Akanostos II is the black jackal prince and son of the Pharaoh Akanostos and Queen Cleonaten and brother of princess Jackenapatra. After he was born Akanostos and Cleonaten told Flashenkhamen to hide him in the safe location from the Egyptian Crows of the Shadows when he was a baby. Flashenkhamen hides him in the Egyptian village where the Neo Egyptians of the Light lives. Flashenkhamen told his nephew Lokontut and his son Jokhamen to keep him safe from evil and train him to protect Egypt. After many years he returns and is reunited with his older sister who is now the Pharaoh name Queen Jackenapatra. He appears in Fan Movie 19.

He wears an Egyptian skirt, an Egyptian headress with a star symbol on it and Egyptian sandals because he lived with Neo Egyptians of the Light all his life.


Akanostos (father deceased)

Cleonaten (mother deceased)

Jackenapatra (sister)

Amuha (honorary brother)

Kittenpatra (honorary sister)

Patranenali (wife)

Akanostos III (son)

Zeopatra (daughter)

Patranen (daughter)

Tutanostos (son)

Anumantoka (brother in law)