Amen Cream Cheese (Egyptian version of Seymour Cream Cheese) is a fox and son of Amen Big Cheese. He is 8 years old. He is like his father Amen Big Cheese. After the old Egyptian Crow of the Shadows member named Oamanen dies Amen Big Cheese orders the Ninja Crows of the Shadows to mummify his dead body and give him to the Fox Sphinx that is located in the Dark Pyramid of the Fox that is located in the Desert of the Dark Fox. Amen Big Cheese starts the ritual and asks the Fox Sphinx to exchange a mummified body for his wish. He gives the mummified Oamanen to the Fox Sphinx and the Fox Sphinx created Amen Cream Cheese and Petenkhamen Tutric from the wish that Amen Big Cheese made.

When his father died, he became the new leader of the Egyptian Crows of the Shadows.

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