Carla beats up Empress Frieda and the Princess when the two were brainwash by the Big Cheese. Carla defeated them. Later Empress Frieda pass away. She became a zombie a few times and she gets killed a few times. Later, Princess Vi names her daughter Fredia Tokugawa. She later gets resurrected which causes Princess Vi to be very happy.

She and Princess Vi train Fredia, Aiko, and Kazuma in grapping martial arts.


  • SPC chracters

Emperor Fred (husband)

Princess Vi (daughter)

Jet Cat (grandson)

Fredia Tokugawa (granddaughter)


Carla (enemy), the Empress was not very please when she found out (the council told her when she threaten them with her bazooka) that Carla defeated Princess Vi. She was angry that a tramp peasant beat up her Violet. Her rule is to not let anyone be better than Princess Vi and Empress Fredia the spoiled royal family. The Empress track Carla down and the Empress tried to eliminate Carla, but the Samurai Pizza Angels save Carla. Carla and the Empress battle each other, the Empress proven to be more dangerous than Princess Vi, but eventually Carla managed to defeat her. Carla asked her why she tried to eliminate her. The Empress tells her that she beat up Princess Vi (is an insult), and the Empress is angry that Bad Bird chose her over Princess Vi (Princess Vi is rich). Carla tells her that Bad Bird is her husband and a person not Princess Vi's property and Princess Vi and Empress Fredia can't own Bad Bird no matter how rich they are. The Empress took that as an insult. The Empress is defeated and she left to return to the afterlife. The Empress failed to avenge Princess Vi's defeat.

Princess Vi, the two beat each other up when the two were reunited. The two have alot in common.

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