. Pharaoh Speedy watches TV. The shows he watches are Japanese shows, Egyptian shows, anime shows, action shows, and other cool shows. Pharaoh Speedy throws a festival. Abigail is making Pharaoh Speedy pizzas for him to eat. The two pizzas have Egyptian pizza crust, Egyptian pizza sauce Egyptian pizza pepperoni, Japanese pizza crust, Japanese pizza sauce, and Japanese pizza pepperoni. Abigail secretly puts hot sauce on the pizza. Speedy eats the two pizzas until he face turns red and his mouth is on fire. Abigail says, "Hope you like Pharaoh." Later, Abigail and Francine are fanning at Pharaoh Speedy again. Pharaoh Speedy say, "Faster girls." Francine and Abigail go faster and the fans go faster cooling Speedy off. Later, Pharaoh Speedy says to the fox servant, "I want another pyramid because I want a summer home!" The servants begin to build another pyramid. Later, Polly comes to Pharaoh Speedy's room with a basket full of blueberries and a basket full of strawberries. Polly feeds strawberries and blueberries to Pharaoh Speedy. Pharaoh Speedy feed Polly some blueberries and strawberries. Polly says while she is feeding Pharaoh Speedy some blueberries and strawberries, "I think you’re getting carry away of being Pharaoh." Pharaoh Speedy says, "You’re just jealous that I'm a Pharaoh and you’re just a servant." Polly gets angry and she smashes the blueberries and strawberries at Pharaoh Speedy's face. Polly walks out of the room in anger. Later, Pharaoh Speedy orders Foxapatra's servants to give rubies to Polly as an apology gift. Foxapatra's servants gave Polly rubies as Speedy's apology gift. Polly says, "If he was sorry, he should be here to give me the rubies in person and apology to me!" The servants get ready to walk out until Polly stops them and she says, "I'll take that." Polly takes the rubies. Foxapatra's servants told Speedy what happen. Speedy takes a deep breath and he walks up to Polly. Speedy says, "I'm sorry Polly for being a jerk to you. I hope you forgive me." An hour later, Polly tells Speedy that she forgave him and the two hug each other. Later that night, Speedy says, "When I fall asleep, I want you to bring Polly to my bed so she could sleep with me." Foxapatra says, "As you may wish my Pharaoh." Later, Foxapatra and her servants take Polly to Pharaoh Speedy to sleep with him. Polly is kissing Speedy and she dreams about being his queen. Speedy and Polly dream about Speedy deciding to remain Pharaoh forever and Polly becomes his queen. (Dream) Speedy marries Polly and Polly became Pharaoh Speedy's queen. The Pharaoh Speedy and Queen Polly will have a daughter. Then Good Bird and Carla would become Pharaoh Speedy's guards. GB's Egyptian headdresses, Egyptian skirts, and Egyptian sandals and carries weapons. Carla wears a shirt, Egyptian headdresses, Egyptian skirts, and Egyptian sandals and carries weapons. As for the Big Cheese and his Ninja Crows will be Pharaoh Speedy's slaves. Speedy and Polly will live into a paradise. Polly says, "That is paradise." Speedy says, "It’s good to be a Pharaoh." (Dream Ends) Speedy says in his sleep, "That's a dream that is going to be true."

Episode 35: Part 3. Dee-Dee feeds Pharaoh Speedy some grapes. Pharaoh Speedy told the fox servants to build him another pyramid. During the nights, when Speedy is asleep, Foxapatra and the servants put Speedy right next to Polly to sleep with. The next day, Polly tries to call Good Bird and Carla, but the phone lines are busy because GB and Carla are working at the restaurant and business is doing well. Pharaoh Speedy tells Polly that once the kingdom is built, he'll have his servants to bring GB and his family to come live here with them. Later that night, The Fox and Cat Egyptian Festival started. Speedy and Foxapatra danced. Speedy asked, "Will you be my queen?" Polly is shocked, angry, and jealous. Later, Pharaoh Speedy and Foxapatra are at the room alone. Foxapatra says, "Sure after the mummification ceremony." Foxapatra kisses Speedy. Speedy is excited and asked, "Who will be mummified?" Foxapatra says, "You." Speedy says, "Okay…What!?" The servants and Foxapatra reveal to be the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, Bad Bird 2, and the Ninja Crows. Speedy yells, "You’re the Big Cheese! You kiss me! Yech!" Speedy wipes off the kiss that the Big Cheese gave him earlier when the Big Cheese disguised himself as Foxapatra. The Big Cheese reveals that he used a device to change his voice. He disguised the device as an ankh necklace. The Big Cheese used the Egyptian Cat Sleep Gas of Anubis. The Big Cheese says, "This will make you be put to sleep for long. Enjoy your sleep in your sarcophagus." Later, Speedy's friends show up and see Foxapatra crying and hugging Pharaoh Speedy. Foxapatra says, " (sob) my beloved Pharaoh (sob) Speedy is dead (sob)." The heroes are shocked. Polly cries a lot. Foxapatra told Speedy's friends that Pharaoh Speedy passed away and now his friends are going to serve him. Foxapatra says "Your Pharaoh is dead. As tradition, the servants must be mummified to serve their Pharaoh in the afterlife." The Ninja Crows used the Egyptian Cat Sleep Gas of Anubis on the heroes. The heroes fell asleep. The bad guys tied them up with mummy's bandages made out of linen. The Ninja Crows wrapped the left legs in bandages while the other Ninja Crows wrapped the right legs in bandages, the Ninja Crows wrapped the left arms in bandages, then the other Ninja Crows wrapped the right arms in bandages, then the Ninja Crow wrapped the heroes' tails in bandages, then wrapped their bodies in bandages then their heads and then the Ninja Crows crossed the Pizza Cats' arms to their chests then wrapped them so they won't get away. Guido wakes up and he's unable to break free and he can't call Good Bird for help. The Ninja Crows spray sleeping gas on him. The bad guys use the bandages to wrap the heroes' mouths to gag them. Later, the Ninja Crows take the heroes to the pyramid where they’re going to bury them in. They go at the bottom of the pyramid where Pharaoh Speedy's burial chamber is. The burial chamber is big and the servants' sarcophagus is place there as well. There is a little bit on treasure there, however, the Ninja Crows took most of the treasure. The bad guys take out canopic jars and they also take out spooned blade, the serpent-head blade, and a brain hook to do the ritual. The foxes and the cats are imprisoned. The royal pet fox sees the Big Cheese plans and is going to find Speedy's friends but the Ninja Crows captured the royal pet fox and tied him up. The Ninja Crows put the royal pet fox in a cage where the foxes and cats are locked up. The Big Cheese sees the heroes are going to be mummified and he says, "Have fun in the afterlife while I take over Little Tokyo and Egypt. (Evil Laugh)"

Episode 36: Part 4. The Big Cheese (still wearing his Foxapatra outfit) tells Jerry Atric (still wearing his Egyptian outfit) that he's planning to take over Egypt as well once he takes over Little Tokyo because he wants to expand his empire. Meanwhile, the Ninja Crows wear Anubis masks and Egyptian skirts for the ritual because they want to look cute. Pharaoh Speedy is still shocked that Foxapatra turned out to be the Big Cheese and the Big Cheese kissed him. The Ninja Crows begin the ritual. They wrap Pharaoh Speedy first and they get ready to take Speedy's organs. However, the Ninja Crows confessed to each other that they never took organs out of someone's body before. The Ninja Crows try to perform the ritual by reading a book called How to performing the ritual. The steps are place them on the table, wrap them in bandages, take organs, and place them in sarcophaguses. Later, the Ninja Crows are reading a book on how to pull a brain out gently. Later, the Ninja Crows begin to remove the other heroes' organs including the brains. The Ninja Crows put the organs in the canopic jars. They put the Pizza Cats and the New York Pizza Cats in the sarcophaguses. The sarcophaguses has gold on it and have the Samurai Pizza Cats' faces on it while the other sarcophaguses also has gold on it and have the New York Pizza Cats' faces on it. One Ninja Crow tells the sleeping Guido that Lucille will find another boyfriend and hopes the next boyfriend will be nicer. The Ninja Crows continued wrapping the heroes in bandages after their organs are removed. The spleen goes in the Duamutef canopic jar. The appendix goes in Qebehsenuef canopic jar. The kidneys go in Hapi canopic jar. The brain go into a canopic jar go in Imseti canopic jar. They put the canopic jars right next to their sarcophaguses. The Ninja Crows finish wrapping the heroes’ eyes and completed the wrapping process after the heroes’ organs are removed. The Ninja Crows said, "What a good way to shut those cats up with bandages. In the coffins you go. (Laugh)" Speedy Cerviche going to wear a royal mummy mask. Speedy's mummy mask look like King Tut's sarcophagus, but it has Speedy's face on it. The Ninja Crows puts the mummified Speedy Cerviche in his sarcophagus. Pharaoh Speedy's golden sarcophagus is gold, and the face looks a lot like Pharaoh Speedy and has two scepters. One scepter is white while the other scepter is black. The Ninja Crows put all of the heroes in their sarcophaguses and they locked up the sarcophaguses. They get ready to use the big rock to seal the tomb until the Ninja Crows discovers that they overlooked Polly. Polly is on the floor asleep and they said, "We got a cat that we overlooked. Let's bring her in the pyramid." The Ninja Crows carry her to the pyramid. Later, the Big Cheese (still wearing his Foxapatra outfit) sleeps and is dreaming about (Dreaming) the Pizza Cats got mummified and ruled Egypt and Little Tokyo by overthrowing the leaders and making the female jackal princess his queen and making Lucinda and Lucille his slaves and have Carla and Good Bird mummified and having Kazuma as the Big Cheese's adopted son. He and Jerry Atric begin to raise Kazuma to be evil. (Dreaming ends) Meanwhile, the Ninja Crows carry Polly to the table to perform the ritual. The Ninja Crows wrapped Polly in bandages but her arms are not crossed. A Ninja Crow says, "Let's put her arms crossed her chest, but don’t touch her breast even if we wanted too and she's hot and sexy, we need to bandage her now before she wakes up." Another Ninja Crow says, "That cat is going to be one sexy mummy." Suddenly, a Ninja Crow accidentally drops Polly to the floor. Polly's head hit the floor and she wakes up in pain. Polly says, "Ninja Crows." Polly sees Speedy and the others in sarcophaguses and she sees her sarcophagus (that has Polly's face on it). Polly yells, "I'm not going to let you them put me in the sarcophagus alive!" She uses her teeth and upper body strength to break free from those bandages. Polly takes out the Ninja Crows. Polly opens the sarcophaguses and she put all of the heroes' organs back to the heroes and freed them from their bandages. Polly slaps Speedy for trying to have Foxapatra his queen. Speedy tries to explain, but Speedy apologizes to Polly. Polly slaps him again and warns him if he ever does this kind of thing again, she'll kill him. Speedy is frightened and he says, "Understood. I'm sorry again for being a jerk Polly." Polly looks at Speedy and she see that Speedy means it and Speedy sheds some tears. Polly calms down and she says, "I forgive you." Suddenly, sphinx robots (the Sphinx has lion's body and has Speedy's head) appear and they take on the sphinx robot. The heroes use their finisher moves destroys the sphinx robot. However, the sphinx robot regenerates. Polly says, "Speedy. Why not you tell the sphinx to spare us?" Speedy says, "Are you trying to get us killed. The sphinx that looks like me is a robot." Polly says, "I know he is a robot but the sphinx is loyal to Pharaoh Speedy. So if you say the words to the sphinx then he will spare us." Speedy says, "Okay. But if plan doesn't work then we're all doomed." Speedy confronts the sphinx robot. Speedy says, "Sphinx. This is your Pharaoh Speedy. I command you to stop attacking me and my friends." The sphinx robot recognizes Speedy and stops attacking them. Speedy Cerviche now controls the sphinx robot. Speedy Cerviche yells, "As Pharaoh I order you to stop!" The heroes manage to escape the Big Cheese's trap, which he literally exploded at the end like always. Later, the heroes capture the Big Cheese and they wrapped him in bandages like a mummy and sealed him in his sarcophagus. Later, the heroes free the foxes and the cats from their prison. The foxes and the cats thank the heroes for rescuing them. The royal pet fox chose to stay with the cats and foxes. The heroes say goodbye to the cats, the foxes, and the royal pet fox. The Samurai Pizza Cats and Francine say goodbye to the New York Pizza Cats and they all made it back home. Good Bird asks, "How’s the trip?" The Pizza Cats tell him that it went and they asked him how he and his family are doing. Good Bird says, "Great, you guys should go on vacation often while I can look after the Pizza Cats Restaurant." Speedy says, "I don't feel like going on vacation right now. I just glad to be home and I want to go back to work." Good Bird says, "Its closing time. You'll work tomorrow Pharaoh Speedy." Speedy's eyes are wide open. Good Bird shows Speedy and the others a newspaper of Speedy as the Pharaoh. Speedy (sigh in grief) asked, "Why does being Pharaoh Sucks?"

Episode 37: The Big Cheese comes up with a plan to destroy the Pizza Cats from within, so he develops a robot that can switch bodies. The robot starts to attack Little Tokyo switching victim’s bodies left and right until the Pizza Cats shows up and battles the robot. Bad Bird 2 orders the robot to switch bodies with Speedy and tells a Ninja Crow to be right next to Speedy when the switch is made. The robot manages to switch Speedy's and a Ninja Crow's bodies, now Speedy is a Ninja Crow and a Ninja Crow is Speedy. Bad Bird 2 orders the Ninja Crows to restrain Speedy in a Ninja Crow's body and they retreat with Speedy as their prisoner. Ninja Crow in Speedy's body is taking back to the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Francine gives "Speedy" tons of work. He finds it difficult than he expect while Speedy in a Ninja Crow's body gets lock up in a bird cage he starts to like eating bird seeds and worms. The real Speedy comes up with an idea and he manages to trick the guards and he escape. Bad Bird 2 orders the Ninja Crows to find him before he ruins the plans. The real Speedy rushes to make it back to the Restaurant, while a Ninja Crow in Speedy's body keeps losing money to Good Bird in a card game. Good Bird wonders if "Speedy" is having a bad luck day. "Speedy" says "your right I might not having a good day." While the real, Speedy in the Ninja Crow's body was hiding in Lucille's tea house. Lucille spots him and launches homing missiles on him. The real Speedy was able to convince her that he is Speedy in a Ninja Crow's body. The Ninja Crows and Bad Bird 2 spot him and Lucille uses the homing missiles on the bad guys and she tells him to hurry and get his body back. The Ninja Crow in Speedy's body starts planting bombs all over the restaurant and ready to detonate until the real Speedy shows up and the two battle each other. The Pizza Cats shows up and break up the fight and they retrain the real Speedy thinking that’s a Ninja Crow. He tries to convince them he is the real Speedy in a Ninja Crow's body but no one believes him until Lucille shows up and convinces the others that Ninja Crow is the real Speedy. The real Speedy, The Pizza Cats, and Good Bird beat up Speedy's body until he gave up. The real Speedy in a Ninja Crow's body uses the Ginzu Sword and destroy the robot. Speedy, the Ninja Crow, and all the other victims are turn back to normal. The Pizza Cats hit the Ninja Crow's head so he won't remember where the pizza cats HQ is. The Big Cheese literally exploded with anger. Speedy is in bed cover in bandages and ask what happen to his money, Good Bird says the Ninja crow that was in his body lost it all in a card game. Speedy gets upset and passes out.

Episode 38: Part 1: The Big Cheese has trouble of defeating the pizza cats and he says it’s not like I can have one of them to join us. Jerry and Bad Bird 2 say, "That is impossible. The Pizza Cats are always good and they will never be evil." The Big Cheese says just send a robot and attack Little Tokyo. A robot attacks Little Tokyo and the Pizza Cats shows up and battles the robot. During the battle a Ninja Crow sneaks up to Speedy and hits Speedy's head. Speedy hit the ground hard and he's unconscious for a while. Speedy regain consciousness. When he wakes up he sees a group of Ninja Crows. He's confuse and unaware where he is at and ask one of them "Who are you guys?" The Ninja Crows gets confuse and wonders if this is a trick. Speedy ask another question "Do you guys know who I am?" One of the Ninja Crow asks "Do you know who you are?" Speedy responds "no." The Ninja Crows decides to take Speedy back to the Big Cheese. The Big Cheese is shock that the Ninja Crows brought Speedy into his home. Speedy ask him "Who are you?" The Big Cheese is shock, Jerry and Bad Bird 2 whispers to the Big Cheese suggesting they should eliminate him. The Big Cheese says he has a better idea. Big Cheese talks to Speedy, he says he is Speedy Cerviche and he works for the Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows and he is Big Cheese greatest ally. The Big Cheese tells Speedy to lie down and get some rest. The Big Cheese says to build a machine and armor for Speedy. Speedy sits in a machine. The Big Cheese says it will help him regain his memory. The machine shows him "memories" of him working with The Big Cheese and the Ninja Crow Clan, and his sworn enemies the Samurai Pizza Cats. The Big Cheese gives him an armor that will help defeat the Pizza Cats. Meanwhile the Pizza Cats was searching for Speedy for three days with no luck. Polly looks out the window worrying about Speedy. Al Dente calls and says someone is attacking Little Tokyo. Polly, Good Bird, and Guido went out to find the attacker. The Pizza Cats found the attacker in a powerful armor. When they got closer they were shock to discover it was Speedy Cerviche. Speedy looks at them and attacks them. Polly tells him to stop, Speedy tells her that she is the enemy and the Big Cheese is his friend. Polly is shock about this and finds out he is suffering from amnesia. Speedy uses the armor's special power and uses it on the Pizza Cats. The Pizza Cats survive the attack and retreat for now. The Big Cheese celebrates with victory.

Episode 39: Part 2: At the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Polly, Good Bird, and Guido having trouble dealing with Speedy siding with the Big Cheese. Polly starts to cry saying they'll never get Speedy back. Guido says don't give up. Meanwhile back at the Big Cheese place Speedy admires his armor thinking he is invincible. The Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, Bad Bird 2, and the Ninja Crows are wearing cheerleader outfits with the mini-skirts and celebrate Speedy's victory. The Big Cheese shows off when he shows Speedy that he's wearing white girls' panty briefs when the Big Cheese lifted his skirt. Jerry and the others did the same thing. Speedy gets disgusted by it. Big Cheese kisses Speedy and Speedy freak out and screams. Speedy decides to go out and finish off the Pizza Cats. Speedy attacks Little Tokyo, while The Big Cheese and the rest of the bad guys cheers for Speedy's destruction. The Pizza Cats have to stop Speedy. The Pizza Cats prepare for battle. Polly asks her teammates not to kill Speedy and they agree. The Pizza Cats confronts Speedy. The Big Cheese and the other bad guys in their cheerleader outfits tell Speedy to destroy the Pizza Cats by cheering. Guido tells Speedy that they use to be friends fighting over Lucille. Speedy says he doesn't remember doing that. Speedy says he remembers Jerry Atric found him as a kitten and raises him as one of his own. Guido is shock of what the Big Cheese did to him. Good Bird steps in and he tells Speedy that he help reform him, but Speedy tells him that they were good friends, but he betrays the Ninja Crow Clan and made the Big Cheese cry. Good Bird curses the Big Cheese. Polly just stands there and walks up to him. Speedy demands for her to stay back. Polly disarms herself and kisses Speedy. Speedy frost and the Big Cheese and the other bad guys were shock while the other Pizza Cats cheer for Polly. Speedy still paralyzes, Polly yells take him down now with their special powers. Polly, Good Bird, and Guido use their finisher attack powers to destroy the armor and Speedy is knocking down. The Big Cheese (still in his cheerleader outfit) literally exploded with anger while the Jerry, Bad Bird 2, and the Ninja Crows (still wearing cheerleader outfits) get caught in the explosion. The Pizza Cats takes Speedy back to the Restaurant. Speedy wakes up and asks what’s going on Polly. Polly cries with joy and punches Speedy. Good Bird and Guido are happy that Speedy is back to normal. Speedy ask "what did I do?" The Pizza Cats were glad Speedy got his memory back. Francine tells for missing five days of work, he's got a lot of work to do. Speedy says, "I have a feeling I would have been better off not remembering her." Speedy starts cleaning the bathroom.

Episode 40: The Big Cheese builds a robot that can perform magic tricks. The next day, Seymour opens a magic show and everyone came to see. The robot performs magic tricks until he starts stealing money from the people. The robot calls Polly up to help assist him. The robot puts Polly in the box and closes it up. Later the box is open and Polly disappears and the robot disappears and the show is over. Speedy, Guido, and Good Bird chase the robot. They chased him into a magic shop. When they got in the doors are closed and they are locked in. The robot brings Polly in and she is hypnotized. Guido jumps in but the robot puts Guido in a hat. Good Bird makes his move but the robot tank and fills it up with water. Speedy makes his move but the robot use the ring trick on his hands and Speedy gets tangled up. The robot laughs and says out loud that they could never escape and he accidentally told them that the keys are right in front of them and they could escape. Speedy, Guido, and Good Bird grab their keys and they escape. Speedy, Guido, and Good Bird use their finisher attack power and destroy the robot. Polly snaps out of her trance. Meanwhile at the Big Cheese's place, Seymour finds out the plan failed and he yells at Jerry Atric. He says, "I'll make you disappeared." Seymour literally explodes in anger while Jerry gets caught in the explosion. Meanwhile at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Polly asks Speedy to pick a card from her deck. Speedy picks a King of Hearts and place it back in the deck. Polly shuffles it a few times and Polly asks, "Speedy?" Polly pulls a card behind Speedy's ear and asks, "Is the King of Hearts your card?" Speedy says "yes." Speedy walks away. Francine shows up and Polly says, "Thanks for putting the card behind Speedy's ear when he wasn't looking." Francine says, "It’s not hard since all 52 cards are all King of Hearts." Polly shows Francine that 52 cards are just the King of Hearts. Polly and Francine laughs.

Episode 41: The Pizza Cats are battling a robot until the robot injures Polly and the robot escapes. Polly gets taking back to the Pizza Cat Restaurant into her room. Francine says she loss a lot of blood and she needs a blood transfusion. Speedy wants to volunteer, but Francine says he doesn't have her blood type. Guido shows off and says he'll be the hero and gives her his blood. Francine hits him with a pan and says you don't have her blood type either. Good Bird asks, "What is her blood type?" Francine says her blood type is AB. Francine also says she needs two people for the transfusion. Good Bird asks Speedy to talk to him alone. Speedy ask "what is it?" Good Bird says that he know two people who has blood type AB. Speedy gets excited and ask who are the two. Good Bird answer, "the Big Cheese and Jerry Atric." Speedy stops and fainted. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese orders the Ninja Crows to clean and repair the robot for tomorrow. Good Bird suggests going and getting them, but Speedy says they will never agree to this. Good Bird says he knows that is why they are going to resort to kidnapping, after they get the blood then they'll release them. Speedy and Good Bird sneaks in the palace to find the two. Speedy and Good Bird sneaks into the kitchen and put chloroform on the Ninja Crow's soup. Hoping this will knock out the Big Cheese but they only taking out Bad Bird 2, the Rude Noise, and all of the Ninja Crows have taking the soup and gets knock out by the soup. Speedy ask if the Big Cheese is going to eat it, but Good Bird says he forgot that the Big Cheese doesn't eat Ninja Crows' food. Speedy ask why they put the chloroform in the soup anyway. Good Bird answer to get rid of his guards. Speedy says that they are wasting time Polly is counting of them. Speedy and Good Bird manage to find the Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and the robot. Speedy confronts Seymour and Jerry Atric and he chases the both of them while Good Bird battles the robot. Good Bird uses his Ginzu power to destroy the robot. While Speedy corners Seymour and Jerry Atric, Good Bird sneaks behind the Big Cheese and Jerry and ties them up and tied them in the sack to carry them to the Restaurant. Francine took Seymour's and Jerry's blood and give it to Polly. Francine she will be okay. Speedy and Good Bird thanks the Big Cheese and Jerry for their kind help and throw them in the garbage where they are taking to the city dump. The Big Cheese tries to literally explode with anger but couldn't since he lose almost 75 percent blood and he passes out. While Jerry Atric tries to call home but no answer since everyone is still knock out from the chloroform.

Episode 42: Guru Lou made a potion that could increase intelligence, Polly volunteers to take it, after a while that potion seems to make Polly an intelligence of a three year old. Speedy demands to fix it. But, before they can do anything the potion was stolen by Bad Bird 2. He takes the potion to the Big Cheese. The Big Cheese takes it, and the side effects made him as dumb as Polly. Jerry and Bad Bird 2 captures Guru and demands for him to cure him. Before he gets start, the Big Cheese left the palace and wonders Little Tokyo, Jerry orders the Ninja Crows to get him back here, while the Pizza Cats tries to keep Polly out of the kitchen because it was dangerous for her. To make matters worse Polly left the Restaurant. The Pizza Cats searches for Polly. The Pizza Cats and the Ninja Crows found Polly and the Big Cheese at the playground in the middle of town. The kids stare at the both of them, while both sides are completely embarrassed. The Ninja Crows and Bad Bird 2 battle the heroes at the playground. While the heroes and villains battle each other, Polly and the Big Cheese play at the swing sets. Bad Bird 2 summons a robot to the field, while the Pizza Cats summons the Supreme Catatonic, Speedy and Good Bird operate the robot, and destroy the robot sending Bad Bird 2, the Ninja Crows, and the Big Cheese flying. Guru manage to escape, and returns to the restaurant. He says the potion will wear off in a matter of days. Speedy is disappointed but he accepted it. Meanwhile, the bad guys are doing everything they can to keep the Big Cheese from hurting himself. The Big Cheese drops a pot on Bad Bird 2's head and he's out cold, and Jerry Atric wonders when his boss will be back to normal.

Episode 43: This episode is prodigy of the Home Alone movies and this will be Francine vs. the Rude Noise. A package came to the Pizza Cat Restaurant, when the heroes open the package, it is a crystal ball. The Pizza Cats decides to put it in the backroom. At the Big Cheese's place, the Big Cheese wants to know where his package. Jerry Atric says he doesn't know and he orders the Ninja Crows to talk to the Yard Bird. Yard Bird says he read the address and he delivered it. The Big Cheese reads the address and notice Yard Bird misread the address. The Big Cheese orders the Rude Noise to get the package back. They ask where it is, and he says at the Pizza Cats Restaurant. The Big Cheese orders a robot to distract the Pizza Cats while the Rude Noise gets the package. Later that night, the robot begins to attack Little Tokyo and the Pizza Cats goes out to fight the robot. Francine is cleaning up the restaurant until the power went out. Francine goes to the back to get a flashlight until she saw four shadow figures, she says restaurant close for the night. The Rude Noise laughs and starts to break all the windows. Francine gets scare and hides at the kitchen, she tries to call for help but no answer because the Rude Noise disconnect the communication. Francine realized she is on her own now. She begins to start setting up traps in the restaurant at quick speed. The Rude Noise enters the main door in the restaurant looks around for Francine, while the Pizza Cats are chasing the robot and wonders why this robot is running away from them instead of fighting them. Speedy say, "It is not like the robot is a decoy and it’s trying to lure us away from something." Back at the restaurant, The Rude Noise looks around at the main entrance and decides to sit down, but they don't know is that Francine put electrical wires on the chairs. When they sit down, they got shock till they were burn. Crow Magnon orders his team to find the package and get the girl. When they enter the kitchen, they trip on a wire causing an explosion. After that they fell into one trap after another. After going through all the traps, Ronnie Geissmuller and Mojo Rojo pass out unconscious. Francine notices she took out two of the Rude Noise and she now has two people left to take out. Crow Magnon sends Cannonball Battery to get in front of him. Cannonball sees the package and he says he found it. Crow Magnon looks inside the package and it was empty. Francine overhears it and realizes that they were after the crystal ball. Francine confronts the two and says you want it come and get me. Cannonball immediately rushes after her, but Francine has a frying pan behind her back and she uses it to hit Cannonball in the head. Cannonball is K.O. Crow Magnon throws his hatchet at her and miss. Francine runs down the hall. Meanwhile the robot is corner by the Pizza Cats, the Ninja Crows and Bad Bird 2 tries their best but no prevail. The Pizza Cats uses the Supreme Catatonic and the Goonie Birds to destroy the robot. The Pizza Cats says Francine is lucky she is safe at the restaurant. Back at the restaurant, Crow Magnon chases Francine until he caught her. Francine says here is the crystal ball. Crow Magnon destroys it and he says that he and his group will not be beaten by anybody. Francine notice Crow Magnon is insane now. She notices one trap that they haven't walk into yet. She hits him with a mop and runs. She jumps over the trap. Crow Magnon follows her and trips on the trap and nothing happen. Crow Magnon is right in front of Francine and he says any last words. Francine says yeah, you lose. He falls into a trap door and he went into the oven. Francine turns on the oven and he is on fire. He breaks out of the oven and he ran out of the restaurant and jumps into the river. Francine fells relive that she beaten the Rude Noise all by herself. The Pizza Cats return and notice Ronnie, Mojo, and Cannonball are rebuilding the restaurant and they are afraid of Francine. Back at the Big Cheese's place Crow Magnon tells Seymour that he destroys the ball and the Big Cheese literally exploded in anger while Crow Magnon gets caught in the explosion. Back at the restaurant Francine tells the Pizza Cats what happen and she forces the remaining Rude Noise to rebuild the restaurant. She says she'll let them go after they finish rebuilding the restaurant. The heroes say wow. Speedy goes to the back and notice a string, when he pulls it, a boxing glove punches him and he went flying though the kitchen. Speedy is knocked out cold.

Episode 44: The Big Cheese started his own circus and everyone is invited. The Ninja Crows are the clowns, acrobatics, and other stunt-oriented artists. The Big Cheese is the ringmaster. Jerry Atric and Bad Bird 2 is flying trapeze. The Pizza Cats came to visit the show. The show went great until Seymour presents the final act, a robot shots out of a cannon. The Pizza Cats says, "We get shot out of a cannon and no one cheers for us." The show is over. For the past three weeks, Seymour's circus became a big hit and expensive. Meanwhile, the Pizza Cats, Jerry Atric, and Bad Bird 2 are suspecting that the Big Cheese is making the tickets more expensive every time people come to visit the circus. Jerry and Bad Bird 2 ask Seymour to stop or people will not come to visit. Seymour tells them that the robot has the ability to make the people come on matter how expensive it gets. The Pizza Cats finds out it's another get rich schemes by the Big Cheese and they must stop him. The Pizza Cats went to Good Bird's home and ask for him and Carla for help. Good Bird says, "We'll sneak in. Carla, we need your help and do you still have some clown makeup?" Carla says, "Sure Birdie." The Pizza Cats get confused and Speedy ask, "What clown makeup?" Later at the circus, the heroes disguise themselves as clowns. Speedy says, "This is humiliating." Carla says, "This is how I get my checks. So, let's get to work." Good Bird says, "Okay Carla." The heroes sneak in the circus and perform. At the final act, the robot appears and he performs until the act went wrong because the Ninja Crows forgot to put gun powder and the robot starts to attack the crowd. The heroes take off their clown costumes and reveal themselves. The heroes battle the Ninja Crows, Bad Bird 2, and the robot. Speedy and Good Bird use their Ginzu Sword power and destroy the robot and the circus. Seymour, Jerry Atric, Bad Bird 2, and the Ninja Crows went flying after the explosion. Seymour literally explodes while his henchmen get caught in the explosion. Later, Speedy looks at the cannon and goes in while Carla lights the cannon. The cannon fires and Speedy went flying across Little Tokyo until he landed in front of the Pizza Cat Restaurant. Speedy is on the floor and he says, "Well, at least I'm home."

Episode 45: Guru Lou accidentally gives Guido a potion that made him old. Guru runs back to his house to get the antidote, while Speedy is assign to take care of him. Speedy asks his friends for help but they tell him that they're busy. Old Guido calls Speedy, "Youngster." Speedy feeds him, gives him a bath, change him, and gives him medication. Old Guido keeps pinching Speedy's cheeks, spanking him thinking Speedy has talk bad about him, and taking a nap every twenty minutes. The Big Cheese sends out a robot to attack Little Tokyo. The Pizza Cats goes out to battle the monster while Guido remains at the restaurant sleeping. Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird battle, Bad Bird 2, the Ninja Crows, and the robot until Old Guido shows up. Old Guido looks at Bad Bird 2 and the Ninja Crows and he calls them adorable children. Old Guido starts to pinch every Ninja Crow until their cheeks turn red and painful. Old Guido hugs Bad Bird 2 and he tells him, he so cute he'll kiss him which he did and freak Bad Bird 2 out. Meanwhile, Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird were laughing at the Ninja Crow's and Bad Bird 2's humiliation. Speedy asks Old Guido if he wants go back home, but Old Guido asks, "Did you talk back to me, boy." Speedy says, "No I didn't." Old Guido says, "For that you get a beaten." Old Guido grabs Speedy and puts Speedy on his lap, bends him over and starts to spank him. Polly, Good Bird, Bad Bird 2, the Ninja Crows, and the robot stare at them and find it embarrassing. Bad Bird 2 says, "Let’s fight somewhere else." Everyone agree and left Speedy at the mercy of Old Guido's spanking. The heroes and the villains went to a different location and resume the battle. Polly and Good Bird use their finisher attack powers to defeat the bad guys and save the day. Meanwhile, Old Guido finishes spanking Speedy and he says, "I hope you learn a lesson." Speedy rubs his back side and says, "Yeah, I learn my lesson." Seymour finds out his plan fails and literally explodes in anger. Jerry Atric manages to avoid the explosion. Back at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Guru Lou gives Guido the antidote. Guido drinks it and turns into a five year old. Guru realizes he got the wrong potion again. Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird got angry and decided to hang him on the pole for his stupidity. Meanwhile, five year old Guido is flirting with the ladies until he insults one of them. One of the ladies grabs five year old Guido and starts to spank him. The Pizza Cats stare at this and get embarrassed, while Speedy is laughing out loud and he says to five year old Guido, "Now you know how it feels. (Laugh)"

Episode 46: The Big Cheese builds a robot that can ruin relationships between a man and women by making the single males sexist. The robot uses his power on Speedy, Guido, the Rescue Team and all the single males in Little Tokyo sexist. Good Bird was not infected by this because he is married. Polly, Good Bird, Meowzma O' Tool (who is also marry), and Francine are the only heroes that can save Little Tokyo. Polly and Good Bird battle the robot and Bad Bird 2 while Meowzma battle the Ninja Crows. Polly and Good Bird use their finisher attack powers to destroy the robot. All of the single males at Little Tokyo including the other Pizza Cats are turning back to normal. Meanwhile, Seymour notices his plan failed and he literally explodes in anger while Jerry Atric gets caught in the explosion. Meanwhile, Speedy and Guido doesn't remember saying harsh words to Polly and Francine. Polly says, "there is one thing I wants to say to Speedy and Guido." She hits the both of them with a frying pan. Polly yells, "You two should be more like Good Bird, at least he knows how to treat a lady!" Speedy and Guido still dizzy from the frying pan and says "okay Polly, I'll never talk bad about girls again."

Episode 47: This episode is the Pizza Cats travel to an island after hearing reports that the Big Cheese and his gang are spotted in the area. During the search the heroes split up to cover more ground. Guido wonders the island to find the bad guys until he found them. The bad guys were carrying a chest, and they put it in the boat. Guido decides to go ahead but a coconut hits him on the head. Later the Pizza Cats found Guido on the floor. When he wakes up, he'll start to like a wild monkey. The Pizza Cats get confuse until Guido snatches Polly. Speedy and Good Bird chases Guido across the island. Polly discovers that Feral Guido thinks he's a wild monkey after he got hit in the head. Feral Guido takes Polly to the cave and drops her. Speedy and Good Bird notice a volcano is erupting and they must find Polly and Guido before they get kill. Later, Speedy and Good Bird hears Polly singing and they follow her voice all the way to the cave. They found Polly until Feral Guido shows up and chases the Pizza Cats all around the island. Until Speedy found a coconut and hits Feral Guido on the head. Guido wakes up and he is back to normal. The volcano starts to erupt and lava is coming out. Speedy calls for the Supreme Catatonic and the Goonie Birds. Speedy uses his Ginzu sword power and creates a path for the lava to go to in the ocean and save the island. Guido tells the other Pizza Cats that the Big Cheese and his gang were carrying a chest. Back at the Big Cheese's place, Seymour opens the chest and finds that what’s inside it is only bananas. Long ago wild monkeys found the chest and spent the money on bananas and put in the chest for safe keeping. The wild monkeys forgot all about it. Seymour literally explodes in anger knowing that their trip was a waste. Back at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, the heroes wonder what was inside the chest that the Big Cheese wanted so bad, guess they never know. A beautiful lady shows up at the restaurant and Guido begins to act like a wild monkey in front of the heroes and the beautiful lady screams and runs away while Guido chases her and screams like a monkey. The Pizza Cats starts chasing Guido before he gets into trouble, and Speedy says, "Here we go again."

Episode 48: The Pizza Cat Restaurant is close down for renovation. The Rescue team invites the Pizza Cats to stay with them for the time being. Speedy and Good Bird stays at General Catton's place, Polly stays at Bat Cat's place, Guido stays at Meowzma O' Tool's place, and Francine stays at Spritz T. Cat's place. Speedy slacks off while Good Bird is busy feeding his son causing General Catton a hard time. Francine complains that the bathroom toilet is not flushing and she tells Spritz to take a shower because he stinks. Polly starts bossing Bat Cat around like she did back at home. Guido starts to flirt with the ladies until he accidentally insults one of the ladies. She calls her boyfriend and he comes in the restaurant. Her boyfriend is going to punch Guido until Meowzma comes in stops this. The boyfriend punches Meowzma and tells him to keep his coworker away from his girlfriend or he will sue him. Later that night, The Rescue team got together and talks about the Pizza Cats' behavior. General Catton tells his teammates that the Pizza Cats are here until the renovation is complete. Meowzma says, "I can't wait that long. The longer they stay here the chances of me getting sued. I am going to the Pizza Cat Restaurant to finish the renovation. Who's with me?" The rest of the Rescue team went with Meowzma to the Pizza Cat Restaurant to help finish the renovation. The restaurant looks twenty-five percent done. The Rescue team starts to fix up the place. Three days later, they only got thirty-five percent done. Bat Cat is able to get the T.V. working and see a robot attacking Little Tokyo. Bat Cat tells his teammates about it and tries to call the Pizza Cats who are still at the Rescue team's restaurant. The phone line is dead because it hasn't been connect yet. The Rescue team battles the Ninja Crows and the robot. During the battle the Ninja Crows and the robot gains the upper hand until the Samurai Pizza Cats shows up and helps them. During the battle General Catton asks Good Bird, if his son is still at the restaurant. Good Bird says, "Carla got him and if Carla wasn't home I would not go out fighting evil until Carla is home or I be able to get any of you Pizza Cats or Lucille to watch him." The Pizza Cats defeats the Ninja Crows and ask the Rescue team to finish off the robot. The Rescue team uses the "Super-Duper Wonder Weapon" to destroy the robot. Seymour explodes in anger for failing. After destroying the robot, the Rescue team finishes renovating the Pizza Cat Restaurant. The Pizza Cats thank the Rescue team for helping them. When the Rescue team left, Speedy says, "that plan work." Good Bird says, "yeah, pretending to slack off, using my son to irritate Catton, Polly bossing Bat Cat, Francine's complaining, and Guido almost getting Meowzma sued in order for them to finish the renovation was a clever plan." Guido says, "Will they get mad that we use them." Polly and Francine threaten Guido. Polly says, "If you tell the Rescue team about this." Francine says, "I'll tell them you planned all this and we didn't know anything about it. When the Rescue team got back home, they find that their restaurant a mess. The Rescue team is glad the Pizza Cats are backing home. Meanwhile at the Big Cheese's place Jerry Atric Bad Bird 2 and the Ninja Crows are staying at Seymour's place. The Ninja Crows are taken up too much space at Seymour's place. Seymour asks, "How long you all have to stay here." Jerry says, "Renovation at Ninja Crows' Headquarters will take about two weeks." Seymour literally explodes in anger and calls Jerry Atric and the Ninja Crows idiots. Jerry Atric and the Ninja Crows get caught in the explosion.

Episode 49: A casino opens at Little Tokyo, and Guido goes in to make some money. When Guido begins to gamble, he starts to lose money, until he became broke. The Pizza Cats notice the casino is own by the Big Cheese. Seymour reveals that he opened the casino to take everyone's money and all the games are rigged. The Pizza Cats found out about Guido's gambling and tries to stop him from gambling. The Pizza Cats tied Guido up in his bed to prevent him from gambling. Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird went out to stop the casino. The heroes enter the casino and they found Seymour and his henchmen on the top floor. The heroes expose the bad guys plot and the people in Little Tokyo stop gambling. Seymour orders Bad Bird 2, the Ninja Crows, and his robot to attack. Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird defeated the Ninja Crows and Bad Bird 2. The robot takes out a machine gun and starts shooting coins at the heroes. Polly uses the slot machines as a shield and she destroys the robot's gun. Speedy and Good Bird use their Ginzu sword power to destroy the robot and the casino. Seymour literally explodes in anger while Jerry Atric and Bad Bird 2 get caught in the explosion. Speedy says, "The Big Cheese may have taken the twenty-five percent of Little Tokyo's money, but at least we put an end to it before he does any more damage to our economy." Back at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Guido is trying to make up all the money he loses. Speedy asks, "Francine, what is Guido doing?" Francine says, "Since Guido loses his money at the casino I will give him extra work to make the money he lost. I also making him write an essay about why gambling is wrong. Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird, you guys can take three days off of work for a while." Speedy, Polly, and Good Bird say to Francine, "Thank You Francine. We'll see you in three days." The heroes go out to have fun, while Guido remains at the restaurant writing his essay. Guido says, "I will never gamble again."

Episode 50: The Big Cheese orders the Ninja Crows to kidnap an elementary school kids in Little Tokyo for ransom. Al Dente orders the Pizza Cats to search for the children. The Pizza Cats call Good Bird and the Rescue team for help. They each take part of the city to cover more ground. Meanwhile, the bad guys are making food for the hostages, looking after them, taking them to the bathroom, playing with the children, and keeping them quit while the kids are giving the bad guys a hard time. Bad Bird 2 says, "I hope Big Cheese knows what he's doing, I'm about to lose with those brats." One kid threw a toy at his head. Meanwhile, Polly found a clue and calls the others. Meanwhile, the Ninja Crows finish building a robot and started putting the children inside. Seymour says, "If I don't get any money, I'll make these kids become batteries for my robot. If the Pizza Cats destroy the robot while the brats are inside, I still win." Jerry Atric says, "That is so brilliant sir." Seymour says, "Unleash the robot." The robot begins to use the kids' energy to make the robot move. The robot starts to attack Little Tokyo. Francine calls the heroes and tells them about the robot. The heroes show up and getting ready to battle the robot. They first took out the Ninja Crows. Bad Bird 2 says, "You can't defeat the robot, he'll crush you." Speedy says, "Let's get the robot you guys." The heroes battle the robot. When Speedy got close, he heard a child scream from inside the robot. Speedy uses his helmet to see though the robot and he sees the elementary school kids. Speedy tells the others not to destroy the robot because there children inside. The heroes wonder how beat the robot and save the children. The robot continues to attack Little Tokyo while Seymour laughs at this. The Rescue team tells the others that they have an idea. General Catton and Bat Cat distract the robot while Meowzma O' Tool digs a giant hole and a tunnel while Spritz T. Cat gets the water in the tunnel. The robot fells in the hole while Guido and Polly rescue the children. The children pull their tails while they were taking them to safety. Speedy and Good Bird use their Ginzu sword power on the robot and it was destroy. Bad Bird 2 says, "Next time Pizza Cats, you will never be so lucky." Bad Bird 2 flies away. Seymour literally explodes in anger while Jerry Atric gets caught in the explosion. Meanwhile, the children kept pulling Polly's, Guido's, and the Rescue team's tail while Speedy and Good Bird calling the kids' parents to pick up their kids. Later at the Pizza Cat Restaurant, Speedy, Good Bird, and Francine are putting bandages on Guido's tail, Polly's tail, and the Rescue team's tail. Speedy says, "I can't believe those little kids can be so dangerous." Good Bird says, "I hope my kid doesn't be like them." Francine says, "We're done. Try not to touch it for a while. Speedy can you make a delivery" Speedy says, "Okay." Speedy was walking out the door until he accidentally steps on Polly's tail and she started to scream. Polly yells, "Speedy! You brat! You’re gonna get now!" Speedy runs for his life while Polly chases him.