Blade Eyes is the Swordmaster's nephew, Dragon Shadow's brother and Kouda and Miki's cousin. He is a ninja who wears a black ninja suit and goggles and can't talk. He helps the girls save the island from Zhou and his empire. Blade Eyes became the leader after Swordmaster decides to retire which makes Dragon Shadow jealous. Blade Eyes will appear in the Fan episodes along with the women on the island as the Pizza Cats allies.

Blade Eyes, Swordmaster, and Dragon Shadow are perverts. This caused embarrassment to his cousins.

Blade Eyes - Black Star Sword. Finisher move "Seven Stars Slash Attack!" Swordmaster will give the weapon to Blade Eyes.

Perverted ActsEdit

Blade Eyes mostly lifts women's skirts to see their panties. When he did that to Polly and the girls, they punch him. He, Swordmaster, and Dragon Shadow like that habit. It's their main act.

he sometimes groping womens' rear

Because of these acts, Polly and the girls almost kill him a few times.