Drake Slasher is a former Rescue Team leader who was working for Cover Rain Industries. 4 years ago before Speedy was born. He was Speedy's father long time friend until he betrayed and became enemies. Speedy's father found Drake Slasher making a deadly weapon zombie known as Hunter Slash. But Hunter Slash killed Drake Slasher. Drake Slasher was revived by Dr. Makonekey 4 years later. Drake Slasher killed Dr. Makonekey after he acquired the super gene that gives him deadly powers. 10 years later Speedy was grown up and finished his training with his father to become a samurai. Drake works for Cover Rain Industries until an experiment gone horribly wrong which cause a zombie outbreak in Monkey Chunky Island. Speedy was reunited with his sister Jenny Cerviche after she was visiting with her grandma until they were rescued by a rabbit person named Geno Lawrence. 6 years later Speedy and his father were sent out to find the outbreak and encounters Drake Slasher who kills the head of Cover Rain Industries Monk Glonk. Speedy's father fights Drake and drags him out of the window to the sea and disappeared. Speedy believed his father was dead. Drake Slasher was the mysterious figure who will spread the Blaokanos Virus around the globe. Drake works for Dicexlentlex. He is the fourth mysterious foe. He murders Koga, a crow and a member of the Rescue team, this caused the Samurai Pizza Cats and their allies to go after him. Drake thinks that Aiko and Kazuma are a threat, however, his allies notice that Drake is underestimating Speedy and his allies. He was defeated by Speedy, Polly, Guido, Good Bird, Aiko, Kazuma, the Samurai Pizza Angels, the Samurai Pizza Warriors, and the Rescue team.