Birdy Karamaru Crow Bird is the second son of Bad Bird (Good Bird) and Carla. He is a member of the Lucky 7.

Birdy got a new weapon called the Bird Nunchucks, learned a new move called Pain X and a new finisher move called NUNCHUCKING TALON STRIKE!

Birdy get the Egyptian Sword.

Birdy's Space Gauntlet is called Power Fist Cosmic Gauntlet. Finisher move: COSMIC CROW PUNCH!

He has a love interested named Arata.

His Egyptain name is Prince Djcrow.

He can perform Aura Sphere and other aura powers. Miyujackal put some of his blood inside his body. He has Aurarian powers. His finisher move is Aura Sword Slash! HYAH!


Bad Bird (Good Bird) (Father)

Carla (Mother)

Kazuma (Brother)

Amy (Sister)

Callie (Sister)

Arata (Wife)

Birdy II (son)

Arata II (daughter)

Miyujackal (alien blood father)

Tetsujackal (alien blood brother)

Lanjackal (alien blood nephew)