Aiko Esther Cerviche Ra is the daughter of Speedy and Polly. She's closely resembles her mother and she has red hair. Aiko is train by Good Bird. Aiko likes her teacher Good Bird. Aiko has some of her parents' bad habits. She is the leader of the Lucky 7.

Aiko finisher move is "CRIMSON CAT EYE SLASH! HYAH!"

Aiko's Egyptian moves: "Bastet Tornado" and "Mummy Wrap Strike"

Aiko's Egyptian finisher move: "BASTET CAT EYE SLASH! HYAH!"

Aiko got a new weapon called the Lucky Cat Katana, learned a new move called Star Slash and a new finisher move called LUCKY CRIMSON CAT SLASH! HYAH!

Aiko gets a new weapon Chinese curved bladed spear called the Cat Spear, a move is called "Cat Spear Jab!" and finisher move is called "RED SPEAR SLASH! HYAH!"

Aiko's Space Gauntlet is called Cosmic Cat Gauntlet. Finisher move: Crimson Cosmic Kitty Punch!

Aiko get an Egyptian Bow and Arrow

Pharaoh Catemhotep will give Aiko a weapon called the Crimson Flare Blade of Bastet and Kitsune.

Aiko can perform the Night Daze. Makinofox put her blood inside Aiko's body. She has Zoroian powers. Her finisher move is Night Zoroian Slash! HYAH!

Her Egyptain name is Princess Aikopatra.


Speedy Cerviche (father)

Polly Esther (mother)

Guido Sukashii Cerviche (brother)

Ty Cerviche and Speedy Cerviche Jr. (twin brothers)

Kanzu Cerviche (adopted sister)

Katutankitty Ra (husband)

Aleena Cerviche Ra (daughter)

Makinofox (alien blood mother)

Arifox (alien blood sister)

Foxrua (alien blood niece)


Aiko teachers that taught her how to be a warrior.

Good Bird (first teacher)





Princess Vi (later Empress Vi)

Empress Fredia



Jing Peng

Samurai Egyptian Cats

Master Zing-Pel

Princess AikoshiEdit

Empress Vi gets Aiko to take up the Princess Aikoshi disguise. In the public, Princess Aikoshi is Empress Vi's adopted child. She is popular with the boys. It causes girls to get jealous. Princess Aikoshi is also a powerful warrior. She almost got kissed by her brothers a few times. She had a weird dream that she ends up marrying one of her brothers and they have kids.

One day, Trutharak accidently uses his wings to make Aiko and Kazuma tell the truth that they were the princesses. Her brothers and the other boys wer heartbroken. The heroes promised Aiko and Kazuma that they'll keep this a secert.

Aiko gets Katutankitty Ra to wear the Princess Aikoshi disguise.

Aiko enjoys being Princess Aikoshi. She wears it every now and then.


Kazuma, Aiko and Kazuma bond with each other. Aiko regards Kazuma as a brother figure. Kazuma helps her when she gets into trouble. Kazuma tries to not get into her bad side. He wouldn't dare get her angry because Aiko is Polly's daughter. Kazuma sometimes say no to her when she's in an understanding mood. Aiko sometimes get Kazuma to play dress up, tea party, and/or other things (or else she'll lose her temper). He and Aiko both share leadership of the Lucky 7.

Good Bird, a teacher and student relationship.

Speedy, father.

Birdy, a member of the Lucky 7.

Otama, a memeber of the Lucky 7.



The Anchovy Family


Her brothers

Princess Vi, she saved Princess Vi a few times. She regards Princess Vi as a mother figure. Princess Vi deeply cares about her. Aiko likes Princess Vi, however, she deeply loves her parents more than she likes Princess Vi. However, Aiko will protect her and the people she cares about. Princess Vi trust her so much that she asked her and Kazuma to look after her daughter, Fredia.