Akanostos is a pharaoh black jackal. He rules the city of Amenskienos. He died. He appeared in Fan Movie 19. He has a daughter name Jackenapatra. He wears an Egyptian skirt (short skirt and above his knee), an Egyptian headdress with a star symbol on it and Egyptian sandals

In heaven Akanostos and Cleonaten are happy that Jackenapatra became the new Pharaoh of Egypt and Akanostos II became the Neo Egyptian of the Light Warrior Prince to defend his sister.

Family Edit

Cleonaten (wife deceased)

Jackenapatra (daughter)

Akanostos II (son)

Kittenpatra (honorary daughter)

Amuha (honorary son)

Anumantoka (son in law)

Patranenali (daughter in law)