Aruno is a cute owl that has falcon's wings and talons. Aruno became one of Good Bird's friends. He's kind, caring, honorable, and has a strong sense of justice. He mostly follows his own justice. He meets Good Bird during the trial. He wears a purple ninja outfit.


Aruno's biological parents died when he was born. Skirokuma (White Japanese Polar Bear) adopted him when he was a baby. Over the years Aruno has always regarded as Shirokuma a real mother. Shirokuma tells Aruno that she was friends of his biological mother. She told him that his biological father was a falcon from United Kingdom and his name is Vincent. He came to Japan to get away from his horrible mother. He met Aruno's biological mother named Natsuowl. Aruno's biological mother was an owl. The two fell in love until Vincent's mother found him and demanded him to return to the United Kingdom to marry the woman she picked, but Vincent refused and he severed all ties to his horrible mother. Vincent older brother (Aruno's biological uncle) was proud of him. Few months later, Vincent and Natsuowl got married. A few months later, Natsuowl got pregnant. However, Vincent was died from a horrible illness and Natsuowl died from childbirth. Shirokuma adopted Aruno when he was born. Years later, Aruno attended ninja school when he was four years old. During the same year, Shirokuma adopted Asanuma. Asanuma was a baby raven. Shirokuma tells Aruno that she found Asanuma in the woods and someone abandoned the child. Shirokuma took in Asanuma as her second child. Aruno and Asanuma see each other as brothers. Years later, Aruno teaches Asanuma martial arts and ninjutsu. During the ninja school, Aruno became Ninja Master's (He's a raven) greatest students. Aruno made so many friends in the school. Aruno found a girlfriend and they went out dating. Years later, his mother, his brother, and girlfriend are kidnapped and he meets Good Bird and he asked Good Bird to help save his family. GB and his friends help Aruno save his family

Aruno and his friends became Birdy's and Guido Sukashii Cerviche's guardians.

Aruno marries Azul the cat and they have children, a cat named Billie and an owl named Takashi.

Aruno finisher move is "Purple Fukurou-Hayabusa Slash!"

Aruno has a new weapon called the Owl Falcon Morningstar, a new move called Owl Ninja Crush and a new finisher move called ULTIMATE OWL FALCON NINJA SMASH!

Prince Zaku, Princess Snow, and King Callot give Aruno a new weapon, new move, and new finisher move.

Aruno got the new weapon called the Super DNX Tonfa, a new move called Owl and Falcon Crush and a new finisher move called SUPER SMASH DNX CRUSH!

He gets a space weapon called Star Talon Sword. Finisher move "Universe Fukurou-Hayabusa Slash!"


He's one of the most powerful martial arts birds on the planet. He's a master of ninjutsu, Jujutsu, all ninjutsu's weapons, Taekwondo, Karate, Kung fu, Vovinam, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Silat, Kalarippayattu, Savate, and all arts of weaponry from around the world. He has Spiritual Hyper Mode.


Natsuowl (Aruno's biological mother) (Deceased)

Vincent (Aruno's biological father) (Deceased)

Shirokuma (Adopted Mother)

Asanuma (Adopted Brother)

Azul (Wife)

Billie (Daughter)

Takashi (Son)

Na Cerviche (sister in law)

Rakuna (brother in law)


Aruno closely resembles Falcomon.

Aruno and Azul love is like the Owl and the Pussycat.