Deerhotep (Egyptian version of Bucky) is a deer and husband of Catentiti. He appears in Fan Movie 19. He wears an Egyptian skirt, an Egyptian headdress with a deer symbol on it and a light blue Egyptian sandals and his weapon is the Osiris Ice Sword. His finisher move is the Osiris Freeze Prison. His Spiritual Hyper Mode color is pure light blue and white and Spiritual Mega Hyper Mode color is shiny pure light blue and white. His intro is he jumps and lands and did his Egyptian pose. His victory pose is that he crosses his arms and raise his sword up in the air.

He got a new move called Ice Storm Attack and a new finisher move called MUMMY WRAP ICE SARCOPHAGUS PRISON!

Deerhotep's Space Bow and Arrow is called Egyptian Bow of the Moon and the Arrow of the Comet. Finisher move: Moon Arrow Dead Shot!


Catentiti (wife)

Sphinxoma (daughter)

Deerhotep Jr. (son)

Linpatra (daughter)

Similarities and ContrastsEdit

Bucky and Deerhotep are deers.

They married their girlfriends.

They have children.

Bucky wears a Samurai Armor.

Deerhotep wears an Egyptian Armor.